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Let Bill O’Reilly Know Who AMAC Is!

let Bill O'Reilly know who AMAC is

Dan Weber – Bill O’Reilly recently announced on air that he was a member of AARP. He has never mentioned AMAC, nor have we been invited to be on his show, despite the fact that we have plans that will guarantee Social Security and replace Obamacare. Perhaps he doesn’t know we exist.

Please correct that by sending him an Email to let him know AMAC has over one million members and we are growing. His email address is:


Be sure to add “AMAC” to the subject line and just ask him to put AMAC on his show.

Thank you!

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Mine was
It’s Liberal (Like Bill O Reilly) Vs Conservative (Like Fox news pretends to be)

My wife and I are AMAC members, not AARP.

Richard Woodworth

Folks, I sent my email to Bill just now. The title was: What about AMAC? I hope you all follow up with yours…..

AMAC is the ‘Association of Mature American Conservatives’. I thought you were one
of us. AMAC steps in to try to right the wrongs created by AARP and others like them.
You ought to check us out and invite our representative onto your show. It might
make good viewing during this heavy political year.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Laus Deo
‘Praise be to God’

Mark Rivard

I collect SS and our, business, an Insurance Agency sells Obamacare–worried about both–you don’t think Obama is draining SS to pay for Obamacare—do you????? Just kidding–I hope Obama doesn’t see this and get ideas.


I also have emailed Mr. Bill for AMAC rep to be on his show too. I hope every member does the same.

Frank Carroll

Bill O’Reilly is a lib blowhard. So why are you surprised he is an AARP member?


Just sent to O’Reilly


Please feature Dan Weber from AMAC on your show. I think it only fair that you give some air time to AMAC as you do AARP. You might make a new friend.
Jane Hill


Look into AMAC-drop AARP
Take college level Econ 101-drop support of the minimum wage.

walleye willy

Face it Bill, We’ve go a loser at the helm who doesn’t really know how to right the ship. AMAC has been on this since they started. Why not join a winner instead of a loser. AARP, with all of their publicity has promoted Obamacare for their own financial benefit ever since they started selling insurance.

Marlene Hess

I switched from AARP to AMAC when AARP was pushing Obama Care. They stood to gain from it, of course.

Janet Love

I don.t like or believe in AARP,I am a AMAC member and they do a great job. Thanks

Bob Neese

O’Reilly is with AARP.
Mark Levin is with AMAC.
O’Reilly shows himself as a narcissistic blowhard.
Levin is not only brilliant but principled.
I stand with Levin.


Odd: I am a member of AMAC by choice. My healthcare is with United HealthCare so I get to be a member of “aarp” for free. I am so sick of liberal bias and b/s; AMAC is like a breath of fresh air.

Anthony R Montague

I sent Mr. O’Reilly a message stating the fact that I dropped my membership in AARP and joined AMAC because of their opposite efforts involving the issue of Obama Care. I also reminded him of his previous support for gun control and how long it took him to see the light on that issue.


Bill O’Reilley you have said on your show that you are an Independent. I hope you ARE “fair and balanced” and will give an AMAC representative (American Association of Mature Citizens) a chance to reach your Conservative viewers. AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP. Conservatives need a voice in Washington to counteract AARP who “sold out” senior citizens AND the middle class by backing the approval and implementation of Obamacare. Obama raided Medicare coffers of $718 billion and used it to fund expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. This is the most recent raid but definitely NOT the first time an administration has raided money paid in by Senior citizens to fund their retirement. Seniors are extremely upset about this especially when we hear others talk about how Social Security and Medicare are going broke. Not only is our own government stealing from Social Security and Medicare funds but fraud also.… Read more »

Vivian West

AARP is a big supporter of PP and Obamacare. Too bad people like Bill O doesn’t research things. Bill needs to join AMAC .

Verna Wilson

AMAC is FOR seniors….AARP is about MONEY, what is good for AARP.

Doris Anderson

Mr. O’Reilly you should research AMAC. We are more than one million and growing. After realizing what AARP and United Healthcare was doing in regards to the Healthcare bill I immediately changed to AMAC. They represent me much better than AARP ever will.

Carolyn Robbins

Mr. O’Reilly you do a very large segment of your viewing audience a disservice by promoting only AARP and never mentioning that there is an alternative to them. Many thousands of us felt AARP was misrepresenting the views of their members. We felt our voices were not being heard. We cancelled our memberships by the thousands! Would you be a little more Fair and Balanced and give some attention to an awesome alternative to AARP, AMAC? Many thousands of us are beginning to see your left-leaning views. And your prejudice toward the left-leaning AARP is very annoying. We are about ready to boycott your show.

Mark Rivard

forgot to say, I sent the email to BO this morning–

Earliene Shipper

My email to O’Reilly was sent today asking the Dan be a guest on his show.