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McConnell, Threatened by America First Candidates, Puts His feelings Ahead of Party During Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections

After such a difficult several years it’s thrilling to be receiving such great news for conservatives and, ergo, the country about the prospects for the midterm elections. All polls indicate a red wave is coming, and it proves that Americans have rejected the malign efforts by the left to convince us that living in a crime and economic hellscape is perfectly normal and acceptable. It is not.

Just a few weeks ago it became quite clear that voters did not like the direction of the country as poll after poll indicated the economy and crime are the deciding factors for whom Americans would vote. We can be confident this election will send a clear statement to the malevolent bullies running this country that we reject their policies and have the backbone to reject them as well.

Americans continue to get punched in the face by an establishment that eerily seems to manage to gut our financial future every generation, so it makes sense that we would like to give some fresh faces with new ideas a try. Instead, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s machine has transformed into the political version of Tonya Harding—being involved in attempts to kneecap up-and-coming stars who are on the verge of winning their races.

It is Donald Trump’s doing, in part, that we have candidates running who actually want to help the American people as opposed to using them as an ATM machine for the federal bureaucracy and its managers. So it’s very possible that Kentucky Republican McConnell may be the hardest hit by the indications that the America First candidates—those who support the Ultra Maga Supercalifragilistic Trump policies that made us energy independent and created the best economy the world had ever known (literally)– are doing especially well. 

In August, McConnell took a swipe at GOP candidates whom he sneered lacked “quality,” a petty insult understood to be aimed at America First candidates. “I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate. Senate races are just different — they’re statewide, candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome,” McConnell said. So Trump-supported GOPers who take over the House are rubes, he implied, but the Senate—those untouchables can’t get in here!

That kind of a statement not only is meant to cast doubt on the candidates themselves, but to diminish overall enthusiasm for a GOP senate takeover. Why would he do that? Because it’s all a game for people like him, and our lives are like a shadow on the wall. He hates Trump, and a good midterm election for America First candidates adds to the likelihood that Trump runs again for president. These are also candidates who would vote against him being Senate Leader. McConnell, like the rest of the establishment, seems perfectly fine to have the country in this miserable position, the economy a mess, war unfolding and teetering toward new ones, as crime obliterates the quality of life for Americans across this country. We pay the price with our peace of mind and futures so these envious swamp inhabitants can stick it to Trump, enjoy their cocktail parties, special protections, power, and of course, our money.

Case in point: Dan Bolduc, the Trump-supported Republican candidate in New Hampshire is running against incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan. A McConnell-backed super PAC called the Senate Leadership Fund has pulled millions of advertising dollars from the state for Bolduc despite the fact that he is on the verge of flipping that seat. McConnell did the same to GOP senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona.

Weird. It’s almost as though he’d prefer to keep the senate in Democrat hands than to allow Trump and the American people a victory which would save our future and the fate of this country.

And then there’s Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. She voted to impeach Trump, voted against the Kavanaugh nomination, and she voted against the repeal of ObamaCare, so McConnell, of course, has her back. After abandoning Masters and Bolduc, he poured $9 million into Alaska to support Murkowski by funding negative ads targeting Trump-endorsed Republican Kelly Tshibaka. The Alaska GOP, which has also endorsed Tshibaka, condemned McConnell for his meddling in the race.

Donald Trump’s success has exposed the depth of the malignant narcissism amongst GOP officials. We have what appears to be McConnell attempting to mitigate Republican victories. We have Liz Cheney endorsing a Michigan Democrat. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat, endorsed Murkowski in February, and is now financially supporting her campaign. She in turn has endorsed Sarah Palin’s Democrat opponent for Alaska’s at-large House seat.

Every day it we see indications the Republican/Democrat divide in Washington is a charade. The charade covers for a Federal Uniparty focusing on maintaining the status quo in Washington, DC where they help and support each other after dumping average Americans at the side of the road, leaving us to waste away.

It’s never been more obvious that we can only take this country back by voting for candidates who support the country by lifting up the forgotten man and woman. And the only way we are able to do that is because Trump encouraged people to run who love this country first and understand the reformation that must take place.

Every time we see a Republican attempt to thwart the red wave, just remember, it’s their confession that they haven’t worked for us for a long time and now realize they are about to be shown the door. We all deserve better and we are voting accordingly on November 8.

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2 months ago

I live in Arizona and it was disgraceful that Rhino Mitch pulled all funds from the RNC to support republican candidates, he has no excuse for betraying the people of Arizona ! I did not like what he did when Trump was President, he never fought for putting America first, and secondly he moderately passed the tax cuts, but not much more. He also allowed the bloated budget with so much wasteful spending and pretty much forced Trump to cave into increasing our national debt. After 2022 midterms, he has embarrassed the nation and his stance against some outstanding candidates because he hates Trump. Trump is facing a real tough uphill race for 2024 with the elite billionaires club against him, along with every major news outlets, including Fox and the news outlets. JUST TOO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND JUST HOW MUCH HIS POLICIES MEANT TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN. As Reagan said: are you better off today then you were 2 year ago, then the picture becomes pretty clear !

robb g
2 months ago

Ditch Mitch no more money to the RNC. Thats how we get the RINO’s attention. If we all team up and start withholding our dimes and nickels from the RNC maybe someone will get Mitch McConnell’s number and he won’t be elected minority leader of senate. Regardless I will no longer send a single penny to the RNC until I see support to conservative candidates……that’s my stand. DITCH MITCH!!!

3 months ago

those rinos make me sick. McConnel needs to go now.

Filthy Liverals
3 months ago

McConnell, ultimate D.C. swamp sline. When we gain back Senate, replace w/ Rand Paul, John Kennedy, Ted Cruz or Tom Cotton .

Filthy Liverals
3 months ago

Or Tim Scott ..

3 months ago

All these longtime incumbents of both parties have to go. They put party over country, and enriching their portfolios over serving the national wellbeing. This election must be step one on the road to recovery of our constitutional republican governance.

3 months ago

Mitch is a self-serving narcissistic Benedict Arnold who is in bed with China. Read “Red Handed”. Kentucky should recall Mitch!

3 months ago

Isn’t McConnell running for his position renewal??

Jami Brizendi
3 months ago

McConnell cares nothing about the American People
Mitch only cares about power and his pocketbook….
He has betrayed us for far too long.
Bye bye Mitch

3 months ago
Reply to  Jami Brizendi

Tried to up vote you, but received message saying I was not allowed to vote on your comment. I was able to vote on the one just below yours, however.

3 months ago

Mitch McConnell is the very definition of a RINO. If he looses his position as Senate Minority Leader, I will personally hold he door (LOL).

3 months ago
Reply to  Laura

I agree

3 months ago

McConnell is now just another politician with his own agenda and self seeking will. His time to go has come. When a “conservative” is siding more and more with the left wing party, voters of conservatives must realize this and take appropriate action at the voting booth. He is just one more reason to limit a politicians time in office.

3 months ago

This is the reason that the Republican party is famous for its ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

3 months ago

Beyond me why McConnell would not support these Republican candidates. Well I do know why. I am particularly exasperated that he withdrew support from Blake Masters in Arizona.

3 months ago

Someone once said, Democrats are unscrupulous, and Republicans are stupid.
The above article, case in point.
A shame.

Edward C
3 months ago

I am already member of AMAC. McConnell , Chinese wife and more than a few Republicans have been working against Americans a long time

Pat Postman
3 months ago

This story is full of the usual Republican BS, so how is one supposed to “enjoy and subscribe” to articles like this. This author states all sorts of untrue facts pulled right out of the MAGA propaganda book. The entire party MAGA’s and do nothing Rhinos should be put out to pasture and Dems are gathering in huge numbers to try and make that a reality.

3 months ago
Reply to  Pat Postman

Please share what ‘facts’ are ‘untrue.’

3 months ago
Reply to  Marty

Have you wandered too far from AARP?

Carolyn Morgan
3 months ago

Why is it weird? “Weird. It’s almost as though he’d prefer to keep the senate in Democrat hands than to allow Trump and the American people a victory which would save our future and the fate of this country.” Was he not found to be compromised by China, as his wife has ties to China? She was under federal investigation not too long ago and I believe Mitch put a stop to that.

3 months ago
Reply to  Carolyn Morgan

The question is a technique for communicating. The writer does not actually find it weird.

3 months ago

In my opinion, the anti-America First faction of the GOP (I won’t say anti-Trumpers, as I feel at this point it goes beyond Trump or any one personality, it’s about a political viewpoint) are traditional politicians, concerned only about their agenda. The pro America First faction is more concerned about the welfare of the people of United States, no matter their party affiliation.

Pat Postman
3 months ago
Reply to  Kathy

Yes, that’s the hype but it’s a lie.

Wylie Smith
3 months ago

Hey, Kentuckians…You have a great history of people fought for America, but Bi*ch, er I mean Mitch McConnell is NOT one of them. Please, at your earliest opportunity “cancel” Mitch McConnell and vote the nation in another GREAT Senator from the great state of Kentucky…like Rand Paul!!!

Richard Mapes
3 months ago

McConnell needs to get kicked to the curb.

Walt T
3 months ago

Call the Senator and tell him to get on board for all Republicans running for Senate seats. His lack of support in 2020 got Warnock elected.

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