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New Democratic Idea – Confiscate America’s Guns. Forget it.

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Last week’s Democratic debate was punctuated by bursts of unrepentant arrogance, ignorance and scholarly indolence.  In short, the Democratic presidential candidates are sliding “hard left” faster than a healthy imagination can keep up.  The latest?  A leading candidate wants to confiscate America’s guns.  Forget it.

Let’s review facts closely.   Former Texas Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke appeared on September 12 to advocate confiscation of firearms described – rather obliquely – as “assault weapons,” including semi-automatic “AR-15” and “AK-47” rifles. 

With no attempt to walk-back the quote, the Associated Press confirmed O’Rourke’s plan on September 14, noting “their presidential contender’s full-throated call on national TV for confiscating” the “assault” firearms. 

Much could be said in response, from noting that Americans hold an estimated 393 million firearms, most legally, safely and for good purposes, to observing that mass shootings are infrequent, have to do with mental instability, and that cars and knives can be as dangerous as guns.

Likewise, we could restate the Second Amendment, dozens of Supreme Court cases upholding the citizen’s right to “keep and bear arms,” to protect oneself, protect others, keep a government honest, put food on the table, and use guns for sport. 

All this is a matter of record, and makes the Democratic shift left even more arresting.  Ignorance is part of the problem, for sure.  Rather than examine mental health, role of guns in protecting America and individual Americans, or even what a semi-automatic gun is, Democratic candidates like O’Rourke seem content to blur lines, and play to gun-haters.

First, all Americans should understand that automatic firearms – a constant flow of ammunition with one trigger pull – are illegal, unless ownership is approved by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.  So, we are not talking about machine guns as used in World War II.

Second, semi-automatic firearms are, always have been, and forever should be legal.  They are the sort of guns that send one bullet or shotgun shell out a barrel with one trigger pull.  This includes semi-automatic shotguns used for bird hunting, skeet, trap, sporting clays, self-defense and deer (slug or buckshot). 

Semi-automatic weapons also include rifles, from deer-hunting 30.06 and 30-30 to .22 caliber traditionally employed by Boy Scouts for target proficiency and merit badges, short range to long range, wood stock to plastic, two-tone to camouflage. 

Now, here is the ultimate absurdity proposed by Democratic anti-gun fanatics, who want confiscation of all “assault weapons” – the Second Amendment, American gun owners’ rights, and reality notwithstanding:  There is no material difference between a semi-automatic colored and shaped to resemble a military firearm, and one that is not colored or shaped that way.

Obviously, if the federal government – or a zealous Democratic president – aimed to end gun ownership by confiscating so-called “assault” weapons based on their shape and color, they would be able to throw that same blanket or ban over every semi-automatic weapon.  The differences are minimal, as the defining characteristic is their semi-automatic nature.

But the real issue is not ignorance, it is a combination of not knowing and an unabashed intent to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, in this case embedded in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. 

The audacity of it is stunning.  In effect, they wish not to examine underlying causes of America’s rising mental instability – which might be tied to accelerating cultural change, growing anonymity and lack of accountability, invasions of privacy, border and community insecurity, increased alienation, legalizing drugs, denigrating faith, restricting free speech, punishing association, and trampling individual prerogatives.  Instead, they prefer to ban, confiscate and vilify firearms. 

At some point, ignorance and an open intent to violate the Constitution’s text, terms, interpretation and natural law becomes something else.  It becomes irresponsible, indefensible, and a matter of grave public concern. 

Today, the “skateboarding presidential candidate,” who reflects many of the shifting, arguably shifty, aims of the modern Democratic presidential field, has distinguished himself.  He showcases what it means to be a modern, hard-left, dictate-utopia Democrat. 

I am reminded – in this odd historical moment – of two quotes, neither from a politician, but each with a kernel of undeniable truth.  The first is from Friedrich Nietzsche, who wrote in “Beyond Good and Evil,” an oft-forgotten truth: “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”  The Democratic party leaders vying to lead in 2020 prove the rule.

The second is straight forward, a return to common sense, offered by H.L. Mencken.  We all know that guiding principles are important, and always have been.  We also know that indolent – that is, lazy – minds hate to wrestle with applying big principles to daily life. 

As Mencken wrote: “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong.”  Suggesting confiscation of America’s guns is one of those.  Forget it.

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Luther Stone
1 year ago

There are several pro 2nd amendment arguments that I have seldom heard, but that I think are important and worth voicing.

1 – What about the shooting sports? My grandson and I have been going every Sunday to shoot steel plates (targets that fall over when hit) with a .22 rifle that would be called an “assault rifle” by some. Each round is timed and involves knocking down 40 to 50 plates. It is great fun. It helps him learn and practice gun safety, and gun safety is an attitude and a skill that is transferrable to many dangerous activities such as driving, working with power tools and even mowing the lawn.

And, let’s not forget about other shooting sports – cowboy shoots, skeet shooting, long range competitions, and the Olympic shooters. I don’t think people who aren’t knowledgeable about all aspects of guns, shooting sports and hunting should be involved in writing the gun laws. How can one fairly legislate something they don’t really understand.

2 – I’m tired of hearing, “Who needs a semi-automatic rifle with a 25 round (or bigger) magazine?” My counter-argument is: Who needs a vehicle that can go 100 miles per hour or more? Almost every car and pickup truck on the road today can do that. However, that doesn’t make everybody do it just because they can. Out of all the hundreds of thousands (or is it millions) of so-called assault weapons owned by Americans, how many are actually used to shoot people? Let’s compare that to how many people exceed the speed limit by 20 mph, 30 mph or more.

3 – Also, “Who needs a pistol with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds? My answer: Anyone who wants to be able to defend themselves. If you must shoot someone to defend yourself, it isn’t like in the movies and TV. They don’t fall down and die whit one shot. They usually keep coming, especially if they’re mentally unstable, or under the influence. And, if one needs to stop more than one aggressor, one could easily need more than 10 rounds. And let’s not forget my first argument – many pistol owners do NOT carry or even own their pistols for self defense. They like to shoot, they like to compete, and they have never considered shooting someone.

4 – Why is it that people focus on the word “gun” when they hear about “gun violence?” What about all the people who are stabbed? Doesn’t anybody care about them? What about people intentionally run over by cars, or beaten, or hit with baseball bats. Doesn’t anybody care about them? And, what about domestic abuse? There’s plenty of that. I remember hearing about a guy who was hit and killed by a piece of 2 by 4 for less than $50.00. That made local news once, but not on all the local channels, and it never made the national news. And none of the local stabbings ever makes the national news, not even the multiple stabbings. I think the common denominator is violence, not guns. I think that there has to be a way to address the culture of violence that seems to exist. I guess the easy way to make some people feel good is to ban or restrict guns, but I don’t think taking the easy way out will work. We need to do something about the attitude towards violence and lawlessness that seems to be taking over. I think we need to be more afraid of violent people and do something about them, whether or not they have guns.

5 – Murder is already illegal. If someone plans to kill, why would they hesitate to do it with a illegal weapon? Someone who decides to plan an assault can be very tenacious and will find a way to get the weapon(s) they want, or a similar weapon. I don’t think gun controls will stop them. Look at all the people who die from controlled substances. If those controls don’t stop substance abuse, what makes people think gun control will work any better. Remember when Soviet troops were driven out of Soviet Georgia, a Soviet sate where gun ownership was completely banned? That would never have happened if gun controls actually work.

6 – Someone who decides to commit violence will find a way, even if it’s spur of the moment. They might use their fists, a tire iron, a hammer, a crow bar, a kitchen knife, a stick, a perfectly legal hunting gun, a 2 x 4, a car, or whatever is handy. Of all the murders and assaults I’ve seen on the local news, I can’t recall any where an assault rifle was used, and I CAN recall many where a gun was NOT used. And let’s not forget: the uni-bomber didn’t use guns and the Boston Marathon bombers didn’t use guns (at least not until the police started chasing them).

7 – With millions of guns in America, why aren’t there millions (or even hundreds of thousands) of shootings every year? Could it be that guns aren’t really the problem?

8 – I remember when I turned 18. I could buy a rifle or a shotgun in local hardware stores, general stores and department stores. So many gun laws, taxes and restrictions have appeared since then, but I don’t think any of them have helped reduce the incidence of gun violence. It made it more difficult for violent people to get gun, but it did not stop them.

8 – Taxing the heck out of guns and ammunition will not work. It will however kill almost all of the shooting sports. Hunters must sight-in their sights and scopes (i.e. adjust them for accuracy). If hunters can’t afford the ammunition to do that, they can’t be sure of making humane kills.

I’m sure I could have worded things a little better, but you get the idea. And I think similar arguments need to be made. I don’t think that focusing on self-defense and the 2nd amendment is going to convince any anti-gun people that guns aren’t the problem.

Vickie Rennie
1 year ago

My 93 year old mother has her gun license. She scored a 90 % accuracy on the gun range . Recently two thugs followed her home and tried to force themselves into her home. She “DREW DOWN” on them, and they quickly realized their grave mistake. Don’t you love a happy ending?

1 year ago

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago

It’s regrettable to think that all the reasons our second amendment was created for will more likely than not be needed to protect ourselves from the enemy, the destroyers within! We the People will not bow to “Stalins” desires…Freedom and Liberty for all

2 years ago

I believe I am probably representative of most gun owners in this country. I will never voluntarily surrender my firearms to any government entity that seeks to disarm me and all other law-abiding gun owners. Make of that what you will, but I can guarantee that the outcome would not be anything remotely similar to what the lefties envision. It could very well lead to the next US civil war. This is not Europe or Australia. Wake up people.

2 years ago

The Deamon Rats know,the only way to get there socialist .laws passed is to remove are second amendment.It is the one that keeps are right of freedom of speech.
Without it we would become a third world in no time.Look at the way social media is,very scary.Keep up the the good fight.Have a Blessed day.

Homer Howell
2 years ago

The mental problem in the U S is because of the introduction of fluoride (a by product of aluminum production ,aka industrial waste), because pathological evidence prove that fluoride causes calcium to accumulate in the brain mostly affecting the penal gland hindering the ability to comprehend facts.

Homer Howell
2 years ago

In my opinion, take the guns and watch home invasion,murder, rape will rise quickly , after all we have all of these delightful visitors from who knows where, that have already proved that our laws mean nothing to them by ILLEGALY crossing our borders. Are citizens going to have to round them up and send the back across the border.

Jean Morris
2 years ago

I prefer to be able to protect whatever state I am living in to be able to remain free from tyranny and oppression.

2 years ago

Pay attention here; no where in the constitution it says we have the right to keep guns for pleasure and/or hunting! NOWHERE! What it says is we have the right to keep and bear arms to protect us from an overbearing “GOVERNMENT”! And this government is getting to that point of being overbearing

Glenn Scott
2 years ago

As the honorable Charlton Heston once stated .”From my cold dead hands”

D C Larson
2 years ago

I agree

Michael W.
2 years ago

It is amazing to me that these so-called “politicians” on the left put their hand on a Bible (or in some miserable cases, a Koran) and swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I am from Texas and Bozo O’Dork does not represent me. He is for advocating confiscation of that exact thing which the 2nd Amendment of the Consitution guarantees as a right to all citizens, so unless Bozo can revoke the 2nd amendment, which if I know my government requires ratification by a majority of states, what he is saying is basically unconstitutional and by violating that, he is violating the oath he swore when he was elected and should be removed from office. If we had a mainstream media that held the DemonRats to the same standard and scrutiny as they do Republicans and conservatives this would have been brought out, but it will never happen.

As far as Bozo coming to take our guns, let him try. The first house he comes to that has a law abiding citizen possessing an AR-15 will probably be the last one that he goes to. If we are forced as a nation to give up our guns, then so be it, but before that happens we as rightful gun owners should make absolutely, positively sure that before we give the DemonRats our guns, we give them ALL of our bullets, preferably at a muzzle velocity of 1150 FPS.

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael W.


2 years ago

When the devilcrats try to take my guns they will make me an outlaw who is no longer needs to obey the moral code of human decency.

steven anacone
2 years ago


Stan d. Upnow
2 years ago

Please, do NOT keep referring to them as “Democrats.” They are not! They have become the party of Progressive-Socialists. Their supporters are either the same, or else have fallen for their carefully conceived and spun propaganda. We live in dangerous times in America.

Loren G Kelly
2 years ago

Democrats, like Beto, who call themselves “Democratic Socialists,” (Hitler was a Democratic Socialist) are no more than Liberal Socialist Fascists Storm Troopers in brown shirts who seek to confiscate our guns and violate our “Right to bear arms!” Next Fascist Democrats will be burning our books and telling us what to say and not to say (Oooops….They already are attempting to censor us all).

Jeffrey Warner
2 years ago

Hear, hear!
I will never surrender any of my guns, to any person, entity, whether private or government.
I am a Patriot Life Member of the NRA, a member of the USCCA, a former U.S. combat Marine, wounded in battle, and know how treacherous politicians are and can be.
My guns stay with my body, until death if necessary.
I will fight to protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the right to protect my family, my country and my belief in God.
Beto can “come and get em”, if he can work up the courage.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Warner

Great response!

2 years ago

One sure way to put this country into a full blown civil war is for the the libs to make good on their promise to take away firearms from law abiding citizens. How about the government fully enforce the existing laws such as felons not being able to have firearms before we consider more laws that the outlaws will ignore. In the mean time, we should take their threats seriously and make sure then never win another election.

Clark Kent
2 years ago
Reply to  Edgie

You have it bass ackwards. The Dumbocrats will return to total federal power (POTUS, legislative branches) sooner or later (Ann Coulter claims Trump will be the last GOP president). You should have been preparing YESTERDAY for the upcoming civil war that is approaching very soon. The USA is beyond fixing by elections at this point in time.

Ruth M
2 years ago
Reply to  Edgie

Also, so ironic is how they want to take guns from law abiding citizens and yet don’t want to punish the real criminals who do commit horrendous crimes, i.e. Kate Steinle murderer. Rather, Obama even released almost 10,000 imprisoned felons onto our streets. The gun control goal isn’t about making the country more safe, which it won’t, but about the elite ruling class grabbing more power.

Lawrence Greenberg
2 years ago

All of what is stated in the article is true. Nevertheless, the author is missing the entire point. Gun control is not now, and has never been, about crime or criminals. The Left could not give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals. Relative to firearms, their only goal is, and has always been, the complete disarmament of the law-abiding citizenry. To that end, they will use any excuse, including dancing on the dead bodies of crime victims. The Left fears what could happen with 100 million armed citizens once they create the dictatorship they have been working toward for more than half a century. A quick study of the last two centuries of history will reveal very quickly which governments seek to disarm their citizens when they take power (the hard Left), and what happens to the citizenry once they are disarmed (mass murder). One need only look at the Soviet Union, Red China, Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and so forth. We must not let this happen

2 years ago

Well stated. And as your examples show, history repeats itself. LET’S NOT LET IT HAPPEN HERE! Don’t change anything or they will keep coming for more!

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