Liberal Billionaire Couple Seeks to ‘Change the Country’

change the country

You might not have heard of them, but billionaires John and Laura Arnold have given millions of dollars to liberal politicians and causes in recent years. Several years ago, Laura Arnold told a Houston newspaper that “at the most basic level, the mission is to change the country… So we ask in what areas…can we make the biggest impact? We’re open to doing anything.” She went on to say, “We think of ourselves as sort of R&D for the country… A kind of laboratory for the country. We pick the idea up, whatever it is, and make it happen by whatever means necessary.” Just who is this power couple, and what have they been funding?

John Arnold made his massive fortune as a hedge fund boss. Shortly after the Texas native graduated from Vanderbilt, he went to work for Enron. He traded natural gas derivatives at Enron and earned an $8 million bonus just before the company went bankrupt. With this bonus money, he set up his hedge fund, Centaurus Advisors, and hired former Enron traders. His fund was so successful that he was able to retire a billionaire at the age of 38.

Laura Muñoz Arnold also has an impressive resume. She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida as a child. She graduated from Harvard, received her law degree from Yale, and received a master’s degree from Cambridge. She then worked as a corporate lawyer and as an oil industry executive.

Over the past dozen or so years, the Arnolds have been trying to “change the country” by supporting liberals and liberal causes. John Arnold was a bundler for Obama and has given over $130,000 to Democrats over the past year or so; Laura Arnold has given over $50,000 to Democrats over the same time period. The Arnolds also funded an effort to redistrict two states with Republican legislatures. The Arnolds have also contributed a total of more than $5 million to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Center for American Progress, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Another way the Arnolds tried to “change the country” was by funding a secret spy plane to provide surveillance photos of Baltimore in an effort to solve crime. Using two different foundations, the Arnolds paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company that brought battlefield technology to the home front. While there might be a reasonable case for deploying such technology, the community should have had a say in the decision. Instead, the Baltimore Police quietly approved the pilot program without even bothering to inform the mayor or city council members. After months of surveillance, news of the program broke. Many people were displeased, and the program was halted. The Arnolds have offered to pay millions of dollars for an expanded surveillance program using three planes, but the city has so far not accepted the offer. Maybe next time, the Arnolds should take the time to talk to the people they are trying “help” before proceeding to fund another controversial program.

What was the Arnolds’ response to the controversy? Laura told a local Baltimore newspaper that, “As supporters of the ACLU we deeply recognize the concerns and the tradeoffs that need to be made on privacy… Not only do we fully respect and support that process; for us, we don’t see it as a contradictory thing. We should have this conversation.” She is correct that there should be a public discussion whenever the government decides to use new surveillance technology – but that conversation should be had before the new surveillance program is begun, and not afterward.

It is a shame that the Arnolds, who have benefitted so richly from our country, would fund those working so hard to take away our constitutional rights and destroy the American dream. With billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Pat Stryker, and Rob McKay all funding the detrimental leftist agenda, the last thing the country needs is a billionaire couple dumping even more money into the Left’s coffers.

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Torch - by Richard McCarty

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Yvonne Norton
1 year ago

I hope they can sleep at night to think of all the worry they have caused the people of this country. this country has been very good to them and this is how they thank us GOD will punish you. That you can count on some day.

Susan P
1 year ago

Why is it that people with a surplus of money think they know what is best for the rest of us? There should be a cap on all contributions to politics and severe penalties for exceeding those caps. Anyone who attempts to BUY political influence should get life in prison so the rest of us can lives our lives without their tyrannical interference. What they are attempting to do is NOT good for the country or anyone in it.

Elaine H
1 year ago

Do the Arnold’s not realize that the freedoms in the US are what gave them the opportunity to succeed in their endeavors? Why are they biting the hand that has fed them? They have used their education and opportunities to grow great wealth in the US. I admire them for being able to do that. What I cannot understand is why they want to change the US to a communist government where others who come after them will not have the same opportunities they have experienced. I sincerely hope they will realize the error of their ways before it is too late for them. Maybe if they look at the situation in Venezuela, which has gone from being one of the richest countries in the world to a third world country, they might see that communism is only good for the government; not the people.

1 year ago

Enron = Dick Cheney and now here is John Arnold. I remember the corruption during that time and Enron and how many people lost their fortunes and committed suicide. here this man made a bonus of $8 million. And he spies on the citizens of this country? Never heard of him till now but will definitely remember the name!

1 year ago

Seditionists with explicit openness of changing the country’s principles. How can it be any more clearer? We must call them and punish them for this antiAmerican behavior. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to destroy and dismantle. United states has a purpose. United we stand, divided we fall. They are pragmatically balkanizing our country and the blue and the red have seeped into our lexicon. That is a major intentional division that needs to be stopped. We are a united states and we all stand for one America as determined by our bill of rights and constitution. Those who don’t must be recognized and removed. Why are we just accepting these “speech freedoms.?”

1 year ago

Typical leftist’s, make their fortune in the oil industry and then demonize the oil industry and wants to end it after they were done.

1 year ago

The Arnold’s sure are cheap donor’s for being worth billion’s! The liberal socialist communist brainwashing and control of our country over the last 100 years has resulted in the corrupt fruit’s that we are experiencing today! An utter failure! But these people still keep pushing this evil selfish control ideology down our throats! The liberal progressive left wing ideology is a humanistic, anti-Christian GOD philosophy. Designed to bring in a one world dictatorial socialist fascist government utopia! The criteria for this utopia will be established thru the subjective imaginations in these people’s corrupt mind!

Rick M
1 year ago

Their goal is to fundamentally transform America into a Socialist Paradise for themselves. The wealthiest become the elite and the most powerful and maintain their power by brute force and allowing the masses to live just above the poverty level. It is always about control and power by the few. It was the same in Russia, Cuba, and, today in Venezuela.

Beth York
1 year ago

The book of Esther, interestingly, does not mention God. But His activity in answer to PRAYER, in His amazing timing is on every page of this historical, compelling narrative, when it looks like all is lost. It forms a wonderful basis for confidence in God for me.

Deborah Knapp
1 year ago

I am late to this discussion so my comment might be missed, but I just gotta say it….. These people are not intellectually stupid. They are morally stupid.

Phil Nolot
1 year ago

If you want to impress me, let’s see what you can do with Baltimore first !

1 year ago

Excuse me just bcz these two loose canyons have money doesn’t mean they can do what ever they want!!!! In the first place these two commie pinko’s are tying to change what has always worked in this country until #44 came into being how this happened is amazing to me when there are more Christian’s/ Jew’s then there are liberal lunatics who just bcz they have money they think they can just decide they don’t like what’s going on and they can zip change it by dropping a few million on any project and call the shots….THAT’S NOT A DEMOCRACY THAT IS LUNACY…..

Bcz they have money they own us???? No way…..they’re the nazi’s the hitler’s the evil and the wretched wicked people who sit in their CAPITALIST EARNED HOMES….UNDER THE AUSPICES OF BEING COMMIE PINKO’S ???? That’s why they’re all ‘LOOSE CANYONS’ and they MUST BE STOPPED ASAP!!!! Also, yes we must educate the lunatic fringe that are dumber than a box of rocks who are allowing and following these users….

1 year ago

John is, obviously, a descendant of Benedict Arnold. Isn’t it an amazing thing that some can be so “smart and wealthy” while being so blind and foolish?!

1 year ago

They say they want to “change the country”. Why? What exactly needs changing, and why? Is it just change for change’s sake? Is it change to enable the acquisition of power? All things change. Not all things should. Not all change is good, just because it is change.

rick cramer
1 year ago

Jonah Goldberg in his book Suicide of the West, quotes James Burnham that with the great wealth that is created by capitalism there will be a new class created, a class motivated by guilt and their sense of elitism. Goldberg extends that to go on to say the guilt has developed into anger and a sense they no longer belong to western civilization but feel they are globalist cosmopolitans with only citizenship to the world. Our pastor once mentioned we need to look at current events with spiritual eyes. What I see are these people, Soros, Steyer are tools of Satan working back to the reforming of the time of the tower of Babel to bring us into the book of Revelation, the one world government and the time of antichrist.

Sue Lange
1 year ago

My Father was an Enron Retiree who lost over a million dollars in that debacle. He and my Mom lived an incredibly frugal life so they could buy stock in the company Dad worked for for 38 years. People like this and the Kenneth Lays of the world do not care a fig about who they hurt and they always come out on top.

Miguel Briseno
1 year ago

The Devil is in the “Dinero”… and the Dems. Some rich people have so much money, they get bored, so normal life isn’t a challenge any more. Then, with unlimited resources, they R&D with outrageous ideas, usually to reverse the norm, to corrupt morality, to destroy peoples and nations. This scary fact only emphasizes what the Bible tells us about Satan’s works.

Rhonda Roberts
1 year ago

They should take their demoncratic,leftest billions and go to another country and change it. The majority of Americans don’t need nor want people like that funding the DEMONCRATS who want to take our freedoms away so they can have dictatorship and control everybody and force the American people to conform to sick depraved way of life.

1 year ago


Hadababy Itsaboy
1 year ago

“By whatever means necessary” is right out of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. These people are a real danger to our Republic.