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Memo to AG Garland – Enforce Law or Resign

Attorney General Garland, disagreeing with the Supreme Court or by direction of the White House – refuses to enforce federal laws expressly protecting Supreme Court Justices – and all judges – against threats, intimidation, and physical protests at their homes. Pro-abortion acts at the justices’ homes are becoming unconscionable. AG Garland must enforce laws or resign.

Even the Washington Post reports threats are growing, first against justices, then their families, and now their neighbors. Justice Kavanaugh’s neighbors “are fed up with the actions of protesters near their homes,” which “personally target residents” and have “abused them and their children, using drums and megaphones to chant ‘f— you,’ and ‘f— your children.’”

This activity follows unprosecuted law-breaking at justices’ homes, targeting their personal property, their persons, and their children, including an attempted assassination of Kavanaugh, and continued encouragement of activism, with no anti-violence warnings from leading Democrats.

The overarching question – given the high stakes of losing, wounding, or intimidating justices and their families, given clear statutes barring this intimidating, threatening, potentially violent criminal behavior – is why is AG Garland NOT prosecuting these offenders?

Beyond federal statute 18 USC 1507, which expressly bars this kind of action, State and Federal laws of multiple kinds are implicated. Threats of potential assault, including those barred by 18 USC 113, are relevant. Also relevant are 18 USC 1503, 18 USC 115, and other laws involving threats against judges.  In addition, 25 State AGs have sought enforcement of the law.

To date, leading administration and congressional Democrats seem to take all this as unimportant, even after a credible attempt to assassinate one of the justices. This is beyond the pale.

The stakes could not be higher, if the party threatened were an elected official, since the current 5-4 Supreme Court majority – in favor of textual or judicial conservatives – hangs in the balance. 

At a time when conservative justices are being sworn at, chased from DC restaurants, vilified, and threatened by members of Congress, told they “will pay” by the Senate Majority leader, face a “revolution” by Senate Democrats, and a US House Speaker encourages “anger” – enforcing federal law is vital. 

In short, not enforcing these clear, protective, and long-standing laws is unthinkable, immoral, and unconscionable. Unless the objective is expressly to endanger these justices, there can be no excuse for not enforcing these laws, deterring further violence, and halting judicial intimidation.

To be clear, an “independent judiciary” and assuring “checks and balances” under the US Constitution, Federalist Papers, and thousands of past federal and Supreme Court decisions is fundamental to our Republic’s survival. 

Accordingly, for a sitting Attorney General knowingly to place justices or judges in fear of life or limb, damage to property, family members, and neighborhood, and allow lawbreakers to go unpunished, is inexcusable.

Bottom line: Memo to AG Garland – Enforce the law or resign.  

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Duffy Spies
5 months ago

There MUST be a way to legally remove him.

5 months ago

Remove him by impeachment from a Grand Jury!

5 months ago

Remember back when Dumbama wanted this guy on the SCOTUS?!

Alice Webb
5 months ago

Garland is another Biden puppet that’s putting a hefty paycheck ahead of upholding the law! He is a disgrace to the Law profession & should be fired!!

Theresa Coughlin
5 months ago

Thank God Garland is not on the Supreme Court. He would have been an even bigger disaster there than he is as Attorney General. If he won’t enforce the law or resign, he needs to be impeached, removed from office and replaced with someone who will enforce the law.

5 months ago

I can get this article to open in my browser, but the other articles just show the notation “invalid request” when I try to open them. Is there any way I can fix this? Thank you.

5 months ago

Thereis no justice in America anymore!! The continual corruption and disregard of the Constitution is a complete betrayal to this nation and the oath they took which politicians from both sides turn a blind eye. The judicial system is becoming an unbalanced scale full of bias rhetoric where the laws they make do not apply! But the good news is one day all will come face to face with the Lord, that’s when you’ll see real justice!!!!

5 months ago

OK, I’m not a genius on a lot of this, but isn’t it the JOB of the A.G. to enforce the laws? Excuse me, I need to go back and do some research.

5 months ago

He (Garland) is a disgrace. Remember folks, Obama nominated him for SCOTUS. Thankfully, this didn’t go anywhere.

Howard MacKinnon
5 months ago

Expect garland to do something? Just look at him. He looks like he cannot find his way out of the kitchen.

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

Remember Lois Lerner? Once again, Deep State weaponizes its bureaucracy against Americans. Anyone NOT heard that your local bank must flag any deposits over $550 for the IRS to look at? All I can say is: TG Garland doesn’t have a lifetime SCOTUS appointment! Bet he’s real bitter about that… and he’s not afraid to use his temporary office to avenge it.

Word of Truth
5 months ago

Someone needs to go to Schumer’s house and Pelosi’s house and Garland’s house and do a protest with bullhorns.

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago
Reply to  Word of Truth

Don’t forget a drum to beat on. Can’t be a real protest without a drum circle… oh and skip bathing for a week before! If a bunch of unarmed capitol rioters can be called an “insurrection”, we know what would happen to them when the national guard in riot gear show up for this…

5 months ago
Reply to  Word of Truth

But will replubicans do it or just bend over as usual

5 months ago

We’ll take care of retard garland in January before moron brandon nominates it for the SC!

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago
Reply to  dkp2015

Don’t leave out firing Wray too!

5 months ago

We have a lawless regime that has stolen an election. Now we are reaping the benefits of said regime. Look at the ramifications of those actions. We as a nation have been hoodwinked by our government, the congress, the judicial branch, and the executive branch. One thing is very clear after this debacle if you just think about it. The swamp is huge so choose you this day who you will serve, no man can serve two masters. The time is here. We need to take the IF out of the way and follow the 11th commandment of the Lord. My people which are called by my name shall humble themselves seek my face turn from our wicked ways and pray then I will hear from Heaven and heal their land. I love my country my friends and family but I love and trust my Lord more than anything. The scriptures say that 1 can put a thousand to flight and 2 can put ten thousand to flight. Using that math how many would it take to drain the swamp. Will you become 1?

5 months ago

Why not just create laws that force compliance of Supreme Court decisions onto thls and all AGs. If not implemented in certain amount of days. Potus
Would be required to replace.

6 months ago

Why do you think Republicans barred him from seating on the Supreme Court?!!!

6 months ago

This SOB is what he is, a shill. His day is coming for what he has done and what he hasn’t done.

6 months ago

Just being a lacky for Biden and the democrats.

Craig Driver
6 months ago

Democrats refuse to uphold any law which does not serve to further their far left agenda to tear America down and install a globalist government and society.

6 months ago

Garland needs to be removed from his job. He is refusing to do his job according to the laws in place and as directed by the Supreme Court. Who does he think he is?????????

5 months ago
Reply to  Kat

A humanoid

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