Marxists Work to Reinforce ‘The Squad’ in 2020

governors politics senate-repeal-obamacare government congress migration visa security progressive squadNot content with Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley—the far-left congresswomen collectively known as “The Squad”—the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and allied Marxist groups are targeting multiple congressional seats with far-left candidates in 2020.

No one is safe. The DSA and its pro-China allies, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Liberation Road (formerly Freedom Road Socialist Organization, or FRSO), are targeting dozens of seats currently held by Republicans, moderate Democrats, and even by insufficiently Marxist members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Most will not make it past the primaries, but some have at least a reasonable chance of being elected.

Here are four serious far-left contenders who could be reinforcing “The Squad” in January 2021.

Cori Bush

Cori Bush is targeting Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, which encompasses St. Louis, Florissant, and Ferguson. Her Democratic primary opponent is William Lacy Clay Jr., a veteran of both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus, who has represented the district since 2001, succeeding his father William Lacy Clay Sr. In 2018, Bush stood against Clay Jr., losing by about 20 percentage points.

A native of St. Louis, Bush is a registered nurse, an ordained pastor, an activist, and a “community organizer.” She first came to prominence during the Ferguson anti-police protests of 2014, where she played a significant, if largely covert, role.

During a BlogTalkRadio show broadcast in August 2015, Bush was reporting “on the ground” as she described the scene days after “shots rang out” in Ferguson: “I’m right on the ground. I’m right here in the middle of it, so there’s chanting behind me. As a matter of fact, I was riding in a car … circling the neighborhood with flags and with our masks on.”

Prominent in the activist community, Bush was a recipient of the 2015 “Woman of Courage” Award from the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation and the 2016 Delux Magazine “Power 100” Award, according to her website. She was named one of the ‘Top 50 Women of St. Louis” by Gazelle Magazine, and an “Unsung Human Rights Hero” by the St. Louis Coalition for Human Rights in 2017. She also received the 2018 “Community Activist” award from the Missouri Association of Black Ministers. In 2017, she was elected the first vice-chairperson of the Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.

District 1 is heavily Democratic, so if Bush can manage to beat Clay Jr., she will almost certainly win the seat.

Working in her favor is her close connection to two of Missouri’s most influential Marxist groups: St. Louis DSA and the local CPUSA. These groups can muster nearly 1,000 activists and have already elected many local officials, including several state representatives. Early this year, St. Louis Communist Party leader Tony Pecinovsky (supported by Bush and running as a Democrat) lost a race for St. Louis Board of Aldermen Ward 14 with a respectable 48 percent of the vote.

Bush is a regular at the local Communist Party HQ—the St. Louis Workers Educational Society. During her 2018 campaign, Bush celebrated her birthday at an event in St Louis. Guest speakers included DSA member Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In July 2017, Bush joined a Sit-In to Save Health Care at Republican Sen. Roy Blunt’s office in Clayton, Missouri. Bush was joined by members of the St. Louis DSA, Socialist Alternative, and the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society.

Bush already has the endorsement of Justice Democrats—famous for selecting and electing Ocasio-Cortez in 2016.

Albert Lee

Albert Lee is targeting Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses all of deep blue Portland. The very safe Democrat district has been held since 1996 by Earl Blumenauer, a long-time member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Blumenauer beat his last Republican opponent 73 percent to 20 percent, so if Lee can win the primary, he’s almost guaranteed a seat in Congress.

Lee is currently the Dean for Business and Computing at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College.

He is active in TriMet’s Transit Equity Advisory Committee, the City of Portland’s Citizen Review Committee, the executive board of the Giving Tree NW, Health Care for All Oregon, the NAACP, Korean American Coalition of Oregon, and the Democratic Party of Oregon. He is a member of Portland DSA and the DSA front BerniePDX/Our Revolution, and on the board of directors of the far-left Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon—all groups with considerable electoral experience.

Currently, Lee is seeking Portland DSA’s endorsement. If he gets both local and national DSA endorsement, Lee will have an army of small donors and several hundred free doorknockers and phone-bankers on his team.

While the incumbent Blumenauer has ties to some DSA veterans, that may not do him much good. The DSA is likely to throw the old Jewish white “progressive” under the bus in favor of the young Korean/black socialist.

Lee is supporting Paige Kreisman in her run for Oregon Assembly District 42. Kreisman is a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist and member of both the DSA and CPUSA.

Lee is also supporting Doyle Canning, who is running for Congress in Oregon’s 4th District against Congressional Progressive Caucus co-founder Peter DeFazio. Canning has long been associated with FRSO/Liberation Road activists.

Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel is contesting Texas’s 10th Congressional District, which stretches from just north of Austin almost to Houston, against incumbent Republican Michael McCaul. In 2018, Siegel lost to McCaul by only four points in what is normally a safe Republican district, so the second time around, he may be even more of a threat.

Siegel is an assistant city attorney in Austin. He has worked as a public school teacher with Teach for America and co-founded two nonprofit education organizations.

Siegel’s far-left credentials are impeccable. He’s the son of Oakland, California-based activist/attorney Dan Siegel, once the West Coast leader of the Communist Workers Party, a group known for its blind loyalty to China and North Korea.

At Cornell University, Mike Siegel was president of the far-left National Lawyers Guild student chapter. He also served as an intern at the equally radical Center for Constitutional Rights, researching issues such as civil liability for military contractors. He also worked as legal coordinator for the “Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan” conference presented by the FRSO front group Iraq Veterans Against the War.

In 2018, Mike Siegel was heavily supported by several DSA-controlled groups including Our Revolution–Central Texas, Left Up to US, and Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. Austin DSA membership coordinator Jacob Aronowitz also served on Mike Siegel’s 2018 staff.

By July 2019, the Siegel campaign had garnered a number of key national and local endorsements, such as: far-left California congressman Ted Lieu; DSA front organization Progressive Democrats of America; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; National Union of Healthcare Workers; and leftist Mike Floyd of the Pearland ISD school board.

Austin DSA and neighboring Williamson County DSA can muster over 1,000 members between them. Austin DSA is currently supporting one of its own comrades, Heidi Sloan, against Republican Roger Williams in District 25. However, they will almost certainly support Siegel as well if they think he has any chance of defeating McCaul.

Eva Putzova

Eva Putzova is contesting the Democratic primary in Arizona’s District 1, which encompasses all of the northern and eastern part of the state. Her opponent is incumbent “moderate” Democrat Tom O’Halleran, who in 2018 defeated his Republican opponent by about 8 points.

Putzova, a Slovakian immigrant, has been very active in public life in Flagstaff. She was elected to the Flagstaff City Council in November 2014 to a four-year term. She also served on the Board of Directors of Flagstaff Arts Council, the Audit Committee, the Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona, and the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority.

In 2016, she led a successful local citizen initiative, “raising Flagstaff’s minimum wage to $15 by 2021, implementing one fair wage by 2026, and establishing local labor standards enforcement,” according to her former councilmember bio.

Putzova was also a “board member of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future—a multi-issue organization that advocates for a socially and environmentally just Flagstaff.” She has also “contributed to the goals of local commissions and committees, including the Regional Plan Citizen Advisory Committee, Coconino Community College Citizen Review Panel, Citizen Review Commission for Flagstaff Regional Five-Year and Long-Range Transit Plan, and the Greater Flagstaff Economic Council.”

Currently, Putzova works as the director of communications for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a far-left labor organization with ties to FRSO/Liberation Road.

For several years, Putzova has been active in the Flagstaff branch of Progressive Democrats of America, a national organization closely affiliated with the DSA. The national organization is supporting Putzova, one of their earliest endorsements of the 2020 election cycle. She is also close to Our Revolution—Flagstaff Progressives, which on a national scale is also heavily dominated by DSA members.

Putzova is also very close to Flagstaff DSA, which will likely support her in her upcoming battles with O’Halleran and any Republican challenger.

We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

While many U.S. voters have been shocked by the antics of “The Squad” and the Democrats’ increasingly obvious shift to the hard left—we ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Democrats have been edging left since the 1960s. The socialist shift accelerated dramatically under President Barack Obama and went into overdrive with the Bernie Sanders campaign of 2016.

Currently, the DSA, CPUSA, and FRSO/Liberation Road are contesting for ground in the Democratic Party at every level, from county commissions and education boards to the House of Representatives and even the U.S. Senate. It’s only a matter of time until they completely dominate a once-great political party.

Whether Bush, Lee, Siegel, and Putzova win or not in 2020 is largely immaterial. There are hundreds more like them standing in line, waiting for their shot.

The Trump administration and the Republican Party are right to campaign against socialism and communism in 2020. Only by waking up millions of U.S. voters to the imminent Marxist threat can we have any hope of saving this great republic.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Trevor Loudon

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Rick J.

It’s going to take both money and personal effort, if we are going to stop this remaking of America.
The Republicans must find better candidates than they did in 2018. They also need to replace Kevin
McCarty with a spokesman who can inspire voters to vote for Republicans. The 2020 election will be a do or die for the America most of us love

Bo Dalton

We have tolerated these idiots long enough !! It’s time to impeach them all. They are non-American and are harming our system !. They need to go !! I din’t care care if they go back to where ever thy came from or not, just get them to Hell out of our Senate !!!!!!!


They are called the squad, but I prefer a new name I heard – The Marx sisters, and it doesn’t mean Groucho.


A resounding defeat at the polls is the only way to convince these idiots that the United States will not accept socialism in any form. 2020 is SO important. Get out and VOTE!

Jack Thomas

Trevor Loudon states: “Whether Bush, Lee, Siegel, and Putzova win or not in 2020 is largely immaterial.” I don’t agree. Losing more Congressional seats to any of these Marxist-leaning Democrats is too many. Republicans cannot afford to lose more seats in 2020. Period. It’s critical to keep and extend a GOP majority in the Senate, and re-capture control of the House. A tall order for sure, but it’s up to the GOP to get serious about nailing down control of Congress. Start by not giving the RINOS campaign support — go find stronger Republican candidates and back them. To do the opposite is foolish; the RINOS are more of a liability than an asset who never fully supported President Trump since day one of his administration. Their very presence in Congress is as detrimental as that of the leftist Democrats. If the GOP doesn’t fill up its ranks in 2020… Read more »

Stephen Russell

Dump RINOs in GOP Unify party, reach out to Inner cities, Seek minorities, & win 2020.
Or lose 2020 OK GOP UP 2 U


Un-american, unpatriotic and those against our country need to go seek their tribunal elsewhere. The “SQUAD” is a cause of great unrest in comments meant to incite the unaware populace by the use of very subversive techniques to fool many into . It won’t fly in the USA, black, asians, whites and other ethnicity do not want a part in this. Only the media plays this unter the terms of “if it bleeds it leads”, majority of citizens don’t want any part of this retoic

Doug P.

Whether or not you believe in or follow Jesus Christ, our country was founded on Him and His moral laws by our courageous founding fathers.
The hearts of Americans need to be turned toward the Lord. We need His forgiveness, mercy and grace to defeat this enemy.
If we love God and America, then pray, think, act, and do by voting Republican in 2020!

Wayne D Peterkin

The left embraces socialist policy. That socialism requires a huge and growing federal government, and that takes away the individual liberty that is at the heart of our nation for what they falsely claim is the greater good. Dominant government is the direct enemy of liberty. They cannot coexist. Socialism is based on forcibly confiscating the earnings and assets of those who have generally earned them and redistributing those assets to those who have earned none of them. That’s how socialists gain public support, by promising people something that others have to pay for. Since 47% of the American people pay no federal income taxes today, it’s easy to get their vote by offering “free” stuff. The massive government expenditures or giveaways cost those non-taxpayers nothing. The problem is that not only do we lose our freedoms in the process, we also see a limited pool of money that once… Read more »

Josephine pooley

Conservative voters need to be aware and need to get out the vote of fellow conservatives!


if you didn’t think it meant Communism before there is no doubt now. we do need some really good candidates in both parties.
a intense background check on each one would be good. a course on the Constitution for each one entering the race.
we need to go back and teach world and US history in every school, history repeats itself. they try to hide it but you can’t; it happened so learn from it.

Patriot Pilot

So why don’t we just close down these organizations because of their communist anti American values….Sounds simple to me…just go to the leaders and arrest them, charge them formally with laws that I am sure exist against America…case closed. RIGHT!!!

Thanks to the spineless idiots in Congress and the Senate (Rinos), that only care about their $$$ and getting their stupid kids into high dollar schools, we will get nothing done. Except of coarse our country going further down the tubes. Maybe its time for the citizens in this country who care and fought against communism, to intervene and help our sick government get back on track….hmmm…?


Unfortunately, these upcoming potential candidates know how to use social media to present themselves and it’s hard to work effectively against their maneuvers tactics. We need new younger candidates to present our arguments in the same manor that seems to appeal to the younger voters. We have to use these radical tactics against them to win.

Todd Taylor

We must do everything in our power to kill this movement or it will kill us.


I call the squad the 4 Harpies of the Apocalypse:

Definition of Harpy: a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.
a grasping, unpleasant woman.

Have you seen those claws (fingernails) on Omar?


Squat sounds more fitting


The squad needs to be impeached and tried as treason, and any one else that associates in this category. We need to take AMARICA BACK, MAKE IT THE GREAT NATION IT ONCE WAS AND KEEP IT STRONG…. VOTE REPUBLICAN KEEP THE DONALD AS PRESIDENT..DRAIN THE POLITICAL SWAMP FOREVER.

Brenda Blunt

It is too bad that those who don’t like the USA as she is, just don’t go to the country that is what they are looking for! Too bad that a candidate can’t do the right thing and do the work of legal American citizens without all of this hoopla! Too bad that the money raised during these campaigns can’t be put to better use!

James Howard

This will be the leftist lies & hate rhetoric as always. The same Stalinist strategy & tactics. The same HOAX & HATE psycho-narcissist SPIN game. Just like the pre-WW2 Antifa, owned & operated by Joseph Stalin, this is a commie-fascist operation set on dominating a city’s streets, inciting riots & causing escalation of violence against passing motorists, independent reporters & cameras and otherwise peaceful marchers-demonstrators & street speakers that are pro-American & are easy targets. They fly commie flags. They are paid-professional terrorists. They are what they look like & sound like – a truly demonic-psychotic mob of fascist bullies. They are there to get their flat-footed targets to fight them so the HOAX “news” can edit reports to show “white supremist” violence. This diverts attention from the real issues of the day & brings false issues into play such as gun grabbing & racist Trump. For real news go… Read more »

Harry Freeman Hagan

We stopped having children 50 + years ago. Now we’re surprised others are taking our place? We banished God and Christianity from any and all public places. Now we’re surprised to find the commies are gunning for us? We allowed ourselves to be entertained to a distracted stupor, and now we’re surprised our children can’t think critically, and are all in favor of Marxists bearing gifts (loaded with time bombs)?