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Today, more than ever, your support for AMAC is crucial in helping us to protect America’s freedoms!

That’s why we’ve introduced lifetime memberships.

Not only will you avoid the hassle of renewing your membership each year, you’ll also help AMAC as we work hard over the next year to fight for things like faith, family & freedom, and work towards restoring moral leadership in our country.

Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $500

We need to raise money to build your organization to attract more members and make us stronger on Capitol Hill.

Because of the change of control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives we now have a real opportunity to take back our country. The greater the size of our membership, the more clout we have to represent you.

Our plans for the 115th Congress are to:

  • Pass the AMAC Social Security Guarantee plan
  • Build a strong fence and secure our Southern border
  • Balance the budget and reduce the National Debt

Our goal is to restore our traditional values and we’ll start by reversing the attempts to eliminate religion from our culture.

As the recent riots have showed, we need higher moral standards. Instead of encouraging lawlessness we need to instill in our youth the virtues of honesty, dignity and goodness, for unless we teach them the difference between right and wrong, future generations are doomed to suffer the consequences.

AMAC will be working to stimulate our economy by pushing for tax cuts for small business. 65% of new jobs come from the small business sector and that’s where we can get our country moving again.

The government has grown larger and larger and now is telling the people how we must live. Government has taken control of our health care system, resulting in higher premiums while forcing many of us to lose our health care plans, and taken away our choice of doctors.

We need to overturn Obamacare while retaining the one or two sections that actually worked.

Our members have asked for a Lifetime Membership option and we have responded. Some of us older folks say it may not be a good buy, but I say, “Now you have another reason to keep on living!”

Seriously, for those of you who can afford to pay for the Lifetime membership, we know that the real reason you will act is to support the work AMAC is doing.

I promise you that I will make good use of your funds so that your money becomes a solid investment for our children and future generations.


Dan Weber

Founder and President

PS. Please become a lifetime member if you are able to. And remember, all AMAC members receive special savings on things like hotel bookings, car rentals, roadside assistance, auto insurance, and more! Be sure to take advantage of your AMAC membership today!




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