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McConnell at S. 1 Markup: “We Aren’t Going to Let One Party Take Over Our Democracy”

McConnellWASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today at the Senate Rules Committee S.1 Markup:

“Madam Chairman, we’ll hear a lot of flowery language today, including my friend and colleague the Majority Leader. But we all learned early in life if you can write the rules, you can win the game.

“For multiple years now, Democrats have called this sweeping bill their top priority. You just heard the Majority Leader make a totally partisan speech about this. There’s nothing bipartisan about this. This was cooked up at the Democratic National Committee and designed to advantage one side to the disadvantage of the other.

“The substance of the legislation has hardly changed. But the supposed rationales for it have changed constantly.

“In 2016, American voters made a presidential decision that Democrats did not like. This legislation was cooked up and presented as a massive overhaul, an emergency repair job for a broken democracy.

“Last autumn, voters made a decision that Democrats liked better. Suddenly their side stopped calling our democracy broken. Now our democracy was beyond reproach. But curiously enough, Democrats still want the exact same sweeping bill, just as desperately.

“The truth is simple:

“Our democracy is not in crisis, and we aren’t going to let one party take over our democracy under the false pretense of saving it.

“Voter turnout last November blew 2016 and 2008 out of the water. The 2020 election saw the highest turnout in decades.

“The hysterical attacks that the political left has thrown at a new election law in Georgia, for example, have been thoroughly debunked by fact-checkers. African-American turnout last fall was twice as high in Mississippi as it was in Massachusetts.

“None of the shifting, made-up rationales for this sweeping set of changes hold any water.

“So why are my friends on the other side so desperate to push it through? Why are Democrats so hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to re-wire our democracy on a partisan basis?

“Well, let’s look at the bill.

“This legislation would let Washington Democrats dictate the terms of their own reelection races by rewriting all 50 states’ election laws.

“Popular safeguards like Voter I.D. would be neutered. Ludicrous practices like ballot harvesting would be made mandatory, coast to coast.

“Democrats have a narrow majority in the House and a 50-50 Senate, but they want to make themselves the Board of Elections for every county and state in America.

“Voting regulations are just the start.

“This legislation would deliberately turn the Federal Elections Commission into a partisan Democrat panel. They want their own side enforcing election law, on their own, unilaterally.

“It would authorize federal bureaucrats to poke around in a much broader slice of private citizens’ free speech.

“It would attack Americans’ privacy rights to such an extreme degree that even the liberal ACLU is sounding alarm bells on this bill.

“It would have the federal government take public money and send it directly to political campaigns — so Americans can subsidize robo-calls, junk mail, and TV ads for candidates they disagree with.

“So, the marketing changes constantly. This has gone from an election security bill to an ethics bill to a racial justice bill.

“Who knows how it’ll be labeled tomorrow?

“But the substance doesn’t change because the intention doesn’t change. The Democratic Party wants to rewrite the ground rules of American politics for partisan benefit.

“It’s hard to imagine anything that would erode public confidence in our democracy more drastically. This bill had purely partisan support in the House. It had bipartisan opposition.

“It’s one thing to make fiscal policy that way; to use reconciliation to tax and spend. It’s very different to try to hot-wire our democracy itself without a single vote from the other side.

“These are issues we’ve tackled together in the past.

“I was first chair and then ranking member with Chris Dodd in 2001 and 2002. We passed the Help America Vote Act with 90 votes. The slogan then was: ‘make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.’

“On a bipartisan basis we resisted the pleas of some to federalize every aspect of how we handled elections. We set up the Federal Election Administration Act. We provided money to help states upgrade their equipment. But we deliberately did not seek to dictate how they handle elections.

“That’s how you pass a bill related to how the two parties compete. Together. Not on a totally partisan basis.

“That’s how you strengthen our democracy. If this bill were to pass nobody would have any confidence in it. None whatsoever.

“Let’s call it what it is. Put aside the flowery language. This is a partisan effort to take over how you conduct elections in our country.”

Reprinted with Permission from - The Newsroom by - Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

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1 year ago

McConnell at S. 1 Markup: “We Aren’t Going to Let One Party Take Over Our Democracy”
Oops! Too late, the Republicans already have!

““Madam Chairman, we’ll hear a lot of flowery language today, including my friend and colleague the Majority Leader. But we all learned early in life if you can write the rules, you can win the game.”

Oops! Too late, the Republicans already have!

Lee Rankin
1 year ago

Stop the Evil Democrats and Save the World.

1 year ago

Absolutely correct. The answers to said questions are in the Constitution. Well said.

1 year ago

With all due respect, Mr McConnell, that decision rests with the voters of this country, not you.

Linda M
1 year ago

This is all true, but I WISH he had said that it’s Unconstitutional, because that’s the root of it and supposedly they’ve all pledged to “protect and defend” same.

John fallon
1 year ago


1 year ago

We have an illegitimate, FRAUDULENTLY “elected” chinese communist bought and owned pair of “deep state” controlled “PUPPETS” that are infesting our White House and Oval office that should be removed, arrested, and charged with treason. (along with the “deep state” communists that RIGGED said election and are the “piuppetmasters”). There WAS mountains of PROOF of rampant voter fraud including numerous VIDEOS that PROVED what happened, that even the SCOTUS REFUSED to look at. In my opinion there were either large BRIBES paid , or in true communist fashion..”death threats” were issued to “judges” and their families, if they did not “comply” witht hte ORDERS from the “deep state” communists to allow their CHOSEN PUPPETS to “win” or there would be “consequences”.

1 year ago

I’m not too sure about McConnell either. Trump endorsed him for election but McConnell turned his back on president Trump like so many others of the republicans party.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn

I believe McConnell just won his latest 6 year term in 2020 and I don’t think he’s running again for another term in 2026. He doesn’t appear to really be opposing anything the Dems are trying to do because it won’t affect him and he doesn’t really care about the citizens or the Republican Party, especially if it stays the Trump Republican Party. He’s got his so to H3ll with the unwashed deplorables who supported Trump or voted for Biden.

1 year ago

What the dems want to do is nothing short of what I’d expect of a one-party authoritarian government. Wake up and smell the communism!

1 year ago

The democrats are going to start a wore in this country. Democrats in Washington don’t care about this country all they care ab CB out is power and money.The money they get are from the people of America . We the people are not going to stand by and let them do us like Hitler did his people.

1 year ago

Mitch, it may be too little too late!
I hope and pray that the Washington swamp has enough common sense, and support for Our Constitution to reject this ridiculous and socialist power grab!
When the opportunity was available to support a Great America first President Trump, his own party deserted him and the American Citizens who believed in Our Country.
What resulted was fraud,corruption and allowing inept,socialist, Anti- American ,partisan democrats to cheat their way into destroying America.
If you look at their self serving , power grab,and their total disregard for Conseratives,The Constitution, and Citizens, what makes you believe they really care about anything but greed and transforming this Country???
These communist democrats and their party agenda must be stopped. If any democrat has enough moral standing, or supports America, let them stand up now and prove it!

1 year ago

Mr. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, (at least that is what we were) please read article 4, section 4 of the constitution, secondly, you are not needed, because you serve no purpose, I certainly cannot find any. Just go away and take the rest of the clowns of the Senate with you.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr.C

While I agree with you, Dr.C, that many Republican senators and representatives aren’t helping the cause of Liberty, once in a while McConnell and some others stand fast to the party platform. Plus, it’s more likely that the Senate will stop some of the ridiculous bills the progressives are trying to push through.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr.C

Although we are a “Republic” which simply means we are ruled by laws, we conduct ourselves as a democracy in that “We the People” get to have a say in everything one way or the other. We are a democracy and thank God for that. I also say thank God for Mitch McConnell as he is one of the most powerful Senators I have ever had the pleasure of watching and I’ve been watching since the first half of the last century. He sits back quietly and doesn’t run his mouth where he knows his wishes will not prevail as he is not a blowhard. Yes, the Ted Cruz’s are necessary but not the leader. Mitch has more power and control than you realize and I can assure you there are Democrats who quietly acquiesce out of respect of him.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr.C

If you want perfection, you will have to look much higher than any governmental official. McConnell is not perfect, but he’s far better than most of the other members of congress who claim to be working for us. He pushed through three vitally important SCOTUS appointments and dozens of lower court appointments which will be critical in coming years. He has fought against dozens of Democrat/socialist legislative initiatives. Donald Trump provided brilliant policy leadership; but he utterly destroyed our hopes for a Senate majority with his heavy handed tactics in Georgia that made even long-time republicans vote Democrat in the runoff. He became a caricature in the last two months of his term. He was great until he let his ego over ride his common sense. The impeachments were a crime against the country, but McConnell dealt with them calmly and carefully and made sure neither went anywhere. McConnell is NOT our enemy. These circular firing squads are far more dangerous to our conservative hopes and dreams.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wygent

I disagree President Trump destroyed our hopes for a Senate majority it was there till 3am when the steal was enacted. I Arizona I don’t believe Kelly was elected except for the fraud.

Sharon Harrigan
1 year ago

The conclusion of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, my prayer for America……”That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

Caroline Woodis
1 year ago

Amen to that! Thank you, President Lincoln!

1 year ago

As Bugs Bunny,disguised as Lincoln, said to Yosemite Sam. “Look me up at my Gettysburg address. “

1 year ago

First off, this is not a democracy it is a republic. Second, those people in our White House better start getting some control over their comrades in the streets of America. These people are able to freely walk around with the guns that these imbiciles are so hell bent on banning the law abiding citizens from owning. These people have criminal records and some even include felonies. They shouldn’t even be able to own a gun according to the laws these hypocrites cook up against the rest of us. Why are these terrorists allowed to run around anywhere they see fit to terrorize and on more than one occasion injure or even kill any law abiding working public citizen that they see fit. Get your heads out of your a$$es and take care of your democrat and msm backed terrorists. We’re about fed up with the bull already

the rebel
1 year ago

AMAC————-Do NOT delete this!!!!! (you are monitoring comments)

Senile Joe’s butt sucks stagnant pond water !!!!!!!!

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  the rebel

A real well thought out comment. I thought this was a site for senior citizens. Your choice of words sounds more like an illiterate teen.

1 year ago

Biden said that at the end of his presidency, there will be only one party. How could he be so sure of himself. The guy has a big problem, for being a old fart.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
1 year ago

not a fan of McConnell, thought he was a Rhino during the Trump administration. Now he is saying they need to unite. What is wrong, didn’t McConnell get what he wanted from the deal with Pelosi and Schumer?

1 year ago

If you believe a word that “granny Clampett” Mitch says, then you’re a BIG part of the problem. He is a RINO POS. If you have a memory of any sort, look at his track record in the past 10 years. He and his wife are TRAITORS. By the way, we live in what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. NOT a democracy!!! “Democracy” is the word that democraps and traitors use. It’s a dead giveaway that they HATE America.
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

McConnell is another major leak in the congressional payroll! He can’t grow a set because he’s not sure what he identifies with, male/female, Republican/RINO/democrat, he’s clueless! Dumb bastard has taken up space in DC since 1985 and doesn’t comprehend the difference between a democracy and a republic. I’m fed up with politicos like him masquerading as statesmen! Shoulda been put out to pasture thirty three years ago! He’s a bigger part of the problem than he is a part of the solution!

1 year ago
Reply to  ‘Nonymous

Maybe so … but Mitch is getting a reading that says Americans are aware of what and incompetent, crooked, overaged Demonrat with memory and related symptoms of Alzheimers disease that plagues Hiden Biden. Someone else who was not on the ballot is making decisions and he is just parroting them publicly. I think the American public is becoming painfully aware of his criminality and age-related incompetence, and vulnerability to suggestion in a dangerous way. And of course, the first step in making sure that this never happens in the future is … FIX THE VOTING SYSTEM Constitutionally so the DemonRats and any other factions, including American and foreign sources, can bungle it again.

1 year ago
Reply to  ‘Nonymous

He’s actually the glue holding the party together. He’s sharper than a tack and keeps his mouth shut until he knows it will have influence. When you now the vote is 51 – 50 you keep your mouth shut publicly and try your best behind closed doors.

1 year ago

Reply to “Aluminum head” – Your nom de plume perfectly describes what is inside your head, no neurons, just aluminum.

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