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National Association of Uniformed Services



MISSION STATEMENT: Promote a strong national defense and protect the benefits earned through service and sacrifice in the uniformed services.
Founded in 1968 to protect and enhance the earned benefits of uniformed service members, retirees, veterans, and their families and survivors, while maintaining a strong defense, through nonpartisan advocacy on Capitol Hill and with other government officials, NAUS is proud to be The Service Member’s Voice in Government. NAUS is a tax exempt veterans organization governed by section 501(C)(19) of IRS regulations. As such, contributions are tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes; however membership dues are not.


NEWS: NAUS delivers exclusive information not available anywhere else! Our exclusive Weekly Legislative Update Email and award-winning bi-monthly Uniform Services Journal keep NAUS members on top of the latest legislative activities affecting military/veteran benefits – and provide instruction on how to take action to stand up and be heard.

ADVOCACY: NAUS is the service member’s watchdog on Capitol Hill – and nationwide – with congressionally registered representatives to promote military/veterans’ issues in Washington, DC, plus local NAUS chapters to reinforce these efforts at the “grassroots” level. Our job is to know what matters most to our members—and lead the fight to make sure their voice is heard.

UNITY: NAUS welcomes all seven branches of service: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—from active to retired, and at all ranks and grades. We’re service members, too, and we understand the sacrifices, circumstances, and needs that come with uniform service.

SUCCESS: Since 1968, NAUS has won numerous significant victories, including: the adoption of TRICARE For Life and Senior Pharmacy Program; saving COLAs—resulting in 45% more in retired pay purchasing power since 1968; expanding Guard and Reserve TRICARE coverage; increasing hardship pay to $750 per month; increasing the death gratuity for all active duty deaths to $100,000; and more!

Our service members answered the call to serve our country in uniform. They protected our freedom, they earned their benefits through years of sacrifice and yes, even their blood, and they deserve our respect and our thanks. They also deserve to have the promises made to them by our Government honored, just as they have honored America.

NAUS is an active member of the following organizations, committees and/or coalitions:

  • The Military Coalition (Founding Member)
  • National Military and Veterans Alliance (Founding Member)
  • Partnership for Veterans Education
  • Citizens Flag Alliance
  • Veterans Entrepreneurship Task Force
  • Veterans Day National Committee



  • Ensure Defense Funding Keeps America Strong and Secure
  • Support Uniformed Services Pay, Benefits and Allowances
  • Champion Protection and Respect for the Flag of the United States
  • Promote and Protect Uniformed Services Right to Vote Regardless of Location
    in the World


  • Hold the Line Against Unfair TRICARE Cost & Fee Increases
  • Promote Top-Quality Care for Wounded, Ill and Injured Veterans
  • Minimize Pharmacy Co-pay Increases & Ensure Continued Access to Medications
  • Fix Medicare Physician Reimbursement Rate
  • Advance Research/Treatment Programs for Battlefield and Military Injuries and Illnesses


  • Protect Retirement Benefits Earned in a Military Career
  • Sustain Post 9/11 GI Bill and Secure Earned Educational Benefits
  • Full Concurrent Receipt for All Disabled Retirees at All Disability Levels


  • End Survivor Benefit Plan/Dependency & Indemnity Compensation Offset for Military Widows
  • Support Sufficient, Timely and Predictable Funding for VA Health Care
  • Reduce VA Claims & Appeals Backlog
  • Promote Conditions for Veterans Employment
  • Endorse Merchant Mariner “Belated Thank You” Legislation

Note: This list of goals and objectives is neither all-inclusive nor listed in priority of action. Priorities may change due to events; our focus is to represent our members’ interest to the executive and legislative branches of Government.

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