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“March Against 1776” Latest Left-Wing Effort to Rewrite American History

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

As contentious school board meetings continue to make headlines nationwide, left-wing groups rallied last week in Johnston, Iowa, in support of Critical Race Theory in what was billed as a “March Against 1776” – the year in which the Declaration of Independence was signed and most Americans recognize as the founding of the country. The planned protest follows a school board election in Johnston earlier this month where concerned parents voted out three board members, including the board president, amid concerns over Critical Race Theory and other anti-American ideologies being taught in classrooms.

Following campaigns throughout the country this year where education issues took center stage, the Iowa rally is the latest example of the far left of moving toward a more open embrace of Critical Race Theory based on arguments (however dubious) about its merits as an educational tool. That shift has also been characterized by explicit attacks on conventional teaching of American history. In Johnston, for example, protestors chanted “hey hey ho ho 1776 has got to go” and “CRT is here to stay.” Some protestors also sported signs that read “#DownWith1776” and “patriotism in education = erasure and indoctrination.”

This new messaging strategy from the far left on Critical Race Theory marks a drastic about-face from just a few months ago, when many of the same left-wing voices largely sought to downplay the influence of Critical Race Theory in schools by either claiming that the doctrine was “made up” or that it was only taught in high-level graduate courses. Both of those notions have been repeatedly disproven.

Now, instead of saying that CRT isn’t taught in schools, left-wing protestors in Johnston – normally a quiet midwestern community – are not only admitting that CRT is taught in schools, but are also claiming that it should be taught in schools. Moreover, they are explicitly calling for erasing the legacy of 1776 – in other words, rewriting American history to advance their socialist-Marxist political agenda.

The Community of Racial Equity, March for our Lives, and Johnston Parents for Equity and Antiracism all took credit for leading the protest, which was staged as a reaction to the election of three candidates to the school board, Derek Tidball, Clint Evans, and Deb Davis.

Specifically, the protestors took issue with Tidball, Evans, and Davis signing ‘The 1776 Pledge’ during their campaigns, in which candidates say that they believe, among other things, that the United States is an “exceptional nation,” the Founding Fathers “were among the greatest Americans to ever live,” and that students “should be taught to take pride in their country, to respect our founding principles of liberty and equality, and to have a sense of American history that is both truthful and inspiring.”

Signers also promise to take concrete steps if elected to “promote a curriculum that teaches that all children are created equal, have equal moral value under God, our Constitution, and the law,” and to “prohibit any curriculum that pits students against one another on the basis of race or sex.”

After signing the Pledge, Tidball, Evans, and Davis all defeated incumbent members of the board. As they prepared to be sworn in last week, however, those gathered for the protest arrived to demand that they denounce it. Although opponents of the Pledge spent about 40 minutes speaking out against it during the board meeting, none of the newly-installed board members showed any indication that they intended to renounce their support.

The Pledge was created by the group 1776 Action, an organization inspired by President Trump’s 1776 Commission, which was founded to promote a truthful understanding of American history and counter left-wing narratives about America. President Biden disbanded the Commission just hours after taking office. The organization says that its mission is to restore “honest, patriotic education” to schools and “spotlight and correct egregious instances of anti-American indoctrination.”

1776 Action also issued a statement backing all three candidates, saying that “it is absolutely vital that patriotic Americans reclaim control of their local school boards.”

After becoming perhaps the defining issue of the state and local elections earlier this month, education promises to continue to be at the forefront of voters’ minds heading into the midterm elections next year. If the far left continues to double down on Critical Race Theory and other radical ideology in public schools, Democrats may be poised to suffer a repeat of what happened in Johnston all across the country.

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9 months ago


9 months ago

The roving bands of anarchists and others who hate this country are professionals, for the most part and some useful idiots. They probably are paid by Soros and others. Most don’t work or own businesses. Their jobs are to destabilize our country and have been for years. OUR side needs to have people like that who can move on a dime to advertise OUR wants. We need to be less reactive and more proactive. They never stop. Neither can we.

9 months ago

Why don’t these state-side communists leave so we can accept the millions of illegals
trying to get here. Maybe these who are ashamed of the U.S. ( America ? who cares ?
I’m all about the U.S.) should move to the border and wave signs stating “WARNING. YOU

9 months ago

As long as the “woke” crowd persists in mere parades and signs, they will remain the jokes
they are. Every day progressives prove their only weapon is a loud mouth. Sad, really

Don W.
9 months ago

When “Americans” start trying to rewrite the history of this great country in order to defame it, these people are no longer “Americans” but enemies of the state and deserve to be treated as such!

Mike B.
9 months ago

Bottom line : Leave this country, and start your own left wing , marxist, communist, climate change, no fossil fuel, men having babies, mask wearing, ending small businesses, men in woman’s sports, racist rhetoric, open boarders, defunding the police, vaccination mandated, free health care for immigrants, $450,000 for immigrants, Antifa , BLM , high gasoline prices, electric cars no one can afford, leaving Americans in Afghanistan, mainstream media b.s , looting, burning, murdering police officers, no bail for criminals, urbanization of the suburbs, tax raising COUNTRY !!!

George Washington's Admirer
9 months ago
Reply to  Mike B.

Right On! Best Comment of The Day!! Let the Communists go to an island and start to blacklist each other. Let them bore themselves silly with their own socialist history. Let them become zombies with their own television networks! Let them walk so far to the left they walk into their own brick wall!!!

9 months ago

If these people are so unhappy in America….this is still a free country….they can go somewhere else like some of the communist countries so they can all be enslaved and happy. It is time for America to be split…..secession is in the winds….let these brain dead imbecilic morons have the blue states….the southern conservative, bible toting and gun carrying states can make their country great again without all of these communists…and we will take the Constitution and all the statutes with us because no one is using them anymore. Just read where the Salvation Army has become WOKE and want all whites to apologize to the black communities for their racism ….. WTF? Talk about shooting your organization in the foot. I have nothing to apologize for….the blacks have been given more in America than any other race….it started with LBJ….they were given free medical (Medicaid), free or almost free housing, food stamps to feed them… there another race that has been given these things. As far as I am concerned 625,000 young white men died to give them freedom from slavery….I think that is payment enough.

Richard H Minetti
9 months ago

Dumb Iowans – keep out of what you don’t understand!

Richard H Minetti
9 months ago

Gif forgive them for they know not what they do!

Richard H Minetti
9 months ago

Crazy b**ds don’t know when they are well off! They are ruining our wonderful country!

9 months ago

Sick b**ds ruining this wonderful country!

9 months ago

Who was it that said, “The Tree of Freedom Must be watered With the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants!”? Looks like it’s getting to be time for another watering session…

Billy Brown
9 months ago

Makes me want to start wearing a three cornered colonial hat! ????‍♂️ My country is waxing crazier and crazier, it seems the more outlandish the better these days!

George Washington's Admirer
9 months ago

Where; Oh Where Have I Been? ~ ‘The Naked Communist’. I just started to get the gist most recently. (A Week Ago Today.) “The ‘Jim Crow Era’ Statues have got to go.” They said this to tell us with their sanctimonious intent. You know the story: how everyone will be traumatized if said statues still dot the landscape; reminding us of history. However, the blacklisting did NOT stop there. Did it? Back To A Week Ago Today… The Writer of the Declaration of Independence and Third President of these United States was unceremoniously and stealthily removed out of New York City Hall!!! Perpetrators should hang their head in shame! So, these Dimwits are Communists; must they impose their socialist interior decorating techniques on the whole country? Anything, and everything is blacklisted. Dimwits/Communists go to Amazon; and try to censor books that do not agree with their communist tendencies. They publicly proclaim that Conservatives need to be educated and do not understand anything anyway. We need to be set straight by more understanding and insightful Commies! Really. They need to censor us and keep us from getting the ‘wrong ideas’. They have gone much too far! Yesterday my 1957 American Flag went up, I bought a set of books on Jefferson, subscribed to a conservative magazine, bought a book on President Washington, and enjoyed my brand new membership in the Republican Party. Again, Why Has It Taken Me So Long To See The Evil Intent of These Dimwits/ Communists?

Will Henry
9 months ago

Dear Washington admirer you are so right in your message!

John Karkalis
9 months ago

Dear George (the President).
I am embarrassed by what we have done to your legacy in our stewardship of the country.
A German poet (closer to your time than mine) Heinrich Heine said that where they burn books they will soon burn people. Sadly it came to pass in Heine’s country during the 20th century.
Today, our books are statues of the notable and accomplished that are being tossed on the trash pile.
Fat chance that these vandals would ever glance at the Federalist Papers.
Note: Among the first books consigned to the flames during the Nazi madness were the works of Heinrich Heine.

George Washington's Admirer
9 months ago
Reply to  John Karkalis

Thank you for your reference to Heinrich Heine. I will try to get some of his works. Reading has not been encouraged in this country. The study of history has not been encouraged either. Now, it seems that the total destruction, removal, and obfuscation
of all things historical is in vogue. Vogue: Its beginning to to look a lot like a takeover.
A complete Communist takeover. It has some phony aspects to it. Some events,
look like diversionary tactics; so as the casual observer can not detect subterfuge. However, I have been exceedingly slow at catching on. This is perhaps, that I used to watch way too much main stream media television. Perhaps, America will begin to catch on to what is going on. May God Protect America The Beautiful!

John Karkalis
9 months ago

“Those who ignore books and revile reading are condemned to darkness”.
Heinrich Heine? Nope. Me, I just made it up, but it serves as warning what will happen if we don’t remain vigilant.
Interesting that our founders, whose statues the modern vandals would tear down, were well read for their time. They understood tyranny and didn’t want it taking root here.
I’m with you 100% on mainstream media. They have their own agenda.
They would have us believe that since the USSR no longer exists we can negotiate with Russia. Can the leopard change its spots? Tsar Putin is KGB through and through. Shame on us if we believe that we can negotiate with him in good faith.
God bless America!

Tim Toroian
9 months ago

Don’t they realize that 1776 was against stupidity? And I don’t mean the referenced organization.

Robin Walter Boyd
9 months ago

When we distort history, we pervert the future. Prior to 1776, ancestors of today’s U.S. citizens were British citizens. Only telling parts of a story and interjecting legalities and perceptions for today’s citizenry destroys our ability to look at the past in order to build a better future.
One of the reasons the Hebrew Bible, Christian’s Old Testament, stands up to the changes in time is that in its telling of the historical relationship between God and the Hebrews, it tells both the good and the bad. Unlike what hateful, deceitful scholars are doing today with American history, the Bible does not have an agenda other than to tell us that we are part of a Universal nature that we need to abide by and that we will do good and bad because of the way we were created. Those who claim to not believe in God usually do not understand that “God” is simply a term used to describe the indescribable nature of that which was responsible for creating the Universe and its ability to change through natural evolutionary factors, weather cycles and all other physical laws of nature. Ironically, those who claim to not believe in God are those who behave as if they were themselves gods who can control nature. Controlling our understanding of history is the most arrogant form of control over all citizenry. We can no more make slavery an American White thing than we can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Harry Guzaliak
9 months ago

You are absolutely correct, well said.

9 months ago

Universal mandatory state funded education was a leftwing movement from the git. Horace Mann was one of the early exponents. He was a militant atheist and wanted to eliminate God from schools. When we were an agrarian people the progressive project was slow going. Kids learned only the basics and often dropped out to work on the farm. The thing about leftists though is that they never rest. They’ve convinced nearly everyone that state run education is wonderful, even if it means turning over what is most precious to others to have their minds formed. The only sure fix is home schooling. Even private religious schools are being infiltrated and overrun by the left.

Deb Rockwell
9 months ago

It is time for school vouchers to be used across the country. Parents can opt for a voucher worth whatever it costs for the state to pay for a student to go to a public school annually. Parents can apply that voucher to a private school of their choosing that aligns with their values. It’s time to take back control of the education system and this gives parents a real choice. I guarantee the private sector will do a better job with education anyway. We need to rally behind this idea in a big way.

Robin Walter Boyd
9 months ago
Reply to  Deb Rockwell

It’s time to get government out of our school system completely. The very most government should be able to do when it comes to our nations education is to provide unbiased goals for private schools to meet. With government out of our school system, private companies will once again finance students who display exceptional abilities to learn with contracts that, that student will eventually be working for the benefactor if a place for them is needed. State funded school systems with absolutely no federal funding in any way would be fine because each state could vie against one another with committing to the best educations. That would put free capitalism into the school system, and free capitalism either fails completely and is taken over by better organizations or continues to exceed in order to attract the best students.

J. Farley
9 months ago

We need school choice in this country where you can send your children to a school you deem fits your thoughts and beliefs, contrary to what fat butt Hilary says it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes Two parents to raise a child, who has the best interest of their child and insuring they learn the facts.
Defund School Boards!
God Save America!

9 months ago

Keep your powder dry!!!

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