Man Chokes 8-Year-Old Girl In Public Restroom: Will Media Ignore?

From Newsbusters.org, by Jeffrey Lord

You have to be amazed at the way the media elite decides what is “news” and what is “not news.”

Here’s the Associated Press on the Obama administration’s edict to schools across the land about transgenders in bathrooms:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public schools must permit transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity, according to an Obama administration directive issued amid a court fight between the federal government and North Carolina.

The guidance from leaders at the departments of Education and Justice says public schools are obligated to treat transgender students in a way that matches their gender identity, even if their education records or identity documents indicate a different sex.

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement accompanying the directive, which is being sent to school districts Friday.

In issuing the guidance, the Obama administration is wading anew into a socially divisive debate it has bluntly cast in terms of civil rights. The Justice Department on Monday sued North Carolina over a bathroom access law that it said violates the rights of transgender people, a measure that Lynch likened to policies of racial segregation and efforts to deny gay couples the right to marry.”

While Americans were still digesting this nugget, the Chicago Tribune headlined: “Man accused of choking girl, 8, in restroom of South Loop store.” Reported the Trib:

A West Town man is accused of choking an 8-year-old girl until she passed out inside a bathroom of a store in the South Loop neighborhood last weekend.

The girl was inside a store in the 1200 block of South Canal Street with her mother around 1:15 p.m. Saturday when the two became separated, according to police.

The girl went into the store’s bathroom. At some point, Reese M. Hartstirn, 33, came into the bathroom and started choking the girl with his hands, causing her to become unconscious, according to a release from the Chicago Police Department.

He then picked up the unconscious girl and carried her into a bathroom stall, closing the door so she couldn’t leave, according to the release.  Hartstirn pushed the girl’s mother when she came into the stall to rescue her daughter, police said.

The girl was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital for treatment. Her condition was not immediately available, according to police.

People inside the store held Hartstirn for police after they were alerted to what happened.

There was more in that Tribune story but that’s the gist.

Now note well this line, bold print for emphasis supplied: “People inside the store held Hartstirn for police after they were alerted to what happened.” In other words, the little girl’s fellow customers, realizing what was happening, did not say some version of “oh gee, this guy just was feeling his feminine identity today what’s the big deal?” Instead, I would suggest quite naturally, they pounced on this beast of prey and forcibly held him until the good guys — that would be the police — arrived to take charge.

So the question arises. If that was the gut level response of average Chicagoans — and to their credit the Chicago media both print and TV have carried the story although there is no sense this is a “transgender” aggressor — how will this story play out in the national Obama-supporting media? As of this writing, there is nothing in The New York Times. The Washington Post — which features  a 25-year old story about Donald Trump on audio tape impersonating his PR man — seems unable to find room for the story.

The point here is as simple as it is obvious (and I’m skipping the huge issue of whether the President of the United States can bully local school districts into his social views.) In a curious fashion one wonders if assaults on women or girls by men in women’s bathrooms will be underplayed or just plain censored in the media in the fashion that critics have accused the media of doing with crime committed by illegal immigrants.

This was one of Ann Coulter’s points in her recent book on illegal immigration, Adios America. In an interview with talk radio’s Laura Ingraham Coulter’s thesis was headlined this way on Laura’s site:

Ann Coulter: Media Ignores Heinous Crimes Committed by Immigrants Voluntarily Imported in USA

Among other things in this interview Coulter said this, bold print for emphasis supplied by me:

“…but all the cases I talk about, which are a lot of cases of child rape in particular, were bringing in very primitive cultures and child rape cases that you’ll be shocked you didn’t know about-they’re hidden by the media.”

So the obvious, intriguing question. We are still in the “fresh news” department with the Obama order instructing schools across the fruited plain to allow transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice or else, the “or else” here meaning the schools that disobey would lose federal funding. But already, in the space of hours, we have a story out of Chicago in which it is reported that a man assaulted a little girl in a women’s bathroom in the middle of a busy Chicago store.

Recall that this issue began to emerge at the tail end of the GOP primary battle. The North Carolina fight against transgenders in the bathroom of their choice had drawn the attention of  Senator Ted Cruz. Newsmax headlined Cruz’s view this way:

Cruz on NC Law: Men Should Not Go to Bathroom With Little Girls

Said the Senator: “Men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls. That is a perfectly reasonable determination for the people to make.”

A group calling itself the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women quickly put out a statement attacking Cruz and the North Carolina law, saying:

“These initiatives utilize and perpetuate the myth that protecting transgender people’s access to restrooms and locker rooms endangers the safety or privacy of others.”

Catch that? It is a “myth” that a man in a woman’s bathroom “endangers the safety or privacy of others.”

In fact, it was not a myth in Chicago when a 33-year old man entered a woman’s bathroom in a Chicago store and choked an 8-year old girl into unconsciousness before taking her into a private stall where the girl was rescued by her frantic mother.

The question now? How much coverage will this story get outside of Chicago? And when there are similar stories that occur, assuming the critics like Ted Cruz are right and they do occur, will they be reported across the media spectrum so that the public can understand just how this idea from the Left actually works in practice? Or will they, like crimes committed by illegal immigrants, be hidden by the media because to report the truth damages a political agenda?

Stay tuned.

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5 years ago

Nothing makes sense anymore. The liberals are communist?. When did that happen? I thought communism was something that went away about 50 yrs ago, except for a couple 3rd world hell holes. How has communism taken over USA, HOW did that happen? I make 95 k a yr and I feel like I’m poor. So if I’m poor does that mean most every Americans are making big bucks, but they’re communists? I always thought communist were people waiting in bread lines. You see, its absolutely crazy, what do you believe in. So liberals = communism and communism = perverts being ok?

6 years ago

Our government leaders are trying to bring America down . We need a new government that will uphold our constitution and stay out of personal lives.

Me Too
6 years ago

The leftists, anarchists and socialists have all this time to think of ways to destroy gender roles, religion, social mores, law and order, the justice system, the education system, the ecosystem, freedom, independence, liberty, the economy, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the weather, factual history, borders, sovereignty, immigration, small businesses, the healthcare system, free speech, the military, defense, capitalism, separate bathrooms, the unborn, privacy, natural food sources, hygiene, etc., and they’re doing a very good job.

S. Cargo.
6 years ago

“Hope and change”. His “hope” was that the sheeple were stupid enough to NOT notice the “change” ! He was right ! I say his agenda, long before he became the worst president in Americas history, TWICE, all along was to destroy this country from the bottom up & the inside out ! He first said, “I believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman”. I say that was a LIE ! Later he said his “views were evolving”, I say, Another LIE ! The master of bait and switch is he. Some say “he didn’t think this through”. I say he did. This was exactly what he was set out to do. Champion the homosexual agenda to open the Pandora’s box of all kinds of perversion. Despite all this chaos, God is still in control. Godly men and women became silent so he gave the world up to its vile affections just like he said he would. Brothers and sisters in Christ. PRAY DAILY for a turn around and God help us !

Maureen VanDusen
6 years ago

Maureen Therese McMahon VanDusen

May 21 · Edited ·

“Some governments will begin to protect homosexuality and all sorts of abominations of the devil. Congresses and parliaments will make laws against truth, and some have already done so. Those who speak the truth will be considered criminals. It is then that the general persecution of Christians will begin. The law will prohibit the truth and the law of God.” BVM to Josyp Terela visionary from the Ukraine who spent 20 years in Soviet prisons for refusing to renounce his Catholic Faith. Taken from the book, The Thunder of Justice by Ted and Maureen
Flynn copyright 1993.

Patty Day
6 years ago

wheres the rope ………….

6 years ago

Um… read the article. I mean, really read it. It states “there is no sense this is a “transgender” aggressor.” So the man is a pervert for sure, perhaps mentally ill, perhaps a pedophile, and perhaps a lot of things. The main point that jumps out at me is that he’s NOT TRANSGENDER. So why is that the main focus of most of these replies? I don’t get it. He’s sick and/or criminal. That’s it. I repeat, this is not an article relating to transgender issues, in fact it is specifically NOT transgender. Why are the replies so off-topic? (Rhetorical question – not expecting a response since my views may seem like an attack to a few of you.) Just sayin’.

James ellis
6 years ago
Reply to  Jay

You are right it does not mention if he is or is not transgender. But he can use the defense of he felt like a woman that day. So in that aspect he was allowed to be in there. The new law leaves to much to many loopholes.

6 years ago

I use to be totally against owning a gun! That changed with the current administration and the rest of the country today. Had this woman been trained and carried a gun, she could have warned the perpetrator. He might have fled for his life, rather than push the mother aside. Her daughter might have been spared!

6 years ago

This is a disgusting and evil law that is imposed by disgusting and evil people to further their disgusting and evil agenda!!!!!!!

James ellis
6 years ago

If my any of the girls or my wife use a public restroom i stand outside and do not let any males till they come out. I also gave them pepper spray and will be getting tazzers for them. I guess dumb ass obama was not thinking about protecting women or little girls. He probably just passed this law so Michael/michelle could use either bathroom. Any body that is attached in a public bathrom lockerroom or showers should be able to sue obama and or the idiots who helped pass this law.. Sorry for rambling i just get so upset over this.

Tony Lombardo
6 years ago

I am outraged. This should never happen to anyone.

6 years ago

Just seeing a headline that a security guard was arrested after pulling a man out of a women’s bathroom. The American’s must be crazy.

Carl Curtis
6 years ago

Sick and in need of GOD. Do you want a child molester of an opposite sex in a bathroom with your child.
May GOD have mercy on your soul from the President on down to the sickest one of us.

Beverly Thorpe
6 years ago

It is very true that some middle eastern cultures do not see the treatment of young girls as anything but objects of brutality, ownership, or sexual targets for rape. And some peoples coming as refugees, immigrants, asylum recipients, into the U. S. are bringing these cultures with them – a good example is Germany, when refugee men have assaulted women who pass in the street. Where does this attitude of superiority by men over women, the degredation struck onto women and girls of being a lesser human being? We MUST vet every single person who wishes to enter our country thoroughly, and imprison those who break our laws, and never allow Sharia Law to be practiced legally in America.

6 years ago

It seems our president “jumped into signing his Executive Order to protect transgenders’ rights” without first taking in all the possibilities of how this would affect the general public. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that people will take advantage of this ruling if they are perverts, pedophiles or just want to have “fun.” And to threaten the schools with the loss of federal funding should they not go with the ruling is so stupid!!!! Where is this country and government going where now our own safety in public restrooms have been jeopardized, and now this little girl has become a victim! President Obama and Loretta Lynch shame on you both!!!! Obviously, you people didn’t give this much thought, but instead tried to put it in the same category as discrimination!!! If they wanted so much to change their God-given gender, they should have thought of the repercussions that come with it and it’s not our fault nor should it be shoved down our throats to go out of our way to make it easier for them while we relinquish our own rights for privacy and peace of mind whenever we use a public restroom. When will all of this Stupidity stop? Mr. Obama, would you feel safe letting your daughters into a restroom where the opposite gender is also allowed to enter, especially if they are alone??? Think of how that panicked mother must have felt seeing her unconscious daughter in the hands of a pervert transgender!!!! I am a grandmother of 2 young girls and great grandmother of fraternal twins (boy and girl), and I’d never let them go to a restroom by themselves, especially with this new ruling!!! If the general public could see the “handwriting on the wall” even before the ruling, why couldn’t Obama and Lynch see it too? If the gov’t. wants all schools and public businesses to have special restrooms for transgenders, then they should provide the funds to have them installed, but don’t threaten the loss of federal funding if they don’t comply, as many school districts probably don’t have the funds to use in the first place! Where is the common sense in all of this?

6 years ago
Reply to  Maria

Am in agreement with all Maria has written except… the federal funding for special bathrooms for transgenders. I do not wish my tax dollars spent that way.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sonja


patriot 40
6 years ago

What a sick country. Crying liberals for the rights of a minute few to the detriment of the many. I guess they have nothing else to do with their lives to make them feel important. Gays, lesbians and transvestites have had no problem in the past using the bathroom of their birth gender. There is (as always with the liberals) and another reason for this push. My husband and I don’t go in the bathroom at the same time, and nor to my son and grandsons go in the bathroom with me or the mother. It is not a place for genital sharing. It is a very private place and without the opposite sex.
God help us if these liberals get into office this year.

Ruel D
6 years ago

This has nothing to do with sexual freedom and everything to do with politics. The socialists see that in the upcoming election they stand a strong chance of being thrown out of power. They are using this issue to see how much abomination we will put up with. If we roll over and play dead worse is to come, and it will come for a long, long time.

6 years ago
Reply to  Ruel D

Exactly correct Ruel D. I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to state the real purpose behind all these executive orders and administrative rule changes coming from the administration and its agencies in the last few months of our “Dear Leader’s” term. Unfortunately, it took until Sunday. Sadly most people just don’t seem to get the true, underlying purpose of what’s going on. Oh well, in another week or so the administration will issue another admimistrative rule change or executive order and everyone will shift their attention to that one. All the while the country just keeps getting nudged to the left through ian ongoing sries of ncremental changes.

Have a good weekend.

a gray
6 years ago

Our school districts are continually asking for more money for one thing or another. Opening up bathrooms in the manner the government desires opens up another can of worms. Children and teens are very curious about the opposite sex (small children what the other one looks like and all others what the sexual act is like). This should be no surprise to anyone. Now, to my point, school districts will need to hire bathroom monitors in order to ensure none of these things will occur. The other problem is since the same government also wants schools to accommodate the different “religions” they will need to have to consider how the transgender policy will affect the “religious” policy because some religions have strict laws about the sexes mingling.

Carl Curtis
6 years ago

Anybody think blackmail by the Federal Government. Using our money to abuse authority
and endanger our children or adults isn’t anyone that cares about God’s Law and freedom.
You will receive a reprobate mind as your reward but maybe something else as it appears
you already have a reprobate mind.

6 years ago
Reply to  Carl Curtis

I agree. I also wonder why this subject along with gay/ lesbian sexuality is being pushed into elementary and Jr highs. I don’t care what you are, but putting these subjects into young impressionable minds..really? They are at school to learn academics not why little Bobby acts different and wears girl clothes. If it’s a non issue to kids then why are they making drama. Tired of being smacked in the face with it all. Again I don’t care how you identify or who you are attracted to. That is a behind closed door subject just like sex should be between a man and a woman.

6 years ago

Obama was elected president, not dictator. Laws must be passed by congress and THEN enacted by the president. These acts by Obama and any other non-elected government “official” are another step to illegally take away the peoples rights this country was founded upon. I use the word official in quotes because most of these people are government employees who have never been elected by the people and are paid by the taxpayers. Using the word official makes it sound like they have the legally empowered authority to impose their rule over everyone else.

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