Media Publishes Misleading Headlines About Trump’s Comments Following Weekend Shootings

Trump media headlinesMedia outlets published misleading headlines stating President Donald Trump did not mention any gun laws during a press conference Monday addressing the weekend shootings, despite Trump mentioning “red-flag laws.”

Trump held a press conference Monday addressing two weekend shootings that killed a total of 31 people and injured over four dozen. A shooting at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart resulted in 22 deaths Saturday, and a shooting in downtown Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning killed nine people.

The President spoke Monday about implementing “red-flag laws,” which would facilitate gun confiscation when threats are detected. These laws are aimed at allowing authorities to confiscate firearms for a period of time if an individual appears to pose a threat. He also condemned white supremacy during the speech.

“That is why I have called for red-flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders,” Trump announced Monday. “Today I’m also directing the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty and that this capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively, and without years of needless delay. These are just a few of the areas of cooperation that we can pursue.”

“I am open and ready to listen and discuss all ideas that will actually work and make a very big difference. Republicans and Democrats have proven that we can join together in a bipartisan fashion to address this plague.

Despite talking about implementing red-flag laws, media outlets such as the New York Times and ABC News ran with headlines about Trump not mentioning any gun control measures.

“Trump Condemns White Supremacy but Doesn’t Propose Gun Laws After Shootings,” the NYT headline read. The article continued with this theme, suggesting that Trump “stopped well short of endorsing” broad gun control, and writing one paragraph about the red-flag laws.

“In his somber remarks, Mr. Trump repeated his past endorsement of so-called ‘red flag’ laws that would allow for the confiscation of firearms from people found to be mentally ill and said mental health laws should be changed to allow for the involuntary confinement of people at risk of committing violence,” the NYT article read.

Similarly, NBC News used a headline that talked about Trump condemning white supremacy, and wrote in the sub-headline that he didn’t call for gun control measures.

“The president did not call for additional gun control measures on Monday, instead blaming violent video games and mental illness, among other factors, for the scourge of mass shootings,” the NBC News sub-headline read. The headline is “Trump condemns ‘racism, bigotry and white supremacy’ after weekend of mass shootings.’”

NBC News dedicated a few sentences to Trump’s red-flag law comments.

“Trump also gave his support in his remarks to so-called red flag laws, which would allow family members to obtain a court order to take away a relative’s firearm if they believe he or she posed a risk. The measure has been backed by Republicans while Democrats have focused on improving background checks,” the paragraph read.

The Wall Street Journal also alleged Trump didn’t offer gun-control proposals. The headline Monday read “Trump Condemns Racism, Bigotry and White Supremacy After Weekend Shootings.”

“President makes strongest comments about white supremacy to date; offers no major gun-control proposals,” the sub-headline read.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham announced Monday that had made a deal with Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal in creating a federal grant program designed to help establish red-flag laws. Graham said that Trump has shown support for the proposal.

Trump also tweeted about another possible measure to curb gun violence. He called for more background checks Monday morning on Twitter before the press conference. He did not mention the background checks during the press conference.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Shelby Talcott

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Jack Thomas

My second post on this topic but it needs to be said. The shameless, despicable Dems couldn’t resist the opportunity to score cheap political points by trying to blame the death and carnage of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings on President Trump. The bodies of the dead were not even cold, yet here’s Senator Corey Booker (NJ) and Beto O’Rourke (TX) pandering to far-left fringe voters on national TV, suggesting that President Trump’s often abrasive, bombastic style is what triggered these mass killings. Absolutely unconscionable!! The Dems clearly have no sense of decency, no concept of fairness, no respect for the grieving families of the victims, and no memory of one of the most important of the Ten Commandments: “THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS.” Let’s be clear — No one is responsible for the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton EXCEPT the crazed gunmen who pulled… Read more »


Nothing new here to warrant an article. The media will continue to mis-report virtually everything related to President Trump, as they try to steer the 2020 election towards ANY of the Democrat vying for the Presidential nod. The media doesn’t really care which Democrat actually wins, as ANY of them would enact the same hard left socialist agenda and undo virtually everything President Trump has accomplished in the last two and half years. So yet another article stating how the media is mis-representing President Trump is hardly news. As for the red flag law that was drafted by the Democrats, be very careful of anything being put forth by the Democrats. Don’t just think about how the law would function if everyone involved acted properly. think about how the system could be misused by various Progressive Judges or Lawyers to declare anyone a potential threat and thus need to confiscate… Read more »

Jack Thomas

There is little that President Trump could say or do that will please either the mainstream media or the Democrats. That’s a safe assumption right out of the gate. I watched the president’s announcements in the wake of the tragic shootings in Dayton and El Paso. He never mentioned a ban on assault weapons in his remarks, but this isn’t surprising since the NRA has a vested interest in preserving the status quo with GOP supporters. In 2016, the NRA contributed a reported $11,438,118 to the Trump Campaign and nearly $20 million to groups opposing Hillary Clinton. The NRA also spent a reported $70 million on combined activities including lobbying, NOT the $55 million it reported to the F.E.C. I mention the above facts not because I oppose the NRA or gun ownership. To the contrary, I support the 2nd Amendment and want it protected from meddling Democrats who would… Read more »


The dems had a bad day as Trump announced the killing of Bagdaddi. Many dems committed suicide today. But tomorrow, we will be back to
normal with impeachment as the #1 story. What happened to collusion ? After two years and three months and making an absolute
fool of Meuller, you would think they might have something. I’m starting to think that Trump is a saint. Guilty of nothing. I’ve never
seen anyone so investigated but so innocent. Has anyone else noticed this ? How can a 72 year old be guilty of nothing ? Amazing.
Has this guy even had a speeding ticket ?