Looking Past the Media Bias: An Honest Take on Trump’s Accomplishments

trump accomplishments media biasThe liberal media has been relentless in their efforts to cast President Trump in a bad light. Mainstream news outlets with inflammatory intent constantly try to make the man look irresponsible, unintelligent, and wholly unpresidential.

Biased headlines from outlets such as CNN, NBC, The Huffington Post, the New York Times, and other mainstream media networks have attacked the president for doing his job, such as when he visited Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, when he denounced white supremacists, or when he vowed to preserve the Christian values our country was founded upon.

The same sources are also quick to point fingers whenever President Trump does anything they can spin as a misstep, relishing the opportunity to castigate the man they claim is a “fascist dictator” and sociopath. With the media in nonstop smear campaign-mode, most of the successes our president has accomplished have gone under the radar, ignored by the press.

So what victories has Trump achieved? Here are ten of his biggest accomplishments as president so far.


Under Donald Trump, US unemployment has dropped to its lowest point in 17 years. With 261,000 more jobs added to the economy, the unemployment rate has dropped down to 4.1%– the lowest it has been since December 2001. Looking toward the future, President Trump tweeted yesterday, “Under President Trump unemployment rate will drop below 4%. Analysts predict economic boom for 2018! @foxandfriends and @Varneyco”.


President Trump has finally ended the war on fossil fuels waged by his liberal predecessor Barack Obama. Embracing the useful role of natural resources, President Trump has met with representatives of the coal and natural gas industries to discuss the use of fossil fuels and how we can transform our country’s energy policies. Trump is also promoting American energy dominance which will, in turn, boost the economy.

Law Enforcement

In a time when anti-police sentiment is on the rise, Donald Trump has put his foot down and taken a stand for America’s police officers, noting their bravery and the necessary job they carry out for our country.

Between calling out violent Antifa protesters, going after MS-13 gang members, and suggesting the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer, President Trump has shown that he stands with the police and gives his full support to America’s law enforcement.


Welfare Reform

Donald Trump has made it clear since his election campaign that welfare reform would be a priority of his administration. In a Monday meeting, the president announced he’d be focusing heavily on the issue in 2018.

When he laid out his proposed 2018 budget, there were significant cuts to federal assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

A major proponent of getting Americans back to work, President Trump has expressed his concerns about welfare, arguing that it encourages people to remain unemployed, and that this must change if we want our nation to prosper again. “People are taking advantage of the system and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live, and we think it’s very unfair to them”, the president said before an October cabinet meeting.

Deregulation Success

It’s no coincidence that the American stock market began rising after Trump’s inauguration. Excessive regulation was hugely hindering the US economy, and by rolling back so many of these regulatory restrictions, Trump has allowed the market to boom once again. Promoting more economic growth, job creation, and business confidence, Trump’s decreasing of federal regulations has been tremendously beneficial.

Trump has also broken Ronald Reagan’s record of decreasing federal regulations- Reagan cut down on regulations by one third during his presidency. Trump has topped this, cutting back on over one third and aiming for an even higher figure of 70% of all federal regulations.

Religious Freedom

A huge contrast from Obama-era legislation that undermined America’s Christian foundation, President Trump has shown his commitment to defending religious freedom. “We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values”, he declared in his speech at the 2017 Values Voter Summit, “Guess what? We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again”.

Trump has signed an executive order affirming that Americans have the right to worship in live in accordance with their religious beliefs in every part of their lives—from school, to the public sphere, to the workplace. The president has also issued two rules allowing employers to refuse to cover birth control through religious or moral exemption, reversing Barack Obama’s anti-Christian policies.

United Nations

Trump has pulled the United States from UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Many Americans saw this as a step in the right direction, as the UN has proven to be an anti-American and anti-Constitution institution with a globalist agenda.

Donald Trump, since assuming the presidency, has also withdrawn the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Accord. Pulling out of UNESCO was a strategic move on Trump’s part, and further highlights how our president is not afraid to pull out of international organizations for the sake of putting America first.

Second Amendment Rights

On his very first day in office, President Trump revoked the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Director’s Order 219, which banned the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle. Trump also overturned an Obama-era bill that prohibited certain Social Security beneficiaries from acquiring guns. After eight years of a president who tried his hardest to strip away Americans’ Second Amendment rights, Donald Trump is standing up for our right to bear arms.


Taking a firm stance on illegal immigration, President Trump has prioritized homeland security and the safety of American citizens. Since Trump’s inauguration and the beginning of construction on the border wall, illegal border crossings have massively decreased. Trump’s leadership has also boosted the morale of Border Patrol and ICE agents, who can now carry out their jobs without being admonished or undermined.

Protecting the Unborn

Trump aims to preserve the sanctity of life at the national level, continually defending the rights of the unborn and strongly supporting the pro-life movement. Through the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017, Trump has vowed to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions. The Trump administration has also supported the passage of H.R. 36, or the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would protect unborn children by preventing abortions 20 weeks after conception.

These are just ten of Trump’s successes since taking office in January, and the president aims to accomplish much more in his next three years. When asked what the future plans of the Trump administration look like, President Trump has spoken of government reform and increased transparency, raising the defense budget, remodeling our nation’s space policy, combating terrorism and other threats to public safety, and boosting US manufacturing.

Which of Trump’s presidential successes do you think has made the greatest difference in America?


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4 years ago

Trump will go down in history as one the greatest presidents this country has ever had. He is exactly what we needed at precisely the right time, and he cares about America and it’s citizens. As more and more comes out, I believe Obama and the Clintons will go down in history as a dangerous virus that almost killed us. The only thing I hope to see real soon is this hostility of the left come to a screeching halt. It is so unfair to our president. We didn’t do that to Obama, even though he deserved it 100 times over. The only thing that will stop it is bringing justice to the Clintons, Obamas, Rice, and all the others that have committed crimes against America. If we don’t hold them accountable, I’m afraid that will doom us. We’ve got to make a stand, and soon!!!

robert fulton
4 years ago

He stopped the democrat candidate, you know, old whats-her-name, from gaining our highest political office….whatever else he does, that is his greatest gift to America.

c Dyer
4 years ago

you seem to have forgotten how he is slowing changing our courts by appointing more conservative judges to the lower federal courts.

4 years ago

Good list of President Trump’s accomplishments. One thing I think you missed in your list is the ongoing appointments of judges on the Supreme Court and various levels of the court system. Trump has consistently appointed unbiased Constitutionalists which of course the left has a difficult time with.

4 years ago

My favorite Trump accomplishment is his ability to tell over 1200 proven lies in only 11 months.
And his penchant for waking up America every morning to bleat about himself, as is befitting a malignant narcissist.

4 years ago

One big accomplishment missing is what Trump is doing for Veterans. He kept his campaign promise and is beginning to reform the VA, known as “one of the most corrupt government agencies.” He’s providing more funding for health benefits including allowing external medical services for the first time.

Bill H
4 years ago

Just making the USA great again! Go Trump!

Henry Ray
4 years ago

To all the anti President Trump people such as the Media, Democrats, Republicans & Public , I can only say one thing: “I have seen better heads on beers”.

William Darling
4 years ago

The MSM needs their horns shorn close until they remember (or learn!) that their responsibility is to the truth, not an agenda. If they wish to follow their own agenda, then their privileges in other areas will be cut until they find themselves hoisted by their own oatards!

Ellie & Ray Burleson
4 years ago

I like all that Trump has done for America

Patrick Murphy
4 years ago

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton were elected president? What a nightmare that would be!

4 years ago
Reply to  Patrick Murphy

Oh my!!

Michele M. Lucas
4 years ago

Thank you Amac, for the concise and easy to read collection of the accomplishments of President Trump. As I’ve see elsewhere, I do agree on this statement: “When I wake up in the morning, I’m glad Trump is our President.”

teresa d\'alessandro
4 years ago

I am happy that we have a President who cares a great deal about this country – especially our safety. If we can’t be safe then none of the other accomplishments matter bc we won’t be here to see them thru.

Papa Coach
4 years ago

No matter what Mr. Trump does he will never get the credit he deserves from the liberal media. NEVER. Liberal reporters have ZERO common sense.

4 years ago

One major area that needs to be addressed is cleaning out the liberals from our education system. They have been dumbing down our children for fifty years. Teach the Constitution and stress the Christian values that have made our country great. There was no separation of church and state in the first century of our system. Every time I read about more rights being taken away it’s about one or two people being offended. Since when does such a small minority cause our rights from being taken from us? WE THE PEOPLE is the motto of our country. We shouldn’t be ruled by minorities.

4 years ago

Isn’t it ironic that so many of the RINO’s that have been exposed, all talked against Trump as being a Democrat and not a conservative before and after the election. Now he has proven to be much more of a conservative than 90% of the Republican congress.

4 years ago
Reply to  Aardvark

Hypocrisy is boundless in politics. In Congress it is enshrined as a guiding principle that RINO’s live by. Trump could have accomplished so much more than he already has to date, if the RINO’s weren’t so intent on obstructing every facet of his agenda.

4 years ago

YOU GO GIRL That was amazing. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

4 years ago

I do not see what the requirement of the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle has to do with curbing second amendment rights. The rule, as far as I can see, doesn’t say you can’t hunt or fish. They just want non-lead tackle and ammunition used since they have found lead toxicity in wild life. We have enough trouble with lead toxicity and radioactivity poisoning of fish (Japan’s nuclear disaster). Why not try to keep our wildlife healthy?

Dick Albright
4 years ago

Donald who…?

Oh…THAT Donald…!

Y’mean that ‘Celebrity Host’ who liked to say…”YER FIRED!” (Like he did to Barry and Hilldeburied…!)…”…’cuz…I want that ‘JOB ONE’…!”

The same Donald who had close family ties, with ethics and morals in business and our country’s values…always saying “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”…!

The same Donald who, because of his constant ‘momentum’ was sent to NYMA to learn US Military traditions, drills, disciplines…now defining…LOYALTY…!

The same Donald who, with his intelligence, savvy and will, blew off the rest and now shows the whole world what “BEING PRESIDENTIAL” is all about…!


Jim Hawkins
4 years ago

Liberals and the liberal media will ignore all transgressions of Obama, Hillary and their cronies while ignoring all accomplishments of Donald J. Trump, our duly elected and exceptionally accomplished PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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