“Anyone who does not believe in systemic racism is part of the problem.”


But, this is the message being fed to our children today in schools across the country.  Educators are treating students differently based on skin color or accusing them of oppressing others because of their race.  This violates existing law and confuses and demoralizes students. 

WE Must Not Be Divided!

Critical race theory (CRT) is a rebranding of Marxism. It is un-American, and its teachings are inherently racist. America is the greatest nation on earth; it is NOT systemically racist.  Our individual rights are enumerated by the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.  AMAC is fighting to keep our pre-existing rights, that all people are created equal.  By joining us, you will help us to permanently ban CRT based teachings in all class curriculums. 

Help Us Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Classrooms

Grandparents reading a book to two small brown haired girls

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