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New York Democrats Ignore Children of Deceased Combat Vets

new york democrats

New York Assembly Democrats are a piece of work – out-of-sync with average Americans, a frightening example of what the Democratic Party could become nationally if common sense, moral order and love of country are not valued, vindicated, and restored.  

After celebrating a kill-at-birth (late-term abortion) bill earlier this year (similarly advocated by Virginia’s embattled Democratic Governor, who literally suggested the born child be kept “comfortable” until terminated), the New York Assembly has just gone one better.  They have chosen illegal alien schooling over schooling for dependents of deceased and disabled US military veterans.

Specifically, as reported, New York Democrats “blocked a bill that proposed expanding college tuition aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans after – having a week earlier approved a state budget that set aside $27 million in college tuition aid for illegal immigrants.” 

Put aside the general sense of injustice, inappropriateness and wrong-headedness of choosing to finance illegal immigrants over the basic and enduring educational needs of American citizen children.  Put aside the general lack of appreciation for those who make possible the freedom, life and safety of those Democratic Assembly’s members.

Put aside the fact that New York Democrats gave $27 million in citizen-taxpayer’s money to the illegals, offering just $2.7 million to children of deceased veterans – who no longer have a parent because that parent, an American citizen, died for those unfeeling, morally indifferent, utterly unappreciative Assembly members. 

Put aside that these particular veterans were all combat veterans, men and women who stood up, trained and deployed to protect the personal freedom and democratic way of life lived, enjoyed and made much of by these New York Assembly Democrats.

The indulgence of illegality (promotion and underwriting of illegal immigration) for political gain is hard enough to bear, especially set beside the idea that children of those who died for these Assembly members do not count as much as children who stole into the country, and whose parents did nothing to protect the rest of us.

The most profound irony is embodied in a New York-centric question:  Why did these veterans end up in combat, in the first place?  Why do these children of combat veterans have no parent or parents?  Answer:  Due to events that began on 9-11 – where was the largest loss of life occurred in New York.

What is wrong with these New York Assembly Democrats?  They are left of leftist parties in other countries, apparently – ready to sell out their living protectors and defenders, combat veterans now at rest in graves from Arlington to Albany, and the defenseless children of those combat veterans – who gave all for them. 

The level of self-indulgence, absence of personal and national awareness, lack of moral appreciation for those who gave all, and self-satisfied saturation in their own position, amorality and abuse of power is breathtaking.  One can only hope that many of these anti-veteran, anti-children, and objectively anti-appreciative holders of public office, power and money will soon be turned out.

But then again, who should be surprised?  If these misguided, morally bereft legislators are content to legalize killing fully-formed children as they approach the birth canal, seeing nothing wrong with this act; if they celebrate such moral abominations as good policy, smiling and toasting that accomplishment; who should be surprised when they turn their backs on children of veterans – even combat veterans who rose to defend them after 9-11, and now have no parent as a result? 

If this is the direction of the National Democratic Party, may they swiftly go the way of those erstwhile Whigs, Know-Nothings, and the Communist Party, as they are wildly out-of-sync with American common sense, moral values and love of country. 

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2 years ago

And these same politicians wonder why people, alot of which are veterans, are leaving in droves to work and retire in other states! They only look out for themselves and their voter base

3 years ago

gotta save for illegals

3 years ago

By hasn,t this been reported by the media? Bob

Cheryl Christie
3 years ago

Because of all this I have become an activist like you would not believe. My family says they are so proud of me. We need to get more of us to stand up. Write letters, make phone calls, etc. I have actually called Pelosi and sent her letters letting her have it. We need more people to do that

Edgar Fletcher
3 years ago

This is hard to fathom……these soulless, godless, evil representatives. NY, what has happened to you?

Larry Palmitier
3 years ago

I already get this the AMAC newsletter electronically and have heard about this outrageous act on FOX News. I thought New Yorkers were only known for the way the speak, but now I know they do not care about the American Public, that is the Democrats. Do you realize the $27 million is 10 time the amount that is set aside for the children of Americans the fought and died defending the United States of America? Why on earth would such an organization want to deprive these children. I forgot, it is because of the votes they will receive from the illegal college age parents. I thought is was against the law to buy votes, but New York Democrats are going around the law and buying votes. Since they list themselves a Sanctuary City, send the immigrants to New York as President as suggested.

3 years ago

I come from a long line of military people, this absolutely is disgusting what may of these states are doing, if it were not for these precious MEN AND WEMEN WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM, AND YES MANY HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES, those children that have been left with out a PARENT OR PARENTS, why should they be punished. Giving liberties to illeagles and not supporting our on legal military family’s is absolutely unforgiveable. (MOST OF THE DEMOCRATSE ARE ABSOLETLY HEARTLESS AND DEFINATELY NOT HUMAN) VOTE EVERYONE OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

Harry L. Burley Sr.
3 years ago

The only reason that New York doesn’t float out into the Atlantic ocean is because New Jersey sucks!

Mary Ann Pauley
3 years ago

The Democrats want to kill legal American full term babies. And allow illegal parents and children come into the U.S with open arms, and full benefits on our tax dollars. This makes me sick to my stomach. The democrats are committing treason. They all need to be voted out !!!!

3 years ago

Most Democrat politicians are disgusting in that they value illegals more than Americans and those associated with the military. Illegals should be deported where and when they are found. I don’t care if they were brought here as children or they crossed the border as an adult. They are breaking the law. We would be held and jailed for breaking any of the laws on the books but they are vocal and in our face and yet they are still here using our social services, committing crimes, and taking our jobs. These NY politicians should be voted out of office. They are a blemish on the American life.

Dave Goldman
3 years ago

Me was Korean Vet now old retired from hard work, living well as a self made comfortable close to the beach xperation date we all,have. My money will now be used to prevent my grand children not to be in American Military till we come back to,common sense again. Low grade morons are trying to run us and own us.

William E Roche
3 years ago

Great piece…..and very sad

3 years ago

what is the matter with these legislators and their thinking

3 years ago

Term limits folks! That’s the only way to get rid of’m without having to shoot! End of benefits time also.

3 years ago

Unfortunately, the ultra rich liberals in New York, who support giving illegal immigrants more benefits don’t really deal with them on a personal basis ( except for their service non-seen, as in cleaning maids or off the books nannies). As long as their pleasure are taken care of, the ultra rich liberals don’t care. As for appreciating the military, most of them never served and don’t care. The few that do appreciate the military are usually made fun of by the ultra rich liberals. (Like Trump and Teddy Roosevelt)

3 years ago

What has happened to pride in your country? Our politicians should be shining examples of that pride and instead are doing their best to make this Country about cow-towing to illegals. It has gotten to the point of almost being laughable in New York, if it weren’t for the fact that the situation there is very sad. The elected officials in New York (and in other States, like mine—Illinois) are a good example of why we desperately need term limits!!!!

Thomas H
3 years ago

The reason is simple – dead soldiers can’t vote while illegals can. The (d)s are laughing at us – knowing that all will be forgotten by next year’s election.

3 years ago

The New York Democrats are just like all of the Democrats in the rest of the United States. The do not understand what is going on, and they don’t want to understand. They have their own agenda which does not have room for our Lord and Savior.

3 years ago

These people make me sick !! The only reason that makes any sense is they are buying votes ! Trying to make sure they can implement more of their socialist ideas!!! GOD is watching folks! They need to get on their knees and ask GOD for forgiveness! And remember why they and their families enjoy all the a FREEDOMS they have !!! It is because of the selflessness of our men and women fighting for our right to be FREE! May GOD Bless America!!

Steve Greenwell
3 years ago

Judges, Samuel, and Kings describe how the children of Israel would forget how good they had it, lapse back like flies to manure into false gods, and end up under tyranny. I don’t think we Gentile are any improvement. From my mouth to God’s Ear this “progressive” ideology will go the way of the dodo, but how much longer can we tempt Him?

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