Liberals’ Real Problem Is That Christian Schools Exist at All

Pence Christian Schools Exist LiberalsIt was supposed to be a day celebrating religious freedom in America. Instead, liberals decided to show everyone just how much our First Freedom is at risk.

For Christians, who have tried to warn people that these past several years were about a lot more than marriage, the attacks on second lady Karen Pence certainly seem to prove their point.

Three years after Obergefell v. Hodges, all of the lies about “love” and “tolerance” have been eclipsed by the court cases, articles, and editorial demonizing people of faith.

What Americans see now is the truth: The left is coming for our freedom, and they have no intention of letting up.

Like former Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Karen Pence spent years in the classroom. When Vice President Mike Pence was in Congress, she taught art at Immanuel Christian School in Virginia, and no one batted an eye.

Of course, that was back in the early 2000s, when the left’s charm offensive on same-sex marriage was still in full swing. We’ll be accommodating, they said. We just want to coexist, they said. Our relationships won’t affect you, they said.

A handful of years later, “affected” doesn’t begin to describe what happens to conservatives who think differently than the totalitarian left.

Of course, the Pences are not strangers to the other side’s viciousness. Every time the media is reminded about the family’s faith, they become hysterical all over again—a scene that played out this week when Karen announced she’d be volunteering at Immanuel Christian this spring.

“I am excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do,” she said in a statement. “I have missed teaching art, and it’s great to return to the school where I taught art for 12 years.”

She can’t go back there, LGBT activists raged! They reject homosexuality! Yes, well, that’s what Orthodox Christian schools do. (Not to mention Jewish and Muslim ones, too.)

Would it have been headline news if Jill Biden taught at a Roman Catholic school? Probably not. Yet, the left and their media chums are hurling profanity at the Pences for something that, even five years ago, wouldn’t have been controversial.

Frankly, the only thing that would have been shocking is if Karen worked at a Christian school that didn’t act like a Christian school.

CNN’s Kate Bennett was just one of the talking heads who doesn’t get it. “So, lemme get this straight,” she tweeted, “the second lady of the United States has chosen to work at a school that openly discriminates against LGBT adults and children?”

“So, lemme get this straight,” Ben Shapiro fired back. “You’re a reporter, but you’ve never heard of religious people before? ‘BREAKING: Pence’s wife is working for a Christian school that requires that Christian students pledge to abide by Christian standards of sin that have not changed in 2,000 years.’”

To be honest, the left’s real problem isn’t that Mike Pence’s wife is working at an evangelical school—but that evangelical schools exist at all.

Since they do, the last thing liberals want is for anyone in public office to be associated with them. And despite what you’ve heard from the forces of intolerance, Immanuel Christian doesn’t “ban” anyone from the school.

What it does, Chad Greene points out, “is require a specific set of behavioral and religious belief standards equally applied to everyone.

“Many in the Christian world make a distinction regarding LGBT people that the left typically refuses to consider, between a person and his actions.”

As Christians, our behavior doesn’t define us; we define our behavior.

Immanuel is in the business of teaching Christianity. What would be the point of a religious school if it didn’t?

This “immediate, visceral reaction” shows just how far the left will go to shame people of faith into silence. Worse, it proves the day they told us was coming is finally here. Back in 2015, during the Obergefell arguments, President Barack Obama’s top lawyer, Donald Verrilli, pulled back the curtain on the left’s real goal in one surprisingly candid moment.

When Justice Samuel Alito pressed the solicitor general on whether same-sex marriage would give the government a weapon to threaten Christian schools, Verrilli seemed uncomfortable, but admitted, “It’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is—it is going to be an issue.”

We haven’t seen the left fully implement their plans, because they haven’t had the benefit of another radical president in the White House to build on the liberal legacy of Obama. But we don’t have to guess what they’ll do if they get one.

It’s all spelled out in the most recent Democratic National Platform. Religious freedom, as Americans have known it for 233 years, will not be safe in the hands of a movement that is surgically targeting people of faith.

When I talked to the vice president on “Washington Watch,” he didn’t mince words.

“Karen and I have been in and around public life for almost two decades, and so—to be honest—we’re used to the criticism, but the attacks on Christian education by the mainstream media have got to stop,” he said.

“We cherish the freedom of religion in this country. This administration stands four-square for the freedom of religion of people of all faiths. And to see the mainstream media criticize my wife because she’s choosing to return to the classroom of an elementary Christian school is wrong.”

There used to be a consensus in this country that religious liberty was for everyone. When the Religious Freedom Restoration Act came before Congress, only three members voted against it. Over time, some liberals tried to isolate faith—to churches, Christian schools, or family rooms.

You’ve heard me say before that the left’s hope is to quarantine religion within the four walls of the church. Now, it’s becoming clear: Even that won’t satisfy them.

“I have always had a problem with the idea that religion is something we must keep to ourselves,” Matt Walsh writes in the Daily Wire. “Indeed, the Christian faith requires exactly the opposite. But in the case of Karen Pence and her new employer, they are doing exactly what the left demanded.

“This school is merely trying to operate by biblical principles within its own walls and on its own property. It is a Christian school simply being a Christian school.

“It isn’t bothering anyone. It isn’t invading anyone’s home and lecturing them about their sexual behavior. It isn’t preventing anyone from working or living or enjoying their lives. It is just saying, very reasonably, very unobtrusively, ‘We are going to conduct ourselves according to Christian moral tradition. If you don’t want to accept that moral tradition, then by all means, go somewhere else.’

“This is exactly, precisely, the approach that the left for years endorsed and insisted upon. But suddenly it’s a problem. Suddenly, even Christianity behind closed doors, on private property, in a private school, is a target of outrage and scorn.

“It was a lie all along. They were never planning to stop outside the walls of our homes and our churches and our schools. That’s just what they said to lull us to sleep.

“Now the next phase begins.”

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Tony Perkins

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The Left has a lot in common with the writings in the quran, which encourages followers to lie, deceive, or do whatever it takes to promote the agenda. Then, once you have enough power and control over the population, you just do what was always intended openly and without apology.


Unfortunately this is no longer the America of our founding fathers. We have become a sinful and perverted nation. If you would like a definition of sin look at 1 John chapter 3 and verse 4. Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law; for sin is the transgression of the law. (That is Gods law.) The God who has blessed us abundantly since our founding is now taking away those blessings because of our sins. Anyone who lives their life in accordance with Gods laws will be persecuted by the servants of Satan, the Bible says so.


The Democrats need to change their name to the Socialist Party of America. They are no longer for Democracy.

The Freezing Senior

Liberals ( in reality DEMOCRATS ) real problem is that Christianity exists at all.
GBA – MAGA#45 !

Marlaen Fisher

I believe everyone has the right to believe what they want to.If you don’t believe in the teachings of Christianity or those of the Jewish faith that’s okay but don’t take away my right to believe in what I want to. No one is forcing people to go to a religious school, religious service, or activity. If someone feels same sex marriage is wrong ,is a sin, that is okay as long as they do not do harm to people who don’t believe as they do. As a Christian I have the right to send my children to a Christian school or teach in a Christian school. Christian schools do not teach violence or hatred as some of the Liberal politicians do and now many Colleges.

Mona Ramos

Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

Roy Acrea

Religious persecution is going to be our mantra in this century. This article just confirms it.


And the next step is pedophilia for them…and to get one of their own in these places.

Alvin T Parsley

I praise the Lord for Vice President Pence and his first lady for taking the stand for our religious freedom. I am praying for them and others who take the same stand.


The Vice President, then governor of Indiana found out what happens when this movement reacted with demonic hate over a law passed in order to protect Christian businesses. Governor Pence seemed shocked at the result and, if memory serves, backed away as quickly as he could. These people will never rest until Christian schools are no more, or they are forced to tow the line on lgbq issues. Likewise, it will become a criminal act to in any way criticize actions of the lgbq crowd if the dems have their way.

Phillip J. Sloan

I, for one, am not a “turn the other cheek” kind of guy. “nuff said.


The liberals don’t like the idea that there is sin in this world. Christianity is convicting. It shows that we are sinful and in need of a Savior. To acknowledge this, it would mean turning from sinful ways and choosing to live for the Lord. Liberals want to do whatever they feel is right and feels good. Can’t do this when you are a Christian. Christians answer to a God. May the Lord have mercy on our country and our leaders. We are headed in a dangerous direction. Pray for our nation and its leaders. I really believe the Lord only has His hand on this nation because of Christians.


If there would have been o criticism if Joe Biden’s wife would teach at a Catholic school – it would be because everyone knows he is “Catholic” in name only. Now if he were an orthodox Catholic and actually lived the faith, oh yes, the media and the Democrats certainly would come against her. But then, if he were truly an orthodox, practicing Catholic – not a CINO like the rest of the wanna-be Catholics in the Deathocrat party – he couldn’t be a Deathocrat and neither could the rest.


WOW, while reading this article I kept remembering the cultural picture of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible just before it was destroyed! Lot had to bar his door to keep LGBT people out and other perverts who were going around trying to seduce people?

David Hamm

Democrats views on the Christian faith are nothing short of evil. They to the devils bidding simple as that!

Steve Martindale

The left has gone “NUTS” , they think the whole country should change just to fit their needs and wants… Well it’s not going to happen . We’re right they are wrong !!!


Wake up America
Jesus will return sooner than you think and we will not have to PLEASE the unbelievers. Greh

Joy Meyer

They can’t brain wash kids in Christian Schools.


Listen you freaking queers perverted asses Christian Schools were the First Schools ever so shut you dum sick perverted mouth up the gov.only got into School to make more reasons to take our money and now you disgusting people only to spread you vile living garbage