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Prostate Cancer Awareness

You have prostate cancer.” These are four words no man wants to hear.

Prostate cancer may be frightening, but fortunately, if your physician finds it at an early stage, your chances of survival are excellent. Medical science has made great strides in detecting prostate cancer and advances in technology have led to improvements in treating the disease.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among American men today (skin cancer ranks first). During the course of a lifetime prostate cancer affects about one in five men and is most common in men 50 or older, but it has been diagnosed in younger men.

Risk factors for prostate cancer include:

  •  Men who eat high-fat diets, particularly high saturated fat, may have a greater chance of developing prostate cancer.
  • African-American men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as other American men.
  • If a man has a family history of prostate cancer he should start getting tested at age 45 rather than age 50.

Prostate screenings are a great defense in early detection and prevention of prostate cancer. The most commonly used screening test for prostate cancer is called the PSA, or prostate specific antigen. The PSA test is a blood test that measures the prostate-specific antigen, an enzyme produced only by the prostate, to see if the PSA level is within normal limits. The doctor also may use this test to check for any changes in PSA level compared to the previous PSA test.

Another test that is used to find prostate cancer is the digital rectal exam, or DRE. This allows the doctor to feel the back portion of the prostate (where most cancers begin) for size and any irregularities.

In choosing a treatment, you should look for one that combines the best possible outcome with minimal side effects.

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7 years ago

I am 53 and just got blood work done. PSA is at 4.6. Was at 4.0 like 3 yrs ago. I work out and play hockey. ZERO symptoms of any prostate issue? Do you guys with high PSA readings have prostate symptoms? Going back to Dr. soon and going to follow up with something????? Not sure what?????? Any words of advise would be good.


8 years ago

i am 57 had my first psa test it was 4.6 my dad had prostate cancer in his 60s and is cancer free now and my uncle died from it in his 80s should i worry this is very scary for me.i see my urog. in a few days

11 years ago

64 yr old. my PSA is rising quickly:
1.32 July ’08
1.66 Jan ’09
2.49 Jan ’10
3.09 Feb ’11
4.01 Apr ’11
I am concerned about the “velocity” of change. Do I need to undergo a biopsy ? My urologist is ambivalent about the need to do so. Comments please… thanks

11 years ago

My PSA gradually climbed from 1.0 to 4.5 over a period of 15 years. My urologist ordered a ten core biopsy, which was negative. He remarked halfway through the procedure, that my prostate contained a high level of calcium deposits. A year later, the urologist was considering a repeat biopsy. Then I heard about the PCA3 test, got it and it too was negative. PSA meanwhile has dropped back to 2.5. While not yet FDA approved, the PCA3 gene is promising. It saved me a second needless biopsy.

11 years ago

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer based on elevated PSA. Had PSA tests run every 6 months for years. It went from 2.6 to 4.6 over a two year period. A biopsy of the prostate was done and showed a gleason score of 6 which is low but was positive for cancer. I underwent radiation 5 days a week for 9 weeks. My first PSA reading immediately after the treatments was 0.084 and after 6 months it was still under 1. Will have tests every 6 months for 3 years and once a year there after. Don’t know what would be done if PSA would start rising.

11 years ago

I have a family history of PC. (Two older brothers,. One died from it.) I was getting checked (both PSA and digital) every year. Last year my PSA elevated from 3 to 5. Bioposy revealed PC with a Gleason score of 8. I had my prostrate removed, however, it got into my lymph nodes,then spread out of the pelvic area. I am now on hormone therapy, and went through several chemo infusions.(Taxotere) PSA is now at 0.0, but I don’t know for how long. Statistics show that I have a 75% chance of dying withing five years. I am now 63. Don’t fool with this stuff guys. get checked, get fixed, get on with life.

11 years ago

Am 57 and had a PSA of 4.6-5.2 over a one year period. My doctor then did a PCA3 test and it showed a marker for cancer. My doctor wanted to do a biopsy, but I asked for a three month time to allow a diet change and supplementation regimen to take effect. After the three months of taking VItamin D3, krill oil, Anthaxanthin, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, two types of saw palmetto and eliminating all sugar from my diet, my PSA dropped from 4.6 to 3.6 eliminating the need for a dangerous biopsy.

11 years ago

Opted for radical laparoscopic surgery 8 months ago after a PSA 9 and biopsy with gleason 7. Now PSA is undetectable and I never needed pads and function perfectly with a blue pill. I couldn’t be happier. Finding the right surgeon is key.

11 years ago

i am an 82 yr old and my psa went from 3 to 16 between examinations….urologist did 12 biopsies and found a very aggressive cancer with a gleason score of 9….oncologist started me on hormone treatment right a way and i had 6 weeks [every day] of tomo therapy radiation….next psa was 0.1…right now i am cancer free and hope i can stay that way….

11 years ago

was diagnosed with prostate cancer. had seeds implanted. two years later PSA went up again for over a year straight. Even had a biopsy to check and was confirmed it had returned. started taking heavy duty anti oxidants. Coffee berry for a month,then seanol then Graviola.. PSA levels dropped in half. 6 months later half again. last psa was only .4 Its your body read all you can. Make your decision based on knowledge not fear….

11 years ago

How will I know if he,s given me all thte options?

11 years ago

I am a ten-year survivor of prostate cancer and am considered to be 100% cancer free. All prostate cancer patients should be sure that they choose a doctor will outline all possible options before deciding on a course of treatment. What’s good for one guy may not be good for another simply because of expectations in what you want to get out of life during and after the cancer treatment. If your doctor doesn’t willingly volunteer all the options up front get a different doctor.

Michael Malgeri
11 years ago

I’d like to share a personal story of how my unicycle saved my life from prostate cancer.

Best to all!

11 years ago


11 years ago

So let me understand this, did Theralogix help you or did not matter weather you took Theralogix or not you still got stage 1 prostate cancer anyway? This is for Buck.

Buck Castleberry
11 years ago

My urologist recommended Theralogix to me and I started taking it about ten years ago (I am now 70). Last year I was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer.

Glenn Lambdin
11 years ago

For those of you have not heard about the supplement Theralogic you should check into this great product. It was developed specifically for prostrate health and management. Another great use for this supplement is Kidney Stones. It works!

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