Migrants Storm the US Border

border wall Mexico USA caravan of Central American migrants attempted to force its way into the United States on Nov. 25 at the San Ysidro border crossing from Tijuana, Mexico.

Some 2,000 migrants participated, a Mexican federal police officer said, while 39 migrants were arrested for causing fights and disturbing public peace, according to a Mexican police spokesperson. No injuries were reported. Several U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents were hit by projectiles, the agency said on Twitter.

More than 6,000 migrants have gathered in Tijuana, most of them from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. They planned to march toward the San Ysidro border crossing and seek entry into the United States at noon on Nov. 25.

U.S. authorities prepared by shutting down the crossing for better part of the day and deploying hundreds of additional CBP officers. On the Mexican side, some 1,000 federal police officers, most appearing in riot gear, were deployed to prevent the migrants from crossing illegally.

Migrants have attempted to slip through the Mexican police lines to find gaps in the border fencingWhile at least one group  successfully broke through the fence, they appeared to be forced back out by law enforcement with the help of tear gas. At another point, the migrants climbed over and damaged a part of the fencing. It wasn’t clear how many were able to get through.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum has declared a humanitarian emergency in the city, in anticipation of thousands of more migrants due to arrive soon. He has repeatedly expressed frustration with the migrants’ behavior.

“I will not allow our bilateral relationship to be fractured by the bad actions of the migrant caravan,” Gastélum said in a Nov. 25 tweet. “They’re doing things outside of the law. We are affected at the border crossing. Many Tijuanans work, study, and visit the United States in healthy peace.”

Several hundred locals protested the caravan’s presence on Nov. 18, while reports of crimes committed by the migrants started to pile up. Most of the crimes appear minor, such as public intoxication and fighting, though one attempted rape of a 15-year-old migrant girl by an older migrant was reported.

On-and-Off Asylum Deal

Meanwhile, an official from the incoming Mexican government denied a tentative deal with the United States that would have required migrants who apply for U.S. asylum to wait for the resolution of their claims in Mexico—a plan dubbed “Remain in Mexico.” It was the same official, however, quoted earlier as confirming the deal.

“For now, we have agreed to this policy of Remain in Mexico,” said the incoming Mexican Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero, according to The Washington Post, which reported Nov. 24 that it interviewed Sánchez Cordero. She was quoted as calling the plan a “short-term solution.”

“The medium- and long-term solution is that people don’t migrate,” she said. “Mexico has open arms and everything, but imagine one caravan after another after another. That would also be a problem for us.”

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to confirm the deal in a Nov. 24 tweet.

“Migrants at the Southern Border will not be allowed into the United States until their claims are individually approved in court,” he said. “We only will allow those who come into our Country legally.”

Hours later, however, Sánchez appeared to backtrack.

“There is no agreement of any sort between the incoming Mexican government and the U.S. government,” she said in a statement, Fox News reported.

Sánchez is to take office on Dec. 1, together with President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Caravan Phenomenon

It’s nothing new for people from the three Central American nations to attempt entering the United States illegally. About a million have been caught by Border Patrol since 2013 (pdf).

Usually, however, they make their attempts in the Rio Grande Valley, commonly paying thousands of dollars to human traffickers who take small groups across the border by cartel-controlled drug smuggling routes.

The caravans, on the other hand, are hundreds or even thousands strong and have traveled towards the heavily fortified port of entry on the West Coast, a trip about twice as long than to the Rio Grande Valley.

“This phenomenon and how it’s manifested itself is absolutely unique to anything that we had seen in the past,” said Robert Perez, acting deputy CBP commissioner, speaking to Fox News on Nov. 25.

The first caravan embarked from the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Oct. 13 with at least three more following from other areas in the weeks after.

The Tijuana Mayor said the caravans are “maliciously organized” with the “goal of creating trouble.”

Vice President Mike Pence was told by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández that the first caravan was organized by leftist groups and partially financed by Venezuela, Pence told Fox Newson Oct. 26.

The migrants usually express a wish to claim asylum in the United States, but over 90 percent of them are ruled ineligible, according to the Justice Department.

The migrants interviewed by The Epoch Times mostly said they seek jobs or better-paid jobs in the United States. Asylum, however, requires facing a danger of being persecuted, such as for one’s religion, race, political opinion, or belonging to an oppressed group.

On Nov. 9, Trump issued a proclamation to deny the option to claim general asylum to illegal crossers (other types of asylum that require a higher burden of proof would still be available). But the proclamation was attacked in court and on Nov. 19 a federal judge from the 9th Circuit Appeals Court put the measure on hold.

Shutting the Border

Trump has tried to dissuade the migrants from coming illegally. He’s sent nearly 6,000 troops to the border to fortify fences and crossings with razor wire. He’s even authorized the troops to use force to protect Border Patrol agents if need be.

The president has also tried to end the policy of “catch and release,” where illegal border crossers are released into the country while awaiting their immigration court hearings often scheduled years ahead. Such migrants will now be held in tent cities at the border instead, Trump said on Oct. 29.

If all else fails, Trump warned he’ll shut down the border completely.

“There is no way that the United States will, after decades of abuse, put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore!” he said in a Nov. 24 tweet.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Petr Svab

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Thomas H
3 years ago

Judicial Watch has just put out a very informative video where two of their staff compared what their first hand experience was with the caravan (one was stationed just south of Mexico and the other followed it in Mexico). High points: (1) It is 90 to 95% male, (2) It is highly organized, (3) The U.N. is highly involved, (4) EVERY participant interviewed (at both locations) said that their main reason for doing it was to be taken care of by the U.S., (5) The few who added in a weak “because of persecution”, when asked why they would leave their women and children behind to endure that, could only give a blank stare, and (6) The U.N. head of the division supporting the caravan admitted that she was doing it to provoke Trump.

Will N
3 years ago

Yeah for the Donald !

Will N
3 years ago

Yeah for the Donald

Martin Steed
3 years ago

CLOSE THE BORDER! CLOSE IT NOW, AND KEEP IT CLOSED until they go away. Of course the liberals will find a judge in Hawaii or California or Oregon that will make a ruling that Trump does not have the authority to close the border. But, close it anyhow.

michael failla
3 years ago

I noticed i got deleted. I guess the “moderators” didnt like what i had to say which it turns out is the gospel truth.

michael failla
3 years ago

Keep them out. This is an invasion pure and simple. We either have borders or we dont. If we dont then we dont have a country. The left loves this,they enabled this and are promoting this. Why? VOTES to keep them in power. They dont give a rats hind end about them other than the votes. How craven can you get? They have no rights in our country, Then you have the d*** judges who legislate from the bench (9th circuit) What the h*** is wrong with THAT picture?
Our president knows that his priority is to protect us and he does that by protecting our borders from invasion. Make no mistake, this is an invasion and i would not be one bit surprised that george soros is funding it. This didnt just happen, it was planned and now the 2nd wave is forming up and about to head our way. Did you see the staged tear gas mom? What was she gonna do throw the kids over the fence? Staged to get the gullible on board. The tear gas was going the other way. (wind you know) . The kids had no shoes (how convenient) you mean the walked all the way through mexico barefoot? Reuters staged this and they are known to do this and once again,on cue .We are being played here people,being played big time.

3 years ago

This a scam. Our congress should address issues like voter ids and making English official language of US now. After December 30th, we will not have a single thing passed.

Lavinia Walker
3 years ago

thanks for good, clear, unbiased reporting.

3 years ago

Well folks, shooting them when they hit the border is really effective and permanent! A lighter tactic would be to find out all DNC’ommunist voters in our last election and make them all, especially politicians, personally put them up and pay all costs in the voters own permanent residence, provide all necessities including food, clothing, health care and fun stuff like computers, games, printers, cell phones and anything else they want, such as bail or hookers, to make their stay more fun until they find a job, if ever! But, you would get the legal right to kill anyone of them who causes you a headache. Sound like a solution? And, remember this the next time you plan on destroying our country by importing illegals for votes. You might even try to convince them to fight for their own country like we do here.

3 years ago

I hope Trump stands ‘our’ ground and stops the migration of young central American men( waving their countries flags ) by what ever means necessary. Hope our boarder patrol officers rounded up all the illegals that flooded the teajana crossing today. Bullets may be necessary.

Concerned Citizen
3 years ago

That shabby fencing is an embarrassment! We need a REAL border wall NOW. It is costing us as much as $700+ a day to take care of each of the kids brought or sent over illegally while they are in our custody, then $10,000 a year minimum each to educate and feed them at our schools. We need that wall to stop this bleeding of our tax dollars! That alone will go a long way to building the wall!

3 years ago

This was an attempted invasion by unarmed civilians. An invasion is not a legal matter, its a matter of national security. Thus should have been met with military, not cops. If they are fired on, they return fire, otherwise gas and rubber bullets get the message across very well. if necessary

3 years ago

Soros, Obama, Holder and Hillary are enjoying every bit of this “invasion”.

3 years ago
Reply to  Donel

Ya I think so too. Scumbags all of them.

3 years ago


3 years ago

The only issue these derelicts can help us with is “escapism”.. and Lord knows how most Americans hate commitment. These fugitives have abandoned their homes, their families, their lives from the countries they come from.. What possible “work” would these people be capable of besides disrupting our whole culture and making it even more dysfunctional than it already is… They’re not coming with commitment.. They’re coming a predators seeking dependencies, sponsors, and protection.. More than likely they will defer to organized crime at some level because the stressors they come with are unimaginable to the people they meet so they will not be able to connect on any level.. They are in short renegades and they will end up home wreckers and a contributing factor in unemployment… They promote paranoia because they will be stressed out on arrival and no one will know how to defuse it because ALL the problems they bring WILL NOT BE RESOLVED IN THEIR NEW environment because relevant to the countries of origin such as unemployment, organized crime, personal and domestic security, drug and alcohol subterfuges, government corruption, local Spanish “mafia” professions of protection and housing.. and on and on… TROUBLE… This reprobate and retrograde trend finds resonance in very unhealthy areas which Americans themselves find hard to address.. Immigration has become a pestilence and a disease of lingering social ills.. WITH NO COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO ADDRESS THEM ONLY ALIBIS DISGUISES MISREPRESENTATION “BODY LANGUAGE” (YIKES).. Tensions already are so high and even couples find it hard to keep the presence of mind to discuss vital interests in a civilized manner.. Bi-partisanship can not possibly be up to this task… It must be redirected to its source.

Deb Day
3 years ago

Please don’t call them migrants, as you did in your headline. These are invaders. They carry the flags of their homeland. They throw rocks at our border patrol. They attempt to force entry. I see very few women and children. The only comfort I take from this mess is that Mexico is getting a taste of their own medicine. Hmmmm…. for some reason they don’t like being put upon by “simple people looking for a better life”

Marlene J Maxon
3 years ago

Tell them that now they have seen our border, they can get back on the bus and go back home!

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago

The reasons given for their request for asylum are sadly well-coached by traitorous leftist Americans. The one that really gets me is they need to get away from their bad governments. Who put these governments in office? If I recall, one or more were voted in. So, does that mean that they will then come in to the United States and vote in the exact candidate types as they left behind? I know the demonic party is counting on that but thank you President Trump for standing strong against this invasion and please take the 9th circuit court to the Supreme Court while we still have some patriots there.

3 years ago

This is a well planned caravan backed by money coming from possibly Soros. These are not the kind of people we want coming
to our Country. They don’t come In a peaceful mood. They throw rocks and bottles at our people manning the border. There is no
respect for our Country. President Trump has been right all along, even when the terrible Democrats say there is not any invasion including the ex-president, Obama, who laughed at President Trump. I hope the President closes the entire border and I hope Mexico steps up and does their part. The people of Mexico don’t deserve this invasion of their Country either. I cringe thinking of the leftist progressive
democrats running the House of Representatives for 2 years. Things will really go down the tubes with them in charge.

Laura C
3 years ago

Where are our much vaunted journalists when we need them? Have they bothered to find out exactly where the money came from to transport this huge number of people up from Honduras? Have they asked where the money came from to feed them, give them medical care, rent trucks, vans and train cars for the them? Who has purchased all that water constantly being handed out? Who bribed them, in the first place, to leave their homes and families for life in a country where they know not the laws or language? The journalists are useless appendages of the international cartels who want to bring down America. And they wonder why they aren’t trusted or liked by the American people? For that matter why hasn’t foreign aide to all Central American countries been stopped dead until they stop shuttling these people up to our borders? Are our politicians gutless sheep who can’t do what’s best for the citizens who pay for their places at the trough that is American politics? Shame, shame, shame!

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  Laura C

Our much vaunted “journalists” are in bed with the entire leftists who are resisting the legally elected President. They all should be charged with treason and, Yes!, lock them up, starting with our very own Eva Peron, Miss Hillary. Our laws haven’t changed, just the lack of backbone of our politicians.

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