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Medicare For All, Southern Border Wall, Illegal Immigration – Your AMAC Weekly News

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Medicare-for-all is the top priority for the leading candidates in the democratic primaries and it includes covering all illegal immigrants in this Country. Billions of dollars from drug kingpin El Chapo have been seized by the US government. The best part is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has legislation to take all funds and use it to build the wall at our southern border. Liberals in elected office have decided to aid criminals who are in this country illegally by warning them of ice raids. It’s time to hold them accountable for this illegal activity.

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Richard Vona

I back President Trump. The 4 Anti-Americans that are against him, are not using free speech, they are spewing hate and anti-americanism. They should be arrested and charged with treason.

Michael A Albert

I back the President on this issue! All of the 4 women should be forced to resign from their respective seats based on their actions and rhetoric since they took office. CLEARLY they are not Pro-Americans, nor do they have the interests of American citizens at the forefront! People like this should NOT be holding seats of power in our government.


Totally on President Trump! The anti-American hate squad should be impeached! They spread socialism & hate!!!

L. Crowl

Thank you for showing us how unlawful our elected government officials are being. Not that most of AMAC members are already aware. It’s really frightening to see how the government of a democracy can turn on it’s own people. There just aren’t any words that can adequately explain this horrible assault on our wonderful democracy. Not perfect but pretty darn great!

Mike Becker

Leftists like to cite the Emma Lazarus poem to justify their support of illegal immigration and open borders. It says, “Give me your tired and your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” Itw worth noting that when she wrote in 1882 and when it was inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty in 1903, there was no welfare state. Also, it says, “…your huddled masses yearning to be free.” not “…your huddled masses yearning for food stamps and medicaid.”


I agree with POTUS .. these 4 women are here to Degrade an push their agenda to their male counterparts can move in an change AMERICA…. IF Ya’l dont remember what they did 911 Look it up … LEARN !!


Ted Cruz, What a great idea. Taking the Billions of dollars, that is with a big “B”, from drug kingpin El Chapo and using that money to build a section of the border wall. maybe even naming it “The El Chapo” section” would be appropriate. I trust that this proposal will become a reality. I know other proposals you have made, all very good to great, never get out of committee. I love our country, but some of the rules that allow the shelving good ideas, never coming up for even a role call vote, is disappointing for sure. Keep up the good work.

Florida Jim

Keep working Ted This would make FAKE NEWS puke if a killer paid for our beloved wall.

Donald L Black

Charge the left wing legislators with ‘Aiding and Abetting’ the enemies of the US. Prosecute them and send them to jail. That’ll give the left a wake up call.

Lorrie Norris

Sounds like treason! What used to happen to someone who committed treason years ago? I think the same should happen to them today!

Joseph Kiesznopski

No to medicare for ALL…………..Pay your own way………


Bernie Sanders is insane!

James Fox

I back President Trump. We don’t need an anti American congress people.

Roy Moorhead

I am with TRUMP not the 4 American Haters

Joseph Kiesznopski

Expel the four , for criminal trespass


Great informative video. I watched it from start to finish.


It’s time to hold our leaders and judges feet to the fire and if they break any law they should be stripped of their citizenship and deported. We must start now to get rid of these criminals that are in any office of responsible!!!!!

Joseph Kiesznopski

No to medicare for all…………….Pay your own way……….

Elizabeth Murphy

LOVE these weekly news updates!

Mary Jane James

Thank you for this update!