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McConnell Responds to Democrats Blocking Police Reform

policeWASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Senate Democrats’ decision to block Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act:

“The American people have been asked to swallow a number of contradictions over the past few weeks. I’ve already discussed some of them here on the floor.

“Many citizens were told by their mayors that small religious services were just too dangerous — at the same time that massive political protests were not just allowed, but encouraged.

“Americans have been told they should very carefully distinguish good people from bad apples if they are talking about protests and riots — but they must not make the same distinction if they’re talking about the police.

“Recently, the country was informed by hysterical journalists that a rational policy essay from Senator Cotton was too inflammatory to publish. But the Speaker of the House can say Senator Tim Scott and his 48 co-sponsors are “trying to get away with… the murder of George Floyd” and Democrats just cheer her on.

“Americans have been ordered to rethink and relearn our nation’s history by a movement that is itself so historically illiterate, they mistake George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and a 19th-century abolitionist for the enemies of justice and destroy their monuments.

“One common thread seems to connect all this: The far left wants you to play by one set of rules if you think like they do, and a completely different set of rules if you dare to think anything else.

“Well, yesterday, here in the Senate, the latest absurdity was added to the list. Our Democratic colleagues tried to say with straight faces that they want the Senate to discuss police reform — while they blocked the Senate from discussing police reform.

“They declared that Senator Scott’s bill, which contains many bipartisan components, which literally contains entire bills written by Democrats, was beyond the pale. Senator Scott offered a wide-open bipartisan amendment process, and they walked away.

“But over in the House, when Democrats shoot down every Republican amendment in committee and allow zero amendments on the floor, you can bet it’ll be anointed a big success.

“Now, as an aside — I could not help but notice that in the Democratic Leader’s lengthy remarks yesterday morning, he did not once address or acknowledge the junior Senator for South Carolina as the author of the JUSTICE Act.

“Not one time did the Democratic Leader address Senator Tim Scott as the author of the legislation he was trashing.

“I cannot see why the Democratic Leader talks right past Senator Scott as if he were not leading this discussion, as if he were barely here. All I can say is that it was jarring to witness, especially in a national moment like this.

“Senator Scott led the working group. He wrote the bill. He has been studying, and working on, and living these issues since long before the Democratic Leader came rushing to the microphones on this subject a few weeks ago.

“I can certainly take all the angry comments my colleague from New York wants to throw my way. I don’t mind.

“But if he’d like to learn something about the substance of this issue, he might want to stop acting like Senator Scott hardly exists and learn from the expert who wrote the bill.

“The American people know you do not really want progress on an issue if you block the Senate from taking it up.

“They know that most police officers are brave and honorable and that most protesters are peaceful. And they know our country needs both.

“The American people know they don’t need history lessons from common criminals who are dragging George Washington through the dirt.

“They know prayer is no less ‘essential’ than protest.

“And they know that a politician who compares a policy disagreement to a brutal murder has just permanently forfeited the moral high ground to the grown-ups who want solutions.

“Some forces are desperate to divide our country any way they can. But if people of good will and common sense stick together, the radical nonsense won’t stand a chance.”

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Lee Howell
2 years ago

VOTE these dem/communist out of office and take our country back or become a comrade like mao. I do not capitalize their names because they don’t deserve any recognition at all.

2 years ago

They might not like what they get if the succeed if separating the Country…no one will be safe

2 years ago

We Americans should wake up and realize we are also to blame in this present fiasco. We should have been more aware of who we were voting for. We should have required more transparency from them and more information regarding their personal lives and activities BEFORE we voted them into office. It is an abomination to see how the Democrats are conducting themselves in Congress. They are behaving like two year olds that could not get their way.
The protesters are just as bad. Spoiled rotten, indulged children! Thank you Mr. McConnell fr telling it like it is!!

Richard S Scott
2 years ago

Well said Senator McConnell

bonnie floyd
2 years ago

Good for you Mr. McConnell.!!!

2 years ago

Great speech. If the Democrats are so “militant” about Black Lives Matter and equality for the African American people, why are they suppressing Mr. Scott?

Terri Ellenberg
2 years ago

Each day causes new and profound stresses concerning my country. Feel like the time for the silent majority to say. NO

Art A
2 years ago

Superlative presentation and expression of the situation in Washington. There are politicians/rhetoricians spewing venom every day in every way. Speaker Pelosi, Minority leader Schumer,and their minions are kissing up to the malignant minorites on the street and in congress. They can’t afford POTUS and Tim Scott to have a Win. They fear losing their power and want this to be an election issue.

Bob G
2 years ago

The left is using the death of Floyd as a tool to cause more hate between races and to further a socialist program. Never any mention of Floyd , and fellow thugs, breaking into the apt of a pregnant black woman, holding a gun to her stomach threatening to shoot her then robbing her. Floyd was arrested a short time after the incident driving a car with a gun in his possession was tried and sent to prison. This is a hero? It does not excuse the Officer from doing what he did and he should be punished and sent to prison. Having said that, as a retired Detective I will never make excuses for Police that act like criminals which fortunately does not happen that often. the majority of Police Officers are dedicated and perform in a thankless job, God bless them in these trying times.

2 years ago

Just proves, yet again, you’re safer getting between a mama grisly bear and her cubs than between any Demonrat politician and a TV camera or microphone.
Sadly, I fear we are more divided than at any time in our Republic’s history. I doubt we will ever again be “One Nation Under God”.

2 years ago

Well put mitch. Now put some teeth in it. The opposition plays hardball and weak kneed republicans need to play it as well.

2 years ago

?What has Democrat party become???? They are worse than Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini. While we citizens are coming out of an unprecedented quarantine, Democrats are upholding massive law breaking and refusing to act on legislation, while they practice racial discrimination in Congress. Shame on Democrats. Democrats are destroying one of the few democracies in the world in the name of New World Order. Shame, Shame, Shame.

2 years ago

Well said, Mitch! Keep fighting back!

Angelina Glomb
2 years ago

I was so blessed while listening to Senator Tim Scott yesterday. Even though the Democrats cannot seem to be able to do anything that would be seen as cooperating with the Republicans. God continue to bless this good man Tim Scott.

Dean Brittain
2 years ago

Best thing I ever heard McConnell say.
Good for him.

2 years ago

Old Mitch is full of hyperbole and short on action. Bah, blah, blah. If he’s such an asset to the Republican Party, why can’t he get anything done? He does the bare minimum when support using the President, just enough to keep his position and not an iota more. Fire him!

2 years ago

If we had leaders worth their salt we would have never been in this mess Thank GOD for our President.

Antoinette Tschohl
2 years ago

What a great speech!

Joseph A Novick
2 years ago

Senator McConnell,
You have the support of the Republicans in the Republic of Vermont. Sir, we the people have your back.

2 years ago

Well stated. I don’t know where our country is headed with what is going on at the present time. The Democrats in Congress are completely absurd.

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