Liberal Billionaire Couple Seeks to ‘Change the Country’

change the country

You might not have heard of them, but billionaires John and Laura Arnold have given millions of dollars to liberal politicians and causes in recent years. Several years ago, Laura Arnold told a Houston newspaper that “at the most basic level, the mission is to change the country… So we ask in what areas…can we make the biggest impact? We’re open to doing anything.” She went on to say, “We think of ourselves as sort of R&D for the country… A kind of laboratory for the country. We pick the idea up, whatever it is, and make it happen by whatever means necessary.” Just who is this power couple, and what have they been funding?

John Arnold made his massive fortune as a hedge fund boss. Shortly after the Texas native graduated from Vanderbilt, he went to work for Enron. He traded natural gas derivatives at Enron and earned an $8 million bonus just before the company went bankrupt. With this bonus money, he set up his hedge fund, Centaurus Advisors, and hired former Enron traders. His fund was so successful that he was able to retire a billionaire at the age of 38.

Laura Muñoz Arnold also has an impressive resume. She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida as a child. She graduated from Harvard, received her law degree from Yale, and received a master’s degree from Cambridge. She then worked as a corporate lawyer and as an oil industry executive.

Over the past dozen or so years, the Arnolds have been trying to “change the country” by supporting liberals and liberal causes. John Arnold was a bundler for Obama and has given over $130,000 to Democrats over the past year or so; Laura Arnold has given over $50,000 to Democrats over the same time period. The Arnolds also funded an effort to redistrict two states with Republican legislatures. The Arnolds have also contributed a total of more than $5 million to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Center for American Progress, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Another way the Arnolds tried to “change the country” was by funding a secret spy plane to provide surveillance photos of Baltimore in an effort to solve crime. Using two different foundations, the Arnolds paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company that brought battlefield technology to the home front. While there might be a reasonable case for deploying such technology, the community should have had a say in the decision. Instead, the Baltimore Police quietly approved the pilot program without even bothering to inform the mayor or city council members. After months of surveillance, news of the program broke. Many people were displeased, and the program was halted. The Arnolds have offered to pay millions of dollars for an expanded surveillance program using three planes, but the city has so far not accepted the offer. Maybe next time, the Arnolds should take the time to talk to the people they are trying “help” before proceeding to fund another controversial program.

What was the Arnolds’ response to the controversy? Laura told a local Baltimore newspaper that, “As supporters of the ACLU we deeply recognize the concerns and the tradeoffs that need to be made on privacy… Not only do we fully respect and support that process; for us, we don’t see it as a contradictory thing. We should have this conversation.” She is correct that there should be a public discussion whenever the government decides to use new surveillance technology – but that conversation should be had before the new surveillance program is begun, and not afterward.

It is a shame that the Arnolds, who have benefitted so richly from our country, would fund those working so hard to take away our constitutional rights and destroy the American dream. With billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Pat Stryker, and Rob McKay all funding the detrimental leftist agenda, the last thing the country needs is a billionaire couple dumping even more money into the Left’s coffers.

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Torch - by Richard McCarty

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1 year ago

Why do you refer to this couple as “liberals”? This is a sugarcoated term, these two, Soros, Steyer, the ACLU, and their supporters are downright COMMUNISTS, plain and simple

1 year ago

John Arnold’s background is very similar to that of Tom Steyer, the billionaire from California, who is trying to buy the Presidency as a Democrat candidate and who has also bankrolled numerous liberal candidates and causes over the years. Both men made huge fortunes through the capitalist system in the hedge fund industry. Both in the hedge fund business trading fossil fuel futures, which they now both seek to destroy as the major source of cheap, reliable energy that powers our economy. Rather than be appreciative of the very system, capitalism, that allowed both of them to radically improve their… Read more »

Eddie Carroll
1 year ago

The socialist/communist movement MUST be STOPPED!!!
Real Americans do not want their children and grandchildren in the GRASP of socialism/communism!!!! PLEASE!!!
WE must stop socialist/communist teachers and professors in our schools and colleges, Stop training teachers and professors in our educational systems IMMEDIATELY!!!
Force teachers at all levels to teach real American History and real outcomes of socialist/communist governments in their illustrious current and past histories!!!
MOST of ALL PUT GOD and the BIBLE back into our school systems!!! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen

1 year ago

So the billionaire couple whose wealth began at the expense of thousands of Enron working class, middle-class investors who lost everything when Enron went belly up under the management of executives like Arnold… is working to further destroy and harm the American middle class.

1 year ago

We have to expose the names and educate people about those who would destroy our values and our great country.

Gary C Stolp
1 year ago

I have a suggestion on how they can change the country for good. First divest themselves of their billions and millions to charity, city, county, state and federal governments. Then move to a certain South American Socialist Country for 10 years. Then if they’ve learned anything, they can come back and write a book about their new found understanding of free enterprise.

Greg Russell
1 year ago

We don`t need any “R&D” for America. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have us defined quite nicely.

Rick J.
1 year ago

Two sick, greedy people who have much and are ready to destroy the country to gain more. True enemies of the state!!

1 year ago

Forcing everyone to live as they desire? You squander your money in selfish idealism. But then, you are not doing anything about the massive problems of substance abuse, violence, poor education, healthcare, poverty, and the list goes on – speaks volumes about another inch wide and deep personality, but with money, now turned selfish to the extremes. Sad, when you could do something of value and positive change.

Julie T
1 year ago

Scary people. Totally hypocritical.

gloria rider
1 year ago

They aren’t too smart even with their degrees you would think they would be on the ball and realize that Socialism sucks, the government controls your life from cradle to grave, they make you dirt poor but they still keep their money (funny how that works) and we lose our freedom which we will never gain again. Think about that. If you like Socialism so much, move to Venezuela.

Lorine M. Shannon
1 year ago

These people think that their ideas are so important and have put themselves so high on a pedestal, they can’t see the forest for the trees. They don’t realize that they are not the ones in control. I suggest they humble themselves and do some searching within. There are open arms waiting if they shed the egos and open their hearts.

Marilyn Clayton
1 year ago

I just can never understand how really intelligent smart people can be so deprived spiritually and not know right from wrong.
Apparently they they know nothing about the Christian faith that can do so much more than the worship of money.

1 year ago

All their money and they could be doing good for America, not against! They are Communists!

Terry W Ellis
1 year ago

Why are really rich people so stupid ?

1 year ago

Dinesh D’Souza was put on trial by liberal prosecutor Preet Bharara for exceeding the individual donation limit by $15,000 and giving the money through “straw men;” yet here these billionaires are funneling millions to the left through a multitude of “straw men” organizations and all that happens is that they are reported about how much power they wield, and how they are shakers and movers, how what the people want doesn’t count, as if they are some sort of evil celebrity. All of this is simply an illustration of how liberal and RINO lawmakers messed up our law and have… Read more »

1 year ago

Make America United Again ( such as after WWII & 9/11)

Wayne D Peterkin
1 year ago

Obviously, regardless of their acquired wealth these two twits are anti-American at their core. They believe in a huge dominating federal government that dictates to the rest of us while they are power players in that government. Like so many so-called liberals, they think they are far smarter than the rest of us (in their warped little minds proven by their wealth) so need to control us for our own good. We don’t need them, their ilk, and including the lousy organizations they support. They are George Soros comrades. I would like to see them immigrate to a venue they… Read more »

Nana tries
1 year ago

Why not try to spend money on helping merge our hatred to respecting one another . Go after fake media, help the president no matter what he is Republican or democrat. Be the hand that brings every one together. I have had enough of all this bickering between one politician, political vs another just because one liberal one conservative..it should be equal game and no lies, outside billions controlling what citizens vote for .

stephen russell
1 year ago

So many elite rich Give to leftist causes & WE Lose.
See Hollywood elite.
& We dont have to take their” Change”
Seeds for Civil War/Rev War 2

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