LightWaterLife Home Disaster Relief Kit

LightWaterLife Home Disaster Relief Kit

Be prepared to survive a natural disaster. LightWaterLife kits give you sustainable drinking water, solar lighting, first-aid, and communication that stores easily in its sealed 4-gallon container. AMAC Members save $95! Buy one for your home or donate one to help a family.

LightWaterLife disaster relief sustainable life kit comes in a 4-gallon container which effectively holds essential emergency preparedness supplies that extend self-sustainability for up to two weeks. Once opened, the container is transformed into a Sawyer® water filtration system that provides a method for clean drinking water.
What’s inside the kit?

Light & Power – Provides 5-7 hours of light every night with a single day solar charge. Charges any USB powered device such as a mobile phone.
Clean Water – Filters up to 500 gallons a day with a 100,000-gallon lifespan.
Emergency First Aid – 300-piece first aid kit providing necessary medical aid.
Solar Radio/Flashlight – Handheld solar and crank-powered radio/flashlight combo providing additional sustainable survival aid.

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