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Mayors of New York City and Washington, DC Take a ‘Not My Problem’ Stance as Illegals Crowd Their Towns

New York
New York City Mayor Eric Adams (L) and Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (R)

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 10 — It appears that the socialist mayors of New York and Washington, DC aren’t very social after all. The tired, huddled masses and wretched refuse who yearn to breathe free are not very welcomed in their towns, notwithstanding the inspired greeting of the Statue of Liberty.

New York Mayor Eric Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser are quite distressed and not very welcoming to the influx of illegal immigrants and they’re blaming it on the Governors of Texas and Arizona. The federal government is not helping Governors Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey deal with the invasion of illegals in their border states and so they took matters into their own hands and have been sharing the burden by sending the intruders north. Mayor Adams calls it a “real burden on New Yorkers” and Mayor Bowser alleges that the migrants are being sent north against their wishes. It seems to me that Governors Abbott and Ducey also believe it’s a burden that the illegals are being let loose in their states and so President Biden doesn’t give them an option.

Governor Abbott issued a statement, declaring that “Mayor Adams’ problem is not with Texas. It is with President Biden’s refusal to stop this border crisis and secure our southern border. President Biden’s open border policies created this ongoing humanitarian crisis, allowing record-high illegal crossings and deadly drugs like fentanyl to flood into our state. [It’s] a crisis that has overrun and overwhelmed our border towns and communities across our state, whose requests for help have gone ignored and unanswered by the Biden Administration.”

Abbott also pointed out to the Mayor of New York that he has not sent illegals to his town. Rather it is President Biden “who has flown planeloads of migrants to New York City.” But last week he told Fox News that he sent his first busload of illegals to New York City as part of his personal “share the burden” initiative.

Abbott did admit, however, that Texas has bused 5,500 migrants to Washington, DC. And Mayor Bowser, in an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, claimed that “they’re being tricked” into getting on those buses. 

Fox quoted the Texas governor as saying Washington, DC and New York City are “the ideal destination for these migrants, who can receive the abundance of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about within his sanctuary city. I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,” the Texas governor said.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, was quick to reject Bowser’s claim that the migrants were being deceived. He told the Washington Examiner “Mayor Bowser should direct her frustration to her friends in the Biden administration for their complete and utter refusal to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws. The illegal immigrants who are coming to Washington, DC, are doing so voluntarily largely because of Muriel Bowser’s own previous actions affirming Washington, DC, as a ‘sanctuary city.’  As they’ve done with inflation and a whole host of other issues, Democrat-elected officials in Washington refuse to acknowledge the consequences of their radical policies.”

Governor Abbott calls it an “atrocity” that the president has deliberately left the back door of America open allowing intruders, both good and bad, to cross over and wreak havoc in his state. Abbott says he [President Biden] has an obligation to secure the border; he’s turned “a blind eye to security-based issues by allowing people on terrorist watch lists to come into the United States of America.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Lt. Chris Olivarez, the spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, told Cavuto that as a result of the president’s open border policy some 7,000 to 8,000 illegals come across each and every day. It’s “overwhelming [our] limited resources…If those mayors from New York and Washington, D.C. really want to get to the root cause of this whole situation, they need to voice their concerns to the federal government, which has completely neglected to secure the border.”

Fox News reports that more than half a million known “gotaways” have sneaked across the U.S.-Mexico border since fiscal year 2022 began on October 1.

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Henry D
7 months ago

It should be MANDATORY that any bus carrying illegals be directed to travel to Washington DC FIRST and each passenger be given a FREE tour pass to inspect the White House and pay homage to their benefactor. If Biden cannot see this problem because it is FAR away, then every effort should be taken to “bring Mohammed to the mountain”.

James J
7 months ago

elect democrat blacks into office that are hooked on the Greed and the Notoriety of being Historically First.. and Do Not give A rats behind about their own Chicago Death Murder Kill Society. Second are women, be she black or white that are Bought then elected in, courtesy of Commie George Soros. a few of these damn fools are.. Waters, Pelosi the Squat Group of Fools, Abrams, Whitmer, Grandholm, Jackson who doesn`t know what a woman is, Hochul, Clinton, Cackling Headboard Harris.. Don’t ever call me a racist or whatever the Word is for today? We are living this INSANITY right NOW which is proof that this is TRUE.. Then to Top off this Sh- t Pile is a Cognitive Retarded illegally elected Communist TRAITOR FJB !!! The Communist Democrat Party are TRAITORS..

THX 1138
7 months ago

Governors Abbott and Ducey, when you’re receiving this much flak, you know that you’re right over the target!

To coin a line from the first Top Gun flick when Tom Skerritt was talking to Michael Ironsides concerning Maverick:

“Keep sending [them] up!” (Only applying the line towards all of the illegal fence jumpers.)

Keep sending them to all Democrat enclaves!

7 months ago

Watch maxist democrat begin to pour millions of tax payor money to these to mayors and have not helped any of the southern states who have had to put up with millions of illegals since the puppet has been in office. Just why do these mayors think Texas should be responsible to care for these illegals? Send them more and more. If you notice mostly young men just willing to work haha.

7 months ago
Reply to  Kay

Just young men mean there is an agenda!

7 months ago

This is ONLY about trying to turn Arizona and ESPECIALLY Texas Democratic thereby Guaranteeing Democratic Control of National Political Offices ESPECIALLY the Presidentcy thusly Dooming ANY Conservative Political Representation or Power!

anna hubert
7 months ago

So they don’t like the taste of their own medicine I hope they choke on it

7 months ago

Keep sending the illegals to them!! We were in Yuma, Arizona five weeks ago, talked with a man after breakfast at the hotel, said he was waiting to get on the road with his bus. The bus was a full load of illegals coming across the border at Yuma. He was driving the bus to San Antonio to meet up with other buses, but his bus was going to Washington state. Upon returning from the 3 1/2 week road trip we were on, coming from Tyler, Texas using Hwy 79 heading south back to hometown San Antonio, we counted 27 fully loaded buses, one right after the other like a piggyback, on Hwy 79 heading northeast/east. My husband & I laughed about the fact that we (San Antonio & Texas) were sharing the “wealth” with the east coast. Those buses on Hwy 79 were on July 29, 2022. Maybe Ellis Island needs to reopen to document & screen all these people.

Karen Sanderson
7 months ago

Your phrase at the end of the articles always say, “We hope you enjoyed this article.” That is absurd! How can a person “enjoy” reading about things that are so wrong in the United States? I read the articles to keep up with what is going on, but, I will not share anything when you expect us to “enjoy” the bad news! It makes me feel evil to think I would enjoy bad things that are happening.

7 months ago

Someone please explain, they both tout being sanctuary cities. These illegals are looking for sanctuary so what is the problem, OR is proclaiming to be a sanctuary just another “look at us warm and fuzzy”?

7 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

You have to understand that what is said is not what is happening. They “claim” that they are “sanctuary” places because it gets them money which has No monitoring on how it is spent. Have you met any politician who says no to money to spend and we know how well they “budget “. This tactic of sharing the number of illegal immigrants who obviously need to be put on a support system means that these “sanctuary” places have to actually spend the money given them as intended instead of being diverted to other areas. That’s why these mayors are complaining that their ”resources “ are being abused.

7 months ago
Reply to  MariaRose

Appreciate your response, but my comment was pure sarcasm.

Johnny White
7 months ago

Is there a Democrat that is not a hypocrite?
Two Black Mayors refuse to assist another minority? If it was Blacks being sent to town the cry would be very loud.

John Riley
7 months ago

Not much of a trick to get them on the bus. Democrats have used it for years, just offer a FREE ride.

7 months ago

They take no blame…remember they said those cities would be “sanctuary”. So now they claim to be victims??

7 months ago

Socialist democrats: the MASTERS of the blame game. Too bad so many Americans are so blind.

7 months ago
Reply to  Rich

As I’ve been told by Vietnamese in our country that have been fortunate enough to leave their country, socialist is just a pretty word for communist!!!

Michael J
7 months ago

Dems only want position and perks, they will denigrate the responible until cities are turned into the hell holes we’ve come to expect.

David Millikan
7 months ago

Send ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN’S to EVERY liberals (Congress, Senate, Mayor, Governor) home including D.C. and liberal States.
They wanted them so they can have them ALL since they wanted Open Borders and VIOLATED their Oath of Office , U.S. CONSTITUTION, and NATIONAL SECURITY.
This will help their RECESSION they put us in with MORE AMERICANS out of work and INCREASE CRIME from ILLEGAL ALIENS.

7 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Don’t forget that illegal aliens should also be send to Biden’s home in Delaware, too. He also wanted Open Borders, too. He started all this.

7 months ago
Reply to  Sheila

And send them to Obama’s home too. Let his daughters try some of that fentanyl.

Rene H Roy Jr.
7 months ago

When are they going to send busloads of illegals to the town and estate where Obama lives? Maybe he will sing a different tune when this all happens. Maybe not, he has plenty of money to relocate. Protection is not an expense, it’s all on the taxpayer’s dime. He is a man with a big chip on his shoulder. His real goal is to destroy America and the Constitution using puppets at the Whitehouse? He really did get his third term; the Constitution means nothing to him, it’s only an obstacle to holding power over the people.

7 months ago
Reply to  Rene H Roy Jr.

That’s a good idea! As a resident in a Texas border community, I recall the Obama era illegal immigration disaster. Churches in the area were helping the border control officers prepare food and some other helpful efforts so they could not be tied up away from doing their job of monitoring the border to turn away and/or capture illegals crossing. The DemocRats need people who can pose as voters to continue to rig elections … it’s about as simple as that.

7 months ago
Reply to  Hal

The socially “elite” have so many ways to not be affected by all of this. There is clearly a double standard. If you want a nice position in the new world order you’d better be high in the food chain. Obama clearly is.

Johnny White
7 months ago
Reply to  Rene H Roy Jr.

You are spot on!

Philip Hammersley
7 months ago
Reply to  Rene H Roy Jr.

The DIMM millionaires and billionaires have multiple million-dollar houses. They can’t live in ALL of them at once. I think the “generous and caring” DIMMs should move the illegals and/or the homeless into their unoccupied mansions!

7 months ago

The problem with that idea is the Illegals will not be put in mansions. They will be put into American homes. Example: If you have a 3 bedroom home, you and your entire family will live in 1 bedroom. 2 families in the other 2 bedrooms, 1 family in the livingroom. You MUST share kitchens and bathrooms. You better not resist, OR ELSE.

legally present
7 months ago
Reply to  Rene H Roy Jr.

They get ASKED where they want to go, it’s THEIR CHOICE, which seems ridiculous, we didn’t ASK for them in S. Texas, they just waded the Rio Grande, and viola, they get sent where THEY request with a 400 dollar or more credit card. Personally I would LOVE to see a flotilla all the way down the middle of the Rio Grande, get over that you a-holes!

Robert Zuccaro
7 months ago

So what they’re saying is DC and NYC aren’t quite the “sanctuary cities” they claim to be. There are places posted with warning signs in Arizona national parks off limits to US citizens due to violent drug trafficking so when New York or DC has those I’LL SYMPATHIZE.

7 months ago

This is just showboating by two inept Mayors to deflect attention away from the runaway crime sprees and failed policies that are killing their cities. The numbers of illegals bussed into their respective cities by Texas is neglible compared to the deluge that has poured across the border under Biden’s open border policies. Besides, neither of these Mayors had any problem with the Biden administration doing midnight flights on a regular basis of illegals into their cities over the last 19 months. So again, this is nothing but a transparent attempt at deflecting the public’s attention away from the greater failures of these two Mayors.

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