New Executive Order Shows Trump Is Serious About Cutting Federal Waste

from – The Daily Signal – by Justin Bogie

Washington talks a tough game about tackling federal spending, but President Donald Trump is beginning to take real action.

On Monday, Trump issued a new executive order that would require the director of the Office of Management and Budget to conduct a review of all executive branch agencies and, in an effort to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability, propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies and programs.

With the president expected to release a budget later this week that will call for steep cuts to nondefense programs, this executive order shows that he is serious about eliminating government waste, fraud, and abuse and beginning the process of cutting our bloated federal bureaucracy back down to size.

Cutting red tape from the government will help unleash economic growth and enhance individual freedom.

The new directive from Trump could not have come at a better time. On Thursday, after a more than 16-month suspension, the federal debt limit is set to be reinstated at $20.1 trillion.

The gross federal debt currently sits at $19.9 trillion, and the nation will face yet another debt limit crisis later this year. Clearly change is needed.

The fiscal outlook for the country remains gloomy as well.

In January, the Congressional Budget Office released its latest budget and economic outlook for the coming decade. It reported that if the current path is left unchanged, spending over the next 10 years will continue to rise sharply, the annual deficit will reach more than $1.4 trillion annually, and debt will consume nearly 90 percent of the economy.

Decisive, rational action is needed now more than ever to prevent fiscal disaster. Congress cannot continue to delay serious reforms year after year.

Trump’s executive order is necessary because Congress has continued to fall behind on several of its key responsibilities. Much of the growth in wasteful spending can be attributed to the fact that Congress has repeatedly failed to follow the regular order budget process.

Under regular order, Congress authorizes agencies and programs before they receive appropriations. This gives Congress ample time to perform one of its essential functions: providing oversight.

Well-known agencies such as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, State Department, Federal Trade Commission, and Federal Election Commission have not been authorized in decades.

Another part of the regular order process that Congress has continued to ignore is the annual passage of 12 individual appropriations bills. This has greatly contributed to the continuance of wasteful spending.

Each year, appropriations measures are supposed to go through subcommittee markup, full committee markup, floor debate, and the conferencing process between the House and Senate.

This process gives members of Congress numerous opportunities to take a close and careful look at the programs and agencies they are funding, as well as to identify waste. It also provides a chance to examine what the current spending priorities are and make tough decisions about how limited resources should be allocated.

Unfortunately, the last time Congress actually passed all 12 appropriations bills before the end of the fiscal year was 1997. Over the past few decades, Congress has passed fewer and fewer individual appropriations bills and begun to rely on massive continuing resolutions and omnibus bills to fund the government each year.

These bills are often released and passed within a matter of days, leaving almost no time for members of Congress to examine them and allowing for little debate or opportunities for amendment.

In his first two months in office, Trump has sent a clear message that he plans to take on the federal bureaucracy and begin paring back a government that has continued to balloon.

This executive order is an important first step toward significantly reducing the size and scope of government. In the long run, cutting wasteful programs will increase opportunities for all Americans and help spur economic growth.

Hopefully, Congress will follow the president’s lead and work to finally tackle the nation’s long-ignored fiscal problems.

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John Bahneman
4 years ago

Wake up the Republicans Make them work with pres. Trump ?

4 years ago

He wants to refurbish the military by cutting elsewhere. I hope it is done intelligently as I think the US has overextended itself into foreign entanglements for the benefits of the wealthy Elites and not the people. And I think he could be over doing it on a border wall. It will take more then just a wall, no matter how big it is.

Gary Ross
4 years ago

This is why the national debt is not named properly. It’s really a politician’s debt. It’s not my debt. I never voted in favor of any of it. I’m always watching that my personal spending doesn’t exceed my income, and therefore I can squirrel a little away in savings. The government has the brightest minds that money can buy, so why can’t they balance a checkbook? One thing that REALLY bothers me is government pensions. That’s discrimination and favoritism! I don’t have a pension because I’ve worked all my life with a real job, yet as I reach retirement age I’m FORCED to pay for someone else’s retirement?

4 years ago

Unfortunately, the establishment, country club RepublicRATs do not want the common sense changes President Trump would make. They are too beholden and dependent on the status quo. How about a mandatory retirement age for politicians?

4 years ago

cut defense spending, we arent at war with any country. cut the millions spent on his children and their activities on his behalf. (look it up, yes its true) serious about cutting federal waste???? i guess if you think medicare, meals on wheels, school lunch programs for the children of the poverty stricken, basic healthcare and medicine are federal waste. the president is the biggest piece of federal waste that must be cut. he is under educated for this job, and continues to make a fool of himself on a near daily basis to the whole world. topping it off, he is a racist bigoted moron that thinks a wall between the us and mexico is a good use of tax dollars. he has so little control over anything, he cant make his own wife reside in the white house, with him, at an exorbitant cost to the tax payers. how in any way, is he cutting federal ‘waste’?

4 years ago

It is about time someone had the courage, foresight and wisdom to do what was needed for decades. Slash and burn all the waste and corruption in this government. He will have lots of resistance. I only wish his Republican Congressmen and women had his courage and wisdom enough to support him. I expect backlash from the Democrats but it will be the undoing of the Republicans if they do not get behind President Trump.

Charlotte Palmer
4 years ago

I support President Trump’s action in regard to cutting the federal expenses. No where does it say that the U.S. is responsible for Cherry Festivals etc. or for Big Bird etc. So long as government is handing out free cell phones, free living accommodations, free food there will be citizens who will have their hands outstretched. Citizens need to understand that there are specific duties delineated to the U.S. government. It has been “larded” over by various officials and underlings who wished to curry favor with their or constituents. Absolutely term limits!

Franco Barbacci
4 years ago

It was about time that a president started to put his priorities and those of the American people in the right order!!!!

C J Naff
4 years ago

How do you address a stupid lawyer? “Good morning your honor.”

4 years ago

A great place to “Cut Waste.” Go into a large Post Office Facility. There is waste “Big Time” Management not even being seen, except for the last half hour of the tour, then appear and justify their existence. More than 25 people could be eliminated easily

Florida Jim
4 years ago

After being brainwashed for their entire school lives the people in government are selfish, lazy and we could lose 65% of them and never miss a one. Unless you understand how government runs, and watching
Congress should show you, these people are spoiled and tenured with lavish pensions and very little chance of being fired unless Mr. trump is strong enough, most in Congress are not as they have proven for decades. Now is swamp draining time let’s dance.

4 years ago

Good one, Chuck! WOW, how refreshing this is. This should have been done years ago! Thank you, Mr President. Keep going!

4 years ago

Way to go Mr. President. All AMAC members should support Trump’s efforts to cut spending.
For the sake of our children and grandchildren we must stop getting deeper and deeper in debt!

Dorothy Ayer
4 years ago

It seems to me that it’s no longer a matter of “Democrats” and “Republicans” but of “who has sold out” and “who is loyal”. I think the powers that be- the real power and money behind the scenes- doesn’t care a rip about Dems and Repubs, but will use whoever they find willing to sell out. Our job is to watch the actions and words of everyone, Dem or Rep. and be smart. Look behind the words to the actions taken by the person.

Joan Brooks
4 years ago

Thank you for the reality of Our President

Dr. S W Seidman
4 years ago

More than 22 million employees have government jobs. What do they do to help us? What do they do? They are not in the military, they do not protect, and they waste billions. They also inhibit the growth of useful occupations and useful services.

4 years ago

Walmart is hiring door greeters.

4 years ago

Another big thing for the congress members is their retirement – just how long do they have to be in office to receive full retirement benefits, including medical, et al.?

O. Ryan Faust
4 years ago

Gov’t doesn’t produce wealth. Gov’t consumes wealth. The bigger the gov’t, the poorer the country.

Gov’t should be as small as possible and still fulfill it’s only two valid functions: Protect Citizens from external, military, threats, and; Protect Citizens from internal, criminal threats. Beyond that their role is to legislate a level playing field for both intranational and international trade.

America’s government is about as far as they can get from being the government the constitution requires it to be.

Every elected politician has taken the oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution. I think Trump should simply arrest the ones who have violated their oath of office, give them a fair trial, and hang them for treason.

4 years ago
Reply to  O. Ryan Faust

It’s a shame they don’t know or understand history. Time after time after time history shows that if you oppress the people of your country….the people that provide for the government….then you not only break the backs of the people, you break the country which becomes weak and poor.

Dorothy Ayer
4 years ago
Reply to  O. Ryan Faust

I love it! Boy, I can hear the crowd now! What an uproar you’d create! Actually, if he took that position, he would be far overstepping the bounds of his office. did you think of that?

4 years ago

The tax payers are the employers and Congress (along with all government officials) are our employees. We pay their salaries and benefits with our taxes. They are suppose to work and represent us. Not the other way around. The only way to hold them accountable is to fire them for not doing their job, which is to represent our interests…not their own, to have term limits and vote them out of office. Being their employers, we should be doing at least as well as they are. They shouldn’t have better benefits than we do. They should only get bonuses at the end of their term based solely on how well they represented us. Any raise or added benefit should be voted on by us, their employer. How many of us have been able to increase our pay and/or our benefits on our own? Until we start seeing all government officials as our employees and start actively holding our employees accountable for their actions, government will continue to spiral out of control. Start writing and calling your representative and telling them what you want and need. Guide their votes and if they don’t vote for or against the things you believe they should, let them know you are dissatisfied with their service by writing and/or calling them and fire them by voting someone into office that will. I believe we did that by voting President Trump into office. VOTE VOTE VOTE CALL CALL CALL WRITE WRITE WRITE

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