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Liberals Officially Seek Repeal of Abortion Limitations, says AMAC

abortionThey want ‘Americans to suspend their religious beliefs to accommodate abortion under all circumstances’

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 5 – Just when you thought pro-abortion activists couldn’t get more extreme, the left is now calling for repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of federal funds for abortions except under exigent circumstances.

“The liberals want Americans to suspend their religious beliefs to accommodate abortion under all circumstances and to be ready to pony up their tax dollars for abortions on demand, whether they like it or not,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“In fact, they managed to include repeal of the Hyde Amendment in the Democratic Party Platform for the 2016 Presidential Election, making it official.”

A very recent survey on federal funding for abortions shows that the majority of the country is against federal funding for abortions.  Sixty-two percent of the 1,000 people who were polled gave it a thumbs down vote, including many who call themselves pro-choice.  Marist researchers said that 45 percent of those who identify as pro-choice and 44 percent of Democrats surveyed said they were against the use of federal funds for abortions.

The Marist research also showed that almost 80 percent of respondents would restrict abortions to the first three months of pregnancy.

“Yet the Democratic Party is seeking to force them and the rest of us to accept the extreme left turn it is making in their attitude toward abortion.  We shouldn’t forget that an abortion is really the killing of an unborn baby,” said Weber.

It is interesting to note that Barbara Carvalho who oversees the Marist Poll said that  “the majority of Americans in favor of abortion restrictions has been consistently around 8 in 10 for the better part of a decade.”  She also pointed out that while “self-identification as pro-life or pro-choice can vary substantially from year to year, the support for restrictions is quite stable.”

Weber describes himself as “thoroughly pro-life” when it comes to the topic of abortion “and I believe in what mainstream America believes: that the First Amendment is inviolable.   I believe that all Americans have the right to put into practice their religious beliefs  and 36 years ago the Supreme Court upheld that right in its decision in the case of Harris v. McRae.  The nine justices in that case ruled that the right to have an abortion does not include the right to force other people to pay for it through their tax dollars.  The blatant decision by the leaders of the Democratic Party to include repeal of the Hyde Amendment in its 2016 Platform is an infringement of my right to remain true to my beliefs and it is an infringement on the rights of all Americans, whether pro-choice or pro-life.”


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Laurie Gray
6 years ago

PLEASE AMAC, lead the way in calling it the “Democrat” Party not the “Democratic” Party. Democratic Party gives them legitimacy they don’t deserve. HRC is the DEMOCRAT nominee no the Democratic nominee. WORDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

R. Frank Bruck
6 years ago

YOU play YOU PAY, You do not PROTECT YOURSELF you pay. I and the other taxpayers of this great country OWE YOU NOTHING. HAVE MERCY for the babies !
Federal Government was NEVER setup to control, tax and pay for all that the free loaders want. Fed for world affairs and States for States rights
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,swims like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck THEN damn it must BE A DUCK.

Alan Holloway
6 years ago

For the democrats, this whole issue is about money. Follow the money trail from the abortion clinics, activists and ‘bleeding hearts’ straight to the pockets of lobbyists and special-interest groups and then to politicians who legislate that more money be forcibly taken from the public and given to the insurance companies and government welfare programs which move money right back to the abortion clinics. Around and around and around we go and where we’ll stop we never will…

6 years ago

I find it interesting that those who are for abortion are alive outside the womb and declaring to have rights and say they are in control of their bodies. What about those precious little human beings who are defenseless and depending on the protection of their moms who want to kill them. What if those who are so prochoice were treated like they are treating the unborn today? Personally I am glad my mom chose life for me and I am so glad I chose life for my children. They have been a Blessing to me and our family!

Wayne Mays
6 years ago

The Hyde Amendment is sacrosanct to pro-lifers. It has saved many lives, but cuts into Planned Parenthood’s profits. Those considering how to vote- when they don;t like either Presidential candidate- should look at the platforms. Republican platform: pro-life; Democrat platform: pro-abortion, for all 9 months, with taxpayers footing the bills.

6 years ago

Why is it that elective surgery in any other form is not covered by insurance, yet abortion, which in the majority of cases is elective, is not only funded, but the government and irresponsible people who can’t control themselves, feel they have the right to demand that others must pay for that elective surgery? Irrespective of anyone’s view on the morality of abortion, why should anyone have to pay for elective surgery for others?

6 years ago
Reply to  David

Because the Prince of Lies,Satan does not care about most elective surgery, but humans who God so loves that he sent His son, well he hates us. So Satan is going to help us, destroy ourselves. Just look at the current teen suicide rate, and the abortion rate, Young girls giving their precious bodies to guys who only have to say they love them. it’s all so sad. Morality is outdated according to many government officials, especially in the most important offices. Satan has taken over. God cannot be spoken of. in schools, and in many public squares, even at work. We must ALL “fight the good fight and run the race” that St Paul and the church speak about. This is not a time to be silent but to lovingly find the middle ground and educate people. Especially with the media also against us. Look at what 12 faithful men did in the early church. Give up sin, fast, pray and speak truth in love. Be both wise and meek. Remember our Lord has won the battle.

Diane R Schhilling
6 years ago

States rights would fix a lot of todays problems, so would repealing the 17th Amendment (eliminate the power of lobbyists)! As for Abortion, the best way to eliminate the “need” in most instances – Pay for the first child only, if the 2nd comes along, birth or abortion, stop the checks. Lets set free the Democrats’ voter slaves!!!

6 years ago

Abortion right should be left to each state citizens to decide. The federal government should not use taxpayers money to fund abortion.
In my state we protest abortion by going to the state capitol. We are the voice of the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Just that only few people march and most just talk and do nothing.
Has anyone joined any anti abortion rallies in DC lately.
Do you know that most states pay for you to have your baby? The government encourages people not to be married if they are in low income bracket. The government pays for everything. Then government put them on wick, medicaid and food stamp, etc.
All this just to get votes.

6 years ago
Reply to  cragan

The right to life is not a state issue, any more than murder or armed robbery! It is a defined right and should be held consistent across ALL states.
I’m an RN who has worked in, and provided healthcare leadership throughout Birth Care in 3 states, and on national basis.
We must turn Rowe vs Wade around….If everyone who wanted an abortion had to witness what that involved and the pure torture of the babies that occurs in facilitating it, and the tiny life (NOT a piece of indiscriminate tissue)…..no one would choose that route. It is absolutely heart breaking to care for moms who spontaneously lost perfectly formed tiny human beings, and see their anguish. Required Education is a necessity.

6 years ago
Reply to  CJeanne

Yes, a agree. But we first must educate people why. We must start with the common ground. Many people do agree on allowing some restrictions. We must first get more citizens on that. Too many have been silent for too long. We must speak truthfully about the common ground. Satan was smart enough to slowly bring our society to believe these lies. He always makes them look attractive. Made them look like truth. We who know the truth can do more faster, since we have the truth. But EVERYONE needs to start in their own circle and start talking. Share but start with things you think they can agree with. Parental consent, not tearing babies apart in the later stages of pregnancy, PP excess dollars, parts of the David Daleidan videos, healthy clinics, the benefits of open adoptions, the negative repercussions of those who have had abortions. Get one other person who thinks politics and religion should not be discussed, to agree or at least think about sharing one small truth this week to someone else. This war must be fought by us. Again, fast, pray and share. Fasting is powerful, since the Lord says only some demons can be removed by fasting. Start with one meal, or only do bread and water. Especially on Fridays.
I know I am speaking to the choir, but we must all do more. Look at the early church.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anne

And I’ve been actively doing that on a personal, local community, state and national basis for 35 years….living and sharing the reality of abortion in resl life….not just being an activist and telling everyone in a sterile language that it takes education.

6 years ago
Reply to  cragan

Welfare agencies might be getting bonus checks from the D.N.C. for all we know. LBJ KNEW what he was doing with his “war on poverty” Keep ’em slaves to the government so they will HAVE to vote Democrat. And on this all out war on innocent children in the wombs, raise Hell at your elected representatives to fight this with all they have or vote them out !

steven jacobs
6 years ago

by all means, abortion for all who want them-one way to lessen the pro choice voter pool

6 years ago
Reply to  steven jacobs

The problem is they have taken over our schools, libraries, tv, movies and even the internet. They are indoctrinating our children. Just like was done in China, and Germany, etc. They do not need to have children to try and destroy our children.
Keep in mind Satan’s knows he is going to hell, and wants to take as many of us as possible with him. For he hates humans who God loves.

6 years ago

Well I’m pro choice reason being is that people that are stupid enough to do it are the same people that are being an increasing minority turning into majority
That think society owe them something and hate
Conservatives and to me it seems that is the only way
To self control of population for theire are not educated enough smart enough or have the common sense to use any kind of birth control
These are people that start producing (sorry I have to use this word but in the cruel reality is the only that fit the case). Giving birth as early as 13 yrs of age an have no less than 3 kids up to 15 kids in majority of cases from different fathers also most of the time taking welfare
So this stupid politically correct thing about anti abortion
Should be abandon for pro choice for we are promoting the decay of society the increasing of welfare , the increase of jail population , the ever increasing crime rate and murder and the ever increasing of an entitle society
With all that been said there are exemption to the rules but then again there are so few
Let there be a pro choice right until schools churches the media start educating us the poor
That we are so ignorant about this

Clark Kent
6 years ago
Reply to  Maury

Smile! Your mom was pro-life!

6 years ago
Reply to  Maury

I think you are well intentioned, list some truths I agree with, but as our Lord said, they know not what they do.
We are asked to love them and their children. But we need to educate them, encourage them to want a better life, build a society where they can live that dream. After all any adult using AMAC lived in a different time, where everyone wasn’t encouraged by the media, Hollywood, their school, the internet to have sex with anyone, of any sex, anytime, anywhere. Many of the problems today were brought on by adults in our era, those in the hippie free love culture and those who did nothing because they were busy doing something else. Many young women now give their bodies to the first guy who says they love them. Our children are growing up in a trash society where the 10 commandments and discussion about morality is not welcome. Moral relativism is everywhere, including in our schools. Birth control, may I remind you, is not foolproof. That is why Planned Parenthood sells it cheap. Knowing full well these young girls will be back, soon, to destroy their first child,, or give their souls to the government and become part of another problem. In the process they destroy part of themselves. Many are abandoned by their families if they do not abort. And the government who hates marriage, again since God loves it, encourages them with money to get on the system, since they know then they will get their vote. Many of these young people have no idea how much potential they have. The gifts they have to offer our society. We are all responsible to educate them. Start with one kid in your neighborhood. One boy, one girl to respect their body and the body of others. For these young people are attacked on all sides. Many young men will never marry or be responsible for their children. While marriage is still the answer for happier adults, esp men and children, our society openly mocks it.
Need I remind you, we were warned that mass birth control would lead to the ruin of families and the objectifying of women.
Great results these days for those who participate in open adoptions. But studies show few people even know what an open adoption is. And if you think our schools will ever educate our children to respect their bodies and hold off having sex at a young age, you have been misinformed somewhere. They do the opposite. In my state they indoctrinate the children as old as 10 with sex information. And no not just basics. But extreme behaviors. The Department of Health and the Department of Education are fully on board. Many research studies and yes Planned Parenthood are involved, to share with them their progressive values of freedom and sexually which actually entrap them. Their are many examples, which I would be happy to share. Many from my own job. So like I said we are the ones that must educate the children in our neighborhoods. One child at a time. For all are precious in God’s eyes and should be in ours also. While we fight these political evils.

Ronald Barta
6 years ago

Why is it in this great country of ours that we can go to jail for abusing pets but face no repercussions when we abort babies. Are animals more important than unborn babies?

D Neal
6 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Barta

Human abortion and animal abuse are under the same concept of lack of respect for life, and cruelty of the perpetrator. In my book. That is evil. ( Another wonderful moral observation of the Godly Ronald Reagan) The present administration and those who want to continue the lack of respect for God and America have chosen the wrong side.

6 years ago
Reply to  D Neal

Very aptly said! Abortion is murder no matter how you look at it.

Eric Flora
6 years ago

I am a pro choice conservative but absolutely do not understand how the federal government can use my tax dollars to pay for abortions. That is outside the authority they have and is a waste of tax dollars that are to invested in activities identified in the narrowest terms of the constitution.

6 years ago
Reply to  Eric Flora

Yes I agree it is so wrong that the federal government involved in funding abortions is wrong. Such a misuse of money.

I have a few questions for you to ponder.
Do you personally think it is ok for your neighbor to beat his wife and children?
Would you say, I would not beat my wife and children, but it is ok that he does?

Now, let’s go a step further. If the government said that said it was ok for him to beat his wife and children.
Would you say, I would not personally beat my wife and children but it is ok if he does since it is the law?

Would to take a stand the try to dissuade others from following or believing this law?
Would you take a stand and try to change the law, so he could maybe only beat his wife?
Would you consider at least making it more restrictive so he could only beat her under certain circumstances?
Or would you do nothing, saying he can beat his wife and children, he can even abuse and impregnate his child if the law says it’s ok?

I am sure you see the logic here of my questions.
Hitler thought taking the Jews homes, property and even their lives was ok. Many good people did nothing. We all stand somewhere. But would it not be wonderful if more would say this is not ok. Truth is not hard to defend, because it is truth. Lies only lead to more lying to defend them. Look at all Planned Parenthood’s lies. When you kill, what is a lie next to taking another’s very life?
Good men are required to act. Not do nothing. Doing nothing is what got the great United States into this position. We must spend more time speaking and educating others. Even one person.
May God bless you.

6 years ago

A prime example of the left hypocritically being intolerant to all but their viewpoint. And demanding to force theirs on you.
” I notice that everyone who is in favor of abortion was born.” Ronald Reagan (paraphrased)

6 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Now that is the real “INCONVENIENT TRUTH” The selfish core of the Left is looking them right in the face.

6 years ago

We are supposed to be matured citizens in years and in thinking (wisdom). Some of these posts are disturbing.
Paul Van,
What do you suggest that a married woman should do when the husband decides he does not want the pregnancy? And wants the fetus aborted? I had a friend in college who had an abortion, because her husband want the baby aborted. She was always sad.
A faithful Catholic follow the teaching. I take your comment personally. My sister had a child who was supposed not to live past 2 years. She had two miscarriages. She stayed true to her Catholic teaching. I am not a Catholic, but my denomination teaching is the same. Although, it allows the use of different birth control methods, not abortion.
Before Christ – though shall not kill. You use the lower case “g” in God.
Why are you so bitter?
Are you advocating using drugs and smoking to abort little humans? Or are you suggesting that there is no different between aborting by pulling the baby out of the womb or smoking and drugging.
Peace to you all.

6 years ago
Reply to  cragan

In response to the husband who did not want a baby and wanted his wife to have an abortion that she did not want. I sympathize with the wife. They both could have and should have used birth control. Don’t couples discuss before marriage and/or before having sexual relations each others discuss their thoughts and desires regarding children?? It is very irresponsible to create a child and then abort it as if it is OK/or NOTHING when it is in their power to not let this happen. Aborting a fetus is murder and all who do this will have to pay when they meet their maker (GOD) whether they believe this or not.



6 years ago
Reply to  cragan

Murder is wrong in all instances. The Consequences for irresponsible behavior are obvious, and unavoidable except by responsible behavior.

6 years ago
Reply to  cragan

For those that have had an abortion or were involved in one, a big hug to them. Repentance is a beautiful thing, for God’s love is greater than any sin. This is the year of mercy. Pour your heart our to our Lord. Repent, seek his love. Rachel’s Vineyard offers hope and yes healing. Also check out Silent no more.
So to the wife whose husband wanted her to have an abortion, I would of advised her to run to a relative’s or a church member’s home (mine included) with her kid’s and sent a priest to talk to her husband. If need be she could place the child in an open abortion, so her and her children could stay in contact if they wanted. Since it is after the fact, I would just love her, for she clearly is not loved by her own husband, and recommend she call Rachel’s Vineyard for healing. God holds her very close, though she may not know it.
Again if good men do nothing evil is allowed to exist. My door is open. I will not send you to Planned Parenthood, so you cry every year on the day you aborted you child, or on the day of his 5 birthday, and 10 birthday. And wonder what he would of been like, and how he would have touched the other kids and this world. Many know how having an abortion leads to higher rates of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and even suicide. Love not birth control, or abortion or sex supposed education is the answer. Love is. Men need to love woman, as Christ loved the Church. He suffered and died for her. There is lots of sex in our society but little love, that is the problem.

6 years ago

don’t we already pay for planned parenthood thru our tax dollar and if so how can we say no to that. I am opposed to paying anything to that corrupt private business and would be willing to withhold that portion of my taxes if some one could tell me how to take a stand.

6 years ago
Reply to  candy

We need to put the right person in the White House in November, that’s how we take a stand. Our tax dollars should be used for other things that will benefit all Americans and not for “murder” of an unborn child who cannot speak for itself. Afterall, there are other options available and not only abortion for those innocent babies. Using tax dollars to kill them before they have a chance at life is just plain murder and those involved should be prosecuted!!

6 years ago

Because of circumstances my wife and I have had our grandson since he was 1 year old. We adopted him when he was 3. He is now 13, and I thank God every day that he was not an abortion. No need for abortion, to many people want children.

Gary Owens
6 years ago

Paying For Abortions?

The Libertards want to take my 2nd Amendment Rights away because of death by guns???

The CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT states the ability to be armed!
No ifs ands or buts!!
It’s directly in the wording!

I have purchased weapons legally and NOT ONE purchase has resulted in a DEATH!

NOWHERE in the CONSTITUTION nor Amendments does it mention the right to kill the unborn, or the right “choose”???!!!

A Liberal Court “decided” and “interpreted” the words to mean the right to a woman’s “liberty & happiness”.
I don’t want the kid so let’s get rid of it.



NOT every “weapons” purchase is evil!

Get real!!

Leave my guns alone and quit being a bunch of HYPOCRITES!

Rick D.
6 years ago

I cannot understand the liberal mind that thinks it’s OK to kill an unborn child, but is willing to fight to save the life of a convicted murderer. Note that they like to sugar coat terms so they will feel better. They use pro-choice instead of abortion; fetus, instead of baby; anti-abortion instead of pro-life. Perhaps to get liberals to endorse capitol punishment is a simple change in terminology. Instead of referring to these procedures as “executions”, we should call them “late-term abortions.”

6 years ago
Reply to  Rick D.

Rick that is fantastic I will remember that for latter discussions

6 years ago
Reply to  Rick D.

They call it Pro Life just as they call homosexual “gay” to mask the nature of the act which is easy to do to the ignorant population we have in the USA. IF the acts are within human reason, why would they mask the name? Sort of like bi-sexual is from a birth defect! It is a life style, which everyone has the right to live if they desire, however it shouldn’t receive “special rights” along with all the protections of the others.

Let’s face it, the USA has been turning in this direction for 50+ years with the democrats constant group pandering for votes. The people in those groups are so single issue focused that they buy into the nonsense and believe it is the result of concern for them when, in reality, it is designed to keep the ruling class in power. Same for “free stuff” paid for by???

6 years ago
Reply to  Rick D.

Rick, you are right. In today’s society and especially in our govt., they are always trying to be “politically correct” that they are “breeding” a new generation of idiots who are trying to give terms new names and meanings so they can get the general population to buy into their way of thinking. And if our population isn’t so educated as it were, they would adopt those new terms and names as “cool.” and not give them a second thought because it came from our government. And they probably wouldn’t even care if our tax dollars are being used to pay for abortions, because that came from our government too. What a shame.

6 years ago
Reply to  Rick D.

Trying to understand “the liberal mind” is like trying to understand the insane.

Molly Cook
6 years ago

Guess they need to hustle erase the 1st Amendment.

Marilynn Cholowsky
6 years ago

I do not believe in abortions and do not want my tax money to pay for others and should not be forced to do so -if they want to end a life let them pay themselves

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