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Liberal Hypocrisy – Pandemics and Protests


Liberal mayors and blue state governors have set a trap for themselves, and they likely do not know it. Just weeks ago, barbers and gym owners were targeted for arrest. Their business licenses were yanked for trying to earn a living and to serve the public. A single paddleboarder was chased down by authorities on jet skis off a southern California beach. Walking on sand was grounds for apprehension in May. Why? Liberals in authority wanted to appear tough. Dare cross them, and a strong price was to be paid. They were eager to make examples of out of people.

Enter the protests. Where were the liberals in power? The hands-off, “velvet glove” approach of letting protestors do whatever they wanted for several nights has proven disastrous. What about Covid-19? We were told there is a pandemic. Lives are supposedly at risk. You still can’t get a haircut in Michigan, even today. Yet thousands of protestors assembling and marching practically on top of one another is fine. Could it be because most in these crowds are leftists and progressives? Are mayors and governors reluctant to bite the hands of the very voters that put and keep them in office? It sure seems so. Apparently, it’s just the business owners be damned.

It’s been a double whammy for too many business owners in America’s cities. First, the mandatory closures. Then the broken windows and looting of their property. Some are now finished for good.

The cause of speaking out against police brutality is righteous. It should never be tolerated. Indeed, the right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the First Amendment. But the tactics of the more militant protestors, indeed even the assemblies themselves, are questionable though, given the pandemic.

Here is the trap. If we have a spike in Covid-19 cases in the next one to two weeks in these cities, we will know why. The same liberal mayors may try to say it’s because business re-openings were rushed. They’ll try to blame the law-abiding couple for going out to a restaurant or the restaurant owners themselves. They’ll even find a way to blame President Trump. But we all know better. The liberal mayors and governors themselves will be to blame for not shutting down the protests the first day in the name of public health like everything else shut down for the same reason.

But what if there’s no spike in Coronavirus cases? Were the liberal authorities then right to allow throngs of protestors to march in big crowds and the mobs to rule with impunity for several nights? No. It’ll just expose how wrongheaded the draconian closures were in the first place. Keeping the healthy away from the healthy when only the old and infirm needed special protection was never sound public health policy and are without precedent.

So there you have it—more failed liberal leadership in our cities and some blue states. Voters should pay attention. Don’t expect the media elite to tell the truth about any of this. They are complicit accomplices in the entire affair.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communication for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with over 2.1 million members.

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3 months ago

I have been saying for years: “This is NOT my mother’s Democratic Party anymore!” … my mother’s advice to me 52 years ago was: “we are Democrats, because the Democrats protect the middle class!” … That’s NOT TRUE ANYMORE because today’s Democratic Party is now extreme far left Socialist which is really Communist! And in Socialism/Communism, THERE IS NO MIDDLE CLASS!!! …My mother’s family escaped Communist Russia, she must be glad she’s no longer alive. God Bless America and please pray that God Saves America!!!

3 months ago

I was wondering myself as to what happened to the strong arm tactics of the Dem governors once the protest turned into full blown riots. My beliefs are this, #1 It seems that every election there is a new virus to contend with, and this one didn’t have the desired affect the far left wanted. #2 Enter the protest that turn into riots…we all knew from past protest this was going to happen, right? #3 Far left governors and mayors do nothing to stop the protest once they turn into riots, we’re told buildings and material can be replaced but… Read more »

Nancy Lipkins
3 months ago

And when the riots are done then they the Democrat gov. and mayors want help in restoring there cities with our tax money. the answer to that is a resounding NO

3 months ago

As James Woods tweeted : “In about 2 weeks, we should have a sh*tload of new COVID-19 cases in Democrats. If we don’t, then we know the Democrats lied about the danger of this virus.” He’s right, you know. Either way, it’s a WIN/WIN for us. We will either have Democrats gasping, “I can’t breathe” or the lockdowns will be over. Can’t wait to vote in November! Remember, VOTE RED and vote every Democrat out of office!

R.J. from Arizona
3 months ago

These riots are a national disgrace. Police told to stand down and now all the blame is on police and calls to defund the police. Democrat stupidity on full display for all to see.

Leslie Roberts
3 months ago

That’s why we joined Amac, to get the truth. The media lies at every turn. I don’t even believe them when they predict the weather!

Brenda Blunt
3 months ago

A double standard took place. Hopefully the voters will remember this. Officials can’t be dictators, tyrants, and bullies and expect people to follow them. Lord help us all.

3 months ago

You’ve got to give them credit. Liberal democrats are consistent! Liberals are consistently on the wrong side of every issue! We know the goal of these riots – the goal has nothing to do with racism or the right to protest! It’s all about destroying the American way of life! The ANTIFA thugs had stashes of bricks and bats etc. along their routes. We knew their intent! What does the destruction of businesses have to do with racism?

David Garcia
3 months ago

While I vehemently oppose the recent murder of George Floyd, this is a right on and on time article which the controlled US media would never print. Congrats Jeff on an excellent article!!

Fred J Noel
3 months ago

On Memorial Day. N.Y.C. Mayor Bill DeBowzo threaded to drag anybody out of the water that went into the water at a N.Y.C. beach. Yet he refuses to drag looters out of ransacked stores. How does a CLOWN like that get elected and re-elected?

3 months ago

I still believe that the democrats are behind all of this .Democrats started the virus and they started the riots and I will believe that as long as I’am alive.We must pray and pray or we will lose our America as we know it.

Paul W
3 months ago

If we had an honest MSM and not the lying propaganda arm that they are, dims would never be re-elected to anything…including dog catcher. That, of course, excludes some specific deep blue areas where satan would be elected if he had a “D” in front of his name…and I think he does.

3 months ago

Liberal politicians have a serious addiction psychosis – Control Psychosis. This makes heroin addiction look like a head cold. It is THE question that should be asked of every liberal running for office – Why do you need to control people? They, after a moment of panic in their eyes, will deny this addiction but simply look at how these politicians have handled the people who elected them. ‘Yes…today you can go outside but you can not do anything.’ Psychotic Control.

Common Sense
3 months ago

The left wing liberals are too stupid to realize how very wrong they are. They don’t remember what their basis of policies are from one day to the next so they never apologize for what they can’t remember. The almighty King of New York State is so full of himself he thinks he can just ignore HIS policies that resulted in Thousands of DEATHS. The problem is the majority of New Yorkers are just as self-righteous as their leadership, so the dog sled team just keeps on running without challenge. Unfortunately when these New Yorkers realize their only salvation is… Read more »

Morris Hewitt
3 months ago

Excellent article. I just watched a U tube video of Candance Owen. She brings the truth to the table. Very brave of her since she is black as well. God bless her.

3 months ago

The Dumocraps are a perfect example of the saying: Everyone is good for something if only to serve as a bad example. It is appropriate that their logo is a Jackass.

3 months ago

I keep waiting for someone to connect the dots as to the timing and ferocity of the riots. These riots are as much about the lockdown as anything else. Yes, George Floyd was the spark but the kindling and firewood had been stacked up by the months of draconian measures. The cynic in me wants to say that stoking eventual rioting was part of the plan from the beginning, the hopeful guy in me just hopes that they’re not quite that crass and self-serving (all evidence to the contrary).

3 months ago

And now they make a crimnial the poster boy for peace.

3 months ago

It’s a crude reference, but during the so-called lockdowns, my husband consistently said, “Those are the blind sheep who’ll get on the trains ‘to a better life . . . ‘ “

richard l bartley
3 months ago

thanks for telling the truth!!!!

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