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Most Senior Citizens Would Rather Not Give Up Their Homes as They Grow Older, says AMAC

senior citizens homes olderWASHINGTON, DC – The labor participation rate of older Americans is increasing for a variety of reasons. The National Council on Aging [NCOA] reports that one in five seniors are still working.

In fact, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]: “The term, ‘retirement age,’ may become irrelevant in the 21st century.  For one thing, modern medicine is giving seniors a second wind, making them healthy enough to continue working.  Technology is making it easier for them to stay on the job.  But, perhaps the biggest reason for not retiring, is the fact that the rising cost of living makes it more difficult to live on a fixed income,”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than a third of men and women between the ages of 65 and 69 and at least 19% of those 70 to 74 years of age are still on the job.  And, the NCOA reports that 69 percent of senior citizens say they continue to work for economic reasons.

And, among those reasons, perhaps, is that they have a strong desire to continue living in their current homes as they grow old.  In fact, as AMAC reported earlier this year, the Family Caregiver Alliance estimates that “the vast majority of elderly people receiving assistance (80%) live in private homes in the community, not institutions. It turns out that most seniors want to age in place – their own place to be exact.”

But, if you are a senior who fears that the cost of remodeling in order to make your home safe and accessible may be out of reach, you may be surprised to learn that a makeover can be quite reasonable.  The RetirementLiving.Com says that the ‘price tag on most remodeling projects is under $10,000,’ a bargain compared with the cost of assisted living, which can run as high as about $7,700 a month or more than $92,000 a year.”

The actual cost of fixing the impediments for senior citizens that may exist in your home will vary based on what your physical needs are and what they might be in the future.  If it is just a matter of installing a walk-in tub and entry ramps and widening a few doorways the cost can be quite reasonable.

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Sue Stevens
3 years ago

Yep! Would never pay assisted living facility what they are here in Santa Barbara!!

3 years ago

Retirement living ain’t cheap and it ain’t gonna get any cheaper as time goes on. I appreciate the tools coming out to help with retirement planning. I’m in the 19% group and my wife and I are ignoring the fact that we’re getting old. Reality is hitting us hard. Both of us threaten to retire, we have good pension plans, heath care coverage and savings accounts but the truth is, we like what we do, we’re good at it and it pays well. We’re both RN’s. But, the warranties are running out on our bodies, we really do need to start moving into retirement mode. It’s tougher to do for some of us than you’d think…..

Ed Cope
3 years ago

I’m 85 too and mow my own grass, plant a garden, and snow blow my sidewalk and driveway. But my house is too big and I need to downsize. Health is outstanding and I say it’s because of all the supplements I’ve taken over the past 40 years.

3 years ago

At age 85, I have learned that there is merit in housing built for less strenuous living. No stairs, no exterior maintenance chores, etc.

Kitty Corbett
3 years ago

The activity (work!) of keeping up a house and yard is a positive benefit of aging in place.

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