MyNotifi® is an automatic fall-detection device that can either be clipped to your belt or work as a wristband interchangeably, depending on your activity plans for the day. It connects with your smartphone (required), so it works wherever you go.

When MyNotifi detects a fall, it alerts your custom list of family and friends, and provides them with your GPS location. The MyNotifi fall algorithm works automatically, even if you’re unable to reach the phone or press a button. Should you need help at any time for any reason, simply tap repeatedly on MyNotifi to alert your loved ones. MyNotifi requires only a smart phone to function. No landline, no monthly fees, no contract.

  • No Call Center
  • No Hidden or Monthly Fees
  • No Embarassing, Bulky Necklace
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • No Button Push Needed
  • 24/7 Notifications to Family and Friends

Call today 1-800-541-1420 or click below to learn more online at

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The new standard in fall technology

Please note that a smartphone is required

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