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Liberals, Death, AMAC

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First, liberals have proven how little they care about the American people. Next, the media appears to continue their campaign to destroy the President at every turn. Finally, one of AMAC’s very own representatives will update you on the impacts of COVID-19.

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2 years ago

NASTY Nancy is committing Treason daily She needs a one way ticket to WUHAN?. ASAP

Pamela S. Schiermeier
2 years ago

Why does Nancy Pelosi give the Kennedy Center money ??? For what !!

wank davis
2 years ago

Whereas most of these comments are accurate (based on my opinion), they are generally too negative and fail to meet the problem head on with a positive solution. Rather than condemn lets just present the advantages of the “other side.” Our “other side” approach to the issues of our country involve limiting government programs and freeing our outstanding free enterprise system to provide an opportunity to our citizens to be personally successful. Lets encourage individuals to work a job and invest in the free enterprise system (buy stock, open IRAs, contribute to profit sharing, etc).

Patricia Watts
2 years ago

I sent a check ($32) several weeks ago….Nothing from AMAC since.
What is your problem.

2 years ago

I agree with T2. Whichever congressional district you reside in, vote Republican! Does anyone know just how much of Pelosi’s pork actually made it into the adopted version? I’d be interested in knowing this.

2 years ago

Nancy Pelosi is a pathetic excuse for an American citizen. The only thing worse than her is the people that continue to support her and her band of socialist/communist extremists. If Americans that are Democtrats can’t wean themselves of these swamp animals, then they deserve what their leaders have given them. The rest of us that love and appreciate this country need to educate our friends and neighbors of what the socialists will continue to offer if allowed to gain power through election/re-election. Anyone that says that President Trump should have been prepared for what no one knew was coming should ask themselves why didn’t President O’bama or another president before him do anything. The medical community knew that a pandemic was only a matter of time.

2 years ago

I wish you would publish article listing all the junk liberals tried to pass in the Covid 19 relief bill.

Jean S
2 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Great idea!

Timothy Kelso
2 years ago

Um, don’t forget about George Soros. He’s one of those who fund the likes of dear old Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. New world order 1 percenters. Smh

2 years ago
Reply to  Timothy Kelso

Don’t forget I really believe George Soros also funding Dumbat AOS She is definitely being Con trolled by puppet strings

2 years ago

maybe just maybe we republicans/independents will take the house back this November and Nancy can be persuaded to retire and go back to her mansion that she didn’t build.

M. Franklin
2 years ago


2 years ago

Amazing! Not even Amac recognizes socialism in action. The CARE Act, promoted by Ben Ferguson in the video, proposed to take
“from each according to his ability (savings) to each according to his need (greed). ” That is a communist axiom that I have inserted
the (xxx) to further explain what is going on. Our govt. does not produce money to give to us. American workers produce it. It takes from some and gives to others. Everyone from governors on down are clamoring for more than their “fair” share. When the govt. prints 2T dollars and dumps it on us, it waters down the value of our dollars we have saved and the future dollars we will receive as paychecks. We are led to believe this is such a great deal and we will watch this get played out again and again in the future because “look how the people are enjoying socialism”. We decry Bernie for HIS socialism? And Amac helps promote this unconstitutional action wholeheartedly.
Folks like me over 62 will still get our S.S. checks, no change. Others will get unemployment checks. Others have savings to fall back on temporarily. Others will need help from their fellow Americans. Let’s get back to work and win this battle rather than allow the Fedgov to become our parent, or worse yet–our master.

Stan d. Upnow
2 years ago

They think they’re oh-so-clever in their ploy to place the Trump Admin. in a no-win situation: sign the bill and they get what they want; don’t sign and they will Loudly & falsely proclaim Trump & GOP are doing nothing to protect the public.
Their error is the miscalculation that even a low-intelligence person won’t recognize their disgusting ploy is just that, a Disgusting Ploy!

2 years ago

Yes they should have never got congress I think they cheated as usual so we have to make sure they don’t cheat again that no illegals, felons, multiple votes, not any dead ether, we have to protect our country, elections, from these socialist, communist, atheists, muslim, that out to destroy America and Our Constitution as Written, and we better keep an eye on what these politicians, judges, are doing right now, that includes states, as well as the federal, just like all these 25 million to arts bull shit, and 700,000. For migrants, and killing of the old if they get sick, next it will be any disabled, then kids that are not 100%, like Ny don’t trust them there already saying they might have to pick and choose, but lies they have a stock pile of ventilators, and they caused the problem to be worse when they ignored the President, when he told the governor, mayor, to close ports, and not let certain countries in they did it anyway, so the people of Ny have a good case to put them in prison when and if we beat this.

2 years ago

No mention of ballot harvesting.

Ed LaPinskas
2 years ago

All you bloggers are WAY too kind.These are lock-step communists ALL. Like the chinese commies, they ALL lie to gain power / deceive voters.
Going back to my elders, their belief was – the “demo-crats” have just 4 basic tenets – TAX-SPEND-LIE-CONTROL. See the similarity ?

Bud T
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed LaPinskas

You know I remember a time when Democrats were somewhat moderate and stood for working man’s rights. I was once one. But since mid to late 60’s it’s been Democratic rhetoric running this country and creating laws in disguise of civil rights to sound altruistic, to where the ONLY difference between us and China is they can’t speak out against their govt and they don’t have the constitutional rights we’re losing . They have a more fairer tax system and the communist govt doesn’t watch the way the spend their money. My wife being from the south China I’ve traveled their in past (not recent :) Now not waiving a flag for them but showing you the Democrats are grandfathering our constitution away, It’s going to be battle for we have been losing it for a very long time friends. I’m a Vietnam Vet and I don’t want Communism here I don’t really care what economic system is in China or Japan or whereever. it’s their business. our threat is more from govt insiders like Pelosi and Schumer for they will weaken us so bad that China or anyone can can’t this country.. the won’t have to do much. We are not very united and remember United we stand DIVIDED WE FALL. that’s what these traitors are doing .

2 years ago

Nancy and her group have been into the dumb dumb pills way to long .If someone were to put a bullet in her head that would be to good for what she and her party is doing to the American people.

2 years ago

Now it’s being said that President Trump should have prepared two years in advance for the outbreak. This is insane!

anna hubert
2 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Would have had Chinese informed him they are working overtime to develop it

Mike Woodhead
2 years ago

At this time of taking care of the economy, I am disappointed that seniors receiving Social Security have been ignored. It is past time, by many years, that the amount seniors receive in Social Security checks should be tax exempt. Such an exemption would ease the tax burden for many who were high wage earnes and paid the maximum during their work years. To be taxed on the amounts received is double taxation, and should be stopped. That the liberals have not suggested this only indicates their disdain for the contribution made during the work lifes of so many seniors. This would NOT be a “dole” but rather a fair way to treat retirees, who still make impotant contributions to American society.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Woodhead

Wasn’t it Carter (a democrat, of course) who came up with taxing Social Security benefits? If there was a way to measure how much air we breathe, you can BET the dems would figure out how to tax us.

Karl Woodman
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Woodhead


Bo Dalton
2 years ago

Ben , you and Bobby can call these people shameful, However, the rest of us will call them exactly what they are ! They are CRIMINAL !! They need to be treated as CRIMINALS and punished as CRIMINALS !! There is no need to be Politically Correct with CRIMINALS !!!

2 years ago

At CNN and MSNBC you have democrats interviewing democrats. Actually, at any one of the fake news networks democrats rule! Talk about audacity, the fake news liars are deliberately distorting Trump’s words. Thank God viewers have so many independent news sources to obtain video of Mr. Trumps news conferences. The truth will always prevail over the fake news! Trump 2020!

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