Meese and Blackwell: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas Embody Integrity in Public Service

The militant Left is attacking the principled public service of Justice Clarence Thomas again, this time by targeting his wife Ginni in a malicious attempt to delegitimize Supreme Court decisions that are faithful to the original meaning of the Constitution.

The Left has targeted Clarence all his career. We all saw his promise when President Ronald Reagan appointed him as assistant secretary of education for civil rights in 1981, and then promoted him at the first opportunity, nominating him as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1982.

The Reagan White House thought very highly of Clarence. And in the next administration, we were thrilled to see President George H.W. Bush nominate this brilliant and principled young leader to be a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 1990 to occupy the seat left vacant by another exceptional jurist, Judge Robert Bork.

President Bush could not have done better when he later nominated Clarence to the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Thomas has been the Rock of Gibraltar, steadfast in his principled commitment to originalism — that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the meaning of its words when the American people adopted them, and that judges must faithfully adhere to the text of written laws, leaving it to elected leaders to decide when change is called for and to enact that change through the democratic process.

Yet in recent weeks, national publications have penned lengthy hit pieces on Ginni, who is not a public official. Ginni is outspoken in public life, but as a grassroots activist in the Republican Party and the conservative movement, not in the courtroom where her husband serves. She has often been erroneously described as operating a lobbying company, but has not been a registered lobbyist since her husband joined the court.

What does Ginni do? She brings leaders and groups together to collaborate and share information and explore ways to synchronize messaging for greater impact. Her focus is on coalition-building, and working in the public affairs space to maximize impact of messaging for clients and causes she believes in.

The situation might be different if Ginni were engaged in litigation, such as arguing before a court or having her name appear on legal briefs, but she does not touch the courtroom arena. No matter how strongly she feels about a matter, she steps back if it moves toward litigation, even before it reaches the Supreme Court.

One recent smear involved breathlessly attacking Ginni for her leading role in the Impact Awards, celebrating leaders who put great effort into nonprofits and similar causes, often at great personal cost. This annual tradition fills a niche in the center-right movement, and it is astounding that anyone could find fault with it or spend time criticizing it.

Far gone on the days when a public official’s family was considered off-limits to most journalists. But what is really going on here is much more insidious. It is a new low of targeting the latter for destruction in an effort to bring down the former.

This is the Cancel Culture taken to a level that threatens our institutions of government. What began years ago as the politics of personal destruction has metastasized into attempts to delegitimize a distinguished and senior member of the best-functioning branch of the federal government by smearing his wife for making a private-sector career out of her principles and patriotism, and doing it in a manner that avoids an appearance of impropriety by not engaging in her husband’s realm of responsibility.

Such demonization must end. Citizens will no longer want to participate in our constitutional republic if they conclude that doing so will incur years of relentless harassment targeting their spouses. And federal judges in particular have lifetime appointments so they can rise above politics, and not be subject to a lifetime of political attacks. We must rise above this noxious miasma and frame these facts truthfully, starting with the Thomases.

That truth is this: Clarence and Ginni Thomas show how a top federal judge can have a patriotic spouse with a public career, where both can faithfully pursue their respective callings with honor and integrity. We should commend their example to our fellow citizens.

Edwin Meese III was the 75th attorney general of the United States and is the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus at the Heritage Foundation. J. Kenneth Blackwell was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and is on the policy board of the American Constitutional Rights Union.

Reprinted with permission from – BREITBART – By Ed Meese and Ken Blackwell

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1 year ago

Always admired Clarence Thomas.

1 year ago

America should be very proud of Clarance Thomas and his wife. They have stood up to Biden and his leftists harassment and continue to work as only a few true American Patriots do today.

1 year ago

Judge Thomas and his wife are very good people.
The Communists are evil, vile, and damage good people.
It’s time to set some actual punishments for this abuse of good people by these Commies.
Huge fines, and Public Stocks in front of Congress would work.

1 year ago

They not only have honor and integrity, they have courage to stand for principles and the Constitution. MSM and their ilk be damn.

They are an inspiration to all who will not be intimidated by those who think they can intimidate.

1 year ago

This sort of thing not only wont stop its accelerating. When leftist humanoids started showing up at the homes of conservative public figures with bullhorns and weren’t promptly removed it sent a message that anything goes. The goal is to prevent conservatives even considering public office but once in office to behave themselves. Terrorism comes in many forms and tends to expand into areas unthinkable previously.

1 year ago
Reply to  Morbious

Terrorism is exactly what this harassment is.

1 year ago

The left will constantly attack anyone they perceive as a threat to their power or that they feel will help get them something else of benefit to them. In this case, the left need to go after Ginni Thomas as a way to pressure GOP Senators into voting for Biden’s pick to the Supreme Court. Look for several Democrat Senators to try and compare their “sensible and moderate choice” for the Supreme Court to the “radical and out of touch” Ginni Thomas. In essence a character assassination of Ginni Thomas to get Biden’s choice through Senate hearings. The MSM will of course amplify this message non-stop to assist the Democrats and in the end the GOP Senators will vote to approve Biden’s nomination without asking her any truly hard questions. Democrats are NOT stupid, but they are very predictable.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Agreed…not only are they predictable, they are extremely patient when it comes to getting something they want, often waiting generations for their plans to come to fruition. That doesn’t mean they are sitting idly by-it simply means they are following the predictable steps to the predictable outcomes they are predicting. Which is really all the more puzzling to me…such a predictable party should be easy to upset…shouldn’t it??

1 year ago
Reply to  Lina

Yes. If we had more GOP with something in their pants besides peanuts.

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