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Medicare Enrollment Period Offers a Chance to Shop for Coverage, but Many Don’t

family-senior-huggingFrom – – by Kathleen McGrory

When it comes to guiding seniors through Medicare’s annual open enrollment period, most experts sound a lot like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

Their oft-repeated advice: You better shop around.

“The open enrollment period is an opportunity to compare plans in a given area to be sure the drugs you…

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Gemroe R Fletcher
1 year ago

How do I find the best Medicare supplement for my area 49120 Currently have Humana

Denise Beebe
1 year ago

What’s the point of having a discussion if no one is answered, or if so, there’s no way to see the answers that might help someone else with the same question?

Rick Nuttall
3 years ago

Why is there so many land mines one must watch for. Pay the premium part B and everything should be streamlined where you don’t to watch for this watch for that things you need to know if you are over 65. I live overseas, I can’t use Medicare, yet I have to be enrolled in it, otherwise I will get a big fat penalty. So again, I pay out my premium for Medicare, so I don’t get penalised, but I can’t use it…..Seems like the government is getting a good deal, I pay for something I can’t use, yet if I don’t I get penalised. It has got to be good being the government. Like I paid my premiums for my heath insurance, working for a government organisation, yet I never used it because as bad as we were paid, after they took the premium I had no money left to you it!!!!! Nice!!!!!! So I am on Tricare, as soon as I turn 65, I have to apply for Medicare, or my retired ID doesn’t get renewed!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! it has got to be nice being the government. Anyway, this is a stupid thing and it has Congress’ fingerprints all over it!!!!!!

Lloyd Pingel
5 years ago

Medicare rules are unfair to people who need to rejoin part B after being unable to continue on private insurance! I am 74 years old and have never used my Medicare because I have been covered under my wife’s insurance. She retire last December and I was able to stay on her retirement insurance until she reaches age 65 in 3 years. In Dec. of 2015 she was informed that the cost of my portion of coverage would double making it unaffordable for us. At that time I went to the SS office to get back on Part B. Since I did not need the coverage, several years ago I dropped Part B and was assured it would not be a problem to get back on if I needed to. I also signed up for a supplement policy. Late in Dec. I was informed that I could not get a supplement or Part B at this time. Since I was planning to stay on my wife’s insurance I had not met the requirement to sign back on to Part B within 8 months of her retirement. Apparently no one else knew either as nobody said anything. By this time I was already dropped from my wife’s insurance so I am left with only Part A until next July. This little known rule states I can only sign up between Jan-Mar and coverage won’t begin until July. This is one of the many ripple effects of Obama care as that is the reason why my wife’s coverage price escalated so much and so fast. It is grossly unfair to penalize Senior citizens for the cost of Obama care! I have saved Medicare 9 years of coverage and this is what I am left with! Would appreciate any advice or ideas. AMAC needs to work to have this loop hole closed!

Rick Nuttall
Reply to  Lloyd Pingel
3 years ago

Like get rid of Obamacare every whit and tittle of it!!!!!

George McAllister
5 years ago

Can I just get a copy of the Supplemental plans available to my area (Plans A through N). Zip 29576 without having to speak to an agent. Other web sites post them why not AMAC?

Joe Rumsey
5 years ago

Where do I go on this site to get assistance?

Joe Rumsey
5 years ago

I need assistance. Would like to talk with someone about enrollment in a medicare supplement program this week