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New Test for High School Students Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, says AMAC

history‘Those who would pervert the past for political gain cannot be allowed to succeed.’

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 28 – Liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history, according to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.  He says it is an attempt to hijack the history of the U.S. for future leftist political gains.

A group of some 56 history professors from across the U.S. recently published an open letter objecting to the College Board’s new Advanced Placement U.S. History exam.  The exam, they wrote, “shortchanges students by imposing on them an arid, fragmentary, and misleading account of American history.”

The letter states that “Educators and the public have been willing to trust the College Board to strike a sensible balance among different approaches to the American past.  Rather than issuing detailed guidelines, the College Board has in the past furnished a brief topical outline for teachers, leaving them free to choose what to emphasize.  In addition, the previous AP U.S. History course featured a strong insistence on content, i.e., on the students’ acquisition of extensive factual knowledge of American history.  But with the new 2014 framework, the College Board has put forward a lengthy 134-page document which repudiates that earlier approach, centralizes control, deemphasizes content, and promotes a particular interpretation of American history,” the letter concludes.”

The statement points out that “there are notable political or ideological biases inherent in the 2014 framework, and certain structural innovations that will inevitably result in imbalance in the test, and bias in the course. Chief among these is the treatment of American national identity.”

Kurtz says the new interpretation is an attempt to “internationalize” the nation’s past in the minds of young learners.  The College Board says that its new test is an attempt to provide balance for teachers and students.

Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens points out that “History is prologue to the future.  The history of America helps us to understand  what made our country so powerful and influential.  The U.S. is envied and emulated throughout the world in one form or another.  Any attempt to revise our country’s past, is bound to limit and impede progress in the future.”

The new history exam for high schoolers is influenced by individuals who lead the movement to internationalize U.S. history including NYU history professor Thomas Bender, according to Kurtz.  Bender, he said, is a self-described proponent of what he calls “transnational connections and the global framing of the history of North America, beginning with earliest European ventures out onto the Atlantic to the present.”

Kurtz describes Bender as a “thoroughgoing critic of American exceptionalism, the notion that America is freer and more democratic than any other nation, and for that reason, a model, vindicator, and at times the chief defender of ordered liberty and self-government in the world.”

Weber says that whether people such as Bender like it or not, American exceptionalism is real.   “It’s not a brag or a boast.  It’s a fact that, unlike any other nation on the planet, America is a true melting pot, a safe haven for people of all nationalities.  They came here to help themselves and their families but wound up helping to create a nation that became the envy of the world.”

Bender, however, would rather we look at ourselves through the eyes of our enemies in order to give us what he calls perspective.   “Americans have always found it difficult to imagine themselves as an enemy, as a problem for other people,” he contends.

His notion of history, according to Kurtz, is “that Columbus and his successors didn’t discover America so much as they discovered ‘the ocean world,’ a new global community united by the oceans. The oceans, in turn, made possible the slave trade and the birth of modern capitalism, which improved the lives of Europeans, but brought exploitation and tragic injustice to the rest of the world.  In other words, Bender wants early American history to be less about the Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, and John Winthrop’s “City on a Hill” speech, and more about the role of the plantation economy and the slave trade in the rise of an intrinsically exploitative international capitalism.”

Weber sees the new AP History Framework foisted on our children by the College Board company as a view tainted by a progressive agenda based on distorted values and interpretations.

The AMAC chief says: “The greatness of America is in the spirit of free people under God, and in the bedrock values we live by each day in our families, neighborhoods, and work-places.  Each of us, and those who came before us, is an individual worthy of respect, unique and important to the success of America.  The history of our country is irreversible.  No one has the right to misrepresent the facts.  Those who would pervert the past for political objectives in the future with intellectual claptrap cannot be allowed to succeed in brainwashing our children in their classrooms.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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It’s very simple: The Federal Tax System should be a “FLAT TAX” on income only. Every body, pays no matter what their income, EVERYBODY, those on welfare, middle class and the rich alike, pay same FLAT TAX %. This could be very simple payment plan. W-2 or documented income form with payment. There would be no allowance against income. Everyone pays the same FLAT TAX. ANY, FLAT TAX percentage increases would have to be approved by the people in a Nation Wide Vote, at an annual election. Changes to FLAT TAX System would have to be by voted on by the people. We can no longer trust the elected Federal representatives to represent the will of we the people. Decisions that affect all of us must be voted on by we the people. It is time we the people take back our government and Nation. Additional thought: Any bill introduced… Read more »

Here are two great organizations whereby you can learn to teach American History and Government.

Two of the professors on the list work with these programs—-supposedly ETS is going to make changes. Get a campaign together and get people to write and call..

You can also get free courses from

Face it. They are going to change the history. Nothing seems to work in the American ethical sense of what is fact and truth anymore. Since we have a proficient liar with a legacy of being the worst, most incompetent president in history, the educational and government systems are now following his lead in distorting the truth and changing all facts to suit whatever they think is right only to them. Further, it is well known of the lying and deceit out of the white house and nobody is going to do a thing about it. Maybe as citizens since the government is lying and distorting, we should follow their lead when dealing with government.

Seems is not good enough David, you have to fight for it. See my links above for resource. You be a Paul Revere!

I’m new to this site (recently joined) and not here to disparage anyone who is fed up with this current admin. of corruption. however, I would like to point out that there are some newly discovered history/science/theories that are not being taught in our schools. why? corruption is the best word I have found to describe what I have encountered at every turn. pablo is correct to say that there were certainly people here thousands of years earlier than Columbus. there is a video you can find on y.t. put out by a dr. (archeologist) at the smithsonian which presents an alternate view of how the Americas were settled, especially N. America (surprised he hasn’t been dismissed). the artifacts the dr. points to include weapons and tools whose science originated in Europe (France), and are being discovered by the hundreds primarily around Virginia, and the east coast in general. many… Read more »

Cant read your whole post right now, as I have to go, but yes, you probably mean Basque Celts. One should note that when the English finally arrived in the US area, there were fewer people in the entire continent than live in NY alone today. Even today, with 300 million people, there are millions of acres of uninhabited land in the US.

Please do an article on the history of the College Board. Most of us know only about David Coleman but somewhere I read about past presidents but can’t find it now. Maybe you can. It was one of those “Ah Hah” moments that told why the Board was doing the things it was doing.

this is nothing new, has been ongoing since the ’60s with the sds (students for a democratic society), Saul Alinskis and others such infiltrating and taking over the media and educational institutions because ‘we’ allowed them to by voting “politically correctly” for ‘”moderates”‘ and remaining loyal to ‘the democrats’ because they are for regular folks and the “evil republicans’ are for the rich.

One should note that while some of these were “red diaper” babies, i.e. children of communists, many were not. McCarthy was far more correct than even he knew about the infiltration in the federal government, particularly the State Dept, the media and the colleges. Most of the Weather Underground terrorist murderers, Ayers, Dohren, Rudd, Boudin, are all teaching in colleges. A few reformed (Burke, Stern) but people, you need to be the ones teaching or it won’t get done.

I am just an AMAC member and not associated with them in any other way but feel the need to mention this:

Please be careful about posting any specific personal information in your comments. This is not a closed forum and anyone who wishes to can read your comments. Some authors post their articles on their own websites also and your comment might show up there or on the Internet for anyone to see.

It would be better to contact AMAC direct through the contact field above if you would like more information on an article.

Ham this is part of the problem! We must have the courage of our convictions to beat them. They try to make us afraid to say what we know to be the truth

RALPH: you mistook my meaning. I was trying to inform only that this is not a CLOSED forum to just AMAC members and there are people who could access someone’s PERSONAL information anonymously. It was not intended for any other purpose.

Then AMAC needs to improve their security screening configuration of both their servers and their firewall software. There is a difference between being open to all ideas, as an organization, and being naive to the cyber world issues of the 21st century.

Am I being too harsh on AMAC HAM or simply reflecting what should be their common sense priority to protect their members’ data?

Possibly a little harsh on AMAC unless the membership has requested they close comments to non-members and have refused. Has anyone else contacted them on this issue (complaining in a comment probably will not get noticed so those don’t count)?

Members also bear responsibility to protect their own data but I know that some members are not aware they may be putting the data into cyberspace if they aren’t aware this is an open forum, hence the reason for my comment.

If you prefer the COMMENTS section to be OPEN to MEMBERS ONLY, contact AMAC direct and request they do so & request an explanation why they refuse. It certainly can’t hurt to make the request !!

OK, so when you refer to personal information being non-secure, you’re just referring to whatever people choose to post on this forum and not the AMAC customer database itself, which contains names, addresses, phone numbers and the like. Is that correct? If so, then there really isn’t any security concern per se. At least nothing different than tens of thousands of other open forum type web sites around the world. Most forums are “open” to anyone to post whatever they want by simply completing a very simple, on-line site enrollment procedure that doesn’t involve the disclosure of any confidential personal data. Of course if someone opts to post their name, address and every other piece of personal information on any of these type sites, they are essentially doing the same thing as broadcasting the information to the world. I wouldn’t expect that many people, at this point, still believe any… Read more »

PaulE & IVAN…yes I was only referring to the personal information/data members sometimes put in their comments themselves or in a signature line. It had nothing to do with AMAC security or lack thereof.

IVAN: I am open to free exchange of ideas but have we actually learned anything useful from trolls such as PaulO, TINA, Ryan and others like them? Although it’s my belief that PaulO & Tina are one & the same. As PaulE has very eloquently said in the past, the left’s ability to think for themselves is non existent and everything they spout is from the liberals playbook. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are Obama administration lackeys baiting someone to get angry enough to make threats. This is a corrupt administration & Obama is an egomaniac so I don’t put anything past them.

Yes, PAULE, these comments only. Any well versed hacker might be able to get into AMAC’s records, but open forum postings would be available to everyone. Our comments are the only areas that we can directly control, so long as we have adaquate computer protection software ourselves. But if some of us tell openly our positions that might offend some crazy, it’s really careless to give them addresses as well. Using my real name is to some being careless, but anyone is welcome to go on a search engine and check how many residents, in Texas and in the greater United States have that name. Once attempting to find a moniker, having settled on the Italian expression for apt saying or felicitus expression, “ben trovato,” opon checking found dozens of individuals by said name. In mentioning the government agencies, there is no misunderstanding in their knowledge of my positions, but… Read more »

Thanks Ivan, but my reply was directed at HAM. Your response is of course correct. There is no expectation of security or individual privacy on open forim sites such as this one. I was wondering why she thought sites such as this one had any expectation of security.

It’s a toss up between freedom of association and free exchange of ideas. Who knows, some of us may learn something from the nonmembers. PaulE’s discription of the lefts’ intellectual capacity has already been observed by any willing to pay attention to their comments. So, HAM, what do you think?
I may be too free with some of my comments in disclosing information, but the DEA, FBI, and others already have my number such that it’s no great risk. Address and phone number as well as e-mail address are another matter as they can open a person to unwelcome actions by people, other than government members who may already have access to such data. You know that there are some crazy people out there. Always be careful of any unneccessary risk.

RALPH: Personal info meaning phone #’s, name, address, etc. Anything which can identify an individual. It’s the same reason your email address is not published by AMAC. To protect us from unwanted personal contact.

Our children have been conditioned over the years from the textbooks they have read and studied. Our children are not “sales” resistant. Take a look at your child’s textbooks before the school year starts. Might make for some fascinating summer reading. The editors of these textbooks take a liberal hand at history and just about every other subject. Challenge these text books at school board meetings and never back down. Children should be taught true history. Not the revisionist view of it.

Many texts, are acceptable–your bigger problem is centrally commanded communist core—in NY for example, the llth grade English curriculum was American literature, which began with sermons, Anne Bradstreet, the Declaration, Constitution, since American ficiton came later. Ask NYC teachers–thanks to Di Commio, that’s all gone. IT was all Kanye West, Hillary, Malcolm X and tiny bit of Virignia Wolfe. Them for the year for all 11th and 12th graders: oppression. (Only of blacks, women and homos).

Better theme: liberty and tyranny.

Thank you Tony, you verified my post from this morning! If you go to school board meetings you never get recognized to speak!

I recently found the Tara Ross FaceBook page which posts a daily US history passage. Maybe AMAC members will find it interesting. I do!


So Folks, go to and learn more abt. her and about History if you dare. Looks intersting, Diana.

Just went there and quickly subscribed! Thanks Ivan and Diana.

I mean no disrespect to Tara Ross, but I would like to point out that I have been posting history on Face Book since 2011. This was before Tara Ross began posting hers. My postings can be found on several pages on Face Book. One being the World History Study Group.

Glad you thought it seemed interesting too, Ivan!

Good documentation of another example of the liberal trend to discredit America and Americans, starting with our current Frderal Government.

What I learned from high school and collegeabout US History I have ;argely had to un;earn as I have grown older and more aware of the world and our place in it.
People in this country who discredit us most often have a radically idealized cobcept of the rest of the world-typically have not any real life experience outside our borders or academia, in general.
Poor kids are being manipulated-some more.

Well i am but a poor but well read legal immigrant citizen .. WHY O WHY do none of you geniuses mention
much of the wealth of America came because we live in the land with the most arable farmland and a wealth of energy ( coal , Now oil ) and minerals than any other country ?? Not putting down people just a little perspective on what helped us become a great nation Politics aside .

Alden, you are a moron. There are countries that have more natural resources than the U.S. but are horrible failures. What made this country great were Europeans with Judeo-Christian values and morals. Those values and morals were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If you don’t want to acknowledge the true reason America became a great country (before the Coward in Chief currently residing in the White House began his work to destroy the Constitution), you are welcome to leave and go back to wherever the Hell you came from.

Sorry Alden, but I must at least attempt to refute your statement! You sound a little like the goat who worked hard to get to the other “greener” field and then found out it’s all the same. You also sound a little like the folks who claim guns should be limited, without pointing out that the guns don’t pull their own triggers. It isn’t the land and energy that made us what we are in this country, it is the people!!!


If you folks want to see where we are headed with this “Socialist Revolution” of our educational system with political correctness and Agenda 21 idiotology, maybe you should read or view these rather predictive books or movies. As to the revision and rewriting of history one could start with Fahrenheit 451, where the government has troops that run around burning “unapproved” books. Then there is Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World” where a New World Order type environment dictates how to live a happy life on “Soma” and super restricted speech and people bred specially for the various jobs needed to promote life for the elites, and what to do with the “rebels,” and the elites fornicate for fun with whomever they please for any reason other than propagating the race, where fetuses are produced en masse by artificial means with selected egg and sperm combinations in laboratory utensils and programmed… Read more »

ABEL – you neglected the book, “The Giver”

Good morning, ABEL. My being old and tired, too, I must admit that yesterday I just wasn’t up to facing the mass of all in your comments. In reading them today and sensing that it was a “rant,” it’s amazing how inordinately accurate it all was and how closely you are in line with observations and beliefs that I and others have. You have expressed quite well much that this nation and the rest of the world should fear and strive to correct.
If so many of us can see the true situation, how can we continue in denial that those in leadership are not members in a criminal mob that conspires to rule us and continue to accept the excuse of “good intentions” and “unanticipated consequences” or “unintensional consequences?”

My reply above was to ABEL

Right ON !

Hug me til you drug me honey,
Kiss me til I’m in a coma.
Warm and cuddly, snuggly bunny,
Life is full of Soma.

Brave New World.

Gary of the Adams family of God

Hang in there Abel ! Sometimes it takes awhile for the data to sink in. I am in total agreement with you. And would like to add that This country has been in bankruptcy since the end of the Revolutionary War with the Treaty of Paris. There is not much truth in any text books for many many years as a matter of fact truth is a vanished item today.

On 19 April 1775, eighty Americans of incredible courage faced an onslaught of eight hundred British regulars on Lexington Common. They stood their ground, fighting to maintain their democratic form of government. It is my great honor to be a guide on the Common and to be able to tell this story. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world visit this bastion of liberty every year. A very large number of them have tears in their eyes. The revisionist history writers can never erase the visceral connection that ordinary Americans have with these brave founders. Will the revisionists ever mention that the Patriot army of 1775 was integrated? That in the elite corps of minute men were men of color? That throughout the Revolutionary War soldiers of color were paid at the same rate as their white comrades? Never will the revisionists ever allow for a spirit… Read more »

thank you so much for your comments… I am (fortunately) old enough to remember being taught history ‘correctly’ and now must constantly defend against what my grandchildren are being taught as history… The educational system is a mess, and that is mostly because (in my opinion) that good teachers are not allowed to teach, and are required to use books that do not contain facts OR truth!

Thank you George and Nancy for your insights. Nancy, I am having the same struggle with my grandchildren. Indeed, the educational system is a mess!

It really disgusts me to think so many of these history professors who supposedly have had good educational backgrounds are doing something like “rewriting” the American history! Perhaps there is a hidden “agenda” in their new versions of the history books that we cannot understand but someone else might “get their message”? Times do change but we cannot rewrite what has already occurred when America got its start back in the 18th century, and it is so wrong to teach our young students a revised version of American history that might not even be correct nor true! History goes a long ways back to the first natives (American Indians) on the soil that is now known as the USA, and even that cannot be rewritten to make it into something else. So please, let’s stick to the real history of this country and teach our students the truth, and stop… Read more »
What the liberal “educators” always fail to mention is between our letter to King George III in 1776 (aka the Declaration of Independence) and the end of the US Civil War in 1865 was only 89 years. That means that slavery within the US was legal only for those 89 years. Among nations were slavery is/was legal, the US stands at near the shortest period of slavery in the world. Yes, there was slavery in the 13 Colonies before 1776, but we were part of England then, we were not an independent country. The England was involved in slavery for hundreds of years before 1776 and for years after 1865. England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Japan, China, and all of the other “great civilizations” of the past. But only the US is criticized for being a “slave nation” and (historically wrongly) accused of running the “slave trade”. No… Read more »
My daughter has given up a lucrative career to home school her children. Once common core became the law of the educational field she left her job as a teacher to teach the most important students in her life. My 3 grandchildren test well above their grade levels and are learning American history, the Constitution and current events as they should. I am amazed at how intelligent they are and how they can put many adults to shame with their knowledge. More parents should do this! Our public, and some private, schools are putting out kids who have no basic knowledge of facts and who are being led as sheep to the slaughter. It’s time for parents to come up to the plate and demand that common core goes and that we return to basics to include true American history that inspires and knowledge of our Constitution. If they don’t… Read more »

This is SO out of date. The College Board has already revised the AP History exam for 2015 into a much more balanced test. Get with the program, folks!

I am a senior with a 12 year old son in the seventh grade. The school books he brings home are loaded with garbage. It is no longer Dick and Jane went to the store to buy apples, it is filled with Ahmed and Rashid went to the agoura. They are teaching “estimating” math, and very vague history. It is all designed for the global society, and the common core dumbing of America for voter blocks dependant on the government. I fire off e-mails to his teachers all the time and they reply that those are the books furnished by the state of Indiana and I am sure by the US government. His current social studies teacher has the class watching CNN fo kids. Found out about that one Thursday! I hope there is a Fox news, or something similar instead of commie CNN.

Have watched this problem growing for some time now on all fronts -and now you can add common core to the mix -I would home school if given a chance or fight like the dickens to ensure my child received a quality education even though I am hearing from more parents a resistance from teachers about the methods they are using and just blaming it all on the state curriculum -as so many have stated here -however I do believe many interject their personal believes at all levels -because they did this when I was going to school and much of it was of a liberal bent to it – I dread to imagine what trash they are teaching today -only what I am told and what is on the news ! And none of it is balanced -especially the re-writing of History which is vital to our country’s past… Read more »
I received my history education, in both P.S. and college, before the appearance of an educational “czar” in D.C. As a result my knowledge of our country’s greatness was nurtured by individuals who cared about the good land and who lived here. In addition, my Father and Mother were both naturalized citizens who studied and learned in order to qualify as citizens of the, still, greatest country on earth. As, therefore, a native born citizen I learned about the comparison of our “world” and that of others. My pride in this country and my abhorrence of what has been wrought in recent years, saddens me far beyond my poor powers of communication. We, in education circles, have slipped off the rails of political progress into the swamp of governmental decay and personal gain. It is my hope to live long enough to see the trends reversed and to see that… Read more »
Gary of the Adams family of God

I very much like your feelings up to the comments on correction where “We in education circles”. If you are in the very highest level of education possibly that is true. Many in my extended family are pre,mid, and high school teachers all who are frustrated with the “system” but need to work so they do not shake the bushes for fear of loosing their positions. The squeaky wheel today get tossed out and replaced with a quiet one.

Gary of the Adams family of God
Welcome to Agenda 21 and Common Core Education. At 77 years old I can attest to the History I was taught in my public education as very incomplete even untrue to say the least. What ever happened to the 13th Amendment that disappeared after the War of 1812, How did Lincoln call Congress into session after the Southern states walked out of a sitting Congress, that broke the quorum that had disbanded? That was the Civil War!! He did that using the Lieber Code. I did not learn that in my public school History class. From then on this country was under Martial Law. Check the Act of 1871 creating the UNITES STATES INCORPORATED, The unlawful Federal Reserve Act of 1913, also HJR192 etc etc. History is always written by the winner and that is always the financiers of the wars. There is much more of this deception to be… Read more »

very well put!

The Wall Street Journal published an article on this issue titled “Bye, Bye American History”. It contains links to the letter from the 56 history professors, a petition and to the 130 page proposed framework for AP U. S. History. Apparently there has been an outcry and changes are supposed to be in the works. We’ll see. The revisionists have been at it for quite some time.