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Mostly Positive Experience

AMAC Member: Robert McDavid

Location: Alabama

My experience with the VA Medical Center in Birmingham Alabama has for the most part been good. I see my doctor every 3 months or so. I rarely have a problem getting an appointment. I am treated with courtesy & respect and rarely kept waiting long in the waiting areas. If I have any complaint it is that when I ask for a referral I am often ignored or the symptom(s) are investigated by my primary doctor and then not acted on. This, I want stopped. I know my body better than anyone at the VA, no disrespect intended.

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Jay Loomis
7 years ago

I have been going to the VA hospital in Indianapolis, in. for several years and so I will say here what I have said to others about my treatment.

For the most part I have been given good care by very caring individuals.

My one major complaint is to do with an ambulance run on my behalf. About a year ago I had a spell and had to be transported to the VA hospital. Sometime later I was informed that the VA would not pay the for the ambulance run because my income is above the threshold set by the VA to make such payments. I really don ‘t have that much income and now must pay for the call myself. It was $2000.00 which in itself seems quite high considering the fact that I live about (7) miles from the hospital. Now I am making $50.00 a month payments to settle this thing. My appeal to the VA was turned down for the above reason.

Thanks for listening!

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