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Liberals are not only pushing for $15 minimum wage, but now they want $20 an hour. Also, liberals want to win back the White House and they now have a plan to do that with your hard earned money. Finally, liberals are now declaring that white people are no longer welcome to lead in the democrat party, and we have the video to prove it.

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3 years ago

Why is that? It sounds like the Democrats are RACEST! You can’t lick someone out! That’s pushing Civil Liberties isn’t it? Oh know that’s only for the Republicans to follow!

Kathy Thompson
3 years ago

The democrats are just plain nuts!~

Marty Comito
3 years ago

Min. wages – who made this stuff up. The more experience the more education the more a person deserves to be compensated. Min. wages is a hoax to help the lazy, soft headed dreamers and non-citizens. They have no dignity and no pride of accomplishing goals and rewards.

Evan Pallesen
3 years ago

70% marginal tax rate on the wealthiest is what Reagan tore down in the seventies as I understand it. (I didn’t arrive here until 2003). Stands to reason that if it was destroying the economy then, it would do so again – if anyone was stupid enough to do it.

3 years ago

Wow the truth finally comes out Front stage and center.

3 years ago

Wow the truth finally comes front stage and center.

Gerlinda Baker
3 years ago

The Democrats have gone crazy. They will cause a war inside of the United States with this talk of no white leadership. There is already the craziness of one group of people being better than another. They are just pushing the craziness more to stir up one group of people against another. We are worried about countries over sea causing trouble for the US. We better start worrying what is being started right here in our own country.

Barbara Floyd
3 years ago

Why is reverse discrimination okay? Now the Democrats are saying the leaders of their party cannot be white. Isn’t this discrimination? Shouldn’t someone in authority bring this up and stop it or do we have to have a second Civil War?

3 years ago

the more you raise the min wage the more inflation you see, the higher the costs, and more small businesses will close down. AND that means government costs will skyrocket again, hence more taxes too. Ludicrous!

3 years ago

Go back to the no minimal pay slowly but surely and watch prices of all things get reduced.

3 years ago

Yes, they would be out of work, and that’s what they want; everyone dependent on the government.

Junior Villafañe
3 years ago

Tenemos que empezar a explicarle a los ciudadanos todo. 1- cuando vas a comprar, vez dónde fue hecho? Me angustia ver: hecho en China. Desgraciadamente es casi imposible en contrar algo que diga: made in USA. Hay que decir: que gracias a las políticas erradas de los demócratas: los Clinton’s y los Obama’s, los Peloci’s, etc., Contra la clase empresarial, los que pueden generar buenos empleos, han tenido que emigrar. Dónde está la prensa libre? Que le pregunte a la Hon. Peloci sobre éstas cosas?
Cuánto es el salario mínimo en China? Cuál es su calidad de vida? Tenemos que incentivar a los empresarios que son los que tienen la capacidad de crear empleos, a que se queden y multipliquen sus empresas aquí.
Del mismo modo tenemos que incentivar al ciudadano responsablemente. Una escuela que produzca toda clase de preparación, necesaria en la nación, a todos los niveles. De esta forma, tendremos Empresarios y ciudadanos trabajando, satisfechos y en armonía para el social de todos. En una democracia que se premia por los esfuerzos a cada ciudadano.

Rick Needham
3 years ago

Sounds like the Mafia. Pay off the neighborhood and no one looks at their crimes.

Jjaneen Sievers
3 years ago

3 of my teen age grandkids have part time jobs. They wont have them if the minimum wage goes to 15 per hour. Dems are all nuts. They should get in the real world.

Diana Straight
3 years ago

I just joined and I am so glad I did.

3 years ago

Fifteen dollars an hour will put people out of work,twenty dollars an hour will put a lot more people out of work.but the dense oc RATS don’t care as long as it creates votes.Who cares if their agenda turns AMERICA into a third world country.I do,i care,but then I still think that there is hope for our country,unless the dense oc rats regain power.

Vietnam Veteran
3 years ago

Our local Walmart used to have real live human beings checking customers out but no more. When the $15.00 dollar an hour minimum wage went into effect, WalMart installed at least a dozen self check-out stands. Most of the check out work is now do it yourself . Lowes is all self check out. McDonald’s is order by computer. No human interaction.

I warned the City Council about what would happen, but, of course, they were all democrats and they were all deaf.

Also idiots, as usual.

Pat Bankston
3 years ago

More an hour ..less hrs. The UN earned income tax gives most low pay around $5000 to _7000 more a year . My money .I’m a 63 year old widow . I need a tax break

3 years ago

if all the whites could disappear overnight to mars,vnus,or somewhere else,how long before the descent into total madness,mayham and hell?

Henderson Miller
3 years ago

Please do not join those who offer scare tactics instead of information. In a graduated income tax such as ours in the U.S. only the top dollars are taxed at the top rate. So a 70% tax rate is only 70% on dollars OVER a given amount — NOT 70% on all dollars

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