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New Poll Shows the Majority in America: Both Biden and Harris Can’t Be Trusted


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 1 — The majority of American voters would like to give both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris their walking papers, according to a new Rasmussen poll. Fifty-two percent want Biden to resign; just 39% disagree, and 9% are undecided. And if he doesn’t resign, 60% want him to be impeached.

Interestingly, the Rasmussen survey, which was released this morning, found that 58% don’t think Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris, is qualified to take over the presidency– including 47% who emphatically said she is “Not At All Qualified.” The poll also found that: “More women (49%) than men (43%) say they Strongly Agree with [Senator Lindsey] Graham’s statement about Biden deserving to be impeached, and women are less confident than men that Harris is qualified to assume the duties of the presidency if Biden leaves office.”

Senator Graham is on record as saying he thinks “Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban to a 31 August deadline.”

Rasmussen’s summary of its newest poll shows, “A desire to get Biden out of the White House does not translate to confidence in his vice president’s qualification to replace him. Among voters who believe Biden should resign because of the way the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled, only 13% think that Harris is at least somewhat qualified to assume the duties of being president.

A separate survey released last week by Rasmussen found that the majority of voters don’t believe what the administration or the media are saying about the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Sixty percent believe things on the ground are worse than what is being portrayed by the Biden administration; only 25% think what they say is credible. According to the pollsters, “Voters express an almost identical level of distrust toward media coverage of Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. Only 29% trust what the news media are reporting about the current situation in Afghanistan.”

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9 months ago


10 months ago

Any and all Democrats should be removed from senior positions. Papa Biden is a theif who with his son commandeered millions from foreign countires and Harris has no clue and is totally clueless on what whould be req\uired to run this country. Amazing how many ‘Americans’ do not understand what it means to vote idiots into power and Trump, although controversial, was a much better President for our great country.

Mariaisabel Vrrrier
11 months ago

Neither of then have the capacity to be president or vice president intellectually mentally or professionally they are upsolate how are they are going to represent the UNITED STATE with dignity and responsibilities to the American people and Constitution America First Amen

11 months ago

All of you who are reading this article – do you have any friends? Has your family abandoned you because of your irrational political beliefs?

I suggest you tell them you were recently diagnosed with Trump Dementia(T)- everyone who believed in Trump’s lies and the lies of the Republican party can be forgiven if you do the following:

  • accept that the world is no longer solely the domain of old white people, and that other human beings also have the right to live on this planet and not be treated like animals for work or breeding
  • accept that you backed the wrong horse. You fell for Trump’s con. He’s a professional con artist. He has always been that way. He screws over everyone if it will benefit him. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, you just followed someone who appealed to your base nature of hatred of others, and fear. Admit to your family that you backed the wrong horse and say “I’m staying out of this stuff with family any more”
  • realize that your behavior is alienating to everyone around you – the hatred of others is toxic and poisonous, no one wants to be around a hateful person. That’s why you are alone. If you want to change that, and be around friends and family again – then you have to stop hating people just because of the color of their skin
  • apologize to your family for putting some political party over your own blood and kin. The hatred pushed by Trump and the Republicans cannot continue. It’s impossible for humans to survive – and the fact is, you’re outnumbered. You can’t get an all white country back, it’s not possible and it’s not reasonable or ethical to argue for that – it denies others human rights, and that’s not what the United States is all about.

Finally – take this quiz:

If you do these things, you just may be able to have a relationship with your family again before you die. If you scoff and make fun of this comment, then you deserve to die alone and miserable.

11 months ago

What a bunch of lunatics you all are, do you not realize how much the rest of the US and the world are laughing at you for falling for this con artist? You are all fools and you refuse to admit it.
Biden and Harris saved this country from Trump’s plan for a Taliban United States.
Trump SOLD YOU OUT AND YOU REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. Your hatred for Harris is only, ONLY because she’s a woman, and you can’t stand to have women show how much SMARTER they are than you ignorant, sexist, racist, stupid old white men peeing in their tidy-whiteys.
Deal with that, you dinosaurs.

10 months ago

To: TheRestOfTheWorld
I think you are the one without friends and without family!! I do not know what you have done, or what has gone wrong in your life for you to be as angry as you are!!!

11 months ago

I think it has become obvious to the unbiased and good & honest American citizen that the DemocRats can NOT be trusted to act in the Nations best interest and follow the laws built in the our Democratic Constitution. The DemocRat party has veered so far “left” it now has two overwhelming priorities: (1) Party first and damn all other considerations that don’t fit the best interests of the DemocRat Party and its politburo partisans; (2) convert this Nation’s Constitutional Democracy in to a Communist Government with the DemocRat Party in virtual total control and giving full priority to the upper Party echelons. At this point they are making progress in the goals that will achieve that. Rigging elections to their favor will be the major step for them to succeed if it is not fixed before the next major election.

R. corcoran
11 months ago

Duh ! Can any of the Democrats be trusted right now if you want Pelosi as a president hell no

11 months ago

These so called leaders, including top military, wanted gun control for Americans yet left all that military equipment in Afghanistan without any background checks.

11 months ago

Personally I think Joe Biden, Harris and Nancy Pelosi need to go the three of them appear to be unfit for office.

11 months ago
Reply to  Starfire

I agree! The question is will it happen? I really don’t think so!

11 months ago
Reply to  Starfire

That is obvious to all except an (1) idiot, (2) Democrat partisan (repetitious of #1). (3) or someone so stupid and ill informed about the Nation’s governance that they are like sheep being herded by the DemocRat party.

Butch Stevens
11 months ago

Whether he resigns or is impeached Harris becomes President. If both are impeached then Pelosi becomes President. I don’t see any silver lining at all. We’re in a huge mess!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Butch Stevens

We’re in a huge mess because arrogant, old, creepy, racist boomers like you !!!
Because YOU idiots voted for a guy who promised to be as arrogant, racist, and disgusting as all of you are. There are no words for how deluded all of you incompetent Republicans are – you are all dealing with such a deep level of denial, we should put you all in homes for dementia !

Phil Hobbs
11 months ago

I am 110%sure that there isn’t a single Democrat starting with Pelosi that is qualified to lead this country. All they are interested in is getting their green new deal, at the cost of trillions. They don’t care that there are Americans left in Afghanistan or that our southern border is wide open and letting thousands of un vetted in our country. Just that mabe thousands are bringing in the COVED virus into our country. Space doesn’t permit me calling out their screwups.

Phil Hobbs
11 months ago

I am 110% sure that no one ,starting with Pelosi is qualified to lead our nation. They are a bunch of self serving idiots. How could they leave any American in Afghanistan. All Pelosi is interested in is getting her agenda done. She hasn’t spent one minute looking into the Afghanistan disaster.

11 months ago

If he’s not impeached, he should be hung. He disobeyed SCOTUS, he’s not keeping Americans safe, (ref the border crisis, and how many isis-k are entering our country) he’s made us more dependent on oil, he gave Putin a list of industries that he doesn’t want Russia to “hack”, he gave the taliban a list of people that he wanted them to let pass and get on the planes, and perhaps not lastly but obviously the worst, our ( so called) president left Americans behind in Afghanistan. I’m certain I have never heard of us leaving anyone behind if we had to pull back from something.

11 months ago
Reply to  Don

Problem is that no person or agency is holding any official accountable for their actions.

11 months ago

It is worse than Harris. Consider that Pelosi would be next. That is unacceptable to me.

11 months ago
Reply to  Kerns

All of them are unacceptable. I read somewhere that Camel Harry is worse than Bernie sanders.

11 months ago
Reply to  Don

And yet, those ‘terrible people’ are working to make your life better. What terrible people.\s

And don’t lie, you don’t know how to read, Don.

Frank Bort
11 months ago

Great Article: Right On !!!

Phil Bouley
11 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. Biden and current Administration are destroying this Country. They have no rules and disrespect the Constitution.

11 months ago
Reply to  Phil Bouley

Have you been in a coma since 2015???? What facts do you base this on? Or are you just having a rage-hard-on to be angry? Seriously – what do you even base this on?

God you are a complete idiot, like the rest of you decrepit, dementia addled boomers on this site.

Do you notice how not many people are commenting? That there is like one comment every three days – That this is a tiny little algae-thickened backwater of the internet where lonely isolated people cement their bizarre conspiracy ideas?

Did all of you carpool together to go storm the capitol? That’s what all of you look like to the rest of us. A bunch of lunatics shouting about ‘own the libs’ and literally shitting on the floor of the capitol building. I truly can’t wait until you baby boomers die off and common sense takes precedence in our society today. None of you have any clue, and you’re all racists. It can’t be too soon that racist baby boomers are all put in old folks’ homes because none of your families can stand being around you. It’s ugly to listen to you folks. All you want to do is screw over immigrants and black people.

No wonder no one in your family comes to visit. No one wants to be around such hatefulness.

11 months ago

Out Govt has been taken over fraudulently by trash. We the people don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. You say, next election? If there is one at all.

11 months ago

I don’t trust anyone in DC or the media.

11 months ago

What concerns me is that actually 25% of Americans polled actually believe in Biden and Harris. I heard a clip of Michael Moore (yes, the slovenly, drooling, Castro regime-loving, America-hating Michael Moore), and He thinks Biden is Mr. Wonderful

11 months ago
Reply to  GeeMee

I think Biden is wonderful too. I think you’re horribly misinformed.
If Trump was president now, what the hell do you think would be happening right now?
There would be a Taliban-US love fest, since Trump actually RELEASED THE TALIBAN LEADER FROM PRISON IN 2018 – do you even know that? Do you realize how much Trump betrayed this country? What do you expect from a guy who has cheated on (and RAPED) multiple women?
Educate yourself, you’re so uninformed.

What is your factual support to claim Biden’s not qualified?
Tell me again, how many bankruptcies did Biden have? No, that was trump.
How many times did Biden invite the Taliban to Camp David? No, that was trump.
When did Biden say that women are property and the US won’t interfere with treating women and girls like property to be sold off? No, that was trump.

You’re just an angry old person who doesn’t know the reality that the rest of the world experiences.
Let me guess, every single person in this thread was the type of person to spit on black children for going to school. That’s what you look like to the rest of us. Thanks for making the US look to the world like a bunch of knuckle-dragging inbred racists, Republicans!

11 months ago

Somehow, Under the Canopy of Heaven, someone of walking around sense could believe I could trust anything out of these two or the Democrat Party. I know from a hole in the ground.

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