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Medicare’s skilled nursing facility (SNF) benefit does not cover most nursing home care. Medicare will pay for the cost of some skilled care in an approved nursing home or in your home, but only in specific situations. While Medicare may pay for nursing home care sometimes, it doesn’t cover the costs of care in assisted living facilities.

While many people would like to receive care in their own homes, Medicare does not cover homemaker services. In addition, Medicare doesn’t pay for home health aides to give personal care unless you are homebound and are also getting skilled care, such as nursing or therapy. The personal care must also relate to the treatment of an illness or injury, and you can only get a limited amount of care in any week. You should not rely on Medicare to pay for your long term care needs.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare supplement policies do not cover long term care costs. However, four Medicare supplement policies – Plans D, G, I and J – do pay up to $1600 per year for services to people recovering at home from an illness, injury or surgery.


Medicaid is the government funded program that pays nursing home care only for individuals who are low income and who have spent most of their assets. Many people start paying for nursing home care out of their own funds and “spend down” their income until they are eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid may then pay part or all of their nursing home costs. You may have to use up most of your assets on your health care before Medicaid is able to help.

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