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More Bad News for Hillary, but How Bad?

Jedidiah on Hillary ClintonCheck out Gallup’s latest on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have multifaceted images among the American public. But the most common responses Americans give when asked to say what comes to mind when they think of each are “dishonest” and “dislike her” for Clinton, and “socialist” and “old” for Sanders.

And there’s more when it comes to Hillary…

In addition to the 21% of responses in the “dishonest/don’t trust her” category, another 7% of Americans use even stronger words in a similar negative vein, including “criminal,” “crooked” and “thief.” Nine percent say they dislike her.

And even more…

Unfortunately for Clinton, the negative associations currently outnumber the positive ones by a sizable margin, and even among Democrats, the negatives are fairly high.

What will be the implications of these honesty and likability concerns when it comes to Hillary?

Which GOP candidate at this stage of the game has the best shot to beat her, given the types of concerns people have about her?

Does Sanders have a real shot to defeat her?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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5 years ago

Grandma’s For Trump
Let me start off by introducing myself. I am an 89 year old woman who has seen many Presidents come and go, but never have I seen one drag down our Country to the depths that President Obama and now Hillary Clinton wants to continue. I can no longer sit quietly here in my rocking chair and not get my voice heard.

Ladies, I had a dream last night. The election was over and Donald Trump was our new President of the United States.
It had been a few months and the White House made so many changes.
The Islamic Terrorism has already slowed down and will be resolved.
Obamacare is replaced with a new medical program, one that can serve us all.
The Iran agreement cancelled.
Veterans are being taken care of immediately.
The military is getting all the support they need.
Common Core is removed from our school system and the states are allowed to take care of their education.
Community college is free for all.
Our police are supported, not made to feel like they are the criminals.
Our jobs are being restored as the pipeline is being built, roads and bridges and airports get upgraded.
Then I woke up from this dream and realized this is Donald Trumps agenda, far from what Hillary has planned for us.
Don’t make the wrong choice.
Vote for Donald Trump and see the dream come true.
#Grandma’s for Trump

God Bless You All and Keep Safe,
Grandma Fran

Roy Hubbard SFC US Special Forces Ret.
6 years ago

Actually just the mention of the phrase, “O’Bama’s Department of Justice sort of makes one want to chuckle, or maybe throw up.

Roy Hubbard SFC US Special Forces Ret.
6 years ago

Well let’s see, Baby Scarface Nelson ran his New York waterfront operations from behind bars, maybe Hillary can do that too?
I never realized that a democrats vote really does not count! The super delegate scheme is well designed to prevent any surprises and to exact total control over the system. If I were a demo I would be really upset. I might even change parties or decide just to not participate.
Of course a brokered convention on the repub side is not a whole lot better. I have to assume that Kasich, who I kind of like, is being paid to stay in the race to help make a path to a brokered convention.
Either way guys and girls. Go vote!

Linda Jensen
6 years ago

If she did get indicted Obama would pardon her on his way out.

6 years ago

The ONLY bad news for Hillary would be if the FBI were to indict her in exposing government secrets by using her personal server. … But it will never happen with Obama’s Justice Department protecting her! You would think even Democrats would be screaming for her head. Oh wait, just imagining that to not happen come late summer and she is blatantly exposed as criminal, would enough people be fed up enough to riot in the streets? … And if so, wouldn’t our illustrious Commander in Chief have to declare Martial Law? …. What if that’s REALLY Obama’s game plan all along? … Stay tuned.

6 years ago
Reply to  Rik

If Hilary were actually referred to the Justice Department for prosecution by the FBI, which the DOJ would never move forward with, Obama would simply issue her an executive pardon for any and all crimes identified by the FBI in their report to the Department of Justice. Problem solved. Most mentally challenged Democrat voters would see that as the same as “Obviously it was all just a vast, right-wing conspiracy as Hillary said. Nothing to see here people. Just move along now everyone. Move along, nothing to see here.” Obama would thus completely absolve Hillary from any accountability for her illegal actions. There would be NO need to declare martial law or any other over-the-top action like that Rik.

As for the Republican voters out there upset about this action, I guarantee you there would be NO wide-spread protests or rioting in the streets as you envision. Just trying to keep some level of reality here. One of the most important things I learned decades ago is that most people are all talk and ZERO action. Even for something as benign as a simple protest in front of a politician’s office for a few hours. Suddenly all these gung-ho people, who were fed up with what was going on, suddenly had to cancel their participation at the last minute because of some lame excuse. Bottom line, while there would be some small protests should Obama give Hillary a free pass, the vast majority of people will just shrug their shoulders and move on.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Explain to me how he would issue her an executive pardon for all crimes IDENTIFIED by the FBI ?? That is ridiculous on face value….Pardon’s are for crimes comitted, and CONVICTED of not identified !! How stupid !!

6 years ago
Reply to  Wood

Wood, I can easily see Obama issuing an Executive Pardon for Hillary. After all, he gets away with anything he wishes. Just having these emails on her personal server IS already a “committed” crime. We all know she is guilty with what has and been withheld emails that have already been released.

6 years ago
Reply to  Wood

Why don’t you google Marc Rich and learn a little something about presidential pardons you idiot. Rich knew an indictment was coming down and fled to Switzerland. He never had a trial, because there was no extradiction with the U.S. However, Bill Clinton none the less granted Marc Rich a full pardon before leaving office even though he was never convicted of the charges against him.

Now scurry back to whatever progressive website you normally live on and enjoy the company of the other uneducated dolts. Bye-Bye.

6 years ago

Since you asked very good questions, that should be what people are focused on, instead of the rabid reflex support seen in so many oblivious Democrats I thought I would share my views.

1) What will be the implications of these honesty and likability concerns when it comes to Hillary?

Absolutely no effect. The DNC and the Clintons have stacked the deck ahead of time and secured all the super delegates needed to ensure her receiving the Democrat nomination. The other so-called Democrat candidates were supposed to be empty straw men, so it wouldn’t look like the DNC coronation that it is. That so many of Sanders’ supporters, all Democrats under 60 by the way, continue to ignore this well-publicized fact simply demonstrates how clueless the average Democrat voter is.

2) Which GOP candidate at this stage of the game has the best shot to beat her, given the types of concerns people have about her?

The question is flawed. You assume the average Democrat voter would ever have enough intelligence to conclude that their continued support of the Democrat party was actually working against their own long-term self interests. The average Democrat doesn’t have the enlightened self-interest to realize that they should be voting for a GOP candidate. Honestly, the only viable GOP candidates that has demonstrated the moral conviction to do what he says he would do and actually has shown the intellectual heft to deliver well-reasoned solutions, not empty promises with no hope of real implementation, and that would get this country back on track us Ted Cruz.

Rubio is simply a stooge for the GOP establishment, replacing Bush, and will go right back to “walking across the aisle” like he has done numerous times in his first Senate term. Sure he’s talking “conservative” now, but that is just a show to get the nomination. As soon as he has secured the nomination, he would go right back to his “go along to get along positions”.

Kasich is the fallback option should Cruz fail for the GOP establishment. He doesn’t even pretend to be anything but that. As for Carson, he allowed the GOP establishment to torpedo his campaign by putting long time GOP consultants in charge of all key decision areas. That he didn’t push back and throw them all out and get his original team back shows he doesn’t have the management skills to do the job. They’ve GOP establishment has done a wonderful job of destroying Carson’s campaign just as they did Scott Walker’s.

As for Trump. Well given he has been a life-long Democrat voter and Democrat financial supporter, who has supposedly miraculously been transformed, in the last 12 to 18 months, into a “GOP conservative”, I won’t even bother to elaborate further.

3) Does Sanders have a real shot to defeat her?

See the answer to question 1. It would take both the DNC and Hillary caving to the Democrat base for that to happen and that simply won’t. There is BIG MONEY at risk here for the major Democrat players both in and out of government. No way are they going to let the Democrat base of “useful idiots” ruin their plans. Sure the DNC will have to throw Bernie a bone to appease him and in turn get his supporters to fall in line behind the DNC / Clinton machine, but that will be a very small bone. Worst case, if Bernie doesn’t play along, the Clintons can always do a Vince Foster.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Correction: The sentence should read “Kasich is the fallback option should Rubio fail for the GOP establishment.”

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

You should stop commenting because each time you post it gets dumber than the last !!! Obviously you don’t know too much about American politics or you’re living with your head in the sand….

6 years ago
Reply to  Wood

Wood, most of us REALLY APPRECIATE ALL of PaulE’s commentary. By the way, I haven’t noticed your commentary before this. Where have you been hiding??? … The Huffington Post by any chance? … Who’s your favorite candidate? (Notice I didn’t say Republican) … Is it Hillary? Please, we’d all like to know.

Roy Hubbard SFC US Special Forces Ret.
6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

I love the way people put the spin on anything “Trump” to make it a negative. Donald Trump is accused of having been a Democrat all his life. Donald Trump has been a business man all his life and he has played the game in Washington with both Demos and Repubs. He is a real “outsider” and you can’t pin a label on him as either a demo or repub. I think he is a hard nosed guy, a little rough around the edges and a good american who really does care about the direction his country has taken over the past thirty years.
I hope he wins and I hope he actually does care for his country more than his political future as is the case with all of the others, both demo and repub. If he doesn’t walk the walk then we can take another shot at getting things right in four years but one thing for certain. I am quite sure there are many in Washington who are convinced that the USA is to big to fail regardless of how badly she is managed. Four years of Hillary /Clinton or any progressive liberal will certainly try that conviction.

Donna Sliger
6 years ago

I absolutely DO NOT trust the voting system at all! Everything seems to be a scam these days and Democrats always protected….Boo to the Media and constant blame on Republicans AND “cover up” on Hillary’s (the Clinton) schemes that have gone on for years…

Wayne LeBlanc
6 years ago
Reply to  Donna Sliger

Well, how do you explain that the GOP won both houses and now have 31 governors?

6 years ago
Reply to  Wayne LeBlanc


John Royer
6 years ago

Jedediah, we look forward to your perspective + enjoy you on Out Numbered & The Five. You seem to always hit the nail square on the head.

Chris Massey
6 years ago

I have a hard time understanding how these numbers are as low as they are. It adds more proof to the corruptness of the Democratic part of our two party system. Dead people voting. Sticks on the floor of the House and Senate used to vote for absent Representatives. Votes counted for unregistered voters. I have seen officials crossing names off the list of people who did not showh up 10 mins before the close of polls, and giving other officials balllots to go into a booth to vote Straight Tickets for Democrats running. It is all a sham. It amazes me how ignorant the people as a whole are, and more amazing how ignorant College Educated citizens are all together on: Politics, the character and lack of knowledge of candidates, the corruption in our government and its processes. Hillary did the same thing her husband did. She looked us straight in the face and lied, on numerous occasions and on numerous incidents. Yet people blindly hold her up as though she is some sort of demigod.

6 years ago
Reply to  Chris Massey

You shouldn’t be amazed that so many college students are so open to adopting Bernie Sanders and socialism in general. This is what these young people have been taught throughout their entire education process. Just look at the books used in classes. The openly leftist values espoused by their teachers and professors all along the way. The denigration of American values as something to be ashamed of over and over again. This is systematic indoctrination of the masses to destroy the country from within and it has been going on for decades. If their parents, grand-parents or others never bothered to review what they were being taught and then acted to either correct them or transfer them to a better school, what do you expect would be the end result?

Bill Hagan
6 years ago

I get so upset when so many otherwise good people, albeit uninformed, are so adamantly for Hillary. There is no reasoning with them. Mention almost any basic issue and their stance is OPPOSITE of Hillary’s. And yet they claim they support her. Why??? Is it the “yellow dog democrat” syndrome? Or is it they consider all this presidential election business just like voting for Prom Queen; not serious??? Lord help us.
I am not a Trump fan, but at least his followers pay attention and agree with what Trump claims he will do. My choice is Ted Cruz for a President who will stand strong enough to begin to break the spiral of corruption Obama brought us.

Roy Hubbard SFC US Special Forces Ret.
6 years ago
Reply to  Bill Hagan

I like Ted and John and Donald about equally. They each seem to be able bring a different dimension of value to the office.
I knew full well that Kasich was out of it by the time I voted but I voted for him anyway. I truly believe he is the best qualified to do something about the dreadful financial status of the USA, maybe along with help from Donald on trade deals.
On the other hand he would be the weakest on the border issues and in the long run probably no match for the screaming witch Hillary. The military in the mideast used to refer her airplane as “Broom stick One”.
Ted, for some reason is really despised by the Senate as is Trump. I understand the problem they have with Trump. I don’t understand what is going on with Cruz. Is it the Tea Party thing?

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