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Movement to Undermine the Way We Elect Our Presidents Gains Support

Group led by socialist billionaire George Soros would make the Electoral College irrelevant

by John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 25 – “A new challenge to Constitutional authority threatens to tear the very fabric of American democracy. The National Popular Vote Compact, an organization funded by immigrant socialist billionaire George Soros, is behind an insidious movement to circumvent the Constitution,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens

“Conservatives are understandably outraged by this end run by liberal extremists, but so are loyal Democrats and Independents. If the liberal ideologues behind this scheme have their way, the Electoral College would effectively become irrelevant. It would, in effect, allow future American presidents to be elected by a gathering of elitists. It would impose the will of the left-leaning, urban regions of the country on the rest of us,” Weber added.

So far, 10 states with 165 electoral votes have signed on to the “Compact” in its quest to sign up states with a combined total of 270 votes, the number needed to elect a president. Once they achieve that goal, those states will pledge to elect the candidate who has won the national popular vote.

“It may sound like a very democratic way of doing things. But, in fact, it would be an ominously blatant nullification of the Constitution and it has riled activists on the left, as well as the right.”

The popular vote movement has, indeed, garnered “vehement” bi-partisan opposition. Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf told reporters this week: “It’s nuts…here’s a case of where they’re trying to go around the Constitution, around the law, to do something that’s patently illegal and wrong. It’s the same way the Obama administration issues executive orders.” And, famed liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz had this to say: “The compact certainly violates the spirit of the Constitution. Plainly, the founders of the Constitution did not intend for there to be a conspiracy among certain states to essentially abolish the Electoral College.”

The Constitution specifically rejects the notion that American presidents should be elected by a direct popular vote. Instead, it adopted a mechanism, the Electoral College, to give the people of each state a way of evenhandedly choosing the country’s leadership.

When voters cast their ballots in a presidential election, they are actually choosing the electors who represent their states in the Electoral College. The electors are bound, in turn, to select the candidate who wins the most popular votes in their states. The candidate who gathers the majority of the College’s 538 votes becomes the Chief Executive.

“It’s a way to ensure the election of a candidate who represents our national interests rather than regional interests,” Weber explained.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue. Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at [email protected] to set up a call.

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Karen Gapp
6 years ago

If we find problems with the Electoral College and Constitutional issues, look at our education system. Our young people are not being taught those things in high school and college, and if they are, they are being taught with a liberal slant. One liberal college professor was quoted as saying that our young people are being brain-washed in elementary and high school and “now they are mine!”

Edwina Hauversburk
6 years ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Soros the one who has donated millions to Obama’s political kitty?

Mike McDonald
6 years ago

Why are so many against doing away with the electroral college? I agree with everyone’s opinion of George Soros and I think he should be deported. For years I have thought that the Electoral College is outdated and should be changed to the popular vote. If you look at demographics of the last election you will find that the only areas that supported the Democrat president was from the large metro areas. Where do most of the people receiving checks from our government live? Large cities. A state only has to win the electoral votes for that state by one… Read more »

Ina Hagan
6 years ago

We don’t need anyone like George Soros in America. He is really out to ruin this great country. Why can he not be deported by the authority? That might be a good plan for our next President. We just have no use for the likes of George Soros. He has done enough damage in Europe and now wants to destroy America. He needs to get out now!! I. Hagan

Bill Oborne
6 years ago

RE: Movement to Undermine the Way We Elect Our Presidents Gains Support Enough of the B.S., its starting to stink like B.O. You talk about Soros circumventing the electoral system as if it hadn’t already happened. It appears to me the last two national elections were rife with prosecutable offenses. I would think that a district reporting 100% voter participation is a million to one shot. Even more unlikely is 100% voter turnout for the same candidate. Yet many districts reported over 100% (I heard as much as 120% on national news) for the same candidate. That has to be… Read more »

6 years ago

Why is George Soros still a citizen of this country? He has done so many things to destroy this country he should have his citizenship revoke. That would be the first step in taken our country back.

o wilson
6 years ago

I wonder if we could offer to have votes counted compared to federal income taxes?

Sidney Smith
6 years ago

If our young people, I mean people 35 and under don’t wake up to what the administration is doing and the military and law enforcement community’s don’t stand with the people we are done as a free nation. I for one do not understand why congress has not urged the military to step in and arrest these men who are trying to destroy our nation and its people. I am a very sad American at this point.

Jack Janssen
6 years ago

The next thing we know our government will be in Brussles

Dan Diffenbach
6 years ago

Another ploy by the liberal elitists to grab power by any means. We must resist this and all their other scams.

6 years ago


Tracy S
6 years ago

It seems that the elitists and communists in the administration and their friends are working over time to totally eliminate the Constitution and destroy this country’s way of life and our liberty .There are way to many complacent uninformed citizens who refuse to wake up and smell the TYRANNY ! They will be the first to piss and moan about their lost liberty but that’s all they’ll do.Let’s face it we’re screwed as a nation.

6 years ago

Your article does not mention that currently there are 24 states whose electoral college is not required by law to vote for the candidate that won the most popular votes.

Alan Finley
6 years ago

George Soros owns a company that builds most of the voting machines in america that we use to cast our vote.
This kind of makes me wonder that if I select Republican that the vote is changed to Democrat every 1 in 4 votes
cast per say ?.

6 years ago

I agree with Doc Ahrens. I believe that the popular vote was actually close or won by the Republicans especially if the voter fraud was eliminated. I live in Texas and we have had a Republican Governor that is stepping down. Hopefully he will not be replaced with a liberal. I don’t believe there are any conservative Democrats left, if there is, they are doing a great job of being invisible. On a side note, I don’t believe I have ever seen a President and first lady travel so extensively or take the time to be on so many talk… Read more »

Doc Ahrens
6 years ago

As a conservative, living in California, I would welcome the chance to do away with the Electoral College! Then, for the first time, I would actually be able to have my vote for president count. As it stands now, my presidential vote is irrelevant, because the populous areas of CA outvote us conservatives, and so the entire states vote goes Democratic. How is the current system in any way a fair way to elect a president. My understanding of the Electoral College and its origin was that is was a way for people locally to elect a representative more knowledgeable… Read more »

6 years ago

I like Ben Carson.

6 years ago

Bud man
I like Ben Carson, he is confirmed Christian and does not like the direction our leaders are leading this nation.

Al Date
6 years ago

The small states already have their vast over-representation in the Senate. They do not need to choose the President as well. There really is no justification for the Electoral College, in this day and age. The EC strongly discourages voting, EXCEPT in a handful of toss-up or “swing” states, where each vote is 100s of times more influential than a vote cast in other states. What logic or fairness is that? Here in California, there is no reason to even bother to go to the polls. If the EC were abolished, then every vote would count, EVEN HERE. The conservative… Read more »

6 years ago

There is an orginization called True the Vote that you can help monitor the voters in your district. All you need is a computer and they will give you a list of names and the simple instructions to check them for voter fraud. It costs nothing except a small bit of your time. You can do this at home or anywhere you have a laptop or may be a smart phone.

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