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Media Gaslights Conservatives | EP 152

Is the media gaslighting conservatives? We have seen it before, and we are watching the desperate, unethical attempts again! Mike Gallagher, one of America’s most loved radio personalities joins the Better for America Podcast to teach AMAC Members about the term ‘Gaslighting.’ Whether it’s about how the FBI coerced Mark Zuckerburg into hiding information on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, or about Senator Elizabeth Warren trying to persuade banks to relinquish all records of firearm-related transactions to the government, these are the problems that should be headlining our news, not Donald Trump. Our pockets are empty, our heads are on a swivel, and the disturbing things being taught to our children have been deliberately hidden. We feel the effects of poor leadership every day, so join Mike and Rebecca as they exploit the truth about what the left’s misleading media has done for the growth of families and our nation!

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8 months ago

Thanks so much for having Mike Gallagher on your Podcast Rebecca – enjoyed hearing his thoughts, beliefs & most of all believing in prayer; very enlightening podcast tysvm

Dave Puckett
8 months ago

Not only did Pelosi disrespect President Trump, but ALL mainstream media also shunned him for four years of his presidency. He was made a fool by all these media. I think it’s an urgent situation that we fire all these Marxist media people and get some conservative media reporting on honest news. This is such an important issue because many, many people BELIEVE the evil that comes out of these Marxist Democrat talking heads. What do you think?

8 months ago
Reply to  Dave Puckett

I think we need more people like Mike Gallagher keeping us informed on TRUTH!

8 months ago
Reply to  Dave Puckett

None of these people made a fool out of President Trump. They made and continue to make fools out of themselves and the entire democratic party. Joe Biden and his cabinet and department heads are all guilty of treason for not following the constitution that they all took an oath to defend and follow. This is a small like minded group of people that have convinced themselves that they no more about how this country should be run than our founding fathers. They aren’t the first, and they won’t be the last to try to take this country into socialism, just the first step to communism. We will prevail. People need to understand that if the U.S. fails, there is nothing standing between the world and complete communism. God has no intention of the world being under communist rule. He himself will deal with it if we don’t. God Bless America.

A Voter
8 months ago

The republicans are missing the opportunity. Instead of telling us what the democrats are doing, we already know what they are doing, tell us what republicans plan to do and be harsh as hell when stating it. Then stand behind what you say and follow through. We have too many who will run on something then abandon it once elected. A politician tells you what he thinks you want to hear when running for office and then does nothing. A leader tells you what you need to hear and then follows through. We have way too many republican politicians and too few leaders.

James Wright
8 months ago

How is it that republicans are missing this important opportunity to inform the public that this November vote is our opportunity to drain the swamp. And if we don’t do it when in 2024 America votes Donald Trump back into the White house. It will likely just be a repeat of all the nonsense we put up with last time. Four more years of a do nothing congress. Wake up America…

8 months ago
Reply to  James Wright

If we don’t make significant inroads in the congress this November, you can forget about 2024 because there won’t be much of anything left to save.

8 months ago

The media puts out “reading material.” And the media profits when it makes money with the readership of that material in two ways: reader subscriptions and advertising income. So, there is a large taint of “what can attract readers” in order to help income for the news producer. So, what you read/hear from the news media is what the editors and owners will stimulate reading what they put out as “news.” And the people that run the news media are no different than any other business in terms of “integrity” (whatever that means). In summary the “news” is what the news owners believe makes them money… and that is what they print/air. The media thrives on controversy … not so much on harmony.

Tim Toroian
8 months ago

Do these stupid frigging people understand that if banks start following transactions that in the future it could them for something they believe innocuous? People in despotic power don’t stop.

8 months ago


Sandy Ciarmella
8 months ago

United States should be focusing on the CITIZENS! Their needs should be First! Housing, way too much cost for meds, Veterans need help, etc. Forget electric vehicles. Why should the Gestapo gov. force electric vehicles on people! What about the cost, most cannot afford them. The government is 100% more concerned about giving money to other countries! Let other countries survive on their own! Why should illegals get Free, Free, Free! They should go home and make their country great

8 months ago

All these liars must be held accountable for their gross misinformation (LIES).

8 months ago
Reply to  Jim

As long as we continue to have “rigged” elecions, it will never happen!

8 months ago
Reply to  Hal

need to see everyone of these scum bags hanging from a tree. Zuckerman along with them.

Michael Lewis
8 months ago

Corporate media were exempted from campaign laws because government could not infringe on their 1st Amendment rights. But if the 1st Amendment defined the institutional press as the definition of press, there would be no need to exempt them from campaign law:
52 U.S. Code § 30101 – Definitions (9)(B) The term “expenditure” does not include— (i) any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate; –

if candidates and political parties have to pay for time/space in the media, then editorials have potlical value when they are published by corporate media. The “Press Exemption” created a “Royal”, “State Approved” press and insured the corporate voice retains more influence than the voice of the electorate.
Campaign laws are responsible for the corporate voice having more influence in our elections than the voice of natural persons!
To restore equal rights to citizens, federal candidates, political parties and PACs “We the People” should ask our representatives in the Senate and House to revisit the “Free All Speech Act of 2014.”
2d Session
S. 2416
June 3, 2014
Mr. Cruz introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
To apply laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations.
1. Short title
This Act may be cited as the Free All Speech Act of 2014 .
2. Application of laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations
(a) In general
Any law that restricts the political speech of American citizens shall apply with equal force to media corporations, such as the New York Times, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), and the CBS Television Network.
(b) No application to American citizens if application to media corporations found unconstitutional
To the extent that the application of a law to a media corporation under subsection (a) is found unconstitutional, such law shall have no force or effect with respect to American citizens.

8 months ago

The media is also as usual the arm of the left candidates for office this November.
An example is CNN’s taking a sentence or two of Mastriano out of context and then adding words and ideas to it as if the candidate for Pa. governor is a bigot and a disgrace for Pa.
I don’t watch CNN anymore because they lie every minute, every word.
Pa. voters vote Oz and Mastriano in Novvember.

Philip Hammersley
8 months ago
Reply to  Honey

And some idiots believe the nonsense! He is a Civil-War reenactor and wore a Confederate uniform and that’s supposed to man he is pro-slavery. It was (and is) the DIMMs who care ZERO about blacks!

8 months ago

The media is using President Trump to keep people from really looking at the truth. Our country is in bad shape and if the marxist democrats continue spending we will be bankrupt. biden promises after promise and shells out money that does not belong to him but belongs to the tax payor. I ask can we survive another 2 years if both houses are controlled by democrats?

8 months ago
Reply to  Kay

their intent is to bankrupt “the system”, ask clower and piven, two useless pieces of s–t if there ever were!

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