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Bad Case, Good Lesson: The Importance of Assimilation

Mike Pompeo in Washington DC | Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

So let’s get this right:  A woman from Alabama, daughter of Yemeni parents, was radicalized and went to Syria to fight for ISIS.  There, she married three ISIS fighters in succession, used social media to incite the killing of Americans, promoted the assassination of President Obama, pushed violent acts against the West, and had a baby – then got captured by the Kurds, and now wants to come to the United States. 

Secretary of State Pompeo has said:  No dice.  She “is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States,” adding she has no “legal basis, no valid US passport, no right to a passport, nor any visa to travel to the United States.”  Case closed.

Yet, in our upside down world, this terrorist wants in.  Why is a good question, and one worth asking with vigor, but we must expect someone will take up her case, pleading for reentry – and all the risk that entails.  While the case is rare, it is instructive.  Here is why.

The failure that led to this state of affairs is layered – and cautionary.  America and Americans have always prided themselves – ourselves – on assimilating legal refugees, asylum grantees and immigrants.  The traditional way that happens is that a refugee family – in this case from Yemen – is introduced to American culture, language, history, civic order, duties and rights, and becomes a proud part of a proud nation with an exceptional history. 

In this process, they maintain family and cultural norms, but learn the higher value and expectations tied to rule of law in a republic respect for others, three branches of government in constitutional equipoise, the Bill of Rights, and how we try to behave in our exceptional, pluralistic society. 

They learn how and why we are so special, about American ideals, and about the aspirations we all share – individually and together – for individual liberty consistent with equality of opportunity.  They learn that dreams can be conceived, pursued, and achieved – in this remarkable place we call America.

Only that state of assimilation is at risk – and this case proves the point.  In Europe, there have historically been pockets and patches of humanity that were knowingly left unassimilated.  In those pockets, poverty, resentment and isolation have bred violence and today, continue to invite disaffection.  But in the United States, since multiculturalism and respect for the individual is at the heart of everything we are, we have pressed the case for assimilation – of everyone.

But this norm is breaking down.  And the radicalizing Sharia-centric enclave in Alabama that produced this runaway ISIS fighter – like several skulking in other places – is proof.  What we have failed to do – are collectively failing to do – is make clear that America still strives for and survives by assimilation, that we aim to be one country, under one loving God, speaking one language, abiding one Constitution, enjoying one set of shared rights and duties.   When we forget that, we get the sort of violent extremists that this case represents.

But there is more, and it relates to this case.  Let us be crystal clear:  What this woman did was treason, by both constitutional and federal statutory law.  That crime, the only one articulated with specificity in the US Constitution, carries a penalty from five years to death. 

What exactly is punished?  Specifically:  “Levying war against the state,” “adhering to enemies of the state,” and “aiding the enemies of the state.”  She did all three – with vehemence and consequence.   As Secretary Pompeo inferred, she gave up her right to US citizenship when she left America to wage war on America – on us.   Britain recently stripped a former citizen of the right for similar reasons.

But let’s get more specific.  This individual could be indicted, on facial evidence, for crimes from terrorism, conspiracy and complicity to commit felonies to attempted murder, along with treason.  A catalogue of violent crimes with which she might reasonably be charged carries a mean sentence of roughly 20 years.  By example, admitted anti-American ISIS terrorist Jose Padilla just got a 21 year sentence.   Last, note that Alabama has its own state level laws – including against treason, a crime that in that state alone carries a penalty of not less than ten and not more than 99 years. 

So, no, there is not an easy way back for this avowed terrorist, no matter how contrite upon being captured.  There is no easy return to status quo ante for someone who has long and vociferously advocated death to all Americans, radicalized in a radical Islamic enclave, and now wants back into American society – for whatever purpose.  Secretary Pompeo is right, that privilege is lost. 

But the bigger issue remains.  This case puts it in sharp, painful focus:  Are we doing enough, day-in and day-out, to educate newly arrived foreign neighbors, to teach pride and inclusion, timeless principles and shared hope, mutual affection and well-grounded respect for American history – goodness and greatness embodied common purpose?   Are we working to assimilate, not just imagining that this secret sauce will pour itself out on new arrivals? 

If there is any lesson, beyond the shame in betraying a nation that has given one everything, it may be this:  Assimilation is still important.  That is why we place limits on how many legal immigrants enter America annually from specific countries, why we seek to deter illegal entrants, and why we work as Americans to teach lawful new arrivals about our proud past – to protect our proud future.  That is what President Trump has been trying to say – and why it matters.

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Excellent article. Distribute to all muslims, dems, and members of congress. Especially Nancy and Chucky.


Do not, under any circumstances, allow this reentry into the USA. If she’s allowed back in, even with the understanding she’ll be jailed and face all the charges she’s guilty of, some left-wing judge and jury will find a way to free her because she was ‘socially deprived’ of who she was. And it’s a certainty all of the bleeding heart socialists and their ‘demoncrat’ enablers will now do everything in their power to absolve her of her actions. Gonna be interesting to see how the left tries to rationalize this…

Not Me

That this could even be a consideration is telling. This individual was not a passive participant but willingly left the U.S. to join this violent and radical group. She then overtly and viciously advocated for killing Americans including the President. Only after being captured by the Kurds did she change her mind and express any desire to return to the U.S. If she is returned to the U.S. she must be tried and if convicted placed in prison for an extended period. Since she is not a U.S. citizen she should be returned to her country of birth or better yet left with the Kurds to do with her what they want. Like anything else there are consequences for an adults actions. Her hatred of the U..S. and her actions during this conflict should bar any consideration of re-entry to our nation. Watch as radical advocates and lawyers jump on… Read more »


Logic and reason. Dangerous pillars of thought these days.

This woman made her decision. Choices have consequences for every one of us. Her’s was a fatal and permanent choice. There are many who will feel sorry for this woman. But I feel sorry for those who’s lives were placed in peril as she invested her life in violence towards others. Now that she is reaping the consequences of the seeds she has sown, she wants an easy exit.

What about those who’s lives she has helped to ruin, not to mention end? What is their solution? And is America willing to give this woman another opportunity to do the same thing again?


Regardless of whether or not she is a citizen, do not let her in, if she enters our country she should be captured, arrested and tried as an enemy combatant at best , deported at the least. When she turned her back and left our country to join and support our enemy, a group that is committed to killing us, she made her choice!

Gregg Tipplwe

Excellent piece on the common sense reasons for and value of assimilation.
Sure wish our conservative members of Congress could (and would) articulate this so well.

Michael J Quinkert

This article brings up a basket of items to consider, but it leaves half of the problem’s origins out of consideration. This particular group of people do not WANT to assimilate. As a matter of FACT, their belief system dictates that they do NOT assimilate. The Koran says that ‘the rule of man must not be submitted to – the rue of Allah is supreme’ (yes I have studied the book) This means that a Muslim is forbidden to follow any law formulated and written by man. That’s why the Muslim Koran, and Sharia laws are verbally taught. To be exact, this means that our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights, any of the sources of our basic laws, and way of life are not to be observed. That includes the Bible, y’all. Don’t believe me. Study the so called religion. READ what has been recorded of the Koran.… Read more »

Lynette Peavey

You really captured the truth at the root of so many of our issues in this Country! And now the unassimilated have and are making their way into Congress. Our ONE Nation, Under GOD is in deep trouble.

Daniel Siminiuk

It’s time for some consequences to catch up with her decision.


Not only do NOT let her in– don’t allow any more muslims in, either. Their “culture” of death is toxic and fatal to American freedoms. If allowed entry, she would immediately bring her chain-migration current “husband” and then HIS so-called “relatives” will be allowed here, too. And they’d ALL be on welfare- which is MY tax money. To quote Prez. Trump; “You knew darn well I was a snake, before you took me in.” NO MORE– FOR ANY REASON!!!


Well heck, in your synopsis of this little traitor you gave a quite apt description of the entire radical leftists and Marxists, including but not exclusive to the democrat party, antifa, Soros, Hollywood, the mainstream media, academia, ACLU, the 9th circuit, ….. ACO, Bernie, ….and on and on. That’s the REAL problem. All this other crap, illegal aliens, terrorism, MS13 getting in, as examples….they are the symptoms of aforementioned problem. So, God bless President Trump, God bless America.


By and large our public schools don’t even try to instill a love of country any more. This is one result. This could be fixed, but it won’t be easy because some native born Americans don’t even agree that this is a great nation worth preserving and protecting.

Barbara A Ervin

Tough sh!t. You made your bed now you get to lie in it!!


DO NOT LET HER OR ANYONE LIKE HER BACK INTO OUR COUNTRY. Deport all muslims, even the ones in Congress because they don’t love or even like our country. They HATE AMERICA and want to destroy us. You don’t chant DEATH TO AMERICA becase it’s #1 on the HIT PARADE!

Stephen Russell

I say NO. Leave her there.
IF US citizen Youd have documents someplace, But None.

Buddy Saunders

The role of religion–Islam–is too much ignored in this piece for me to be impressed. The overarching problem isn’t our failure to properly assimilate new arrivals. With the exception of Muslims, we are still doing that quite well. Until we understand that Islam and its followers, by its nature and theirs, will never “assimilate,” we continue to play with a ticking time bomb.


This is treason sure let her in then behead her like isis does Americans.

Jim Shedd

Actions do have consequences. She made her choice(s) and must now live with it/them. No, she has no right, whatsoever, to return to the United States unless to stand trial and conviction for her crimes. I do feel sympathy for her young child who is likely to grow up as a radical but it could also occur here in the United States under her tutelage.

Phyllis Poole

I wrote to all my family who does not pray before meals (all fallen away Catholics) how America came to be America and now theUS Catholics were denied their churches by The king of England because he was not granted an annulment from his validly married wife so he could marry his girlfriend. He took all Catholic Churches over and made them Church of England , he being the head So Catholics came to America from the north. to be free and worship again their faith Then Columbus came from the south into I believe what is now New Mexico , from Spain. He again was CAtholic and had priests on his ships. They all made friends with the Indians who were here first – contrary to how. Hollywood portrays the Indians as horrible people Some were I am sure as all people have bad and good. All who are… Read more »


Excelent Article on Assimulation R.B.Charles. Liked it, Keep on keeping ON !!