Mega-Donor George Soros Began Targeting Arizona and Georgia Elections in 2015

Soros George media attack new world orderBillionaire activist George Soros helped fund Democratic efforts to flip Georgia, Arizona, and Florida in the recent midterm elections, and he nearly ran the table. All three states had razor-thin margins of victory in either U.S. Senate or gubernatorial races—or both in Florida’s case—and all three states are traditionally Republican-leaning, if not Republican strongholds.

While Soros is indeed a controversial figure often accused of wild conspiracies, the strategy of turning select “red states” Democrat blue is laid out in his Open Society Foundations documents. According to a white paper called “U.S. Programs 2015–2018 Strategy,” the progressive organization began funding activist operations in Arizona and Georgia in 2015, with the 2020 presidential election being the ultimate goal.

“Beginning in 2015 with initial investments, U.S. Programs anticipates seeking to have national impact by and in 2020, through targeted work in a small number of states. States such as Arizona, Georgia, or North Carolina, are quickly changing demographically and rising in political significance,” the document states.

Soros, a convicted felon and hedge fund manager, is one of the world’s richest men. Forbes currently lists his net worth at $8.3 billion, a significant decline since his $18 billion personal wealth transfer to the Open Society Foundations in 2017.

Known as the 2020 Project, Open Society’s funding efforts have been aimed at “building the capacity of community-based organizations to catalyze political engagement throughout the year and not solely around elections,” and they feature coordination “with our anchor and core grantees, Democracy Alliance partners and other donors, and field leaders, such as Planned Parenthood, progressive labor, and other allies.”

That’s exactly what transpired in Georgia, where Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams began receiving a large and mysterious influx of political donations purportedly for her voting rights activities. Abrams was an obscure member of the Georgia state House of Representatives at the time.

According to public records, Abrams raised $12.5 million by 2016, through two voter registration nonprofits she founded, called Third Sector Development and Voter Access Institute. She personally benefited by nearly half a million dollars, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported in September.

In the lead-up to 2018, Abrams organized a statewide voter registration drive known as the New Georgia Project. The effort relied on support from wealthy progressive donors, who continued giving millions to her gubernatorial bid that ultimately fell short of victory by 0.4 percent.

Abrams has consistently refused to acknowledge where the money came from, although in a March interview she thanked Soros. “George Soros and the Soros family have demonstrated nothing but deep investment and commitment to social justice. That is how I came to know them because they were early investors in the New Georgia Project,” she said, adding, “I am proud to have their support.”

Abrams is continuing to fight the Georgia election result through a lawsuit funded by a new political action committee. She remains well-positioned to campaign for a U.S. Senate seat in 2020 and to support the eventual Democratic presidential nominee.

In Arizona, Soros and his son Alexander, who serves as deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations and as a member of organization’s U.S. Programs Advisory Board, helped to underwrite a mysterious super PAC that launched attack ads against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally.

The group, called Red and Gold, failed to provide required financial disclosure documents to the Federal Elections Commission until after the Arizona GOP primary election. But by then it had already spent $1.7 million solely attacking McSally in an attempt to boost her primary rivals. McSally nevertheless became the GOP nominee to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake.

Red and Gold received the $1.7 million infusion from the Senate Majority PAC. The coordinated effort had ties to Alexander Soros, reported the Arizona Republic, the state’s largest daily newspaper. After the primary, George Soros gave $600,000 to Red and Gold and another $425,000 to Priorities USA Action for anti-McSally attack ads.

McSally was slightly ahead of Democrat Kyrsten Sinema on Nov. 6, but she eventually lost by 38,197 votes amid post-election day ballot counting.

Arizona was expressly named in the Open Society Foundation’s strategy documents, and the Soros-backed Democracy Alliance increased its Arizona activism after the spectacular election loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016. According to The New York Times, Soros not only spent millions on the 2014–2016 election cycle, but he personally lost $1 billion in the financial markets for betting against Donald Trump. The 2018 midterms would be the first chance to regain lost ground.

Democracy Alliance is a collective of wealthy center-left and left-wing political donors with Soros as its centerpiece. It supports a sprawling activist infrastructure with so-called dark money, which hides donor identities, and requires its grantees to sign nondisclosure agreements.

In 2005, Democracy Alliance held its first donor conference of 50 partners in Phoenix. After 2016, the group’s president, Gara LaMarche, told donors at a national summit “to keep your eyes on Arizona, Georgia, and my beloved Texas.” The group’s 2018 spring conference was held in Atlanta.

In neighboring Florida, gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was bankrolled by millions in outside-the-state funding that originated with Soros. “Florida is the holy grail,” Gillum allegedly told the elder billionaire, according to Politico.

“His political committee has brought in $3.8 million from people affiliated with the Democracy Alliance of big donors, out of a total of $9.6 million. And the money is still coming in: California billionaire Tom Steyer pledged $5.2 million to Gillum on Wednesday,” Politico reported Oct. 11.

Like Abrams in Georgia, Gillum narrowly lost a close election to a Trump-aligned Republican, but his Soros-led backers are banking that their strategy will put progressives over the top in key states in 2020.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by William Patrick

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Wayne Peterkin

I encourage everyone to read a comprehensive new report from Judicial Watch about how our own government is funneling funds, taxpayer money, to Soros’ various groups when Soros is dedicated to the destruction of America, an America which is a major obstacle to his “Open Society”, a borderless world under a one world government headed by the likes of Soros of course. We’re helping to funs this evil monster!

Michael Robertson

Soros personally helped the Nazis in Hungary to track down fellow Jews and jail or kill them. Not sure why the Moosad did not consider him a target in the post war days, but they did not. Shame.

Carol L. Baril

Thank God the Republicans remained victorious in the runoff election held yesterday in Georgia!!! Both the Secretary of State and the Public Service Commissioner seats in the runoff were maintained in Republican hands! Georgia is still moving, however, toward the blue with so many more indoctrinated young people coming out of the government school system and the colleges!!! Education is crucial if this country is to remain free!


The Soros family are the opposite of what America should be about. George Soros is an evil, vile old man who wants nothing more than to bring down our country. He committed atrocities against people of his own religion, aiding in their torture and ultimately their deaths at the hands of the nazis. There is no one more evil than Soros.


Soros is the best example of a person who dose not LOVE AMERICA. What he dose is close to treason.

Laura C

The campaign financing laws in this country are a national shame. No one person or organization should be able to funnel unlimited funds to any candidate. Our campaign funding laws should allow only individuals to contribute limited amounts to candidates and there should be no pacts or other criminal funding tools allowed. No corporation funding or any funding from outside the US. Only Americans should be able to contribute to political campaigns in the US. And if we expect other countries to keep their noses out of our elections, then we should also keep our noses out of theirs. NO government money should be going to other countries to boost their political candidates.

Richard M. Camp

Why is there no probe into this commies actions?

Larry Peterson

Soros, and his ilk, are a detriment to civilized society, period.


If you are not eligible to vote in an election you should not be able to pour money into it either. To me that is influence peddling.

Paul W

“A convicted felon”…that’s about the best thing that you can say about this vile piece of filth. This rat’s excrement is satan’s right hand demon. OK, I admit it…I despise this reptilian devil.

Silas Longshot

Why is it that convicted felons outside the USA can dick around with our election processes thru these front groups? The politicians (democrats, especially) whine about ‘money in politics’ (wink, wink) as they challenge republicans whom they claim get big money from ‘mysterious sources’ like the Koch brothers? At least these guys were AMERICANS. The democrats have been playing by the Aliynski rules for radicals playbook for a long time and if you know the ‘rules’ he played by, you can see right through everything the democrats say and do. They whine about big money republican donors, while Soros dumped $18 BILLION into all his networks?

Keith H

This man should be hanging from the neck until dead. For his crimes. He renounced his Jewish heritage and at a young age and helped the Nazis round up Jews. He said it himself and he said he enjoyed it. That’s one sick NAZI PIG right there. Now he delights in toppling Countries and raiding their treasuries. He is actively working to topple America now with his satan loving friends on the libtard left. That Nazi Pig is living right here in America. Can you imagine that ? His own Country through his Nazi Ass out a long time ago. They knew long ago he danced with the devil. He provably bent over for him too !!! Ladies and Gentleman of America, you better wake up before we loose Our Country. Or we will all be marching off to the gas chambers. And to the useful idiots that follow the… Read more »


When you see what the prick is capable of in his past I wonder how he can still be alive. And, he is a citizen of our country! Why!


When and where Soros shows up, trouble soon follows. Why do we allow this monster in this country?

Martin Steed

You gotta wonder, given the closeness of the Arizona election, if McSally would have won had she not announced loud and clear that she did NOT support President Trump. A lot of us really don’t want to have to vote for another John McCain or Jeff Flake and just refuse to hold our nose and vote for the RINO just because he or she is NOT the Democrat. Martha McSally is just about the perfect candidate; female, military, veteran, smart, well educated, etc. She was, however, ill advised, and came out and said to “us”, “I don’t like the guy you people voted for and I’m not gonna support him”. That’s kinda like saying “I’m not gonna support you”. So, a lot of people like just stayed home or at least didn’t pull the lever for her. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Larry Ralston

Sooo, is multi-billionaire George Soros and his millionaire/billionaire cronies buying elections? If enough elections are bought, maybe the entire country can be bought. Are there voter donation regulations on the books that regulate amounts given and transparency as to names and amounts? Does money speak louder than the law?


This man should be tried for treason, he wants to overthrow the United States and have a One World Dictatorship. He wants open Borers, a One World Economy, He is total disgrace to the Human Race. He also is not alone. Get and rad the book, “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin. In the front of the book you will see all the American Members, names are called, and the American Corporation that re owned by members. You can find this book at Amazon. Take a look at Europe and what open borders have done. Take a look at France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungry, Italy , Greece, and many more. Take a hard look at South Africa and what is going on there. All this Chaos is the result of the Bilderberg Group.

jon watson

He is a Nazi collaborator anybody that takes money from him has blood on their hands. He should be tried for war crimes.


Surly there is a law to control what could cause USA to be owned by some RICH SOB . We seemed to be turning more in that direction every election. The Democrats appear to like this.


Let’s stop soros send him to the countries that consider him a felon. We don’t want his kind here