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Liberal Mayors, Fight Back, Riots

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First, the unjust death of George Floyd led to over a week of protests, and now these protests have turned into something completely different. We are now seeing riots and destruction across a majority of liberal cities. The riots looting and burnings have gotten to such an extreme extent we are now losing innocent lives. Finally, our own Bob Carlstrom, the President of AMAC Action, is here to update us on the latest information for AMAC members on COVID-19, his time spent with the president and what you can do to make sure your elected officials hear your voice.

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2 years ago

Just do it

Judi Schade
2 years ago

Way to go, Grady Judd!!! I think I might move from east Hillsborough to Polk County!

Nero Wolfe
2 years ago

Chicago, during the weekend of June5/6, 35 shot and 5 dead, Black on Black killings.
In democrat controlled cities, 400 Blacks shots and 120 dead.
Where are the pseudo “protesters” in the real issue? Nowhere to be seen.
No Black lives matter, no black “personalities” of the NBA or NFL. Their silence is deafening and their own racism is showing.

Michael Palmieri
2 years ago

“Communist fascists” is an oxymoron, because Communism and Fascism are two ideologically different political philosophies. Communism, according to my dictionary, is:
“1: (noncapitalized form): social organization in which goods are held in common. 2: a theory of social organization advocating common ownership of means of production and a distribution of products of industry based on need. 3: (capitalized form): a political doctrine based on revolutionary Marxist socialism that was the official ideology of the U.S.S.R. and some other countries; also: a system of government in which one party controls state-owned means of production.”

Fascism is quite different. Again, according to my dictionary, it is:
“a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race and stands for a centralized autocratic often militaristic government.”

Communism is usually based on class hatred and warfare, while Fascism is based on racial and religious hatred and warfare.

In Communist countries, the state owns the means of production and the Communist Party controls it. In Fascist countries, the state doesn’t own the means of production, but it does control it. Some forms of free enterprise are allowed, but Communist governments don’t allow free enterprise at all, because they don’t want the workers and merchants to profit from their work.

Fascism is nationalistic, since the Fascist Party tries to associate their beliefs with the country itself so that disagreement looks like treason. Communism, on the other hand, is internationalistic, since the Communist Party believes that the whole world will embrace Communism eventually, so the party emphasizes its philosophy instead of what country it controls. Thus, a dissident is considered a traitor to Communism itself, and not to his country.

If you look back to the history of these ideologies, you’ll find that the Communist and Fascist countries saw each other as mortal enemies and as dangerous threats to the world. This was the case with the Soviet Union’s rivalry with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (the latter country’s government was based on the Fascist model). Nazi and Fascist propaganda portrayed Communism as the worst menace to civilization, while Communist propaganda showed Fascism and its counterpart Nazism as the enemy of the workers and the poor people. These political differences were put on hold temporarily during the time of the Nazi-Soviet Pact Of Non-Aggression (signed in 1939), when Nazi Germany was belief allied with Soviet Russia, which allowed the two oppressive states to invade and occupy Poland, thus starting the Second World War. However, Hitler broke the pact he made with Stalin when his armies invaded Russia in 1941, causing Stalin to go along with the Allied nations of the war, especially Great Britain and the United States.

So you see, a Communist can’t legally be a Fascist, and vice versa.

2 years ago

First city to kill 50 looters gets a prize.

2 years ago

Should we shut down the national guard ? We did not use them during these riots. Just think. The money required
for the nat guard could finance another democrat freebie program. Looters are released in NYC within 30 minutes of
arrest. Solution to the public : buy more guns. To the national guard: Shoot first. Ask for forgiveness later. We need dead looters. Thousands of them. We are a nation crawling with thugs who need to be eliminated.

2 years ago

The wacked out left defies logic. They are willing to give up the nation by allowing burning , looting and riots. They
want to shut down the economy in order to prevent a 2 % rise in Covid cases. They exist only because of their
promises to provide heaven to the black community after 60 years of Lyndon Johnson based promises that they will “take care” of the black community. Thus, the black community has convinced itself that they cannot take care of themselves unless
the dems do it for them. Meanwhile, the millions of successful , accomplished blacks in our nation are ignored.
Why can’t they speak up ? The twisted left wants to promise “free (fill in the blank) that can only be paid for by robbing
those who have jobs. What will they do when the nation shuts down and there is no tax base to rob. They
will say: ” Good. We did our job. Now we get to decide if we want to be run by Russia or China. “

2 years ago

Have any of you noticed how all these police killings happen in Commie run cities like Minneapolis? They always have a few white criminals on the police force to occasionally murder some minority in order virtue signal, and blame it all on people of the white race in general. No way this guy would have been on the Minneapolis police force if the Commie powers that be hadn’t put him there to do evil, and then blame it all on the good, decent, working-class and middle-class white folks who are the source of about 99% of everything that is good about the United States of America.

2 years ago

Let’s not overthink the President’s walking from the White House to the church after the rioting. It was nothing more or less than the act of reclaiming the city from the lawless rioters. If you want to be more specific, it was an act of reclaiming a church for us believers after Christian-haters tried to burn it down. All good leaders do this kind of thing in one form or another. I think for most Americans, this will be seen as something that had to be done to show the rioters are not the ones in charge.

2 years ago

All except the idiot DC Mayor Bowser, She is a lunatic, defacing property and instigating riots. What an example.

Three Point Paper
2 years ago

1. The murder of Mr. Floyd at and by the hands of Minneapolis police officer(s) is out in out wrong!

2. Those so called police officers, especially the cop who hand his knee buried into Mr. Floyd’s neck; In my opinion, based upon the video recordings which had been fully viewed on You Tube, and the mass media outlets, is glaringly clear, as the the knee in neck cop, and what it had been, that the cop desired to accomplish, which was for the knee in neck cop, to take the life of Mr. Floyd!

3. The aforementioned being conveyed; Now about Mr. Floyd’s life, and his failures, and or his successes. Mr. Floyd had been to prison at least twice, for crimes which he had committed. However, the out crying of his death by cop, has taken a turn which need be fully examined. With all of the media attention which Mr. Floyd’s death has mustered; Mr. Floyd need not be hailed as a heroic black American.

4. Yes, Mr. Floyd did eventually get his life straightened out to the greater degree. However, there need be more in depth investigation, as to what Mr. Floyd had been up to, which the Minneapolis PD had been called upon to speak with Mr. Floyd to begin with. If there is to be the “UN-Feathered” healing process to ever reach it’s conclusion for the whole of Our United States, and Globally for that matter; Then the full and UN-Feathered accounting of all facts relevant to Mr. Floyd, as well as his death, need be fully investigated, so that the Impartial Investigative Measures, be fully complete, in the most expeditious manner, with full and UN-Feathered disclosure there of.

5. To move forward without having “All” of the factual data having been thoroughly investigated by an impartial investigative panel, into the tragic death of Mr. Floyd, as well as, the (who, what and how) Mr. Floyd had been conducting himself, over the past several years.

6. The knee in neck Cop, and the rumored information, that the knee in neck Cop, and that of Mr. Floyd; Having a history of interaction, need be fully examined, and made as transparent as it possibly can be.

7. It that history which must be investigated thoroughly, and the findings, to be fully transparent, so that the many Americans who have been putting forth their voices in a peaceful manner, in response to Mr. Floyd’s death; So that their voices are simply “Not” lost in the shuffle of the expedience, in order to attain the Genuine Justice for Mr. Floyd, Mr. Floyd’s family members, the Minneapolis community members, and the whole of Our Country’s population, of and for the Black Americans, White Americans, and All Americans of color, outside of the Black Americans, and the White Americans.

8. “ALL” Lives Matter! All lives certainly do matter, regardless of he skin color of the one, or the many! Here in Our United States, racial hatred and bigotry of any and all kind/sort, need be, and are required to be; “Once and For ALL Time”, be “Fully Halted Forthwith”! We “ARE” Americans for the Love of Mike; Regardless of which geographic area of Our Country one, and or the many are from! Any other steps which are taken, which do not bring this present situation and circumstances to the immediate stop, shall not serve to better Our Country, to better Our Nation as a whole, as “We Are, One Nation Under GOD”..

dino deplorable
2 years ago

To these idiots that protest and loot its just an excuse,NOT a reason.If you idiots try to loot my property your body will NOT be found.

2 years ago

I totally agree with almost everything you posted. What I have an issue with is you listed Detroit as a city having riot problems. We have had a few instances of disturbances but nothing that was escalated to be called riots. Mayor Duggan, a Democrat who got on the primary ballot by write in votes (no republican would ever consider to run here) and won the mayoral race with 55% of the vote. He has done some pretty good things for Detroit. One of them was to have faith in Chief Craig in charge of the Detroit police who has even said having legal fire arms in homes could reduce crime. Mayor Duggan also made him Deputy Mayor and has included Craig in high level decisions. The two of them have been a cohesive team to the betterment of Detroit. Please do not include Detroit as one of your problem cities with riots. In my opinion Mayor Duggan and Police Chief Craig are well respected by the majority of Detroiters.

Donna Quintero
2 years ago

Show us
Lloyd’s rap sheet!

Jan Huss
2 years ago
Reply to  Donna Quintero

I’m afraid the time for that is long past. George Lloyd, although unjustly killed, was no angel. But the exploiters of his death have canonized him. Streets, schools and public buildings shall be named for him. This is how myths are constructed for political purposes.

2 years ago

your information on Detroit’s demonstrations was inaccurate. police commisioner Craig and the dpd have done a good job. the people of Detroit had peaceful demonstrations without burning and looting. we don’t like being lumped in with east coast cities. we have not been the murder capital for many years.

2 years ago
Reply to  kathleen

I did not see your comment until I posted mine. I am in total agreement with you. Please see my comment as J.A.B. I am not a Democrat or liberal but am willing to give credit where credit is due.

2 years ago
Reply to  kathleen

Kathleen, as a fellow Michigander, I wholeheartedly agree with you, and thank you for making your point. But, it can still support the message of the graphic. Detroit’s mayor and police commissioner are not typical big city Democrats. Regardless of any political affiliation they may have, they have demonstrated time and again they represent all of Detroit’s citizens, not just one faction or another. Unlike what we see in other big cities run by Democrats, Mayor Dugan has shown he is a true leader trying to bring his city back to its former prominence. As a result, the demonstrations did not devolve into the chaos we see in the other cities on the graphic.

2 years ago

My heart breaks for the majority of people of color! George Floyd’s death should have never happened! But justice is being meted out. He has been arrested and charged with murder! The rioting and destruction is uncalled for and criminal! Those behind it should be rounded up and charged! Let justice be meted out to them also! The media is biased, un-American and false! Wake up America we can and we will make a difference at the polls!

2 years ago

I so agree!! Enough has happened, let our country begin to heal. People are using Floyd as an excuse to destroy! Stand beside our GREAT Country, and President. They both need our help battling the Devil Rats, media, & People that just want to destroy. Dear God give us the power to help and over come these events.

Brent Hughart
2 years ago

The media fan the flames of destruction. The mistake of a single policeman is not justification for any of this reaction. The dude that was killed was not an innocent victim, hundreds of “black” innocent victims die each year … are there any protests? No because there I nothing to gain, no money to be made by the race baitors and politicians.

T Taylor
2 years ago

I watched two separate YouTube videos where a public official as well as a white adult female get down on their knees before protestor(s), at the request of the protestors, to acknowledge their “White privilege” and apologize for the mistreatment of all blacks; This public official needs to be reprimanded for a display of such humiliating public behavior, supporting liberal, mainstream media’s agenda and a lack of leadership on his part. No humiliation of any human being, no matter the color of their skin, should be permitted. Let me also suggest that such hateful, humiliating race-based videos need to be blocked; it only stirs up hatred. To accuse one of “White privilege” is racist, acknowledging the mistreatment of blacks is somehow ALL White people’s fault that is as ridiculous as accusing ALL Black Americans of having hatred towards Whites. The only one I will kneel before is Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who can bring healing, hope and peace to our land. There is only one race which is the human race. It is time to recognize we are ALL created in God’s image and ALL struggle with sin. I want to know who is peddling such racist garbage? Who is fanning the fires of division? This is race-based politics at its worst and I am so tired of it; innocent people are getting hurt of all colors. I care little about the color of a man’s skin, but I do care about the content of his heart; America has hit dark times in its history. There needs to be not only justice for Mr. Floyd but equal justice for Mr. Dorn and all those hurt by protestors, ALL LIVES MATTER! I am on my knees praying for our Nation to get on its knees together and ask forgiveness for ALL its sins.

Mary Lou
2 years ago

Our country is in sad shape. Cannot see how people want to get rid of our police force. Evil people out there. We need to be on our knees.

2 years ago

I cannot believe that nothing was done with those looters that came in from other areas to destroy businesses. So much support given to this; is everyone being blackmailed. paid off. I know those 4 cops did wrong. they are being punished as they should. But to protest for 11 days, hold up traffic, prevent folks from going places, half of them don’t even believe in the cause they just joined in like the sheep they are. Now every one of them should be quarantined for 14 days somewhere altogether so if anyone gets the virus; they don’t infect innocent people. There are Bad cops. There are bad black folks. there are bad white folks. What we see on TV; rapes, robberies, hitting folks on the back of the head to make them fall. attacks on churches. ALL lives matter. no matter color, race or creed. I want to see my own programs on TV while I am SHELTERING IN PLACE.

John Winslow
2 years ago

The Mayor did not say he was proud of his daughter for being arrested. He said he was proud of her for protesting.
John Winslow

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