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Maine Delivers DEVASTATING News to Welfare Freeloaders

food stamp fraud snapFrom – Patriot Update – by Andrew Spalding –

Freeloaders everywhere are in panic mode!

Republican Gov. Paul LePage of Maine decided last year that he had to do something about the rampant, out of control welfare abuse in his state, specifically concerning the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

So late last year, LePage began enforcing new requirements stating that in order for non-disabled residents to receive SNAP benefits that they would be required to work at least twenty hours per week, volunteer or attend vocational training.

Guess what happened as a result? Out of the 12,000 non-disabled welfare recipients without children who were on the rolls last year, only 2,680 remain as of now, according to David Sorensen, spokesman for the Department of Health and Services.

That’s a staggering 9,000-plus welfare leeches who lost their benefits simply due to an unwillingness to better themselves — proving that a staggering number of people receive welfare only because it provides for their needs without their actually having to work.

Liberals claim that the reason for high welfare rolls stems from the lack of jobs and volunteer opportunities in rural areas, but others say that’s absolutely untrue.

The volunteer option only requires twenty-four hours of volunteer work per month. According to Sorensen, those opportunities exist in even the most rural areas of the state.

The drop in numbers exceeded the state’s expectations by leaps and bounds.

The Huffington Post reported that once people are dropped from Maine’s welfare program, they lose their benefits for three years.

Ideally, that should further incentivize abusers of welfare to grow up and find gainful employment, but in reality, many may move to a more welfare-friendly state like Missouri, which was recently ranked as the “worst state in the nation for welfare reform” by the Heartland Institute.

Maine was one of eight other states that took similar measures and declined a federal waiver for the new rule that requires welfare recipients to get off their behinds and contribute to society like everyone else.

This huge drop in the number of able-bodied welfare leeches after forcing them to work for their needs proves everything we’ve ever reported about welfare abusers. They’re only looking for the next handout.

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Ruth Marshall-Sims
4 years ago

Thank you Gov. LePage for raising the bar!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the other 49 states to step up and do the same.

Joyce Barkow
4 years ago

i think this should be the case for Wisconsin and all other states that haven’t enforced this law, welfare was meant to aid people who really are in need,but it is being misused
there are many volunteer jobs also get out and work be proud ,and lots of part time jobs,
welfare has been misused for so long ,it has became a way of life,and there goes our tax dollars

Shalo Thinker
4 years ago

This would also keep a lot of the illegal immigrants away too as most of them are able bodied and do not want to work. For the most part, they just try to get on every public assistance program available.

L. Taylor
4 years ago

@J. Poole….not long at all I’m sure! It’s about time we started holding able bodied people accountable and stop them and their drain on our economy. Further, the lawyers that help people get away with fraud should be stopped.

Gene Poole
4 years ago

How long will it take for liberals to label this as racism or divert attention to corporate welfare?

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