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Liberal Media Suffer Cognitive Dissonance – As Untrue Narratives Collapse

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The liberal media are suffering a debilitating bout of “cognitive dissonance,” a condition defined by mental discomfort created by trying to hold two contradictory ideas in the mind – at one time.   Luckily, the American People do not.

Follow me here.  The condition is very real, and you can see it creeping on the left.  A few examples make the point.  At first, opposition to President Trump’s determination to secure America’s southern border was dubbed a “trick,” then a “manufactured crisis,” and finally – as numbers shot past 100,000 illegal entrants per month – the New York Times conceded we have a “crisis.” 

In effect, the left-leaning media’s narrative – or pre-set story line, following Democratic National Committee talking points – crumbled.  The President was right all along:  We are experiencing an unresolved crisis at the border.  Democrat inaction accentuates this crisis, despite President Trump’s best efforts to stop this inflow.

Worse, the real story lays blame for the illegal surges at Democrats’ feet, since they flout federal law and push “sanctuary cities,” jurisdictions in which illegals are permitted to run free, even after committing crimes.  Cooperation with federal law enforcement in these cities – and now the “sanctuary state” of California – is forbidden.  This development itself requires cognitive dissonance; states and cities receive federal money based on compliance with federal law, yet openly violate federal law and demand the money.   

States’ rights – under any credible theory – do not permit shielding federal law breakers on a whim, by disregarding federal court cases, or for putative political gain.  This has not stopped the Democrats locally or nationally, so far.  The surge creates higher public health, public safety, public education and public transportation costs – which they now ask the federal taxpayer to cover.  More cognitive dissonance.

And more here:  Generally, Democrats disdain states’ rights since they are viewed as undermining their big federalizing goals, but now they claim states’ rights to shelter future Democratic voters dependent on federal benefits.  Ironic, no?

Here is more cognitive dissonance.  National Democrats have long run on the tagline “It’s the economy stupid,” back to Bill Clinton’s 1992 election.  They have spent millions on buttons, stickers and articles tied to that tag line – in prior cycles.  Now, they do not want to discuss it.  President Trump has created the best economy in 50 years, lowest unemployment across all demographics, highest GDP, labor productivity, wage growth, labor participation, and low inflation – and they have no answer.  The “we need to expand government to save our economy” story – is dead.

Other media narratives are going up in smoke.  Trump should never call out NATO for failing to pay their share of defense – except that by doing so, they now are.  Trump should never speak directly with North Korea, since that would not stop ICBM launches and nuclear testing, only Trump’s stick-and-carrot strategy has stopped both. 

Trump should never confront China, as they are too big, hold too many US bonds – except the deal nearly done, to be enforced with unilateral tariffs, will fundamentally rebalance US-China trade for decades.  Trump will never get a better deal with Mexico and Canada, except that he did – if Congress will ratify it.  And the list goes on. 

The big ones are coming:  The narrative for two years was the Mueller Report would scorch Trump, scald his White House, trigger impeachment or indictment – only it did none of those things.  Worse, as Democrats and the left-lurching media choke on that bone, the Attorney General is asking hard questions:  How did that canard get started? 

He appointed a US Attorney to get the truth.  That investigation may unearth bones too big for any media house to swallow – especially if corroborated by a pending Justice Inspector General report.  That report, even assembled without subpoena power, is rumored to finger specific people from the last administration at DOJ and the FBI.  Who knows?  All we know is that the liberal media – whipsawed by Democrat talking points and then each time by incontrovertible truth – is in a terrible way.

As they continue plug old, politically-inspired stories that prove harder and harder to swallow – since they are coming up untenable, untrue or are expressly disproven – their credibility continues to sink.  Readership and viewership is tilting toward more reliable, respected, data-driven, fact-centric and notably conservative outlets.

Where does all this end?  Not clear.  When cognitive dissonance gets into the media tank, it is like getting ink out.  These outlets know their bind; they are reporting a political agenda that does not comport with material facts. 

They can come to their senses, and return to reporting facts – as the New York Times did by acknowledging a genuine “crisis” at our southern border.  They can report on Trump’s many successes, including a spectacular economy. 

Or they can keep presenting Democratic talking points, as if the American public is dumber than rocks, easily duped – ready to believe whatever they spout on camera. They can sleep content in their cognitive dissonance, cozy in the notion that as America thrives – it does not.  Only remember:  Most of America does not go in for cognitive dissonance. 

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Mark McNulty
2 years ago

The term “cognitive dissonance” is sadly used and abused as a pejorative now days. However, having actually read Leon Festinger who coined the term, much of the Demo’s behavior post 2016 election can certainly be seen as emanating from cognitive dissonance. Whenever a cocksure prophecy is made, be it Hillary’s rise to the White House or the global warming apocalypse, and that prediction is refuted by reality, cognitive dissonance may ensue as true believers scramble to save face with paranoid conspiracies (Russian meddling) and outright delusions. The Democrats are nuts, but then you knew that.

3 years ago

The left os so far gone that they really believe thheu’re own lies. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said. ” Media loves Socialism “. I thonk that says ot all for mpst.medoa putlets. And when ot comrs to the most radical Trump hating democrats, many don’t even live in the district’s they represent, especially in that known Trump hating state of California!. O get a kick out of all the so called lineral syars put there. They espouse odeas that of they had to pay their fair share for would back up so fast you would lose sight of them. Of course, that won’t happen, and because they ate so rich, no medocal cate os put of their resch, jave mo idea what ot would cost the average yaxpauer to pay for. I don’t listen to any of the major networks, or any liberal media because you can’t believe them. I personally wotnessed thos while I was in Vietnam. I saw the reporting change and was there when the noted Walter Kronkaite said we couldn’t won. Our support at home started going down from there even though we had never lost a battle. I was also there when Hanpi Jane posed supposedly operating antiaircraft gun. And the list goes on and on. When are these networks going to realize that the American public is not dumb, and will believe their every word. Our only hope is for the President who has tried to live up to his campaign promises, and has made a magery of Obama saying the economy be improved be reelected. And I am speaking of President Trump. I am 72 years old and I can not remember a better President. And I remember both the Missouri skinner, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

3 years ago

Ruthless opportunist iconoclasts.

Todd Taylor
3 years ago

We need to go after and punish the bias liberal media.

Peter "doc" Golden
3 years ago

The only thing missing from this great article is the cognitive dissonance of our military industrial complex which continues to wage wars internationally at the demand of the UNSC. The war on terror is the war on liberty, Trump should require the use of the war power act where congress shall have the responsibility to vote on any military intervention beyond our borders. With a hawk John Bolton running the war on terror he is spending our nation into greater debt, while creating blow back within our own boarders by importing the triggered terrorists into our communities via the asylum process.

3 years ago

If you ever watch any MSM interviews, take notice…they seem to only interview dems…how “unbiased”!

3 years ago
Reply to  Tina

It’s their connivance of cronyism like mafiosi “good fellas” or “good ole boys”.

Todd Wingard Taylor
3 years ago

Those who lie will always fail and those who stand on truth will always prevail! Liberals are building upon a house of cards that will soon collapse; this will lead to the destruction of the America we have known, cherished and so loved. This is an issue of integrity not politics and the media has woefully failed the test of truthfulness; they have lost the trust of the American be. I am reminded of the following quote by Abraham Lincoln “A house divided cannot stand.” We either strive to be a Nation of moral character or we do not; we cannot exist as a country with one foot in moral relativism, with the other foot steeped in our Christian-Judeo history. Our great Nation was built on Christian-Judeo principles that has held us together through the most challenging times as well as blessed us over two hundred years. Liberals would like to erase our Christian heritage; the call to stand is now! The 2020 election is just around the corner and we must not let these misguided individuals take away our God given liberties as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Andrea Bell
3 years ago

Thank you for a very sensible view of what is going on with these democrats. I am greatly alarmed that they have put America in some terrible future situations by demanding that America be open to any illegal people who come here numbering in multiple cities thousands. Can they not see the danger to our country?

3 years ago

Three words say it all: Cloward Piven strategy!

T in KS
3 years ago

Pres. Trump’s plan to move immigrants is such a compassionate and brilliant idea. Unlike the punishment of dropping immigrants in Minnesota because that state did not vote for Pres. Obama, this move will have positive results. In addition, those cities will be so busy they will not have time to spread misinformation nor divert from attention towards solving crises that are brewing.

Todd Wingard Taylor
3 years ago

The liberal media are hypocrites; there deplorable behavior will guarantee four more years for President Trump. For this we owe a big thank you to the liberal media affording the president a sure win in 2020. The liberal media would not know the true if it bit them in the butt.

Sam S
3 years ago

It is obvious the Democrats are forcing the American people to pay for votes on the backs of US taxpayers. One survey showed an illegal pulls in $3200 on federal welfare subsidies while the average American workers Social Security check is around $1250. And then they have the audacity to call my Social Security check an Entitlement.

3 years ago

Regardless of one’s personal political preference, it has to be jettisoned and we conduct our own research or get folks like AMAC to do so, on important issues. When satisfied with your knowledge and decision-making, if Congress, of any party, is unjust and not telling the truth, and seeking to ruin this country (You and me), speak up. Enough, the elected congressional figures are there for us, not themselves, as is the current rule with far too many. Only (You and I) can push this bloated and prejudicial ineffective and spending crowd off the cliff and start over. Term limits is a good first start!

Yes, I approve most things, President Trump, as to outcomes and what I believe his “America First” as real. I like most of you, worked all my life with this Country as my focus, and to see these uneducated, selfish, and off-the-wall comments by far too many, who have no personal responsibility or investment, accountability, and narcissistic attitudes standing around with hands out for your and my money; screw them and that attitude. Far too many elected by the people, simply screw us over. Wake up!

Dan O
3 years ago

Great article, thanks for presenting facts that are never presented by most of the liberal media

3 years ago

On the lighter side: We could probably get some buttons that say “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID” for a really good price.

3 years ago
Reply to  bigbadjohn


3 years ago

We are living in the last days come quickly Lord Jesus

Robert Thomas
3 years ago

It seems like those who reject the Bible (there seem to be more than a few!) do not realize the wisdom of the words that God has placed there for all to hear and read. For example: This quote is from Solomon, reputedly the wisest man in history of mankind:
“27 An ungodly man (woman?) diggeth up evil: and in his (her) lips there is as a burning fire.
28 A froward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends.
29 A violent man enticeth his neighbour, and leadeth him into the way that is not good.
30 He shutteth his eyes to devise froward* things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.

*(Froward meant “moving or facing away from something or someone;” toward meant “moving or facing in the direction of something or someone.” (The suffix -ward is from Old English -weard, meaning “moving, tending, facing.”) Froward also meant “difficult to deal with, perverse”; toward meant “willing, compliant, obliging.”) (Merriam-Webster) [Above parenthesis in Proverbs quotes are mine. RT]

It might be sound advice to keep away from perverse persons. They will not tell you the truth. Jerry Clower used to tell the story of a neighbor who “would climb a tree to tell a lie when he could have stood flat-footed on the ground and told a truth. ” It sounds like some of his neighbors are still at large. I reckon the old addage “Let the buyer beware” is truer today than ever before. God help us to every statement we hear from the press and other news providers. All that glitters just ain’t gold!

Greg Russell
3 years ago

The liberal puppet media doesnt care for a second that their Narratives are collapsing. Theyre so delusional, as they would have to be, to believe their nonsense in the first place, that theyre completely out of touch with reality. They do not deal with fact and reason, they deal solely in emotional rhetoric, and more and more, its HYSTERICAL, emotional rhetoric.

Thomas H.
3 years ago

I know I’m beating a dead horse here… but again, most of the people where I live still believe every word their “unbiased” media prints and, because of it, are fired up to vote against all (R)s next year (if they haven’t started voting already). Hoping that our side has even 20% of this zeal!

David Campbell
3 years ago

A good description of what happens when ideology collides with facts.

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