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Message to Bernie – Coronavirus is not World War II

BernieDesperate politicians, like bad magicians losing the audience, dig into their bag of tricks for something bigger. In the process, they lose credibility. Bernie Sanders, trying to outmaneuver a rising Joe Biden, just dug into his bag – and produced a whopper.

Blowing hard on public fears about coronavirus, Sanders seems intent on creating wholesale panic. From this, one imagines he seeks to benefit. This week, he announced deaths from coronavirus may be on “scale of a major war.”

He did not stop there. As former Vice President Biden blithely blames President Trump for China’s coronavirus, minimizing that communist nation’s failure to tell the truth, contain or control the virus, Sanders quadrupled down on Trump.

Said Sanders: “Nobody knows what the number of fatalities may end up being or the number of people who may get ill …,” adding America must “face the truth … the number of casualties may actually be even higher than what the armed forces experienced in World War II.” Really?

In this curious corona-centric, anti-Trump season, surprises are a daily occurrence and credibility in short supply, but this statement was a whopper. To compare the coronavirus in America to casualties sustained in World War II is nothing less than “theater of the absurd,” Monty Python entering the real world.

Let’s get facts on paper. First, as of this writing, 71 Americans have died, that is it. Less than 3,000 have tested “positive” for coronavirus – in a population of 327 million. Of those who have died, 23 or more were over 80, likely with underlying vulnerabilities. At 78 – and Mr. Biden at 77 – one understands Mr. Sander’s fears. Still, projecting those fears on a nation is neither rational nor responsible.

Comparing current coronavirus infections, deaths, and projected infections and mortality rates – whether in the US, China, or anywhere else – to casualties in World War II is utterly irresponsible, knowingly pushing false data.

Yes, Biden is wrong to make the virus Trump’s fault; Trump was as prepared – with longstanding CDC protocols in place – as any president. But Sanders’ bashing Trump with nonsensical statements of this kind is indefensible.

As often happens these days, leaders forget that history is rock-solid, recorded, and can be consulted for reference. That is true for the history of socialism, history of viral epidemics, and history of war. History serves to inform, guide, and correct misstatements – and misplacements of our time in context of others.

To be arrestingly direct, let us get the World War II numbers down on paper. These numbers are incontrovertible, except at the margins – based on assumptions concerning those missing in action, most of whom died under the circumstances making identification impossible.

Objectively, World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history. Up to 85 million people perished in that six-year conflict, according to scholars. Pulitzer-prize winning author of “The Liberation Trilogy,” Rick Atkinson – a brilliant researcher, writer, and truth-teller – reported an average of 27,000 people per day died over those six years.

The number of American military deaths in World War II exceeded 407,000 – not counting civilians serving in the military. More than 670,000 American service members were wounded. The total number of US military casualties in World War II – or those “experienced by the Armed Forces” – exceeded one million.

For a presidential candidate to imagine – then spread fear and blame – for a million dead Americans, or even half a million or a quarter of a million, as a result of a new-but-mild virus that killed fewer than 100 so far is utterly irresponsible.

Sanders’ statement is also morally reprehensible – on several levels. First, to count this health scare as a war – by reference to number afflicted, duration, or some other health measure – is to misunderstand war. No Commander-in-Chief should be so ignorant. War and health are fundamentally different.

Second, to recklessly misstate current and projected dead – by a factor of 20,000, imaging that 50 dead from coronavirus means 1,000,000 shortly – is more than nonsensical. It is pure scare-tactic. It reveals either a disconnection from reality or the disingenuous desire to spread panic among the American people.

Just as a reading of Biden’s repeated cognitive failures leads one to conclude he is intellectually sloppy or mentally slipping, an honest read of the Sanders claptrap is that he is intellectually off or purposefully pushing panic. That he is doing so to hurt President Trump does not excuse the offense but compounds it.

In any event, Sanders’ assessment bears no relationship to current case numbers, infection, or mortality rates. It bears no relationship to CDC, NIH, or other expert guidance, projections for infection and mortality, or state-by-state infection rates.

In fact, by comparison to the latest case reports from China, the infection rate appears to be cresting and headed down. With better medicine, detection, testing, and treatment in the US, rates of transmission and mortality should peak in weeks – at worse months – ahead, then head down, not uncontrollably upward.

The further we advance into this political season, the more Democrat politics and politicians seem to long for bad news and practice “theater of the absurd.” To be clear: The world is not ending, panic is not advisable, and overstatements by desperate politicians are no better than fumbling, failed tricks by bad magicians. Coronavirus is not World War II.

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General Patton

Joe Biden and family are on China’s payroll. Remember this moron saying China is our friend? You lost what little brains you had.

A very dangerous and corrupt man.


Where are we that we would even consider electing either one of these senile or socialist candidates? The Democrats have become the poster voters for panic and immaturity. America is facing a Pandemic of huge proportions and it would seem Americans are arming themselves against the onslaught with cases of toilet paper and quarts of hand sanitizer. President Trump and the most informed members of our various health agencies carefully explained to us the present a future planes and ramifications of the health emergency and after taking in all of this information a vast number of the electorate turned their attention Bernie, Biden, and Fake News. Good luck with that. I am 90 years old. I have lived and suffered through several bouts of viruses, the Asian Flue being to me , the most dangerous. Although it isn’t even mentioned in the list of bugs. Stress is dangerous to the… Read more »


Old Joe said that he doesn`t work for the people either, Old Bernie is a card carrying communist, Trump 2020 2024

Stephen Russell

C Dems create panic & fear thus run on stores: milk, water, meats, breads, alone & overstock on toilet paper etc.
Thanks media & Dems for chaos they create.
Remember Wuhan Virus is Chinese.
Bars, clubs, closing nationwide.
Local YMCA & library closed, library till 3-31
No Uniform reaction plan seen
Dems sow chaos & we suffer

Barbara Williamson

The Democrats only come up with the candidates who are willing to throw Americans and America “under the bus” at every turn, just to keep their party in power and get illegal votes. They are a party of self-absorbed, power and money hungry traitors……nothing more. Why Blacks and other minorities want to be in the same party as KKK members is beyond my comprehension.


Great Article! Now you can see why he is called “Crazy Bernie”. Everybody should read the history and background of this man. You would be
shocked. The Dems are not any better. All they do is create chaos and put fear in everybody. Botox Nancy even wanted to get abortion put into the bill that was just passed in the House to help the American people with medical and financial issues. Everybody needs to get on board to support our President in
this time of need. This means the Dems and the liberal media that cannot tell the truth if their life depended on it.

Grandma Sandy73

Wonderful commentary with good facts supporting it! Thanks!


Just more smoke and mirrors like Russia Gate and the failed impeachment. Anything and everything to take the spotlight off the Democrats and how stupid and obsessed they are with getting rid of our President and country. The Democrats can not allow truth into their politics. They can’t even run on their accomplishments while in office because they have NONE. They are having to create a recession atmosphere and doomsday rumors. We will survive this. Our President has done everything he can possibly do to take care of this and that it is being blown all out of proportion.


The sky is not falling.

David Spade

Not only is Sanders a Communist, he is a fear monger. He has lost his moral compass on many issues, but the information he throws off to the public is disgusting when it comes to the COVID-19. Those kind of comments just disqualify him from being a serious candidate. He might be more confused than Uncle Joe. These comments from the two front-running candidates just shows their desperation and dis-connect from the public. Mr. Trump’s moves have been very forthright and transparent based upon facts as we know them. The Democrats just listen to their political handlers for sound bites much to the detriment of the American people. The people know it…..the candidates show know it, too.

E. Fletcher

I know there is a sickness out there. Could be bad for some. Those are reasonable facts. What is unreasonable is shutting down so many things. People still have to work, shop, partake in various daily activities. I believe this virus has become so politicized and blown out of proportion that it is deliberately crippling our daily functions. That’s due to idiot politicians and the warped media. If it’s soooo bad, why are we still getting public blowback from Biden and Sanders. Why don’t they go home, stay home and shut their mouths and quit spewing out their germs for everyone to put up with. There was not this much fuss when Obama imported Ebola patients to the US for treatment. Why?

D. James

The dims are offering America two avowed subversives in the coming election. However, I believe there is enough majority of true red blooded patriots in this country who will say “Hell No” to their kind in November.
God bless and protect the USA.


Bernie & the rest of the DemonRats are no different the the Fake News Media Clowns .
They never waste a catastrophe for the spotlight..They can kiss America’s A**..

Dalya Horowitz

Great article – so true that the dems see only the demise of Trump and care little about who dies and what the country looks like after knocking out Trump. The end does not justify the means. Honest opposition is fine, but I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot by their idiocy and panic inducing statements – and Bernie Sanders and Biden are exactly what’s wrong with the entire democratic party. I once was a Democrat, but while they’ve gone over the deep end of leftist politics, I have become a Republican and proud of it.


I believe if anybody started the coronavirus that it would be the democrat party.The democrats have tried everthing they can to make trump look bad.Think about it people what else will they try to make president Trump look bad. If this does not work what will they do next.They are the most evil people I have ever met .


Everyone needs to keep in mind that the tyrannical unhinged left is not speaking to those of us who might be qualified as mature, but rather they are speaking to those youth whose minds are not only immature but also are graduates of America’s progressively damaged public school system. They figure that one day these youth will be able to vote, and then the Dims campaign of fear along with thier promises of everything free, will bring them thier dream world of mega Socialistic proportions.


Joe and Bernie are like the islands that China made in the South China Sea. They are sinking.

Steve B

If I lived in Connecticut I would get out quickly, before the Communist Committee of Connecticut confiscates my property. You can only draw one conclusion from Burnie’s constant re-election that the people, of Connecticut, are one live brain cell away from being totally brain dead. Then Massa Burnie can take care of them.
Can I get an AMEN

Paul DAscenz

Joe Biden! Bernie Sanders!
Are not for the American People!
Don’t Buy into there lies!

Jan R. Millen

Good article about both candidates. Never-Trump dems will never give him any credit.