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Millions of Americans Fined for Not Having Obamacare, While Millions in Obamacare Subsidies Go to People Who Don’t Even Exist!

The IRS has reported that it fined 7.5 million Americans who didn’t have health insurance in 2014, yet millions of dollars in Obamacare subsidies are being paid out to people scamming the system!

The Treasury Department reported last week the number of Americans who faced fines because of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate was significantly higher than the Obama administration expected. For 2014, the IRS projected that roughly 6 million would face fines, but the final total was 1.5 million higher.

…But an investigation by the Government Accountability Office recently revealed that fake applicants who enrolled in health insurance programs through the federal exchange were receiving subsidies. Those phony applicants had initially enrolled during 2014, but they were automatically re-enrolled and continued to benefit from tax subsidies in 2015, the GAO said.

The application process used by the Healthcare.Gov federal exchange is not set up to detect fraud, according to Seto Bagdoyan, chief of GAO audits and investigations, who submitted testimony to the Senate Finance Committee earlier this month.

Democrats downplayed concerns raised in the GAO report, since it only dealt with fictitious people and did not seem to hurt anyone’s access to the insurance exchanges.

It’s the latest black eye for the president’s health care law and for a federal bureaucracy reeling in scandals at agencies including the IRS, the Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

what will your obamacare fines be
* Considering the importance of this story, you would imagine the media was all over it, right? Not quite. CBS and NBC on Thursday skipped the story completely. ABC’s Good Morning America devoted all of 17 seconds to it.

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Here is something that cannot and should not be forgotten. Do you remember what health care cost before this unaffordable care crap hit the fan? It wasn’t cheap then. The reason hospitals and doctors gave was to provide medical care for those who didn’t have insurance. Okay, now that everyone is supposed to be insured, why don’t those rates go down? This whole thing is one big package of lies and deceit. Don’t be shocked if someone asks if I trust the government and I say HELL NO!

I think you’ve got it wrong. The insurance companies set the prices. If anything, don’t trust the insurance companies!

The people who are getting fined are the law abiding working class taxpayers who cannot afford the unfair rates.
The people scamming the system are the anti-American law breakers, thieves, and liars.

Our government set it up this way for a reason. Think about it.

“Democrats downplayed concerns raised in the GAO report, since it only dealt with fictitious people and did not seem to hurt anyone’s access to the insurance exchanges. Of course, the “fictitious people” and those getting subsidized health care at the expense of others are mostly Democrat voters. Why would the Democrats be concerned?

The one most important item not mentioned is the substance of our United States Constitution. It is not long. Its substance tells Congress and the president exactly what they are to be about. And it leaves the affairs of the people to the states and to themselves in almost every way. Healthcare does NOT belong to the U.S. government. They have not one thing to say, legally, about how we handle our healthcare. Second: had we all dug in and studied the amazing amount written about Obama from childhood on up, we would learn, principally tho’ not ALL, by any means, that he was never a smart kid or man, but a great orator. How he decided to become a senator; how he was instructed by the senator he told, to at least ACT and look as tho’ he liked people. He became a senator by surreptitious means, but never… Read more »
Very succinctly put. Great orators, with less than ethical standards, have always been the “pied pipers” for the masses who would rather follow and complain rather than read, study, listen, work, think and speak from our elders, our forefathers, who were wise beyond your average citizen, especially of today’s citizen. They foresaw the possibility of everything we are experiencing today—-dishonesty, distrust, gargantuan government, lies and manipulation in politics to gain power and means, etc. Dishonest people have always been among us, but sadly, they seem to be a growing number at every level of government—the norm rather than the exception. Every American student should be required to read and understand our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Not the “Cliff Notes” version. I think there are at least two generations among us now that have no true sense of honor, duty, responsibility and loyalty, not to mention, pride, in these… Read more »

Really not (just) about Obama, but simply what comes with (big) government when people are not diligent about its growth. The founding fathers warned us against it. The tendency is for ALL politicians to give stuff away and be influenced by people offering them money. If only people were aware of that and shop for politicians just like they would goods and services – looking for the best value and a government that can deliver (only) necessary services at the most efficient cost.

From day one he has begun taking our country to a new low. He is devisive, he has never worked across the aisle. He has created a new “Black vs White” division. He supports everything that is bad in this country. I still wonder how anyone could have voted for a man that went to Rev. Wrights church for 20 years & listened to the vileness which flowed from his mouth? How could anyone vote for a man who thinks that an abortion is alright to use as an eraser for misdeeds, or leave a viable baby who has been aborted to die without being helped to live? Oh that’s right, people voted for him because he was black! They didn’t want to be considered bigots. Hmmm… If you have seen Dinesh DeSousa’s “2016” you realize what Obama is doing. If you haven’t seen it, by all means rent it.… Read more »
“Now why our people in government cannot see he is fouling America, and has been from the day one, is more than I can understand.” That one is extremely easy to answer: They are all working to the same end. The end of the United States. The United States stands in stark contrast and direct opposition to the dreams of those who would be the grand potentates of the one world government where they would rule (and then, as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and others did, remove many of – for the common good, of course) the 7+ billion inhabitants of the earth as subjects, and they alone would be “citizens”. None has ever been able to destroy the United States from without, but to destroy it from within takes nothing more than to undermine the Constitution by polluting the 3 branches of government. And that pollution… Read more »
The Narcissist The Narcissist is one who wants to be liked; by those who are like him and those who aren’t like him. He also finds that he doesn’t like those who aren’t like him. Even those who seem like him are not to be liked because he really isn’t like them either. So, in order to be liked he stirs up the people who are somewhat like him and he thinks who like him, to not like the people who are not like him and don’t like him. Now the people who are not like him try to like him but he doesn’t just want them to like him, he also wants to control them. If he can make the people who like him and who are like him to not like the people who are not like him and don’t like him, he will be able to control… Read more »

I am underemployed and have been seeking FT work for over a year. I rely on income I earn and IRA money that I take out prematurely. I cannot afford $500 a month insurance and after Obummercare passed, my $200 insurance jumped 100%. I broke down and got Ocare and a subsidy so I pay about $220. But at the end of the year, they counted my IRA early withdrawals as earned income and I had to pay a $2,400 fine. Can’t even deduct it as a self-employed insurance premium deduction which I could IF I could afford a $400 per mo ins premium payment to begin with. Very messed up.

And worse – that fine goes into the Treasury, not to my insurance company! Scam!!

LAR, it sounds like the government has found a way to indirectly charge a wealth tax afterall. You are right, it is so messed up. Sorry that it has happened this way, but see no way to fix it without totally replacing with a free mkt. system for medical care and that’s unlikely for the near future. Hope those of you in the same boat can survive this OBamanation a while longer. Most of us had probably thought that any wealth tax would be charged to those who had assets enough cover living expenses. Guess we were wrong.

Obama and all his deciples,who include many renegade Republicans must be thrown or weeded out.

I was one of those fools trying to avoid the fine and keep insurance. We had estimated $900 a month to keep my workplace insurance for the first few years of my retirement to cover my wife and I. Along comes ACA and our insurance started ramping up while still employed. $1600 a month by the time I retired. Excellent coverage relatively speaking, $300 deductible, although there were reductions in dental and vision. So we bit the bullet and held on. Within just a few months the premium had raised another $300! I have never had a house payment as large! We decided not to rock our boat yet (the really foolish part). A decision was made for us when my company decided to switch insurance carriers and , by the way, the retirees aren’t included. So now we are shopping. The least expensive plan we could find was $1478… Read more »

Stan, can you please tell me what insurance you are paying for 299. Thanks, Liz

I like the fact that MassHealth is free. They have no co-pays. I go to the Dr. it’s $20.00 and if you don’t have the $20.00 they tack on another $10.00. That’s $30.00. So since I was forced to retire I have to make sure I get to the Dr. on the 1st of the month.

Me having to pay a $20.00 co-pay, isn’t that discrimination??????

What? Free? Where did you get that idea. It’s other peoples’ money. Discrimination? Well at least the turnip truck got somewhat lighter.

My fine is $0.00!!!!! I elected to qualify for the faith-based wellness program EXEMPTION!!!! (medi-share) That way I would HONOR GOD by NOT funding in any way the killing of babies through abortion (they use the words ‘reproductive counseling’ to include abortion/killing babies) and I would comply with man’s law AS WRITTEN.

The faith-based wellness program is an excellent choice for those in good health; however, for those who have multiple medical issues, it would be much too costly (from my understanding).
I do not want to fund abortions, nor do I want to support the fetus/baby chop-shop “doctors”.
America has gone down the sewer.


I applaud you! More Christians should know of that specific company. Would you please let me know how to contact that insurance company? I think it sounds wonderful. Thanks!

like everything else that politicians say “affordable” is a lie

amazing that federally elected politicians and federally appointed officials, currently serving, retired or no longer holding office, are exempt from this act and all laws they create

Just remember that not one Republican voted for this horrible law. What about our Supreme Court changing the wording of ACA in order to say that it was constitutional. The Supreme Court doesn’t have the right to change the wording. We as people of faith are going to have to stand together against our taxes paying for abortions. I belong to
and support ProLife Alliance. It is a very worthy organization. They also list all of the members of congress who support abortion & Planned Parenthood (Baby Killers National).

They can ponder their good fortune in their walled compounds guarded 24/7 or while riding in their armored Escalades.

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that whenever a Democrat is interviewed, they seem to talk with one side of their mouth much higher than the other? … It tells me that they’re lying!

The democrats down played it because it only dealt with fictious people. Where do they think the subsidies come from. Government only has money from the people. So we as tax payers are directly effected.

Carolyn: Democrats are de-sensitized and arrogant. To them we are ignorant and should be worshipping at their feet and be thankful because THEY are taking care of our every need. Unfortunately, some of these as— are actually elected officials.

History shows us that many generations have suffered under horrible living conditions, mostly due to corrupt minded leaders and widespread disease such as the Plague. Obama is the Black Plague of our generation. He says one thing but then does the opposite. Unless this country fights back against his tyranny and the deliberate liberal hate mungering talking points which are racially and religiously divisive we will see more government dependency, more horrible economic policies, and more radical doctrine imposed on America. Obamacare insurance does not provide better healthcare. History documents revolt by the good people over and over again. So while Mr. Obama is similar to Nero of Rome, I am glad we will not be executed as was the case under the reign of King Henry VIII or his daughter “Bloody Mary” as the English Renaissance dismissed the religion of ritual and imagery (Catholicism) and gave way to a… Read more »

This is obama’s way of redistributing wealth. That is his handlers idea. Soros has helped to bring down every government he has dealt with.

my wife had Ocare 2014
and they fined us 1600$ for having it and we paid our part every mo why are the American people being robbed by gov health care??????

I don’t know why they call it ACA. It is actually the Unaffordable Care Act. If they had to have subsidies then it wasn’t affordable in the first place.

Like many Americans without employer-provided health insurance, my income is above the threshold of eligibility for a health insurance subsidy (not that I want one). And premiums for my wife and myself are still unaffordable. So, instead of putting the money towards retirement savings, I paid the “shared responsibility” FINE for 2014, and will pay it again for 2015.

John, why did you pay that fine? Fines for not enrolling into an Obama Care policy plan can only be levied against your tax refund at the end of the year. If your refund isn’t big enough the government will just add it on to the next tax year refund and so forth. Have your employer adjust your withholding amount so that you would receive a tiny refund. This can be easily calculated if you don’t get overtime pay or bonus checks. Even if your earnings are erratic, you can check your year to date earnings in October and adjust your withholdings to get a very small refund. Adjust withholdings by changing the number of exemptions for dependents. This is the thing. The Obama Care fine/taxes can only be levied against your income tax refunds, there are no provisions to collect this money otherwise. Oh wait, they might send you… Read more »

The problem with the “tax” idea is that only the congress can inact a tax. This whole thing is unconstitutional.
Maybe Obama threatened the families of the judges. I wouldn’t put it past him.

Nancy, you are absolutely right about the unconstitutionality of Obama Care. And you are probably right about Justice Roberts too. Story time. Justice Roberts and his wife went to Ireland in the hope of adopting two orphans. Due to the very strict Irish adoption rules about foreign nationals adopting Irish children, Roberts was turned away. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Roberts “found” two orphans in Brazil that looked amazingly like the two Irish toddlers. Rumor has it that two Irish children were taken to Brazil and magically became Brazilian nationals. Did an obama lackey visit Justice Roberts on the weekend before the case decision was announced? Did that same lackey visit Roberts again when the Employer Mandate provision of Obama Care was being considered more recently? It would be understandable if you ignored such vile rumors and regard Justice Roberts as being beyond blackmail… Read more »
Roberts ruled that Obamacare was a tax, and Congress has the right to impose taxes. … But since the Constitution states that ALL tax laws must be generated in the House of Representatives, and the ACA was generated in the Senate, Roberts should thus have declared the ACA was unconstitutional and should have struck it down. All judges are former attorneys, not voted into their office but appointed. Why can’t a common citizen that was a businessman with common sense be appointed a judge? After all, one just needs to refer to the Constitution to decide the law instead of these “clowns in gowns” rewriting the intent of the Constitution. Whether it’s judges or politicians, one thing they have in common is “if they went to law school, they’re probably gonna be devious and crooked” with the few exceptions being our founding fathers who had morals and risked their lives… Read more »
RIK, not all lawyers are ethically challenged. Some of them are actually good people in spite of all of the lawyer jokes. When laws are incorporated into the code books, they are subject to interpretation. The lawyers that are very good at arguing case law, have the advantage. Some are so good at what they do, that they can convince the jury that white is black and vice versa. The corporate lawyers are especially good in fashioning contract law. Fortunes can be gained or lost when the contract is signed, not when the parties go about fulfilling the requirements of the contract. The point is, it is the job of the lawyer to be an advocate for his client, not to worry about some casual witness, who looks askance at the proceedings. All lawyers understand that there is a fine line between ethics and criminal behavior. The righteous lawyer tries… Read more »

Don’t PAY ! And stop waiting for some superstar to save the day .You want some inspiration look at American history , name the group of men who told the King what he could do with his tea ? These men did not wait for George , John or any other leaders of that time they acted .


How about sending him back to Kenya, where he came from!!!

I have been a Republican since 1964 and am very disappointed in the party. We now control both the House and
the Senate and what has been done to turn things around? It is time that all of you politicians live up to your promises
that you stated in order to get elected. President Obama is leading this Country to total destruction.

So what does the Chicago Rabble Rowser have in his blackmail arsenal that the Republicans are sitting on their thumb waiting for the Chicago Rabble Rowser to yell SWITCH????

Donald Trump seems to be the only one who recognizes this situation and doesn’t give a flying fudd whose toes he steps on to right the unjust wrongs of the 535 in the District of Corruption. Go Donald Go!!

I agree with your post. Not a big Mr. Trump fan but he’s the best choice for president.

It would be nice if you used the correct terminology. This is NOT a fine according to the Supreme Court. It’s a TAX and that’s how they justified upholding this Unconstitutional law to appease Obama.