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Major School Choice Victory in AZ Latest Promising Sign for Parents’ Rights Movement

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott

After a drawn-out battle and much heel-dragging from elected Democrats and liberal activists, Arizona is finally on its way to enacting an expansive school choice bill that Governor Doug Ducey signed into law more than two months ago. With education continuing to be a top concern for most voters, Arizona’s new policy could set the standard for the rest of the country when it comes to school choice and go a long way toward combatting the systemic failures of America’s public school system.

In July, Ducey signed a statewide expansion of Arizona’s school-choice program that provides parents the option to receive roughly $7,000 per year per student to apply toward the educational institution of their choice through Educational Savings Accounts (ESA). Though the ESA program has existed in Arizona since 2011, it was previously limited to students with learning disabilities, districts with low-performing schools, or children living on Indian reservations.

Now, every student has the option to use state funding for a school of their choice, rather than that money only going toward their local public school. While other states have similar programs that are also limited in scope, Arizona is the first state to offer the ESA program to all K-12 students.

Almost immediately after Ducey signed the law, the teachers’ union-backed group SOS Arizona announced they would do everything possible to oppose its implementation. According to Arizona law, if 5% of the turnout of the most recent gubernatorial election (in this case 118,823 voters) signs onto what is known as a “veto referendum” within 90 days of a bill’s enactment, the measure is paused and placed on the ballot in the next general election (2024).

In coordination with the anti-school choice activists, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs – the Democratic nominee for governor and a staunch opponent of school choice – stopped processing the more than 10,000 early applications for the ESA program. Both Hobbs and the activists had reason to be confident; back in 2018, they successfully killed a much smaller attempt to expand the ESA program. Needing just 5% of the electorate to effectively kill the bill for two more years, it seemed a major setback for the school choice movement was looming.

This time around, however, the proponents of school choice were better prepared. Though the union-backed group formally submitted 141,714 signatures, 19% more than were needed to advance the referendum, less than 89,000 were accepted. It seems that despite their best efforts, the anti-school choice special interests were unable to convince even 5% of the Arizona electorate that the law needed to be sent to the ballot.

Hobbs finally admitted defeat last Friday and announced that the school choice bill would officially become the law of the land in the Grand Canyon State. Hobbs has 20 business days to unfreeze the program.

This resounding school choice victory has major implications for the rest of the country. As other states look to provide parents an alternative to public schools, Arizona has laid the groundwork for a system which both incentivizes public schools to perform better and empowers families to choose the school that works best for them.

This is good news for America’s youth, whose achievement has declined in recent years, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. For decades, American youth test scores have lagged behind the rest of the developed world. COVID-19 may have accelerated the decline, but it was in motion long before the first lockdowns. Instead of focusing on curriculum or improving the quality of education, the priority of most schools seems to be to shift away from grading and test scores entirely in favor of “social conditioning” and woke indoctrination. The National Education Association, the largest teacher’s union in the country, for example, argues on its website that standardized testing is fundamentally and foundationally based in racism and white supremacy.

Arizona’s school choice law may also have ripple effects on elections elsewhere in the country, particularly as Democrats see how popular the policy is. In Pennsylvania, another battleground state, Democrat Josh Shapiro has “quietly endorsed private school choice.” While he has not publicly spoken on the matter, he has added sections to his campaign website that assert his support of School-Choice programs. Other Democrats have also been largely silent on the matter, undoubtedly realizing that public polling consistently shows overwhelming support for school choice programs.

For all the bad-faith accusations teachers’ unions have lodged against the Arizona law, it is actually likely to improve public school education in the state. Arizona spends an average of $11,000 per student on education expenses. The school choice vouchers are for $7,000. The remaining $4,000 will still go toward public schools. So not only will the new policy increase the average rate of funding per student that remains in public schools, it will also decrease pressure on already overcrowded schools, giving teachers more one-on-one time with their students – what teachers’ unions claim to want.

Arizona’s new school choice policy has the potential to spark a great renaissance in American education. By allowing dollars to follow students and not schools, the unique needs of families are prioritized over the demands of woke teachers’ unions and activist-minded education bureaucrats – something every taxpayer should cheer.  

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.

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Kenneth Paul
3 months ago

Teacher Unions are notorious for saying they care about kids, but they do what’s best for them.

Robert Zuccaro
3 months ago

The pronoun for an adult talking sex to a child not theirs used to be “pedophile”… nowadays its “Democrat”. Apparently we don’t jail pedophiles anymore but make them TEACHERS?

4 months ago

Wow. What a terrific win. Just shows that effort and organization can create wonders.
I hope to continue to follow this closely and certainly expect other states to follow suit soon.
Its great to see a state other than Calif. blaze the trail of the future.

Word of Truth
3 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

California typically blazes the trail in the wrong direction.

4 months ago

i remember when it never took a movement.

Karen Knowles
4 months ago

Encouraging news! Of course the teachers’ unions would oppose it.

4 months ago

There is NOT a single teachers union that wants less kids in the classroom to help kids. They want less kids do they do not have to work hard. They want less kids so they can attempt to brain wash them with more one on one “instruction”. I hate all teachers unions and most teachers are worthless. I am so sick and tired of people always saying they are great and there are only a few that are bad. BS. most are bad and only a FEW are good.

4 months ago

Choice seems to be an acceptable concept to the left only when it fits their ideology and benefits their wallets.

4 months ago

Now everyone needs to be vigilant and make sure the private schools don’t jack up their rates because of this.

Word of Truth
3 months ago
Reply to  Mike

They will.

4 months ago

Does the woke left crowd not realize that the gains minorities have made in our society are the result of education? At least the way it used to be.

anna hubert
4 months ago

When no logical argument is left racism and white supremacy is the only option Is it not delicious that we are celebrating here in Az Hispanic heritage after all statues of Columbus were toppled and smashed Spanish sure was not the language of the original inhabitants Perhaps teachers should stick to teaching and leave political leanings out of it no, place for it in the classroom

4 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Anna, one of the primary classes that disappeared in public schools, is American Civics. Learning about the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the formation of a Constitutional Republic. The workings of the three branches of American government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Also, the why and how it works to find off authoritarianism and radical mob rule, which today is the driving and failed political profile for socialism and comminisium. What students don’t need is politically motivated teachers.

Kenneth Paul
3 months ago
Reply to  Ty

Ty, it’s the democrat strategy to perpetuate ignorance for political advantage. They understand that people who know nothing will fall for anything.

Pam Chitwood
4 months ago

Love this victory. Parents should have the rights to send their kids to a school of choice with out all their tax dollars going to public school when they decide a different one. The law sounds pretty good so far. Good job Arizona.

4 months ago

Asking in all sincerity…why does anyone care where I send my kids to schools as long as I pay my taxes?

4 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

They shouldn’t but they also should not be taxing you for a service you didn’t use.

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Victory awesome

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