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Liberals Trying to Censor Coronavirus Data Flow Do So at Their Own Risk

coronavirusThe free flow of information is critical to managing any crisis. Fortunately, as a result of his international business experience, President Trump is well versed in crisis management and has made himself and his coronavirus task force very accessible during the pandemic. Between daily press conferences coupled with a barrage of information coming forth constantly from his administration throughout the day and night, the president has been very transparent during a situation that can change from hour to hour.

In the midst of his leadership during this moving target known as COVID-19 came a request from an organization called “Free Press” who petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to censor President Trump’s press briefings because they believe he’s spreading misinformation. The FCC responded with a swift and authoritative “No!” It seems Free Press failed to demonstrate that the information disseminated from the briefings was false and could/did cause significant harm. The FCC’s response also underscores that you can’t censor information just because you disagree with it and/or don’t like who’s delivering it.

AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens represents over 2.1 million people who are age 50–plus. This demographic is among those most vulnerable for contracting the coronavirus. We talk to our members regularly and they’ve shared their frustration with the doom and gloom, biased reporting found in the mainstream news sources. They told us they crave real-time, straightforward information about the pandemic as they sit homebound, riding out this crisis.

In sifting through the multiple sources for relevant information to share with our members, we’ve found the data supplied by the Trump Administration to be the most accurate, comprehensive and timely. No threats of censorship from Trump-hating groups will stop our members from gaining access to vital pandemic data.

Our members have been particularly encouraged by news of how smoothly the private and public sectors are working together, hand-in-glove, to replenish supplies and build national stockpiles, like General Motors producing tens of thousands of ventilators. They’re relieved to know that DuPont is expediting the delivery of protective suits for frontline health care workers.

They’re grateful to hear how their Medicare services have been expanded to include telehealth and home health care services, and that CMS delivered billions of dollars to ensure that providers have the supplies they need to treat seniors infected with the coronavirus. They’ve read how their Medicare Advantage and Part D plans also expanded coverage to accommodate the needs of coronavirus sufferers.

All of this information arrives each day from the Trump Administration and it brings our members much comfort, not to mention the valuable resources they need to help them cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic. From simple recommendations by the CDC for wearing masks to news about expanded access to testing and the FDA’s emergency approval of drug therapy, the information coming from the president and his task force is essential to relieving the COVID-19 anxiety caused by the shrill, hysterical mainstream media. Task force news should be promoted, and no liberal groups masquerading as champions of a free press should scheme to shut it down.

Indeed, groups like the ironically-named Free Press would be well served to know that Americans, principally those who comprise AMAC’s membership, have long memories and take exception to threats of censorship of information they consider to be important during a national crisis. We are seven months away from a presidential election in which seniors will have a large, formidable voice.

Nearly 25 percent of voters this year will be age 65 and older. This demographic is traditionally expected to turn out to vote and are likely to make up a disproportionately larger share of actual voters this year as compared with the rest of the electorate. For example, while mature Americans accounted for 43 percent of eligible voters, they cast over 49 percent of the ballots in 2016. Additionally, this large senior voting block votes for conservatives.

In contrast, earlier this year young Democrat primary voters stayed at home in droves. Alabama saw a nearly 29 percent drop of voters in the 17-29-age range. The youth vote was also down in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Liberal groups working to silence the Trump Administration during this pandemic do so at their own risk. Come November, the senior vote will be there in full force with fresh memories of desperate left-wing activists’ attempts to squelch information they so greatly relied upon during a national emergency.

Andrew Mangione is Senior Vice President for AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action. He leads AMAC’s grassroots efforts, represents AMAC’s membership in Washington, D.C., and helps chart the association’s policy course. He also serves as a national spokesperson.

Reprinted with Permission from Townhall

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Ronald Lewis
5 months ago

This is just the Liberal left trying to minimize the effectiveness of the Presidents success and allow the fake news to promote their destructive agenda. This is dangerous because the country can not effectively combat this awful virus without the true information. We need strong leadership and we are getting it through president Trump and the left can’t stand the loss of opportunity to make him look bad just before elections.

Brent M Fruchey
5 months ago

I thought the liberals liked the American people, but they seem to show they don’t.

Teresa Hanneman
5 months ago

Totally agree with the daily updates from President Trump, Vice President Pence and Task Force and the total transparency. These updates give us the factual information we need and not the news media’s propaganda. The American people have shown they can deal with the “truth”. We have a President/Vice President to be very proud of and have the utmost confidence in!

Greg Snyder
5 months ago

History has charted the path that the Progressives are following. Read about Vladimir Lenin, one of his oft repeated mantra’s was “if it isn’t reported it didn’t happen”. That is why the left strives so hard to silence the opposition.

Brian Richard Allen
5 months ago

…. any fascist-Marxist Leftard: individual, group and/or institution; that attempts the censorship of any Wuhan/China-Communist-Party Virus-related fact, does so at his/its-own risk …. Expect only that as it becomes clear (to even the most obtuse among the fascist-Left’s sub-85-IQ “base”) that their “leaders'” every-thus-far-employed “tactic” has been and continues to be a dismal failure — and that the “democrats'” Deep State’s every attack has harmed only those perpetrating the assaults — and said “base,” — that the base will become as enraged and as retributive as all the rest of us should already be. And will turn upon said leaders… Read more »

5 months ago

We don’t watch the MSM. We have no TV – by choice. But, we get U Tube on the computer and can actually hear what President Trump and his health committee people are saying. The only way to get the truth is from the horse’s mouth!

5 months ago

The socialists just get more desperate every day. They are so obvious now. Do nothing except stoke fear and confusion.

T Taylor
5 months ago

Liberals a large part of the Shadow government; it needs to go.

5 months ago

So sad….

5 months ago

The media is manipulating every word spewing forth from its broadcast capabilities. The media lies to us 24-7. I cannot even get a COVID-19 Wuhan Virus-free weather report.

Barb Anderson
5 months ago

Where is the Seal of the President on the podium and is there always a flag anymore? According to some “prophecies” which I really don’t like to hear as they are very deceiving; this was supposed to be a ‘sign’ of something. Don’t remember what for sure. But it was predicted and now it is missing….

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