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Let Sleeping Beauty…Sleep

Disney is in trouble. Rather than letting “Sleeping Beauty” rest, giving joy through innocent stories, good endings, and strong returns – they threw it all away and went “woke” on millions of dismayed parents, kids, and shareholders. Rather than celebrate life’s best, animating stories like Tchaikovsky’s 1890 classic, they went political. Must all be political, innocence trashed?

Maybe not – The life lesson that Disney is learning, after boldly condemning Florida’s attempt to allow parents of five to eight-year-olds the parental right to educate their own kids on “gender identity” (or not), is proving a tough one. Disney is losing respect, credibility, and money.

In short, Disney is becoming a bumper sticker for – “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Numbers – in just days – are stunning. What they show is that Americans are engaged, not docile, or willing to punt fundamental parental rights over childhood, even when told they must to be politically sensitive.

The mistake Disney made is assuming fear, politics, money, and social condemnation for not being a conformist can ever – ever – trump a parent’s love for their children. 

If parents believe discussing sexual identity with a small child is necessary, within legal parameters, they can. But most do not. The notion that a government, school district, teachers’ union, or entertainment company can condemn and try to take rights from parents – is absurd.

This Florida law has nothing to do with whether a teen beyond puberty raises questions and seeks answers from parents, doctors, counselors, or teachers about sexual development, identity, physiology, or life practices. This law protects little children, period.

Disney – in effect – took a step too far, pushing the left’s endless deconstructionist, anti-traditional, government-rules agenda to absurdity. Trying to be avant-garde, they worked to be madder than prevailing madness, making the Mad Hatter look sane. Parents said “enough.”

Now, Disney is in trouble, spinning wheels like the Roadrunner’s circling legs, trying to get out this rabbit hole, and learning – while they teach others a sober lesson – that power, money, and arrogance cannot separate a loving parent from their God-given right to educate their child.

As of last week, the sky was falling. “Whether it is a case of arrogance or ignorance, Disney World and Netflix are feeling the financial impact of catering to the WOKE,” began one report. “Since this latest saga for Disney began, they have lost $34 Billion in value …” while Netflix “plummeted 35 percent just this week.”

As described in one analysis, Disney made “significant mistakes” which are “proving costly.” Among them, they “came out forcefully against the Parent’s Rights Bill recently signed by Governor DeSantis,” decrying the measure as anti-gay when “there is no mention of gay or any sexual orientation in the bill’s text.” They jumped the shark.

Accordingly, “Disney lost its way and went beyond its place as an entertainment company to join educators as indoctrinators.” The move is “not only causing an exodus from Disney streaming and park attendance, but it will cost them billions in lost special treatment that has been in place for a half-century in Florida.”

In short, “turning WOKE and against the State that has allowed them to build an empire will cost them billions in the future.” Others are learning this lesson at the same time.

So, where does overreach by government and non-government actors end? Is this the beginning? Will losses of billions of dollars from parental outrage reverse this cultural transformation tide? 

Maybe. In the end, the government has enormous power. The federal government has been relentless under Democrat leadership in pressing pro-socialist, anti-parent, power-concentrating measures through multiple means, from executive orders to unaffordable spending.  

The government-versus-parents dispute, which Disney awkwardly inserted itself, will cost them dearly. If any company should have thought twice, Disney is the one. That said, this is not over. The left does not quit; they continue to push, seeking to upend prevailing norms.

This win by parents in Florida – like the 2021 Virginia elections, which saw cross-over voting for Republican candidates – may be an inflection point. We will have to see, but dollars talk.

To apply a quip from Winston Churchill to our culture war in America: “This is not the end, not even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning.” 

The left aims to eclipse the power – constitutionally enshrined – of individual liberty, including parental rights. The problem – or saving grace – is that individuals and parents know their rights. Maybe Disney would have done better letting Sleeping Beauty sleep…not going WOKE.

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20 days ago

A great article about Disney! Walt Disney world be furious! As Parents need to be over this and Boycott Both Disney Theme Parks! I would never have a subscription to Netflix because of the sexual style of movies that they have available. Bravo Governor DeSantis!!

Kenneth D.
20 days ago

Even though they have proclaimed themselves to be the movement of tolerance, open-minded inclusion, free speech and virtue for decades, the true colors of the radical left are beginning to come into disturbing focus, even to the dimmest bulbs among the kool-aid gulping ranks of “useful idiots” in the media and academia. It is the radical left that boycotts, protests and openly attacks anyone who they deem a threat to their pathetic agenda to disregard Natural Law and dismantle the social and cultural fabric of Judeo-Christian values upon which America was founded. They neither allow or tolerate any open debate, free speech, published fact, rational analysis or common sense opinion that they perceive as threatening to their campaign to normalize their “values, lifestyles and worldview”.
I sincerely doubt that Walt Disney would be supportive much less among their ranks. I trust the “new” Disney corporation and its political and pubic relations propaganda campaign will reap the appropriate just desserts

JJ Johnson-Smith
20 days ago

I have been saying all along, if we REALLY want to end the Insanity of the Leftist Culture and attacks on tradition and morality, we have to hit them where it hurts, in the WALLET. STOP spending your money with Liberal, Woke Corporations, Businesses, Chain Stores, Anything from Hollywood, etc. DON’T buy their wares, don’t watch their movies and TV shows, Boycott their Sports Teams, and for the sake of all that is decent, get your kids OUT of their Indoctrination Centers that they call “Schools”. Spend your hard-earned dollars with businesses that reflect YOUR values, Protect your kids, Support the Constitution, Share your Faith, Value Truthful History, Support Capitalism, and respect our Flag. What is happening to Disney is PROOF that you CAN Starve them OUT and restore Common Sense.

21 days ago

The Wonderful World of Disney is gone, gone, gone. As I grew up, Sunday evening when The Wonderful World came on, was something to look forward to. So much so, that I’d have to argue with my Mom whether I’d go to MYF at our Methodist Church, or stay home and watch Disney’s latest adventure…AND I always hoped it would be an animal adventure or Daniel Boone, or Zorro. Those were my favorites, and it was the same for my friends at school. Now, all that’s gone. No more of what made Disney a treat for the whole Family…Nope, it’s gone…not because we’ve grown up, but it’s the fact that Liberal Wokeness brings the sadness of destruction to anything it touches…especially The Family with small children. No, wokeness is not the same as tolerance, compassion, or empathy; even adventure. No, the transition Disney chose is insanity, to say the least. Anything that Leftists Socialists touch with their Wokeness ideology will crumble…leaving behind sadness and grief. That’s Disney’s story now. Mickey Mouse is now lost in that wilderness that Disney used at one time to stir the imagination and surround the Family with adventures; one after the other. It remains to be seen if Disney’s eyes will open before Chapter 7 shows up in the mix.

Joseph Montileone
21 days ago

GO WOKE<GO BROKE…….this should happen to every WOKE company or corporation !!!!!!!

21 days ago

When did Disney start this left turn? Yesterday, I watched most of the Lion King on TV. I thought it was too violent for young children, way too violent. I say I watched most of it, because even I changed stations when I thought the movie was going to get violent. I checked the internet and this movie was made in 1994. That was almost 30 years ago.

21 days ago

I hope the place gets boarded up and becomes a ghost town.

old silk
21 days ago
Reply to  Susan

If they don’t pay what they owe, and if they don’t keep the property up to acceptable standards and codes they can lose it. It won’t get boarded up and become a ghost town.

Vietvet 6769
21 days ago

I am for Disney go broke! No use arguing the point for this Organization has made up it’s mind, don’t care it family orientated and wholesome entertainment.

Charlotte Anne Chase, PhD
21 days ago

What happened to Disney? There doesn’t seem to be context about this extreme veer to the left to the downfall of an American tradition. Their contributions used to be so wholesome and entertaining.

old silk
21 days ago

Now you can’t even trust a Mark Trail type nature documentary to be clean and unadulterated by political correctness. They’re done.

21 days ago

As happens to most companies when the original founder dies, the company ideals begin to erode, some slowly, some more quickly. As succeeding generations take the helm, the foundational principles are lost in a quest to stay “relevant” to the times. The Disney company is just the latest example; only in this case, the company turned over its management reins to people whose “ideals” have nothing in common with the ideals held by its founder, Walt Disney.

21 days ago

AMAC is receiving Dark Money to support Convention of States, This will Destroy America. Amac is supporting the Globalist, the Great Reset, The One World Order. Shame on AMAC

21 days ago
Reply to  herblady

What proof do you have that Amac is for the left? Share that info or stop talking Fake News.

Judy K.
21 days ago
Reply to  herblady


Nancy Arnett
21 days ago

Actors, teachers, idviduals, theme parks —it makes no difference. If this was coming to your children via computer/ internet they would qualify as pedophiles!!! Where is law enforcement?Think about it — all of these groups are pedophiles — they indoctrinate our children about sex and enjoy doing it.Pedophiles!!!!!!!

21 days ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

The police have their hands tied in case you’ve been living under a computer fearing the boggyman will jump out of it. Now I agree the web is a dangerous place for anyone but as long as a parent is acting like a parent and monitoring their child the web can be “tamed” so children can both enjoy and research safely. Bottom line watch your child’s activity’s and you won’t have problems or boggyman attacks ????

21 days ago

I for one wrote Disney off years ago…..for one simple reason…..cost. Year after year their cost went up for those who sought to be entertained. They priced themselves out of my market. We found less expensive and just as rewarding venues that have not catered to the politics of the day……and in the end found places that, though smaller, were far more decent, friendly and accomodating. Who needs the big guys when there are small places that take good care of you, for less money and without all the baggage outfits like Disney carry. Sleeping beauty can just snooze away……………..

21 days ago
Reply to  D.P.

Same here for the most part. Have one daughter’s family that would go once a year but pretty sure they are boycotting this year.

21 days ago

Fifty years ago, we took our then 7-year old daughter to Disney World. We had fun. Now, nothing could get me back to that deviant nightmare. My children also make as certain as possible, that they spend not one dime on anything Disney.

anna hubert
21 days ago

So the absolutely the most devastating event right at this moment is demise of Disney if only that were true we would be in great shape

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
21 days ago

Only person that could save Disney Land is Walt. And that ain’t likely. Kyle L.

Marie Langley
21 days ago

Disney deserves everything they get!!!!! I hope they go broke.

Stephen Russell
21 days ago

Disney reuses:
Raze parks
Readapt parks for other uses
Senior living
TV & Movie Prod use
Sell parkspaces
For Theme parks
& sell cruise ships & Island too

21 days ago

When Disneyland opened their Anaheim facility in 1955, it was a very exciting place!

Disney going Woke for Broke should have taken a page from the All Japanese-Americans 442 division was one of the most decorated Army outfits during World War II battle in Europe. Their moto was “Go For Broke!”

Disney has taken the path; “Go For Woke, Go For Broke!” I think they lost something in the translation!

21 days ago

It’s sad. We loved the innocence of Disney movies for our kids and grands. But started to see cracks in the veneer of the Park when we read about the people they were employed getting arrested for child porn. In sting after sting they are hauling off predators of children. We started to wonder what’s happening then this happened and started to make sad sense. This is not the same Disney we knew and loved.

Michelle K. Hamilton
21 days ago

Great article. This is so sad . . . so many of us have wonderful FAMILY memories from our visits to Disneyland and Disney World. They should have kept to Walt Disney’s original plan. . . he simply wanted a magical place shere parents could take their children on wonderful, fanciful journeys. Now, they have tainted all those wonderful times. Maybe a retraction of Woke ideologies would be in order. We shall see what happens.

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