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Medicare Tip of the Week – Medigap Plan

You can apply for a Medigap Plan (also called a Supplement Plan) at any time during the year?  You may be subject to underwriting, or state specific rules. For more information call an AMAC Senior Advisor at 800-334-9330, or  visit

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AMAC has wonderful ambitions to help people, especially those in their late career stage or early retirement status. Many items shown on the AMAC site.

Please do more step by step articles and features so the options and decisions can be made by those like me of on the brink of decisions following retirement day when I was past 70 years of age.. I am only months into this and my wife needs advice for someone just turned 65 who benefitted greatly from benefits from my employer ever since we were married more than a decade ago

Neither of us want to know more about the ills of certain other providers and political forces. We want good health results for two people.

We want the 20 steps we need to follow ( or 15 or 40 steps, whatever) now and other step lists for friends in somewhat different stages and circumstances

I am a recently joined member to AMAC. I am also a Social Worker,imagine that a conservative one to boot! I too am agianst Obama care. However; I fail to see the connection in ANY fashion what so ever with the case just presented about a person’s mother and her trials; to which I do offer my deepest sympathies. It must be noted that it IS common for physicians to miss fractures on x-rays. It has nothing to do with a health plan or a politician. No I didn’t vote for O’bummer. May I posit these possible items for consideration? 1. Why in the world would you wait two weeks? 2. When someone says they are in pain-believe them. I would have insisted on a scan if they said the x-ray did not show anything. I can tell you as an employee in a nursing home that falls will and… Read more »

I will be 65 in July and researching what plan to go with regarding supplemental insurance. My husband is currently on BCBS Medicare Advantage (Signature) Part C. As I understanding, the program my husband is on is subsidized by the government? Is this true? If so, what happens if the program goes broke or discontinued?

Appreciate a response.

I’m new to this and I wanna ask if this is supported by Obama care? As a dentist sevierville tn, do they also shoulder dental issues and such as cosmetic surgeries and such? I hope they do.

AARP is very transparent when it comes to back OBAMA care.
I sell health insurance. AARP has a plan that is very expensive and certainly not an Advantage plan.
Therefore, they will profit greatly if the Advantage plans are discontinued. AARP lobbies for the good of AARP and not seniors.

I for my part tried to shed some light on a blind, naked, poor man, and he (you) did not want to change his siufnl ways. You will not be able to respond to this as you’ll be blocked. Oh and if you’ve managed to read this far into it without sitting on your thumb, or worse..! then all I have to say is read your bible

I sell Medigap through United Health Care endorsed by AARP and it is not expensive, they have the least expensive plan in our county. I have looked for Medicare products here on AMAC and can’t find anything. It looks like I have to be a member to get any help, not like AARP.

As I can see you are an AARP krone . . . . sorry.

Linda, I have been on Medicare since 2000. You are Correct about AARP ! They are all about There best Interests solely. NOT there Customers. Glad to see it here in print. They BADGER you with Emails and Mailings! Phone calls once upon a time too. I got sick of them. Regards, Mr. Steve Eaton.

call your gov. rep. too

Recently I was told that if an elder uses Medicare hospital stay; under Obama dictates, Medicare will no longer pay for yet another followup or otherwise needed hospital stay for a period of 30 days following hospital release. True even if admittance is due to an unrelated even as well (eg: heart event…..followed by an accident as example).

Cutting hospital admittance for the elderly by Obama administration departmental administrative ruling.

Elderly Beware – Obama Care does NOT care about you – How does this fit into the no admittance for 30 days? My Mother recently had a fall in her home, and went to the emergency room. She was subjected to multiple tests and x-rays, and sent home being told there were no problems. After approximately 2 weeks of continuous complaints she made a second visit to the emergency room where it was found from an x-ray taken on the first visit, that she had a compound fracture in her back. (Imagine the Obama red tape to prove that one.) I was furious, and nothing could be done about it. The second doctor stood up for the first saying how easy it could be to miss on his x-ray. This is outrageous to me! If presented with a fall the appropriate x-ray should have been done, which wasn’t until she… Read more »

Please make sure the Presidential candidates have and use this information to combat AARP propaganda.

This is all so scary. I thought I knew a lot about insurance but I am totally confused. I am retired, my husband is still working but is retiring and the end of this year. We both have Medicare A & B but our primary coverage is through his work and will stop January 1, 2014. I cant even find out if we need a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Suppliment Plan. Should be talk to the company that we have insurance with now (UHC) about it or go to an advisor like AMAC first?
I dont know which way to turn and its too important to made a mistake. Any advise.

And that was posted to me by a suoepspd jehovahs witness. And you say that you all are so spiritual. Well no wonder you and every other religion in this world is false You are no different than those running around claiming to better than everyone else. You dare to judge people because you believe your bible gives you the right well then bros and sis’s wait till the day when Jehovah does return and he judges you for your f*cking actions.

Hi Linda, what state are you in?