Lesson For The GOP – Conservatives Win Elections!

CA Republican Wins Seat in Dist. with 60% Hispanics, 22-Pt. Dem Adv.

by TONY LEE – Breitbart –

Republican in California won a state Senate seat on Wednesday in a District in which Democrats have a 22-point advantage and that is 60% Hispanic.

Andy Vidak, the Republican farmer, won the special election runoff for the 16th District Senate seat when his opponent, Democrat Leticia Perez, a Kern County Supervisor, conceded on Wednesday, a day after voters cast their ballots. Vidak had 54% of the vote to Perez’s 46%.

Perez had initially conceded two months ago when the special election was held. But a recount put Vidak under the 50% threshold that was needed to avoid a runoff, and Perez took back her concession nearly a week after the initial election. The seat became vacant when the Democrat, who won the seat in 2010 by 21 points, resigned to work for Chevron. Democrats thought, especially with a Hispanic female candidate, the seat would be a shoo-in for them. The veto-proof supermajority Democrats have in the state Senate is now imperiled with Vidak’s victory.

As Breitbart News had previously reported, though, “Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first.”

Vidak ran broadly on “the bifurcation of California: the coastal liberal elites versus the Valley folks.” On a more local level, Vidak’s theme of “fish versus farmer” resonated with Democrats in a District where the unemployment rate is 15% and as high as 30% in some communities in the District. Vidak reminded voters that liberal environmentalists, in order to protect fish, only allowed farmers to receive 20% of their water allocation, crippling the region’s economy. He also stressed that Perez supported the the state’s high-speed rail project that would have razed business, farms, and homes in the District. Because she supported the agenda of coastal elites and Democrat interest groups, Perez was able to raise twice as much money as Vidak, but 16th District voters ultimately rejected her liberal policies.

It is often said that California is a harbinger of things to come for the country. For Republicans looking at California, there has not been much of hope of late, but Vidak’s victory could be a sign that areas that have traditionally voted for Democrats may give the right kind of Republican a chance as they see unemployment rates increase and opportunities for upward mobility decrease in their communities.

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9 years ago

We need to deal with it. The elitists who control the Republican Party are not going to cede power to constitutional conservatives. They’re better off losing elections and getting things handed to them as the opposition. We’re just suckers who vote for them when they make those hollow promises every election.

If they don’t (1) stop the invasion of the US and send all invaders home and (2)defund, repeal, or make optional Obamacare I say we should just vote for the dems. If they don’t do those two things, we’re going down as a nation anyway. Better sooner than later, when we’d be reduced to a third world country with no chance of regaining our status.

Allen A.
9 years ago

The elitists that run the Republican Party are never going to change their minds. They will continue to run “moderates” because they accept the idea fomented by Democrat campaign advisors and sucked up by the likes of Karl Rove, that the Republicans have to get the “Independent” vote in order to win. The narrative goes that the “Independent” voters don’t like controversy or attack ads or smear tactics, so you have to be bland vanilla in order to get them to vote for you. It is all false, but it is repeated so often by the advisors that it is engraved in the minds of the Republican elite. It doesn’t matter how often they lose or how badly, they still keep trying to get the same 20% of the voters to like them, using the lies of the Democrat advisors as their guide. Meanwhile, the 60% of the voters who are conservative are looking at the “Democrat Lite” candidates that they keep foisting on us and rejecting them. We either vote for a Libertarian who has no chance of winning or we stay home. The Republican elites are just as responsible for the dreadful state that our country is in as the Democrats and it is past time to remove them from their positions.

Richard S
9 years ago

I,m shocked that a Republican received 60 percent of the hispanic vote in California. Most of the hispanics are hardcore dummycrats especially now that obama is trying to give all of the illegal ones Amnesty.

Allen A.
9 years ago
Reply to  Richard S

When I still lived in California I was surprised at how many of my Latino friends were either registered Republican or tended to vote for Conservatives because of the elitist big city Democrats who look down on anyone who does not share their Socialist outlook. If you give them a reason to vote for you, and I’m not talking about “Democrat Lite” moderate Republicans, you can get elected. Most legal immigrants tend toward conservative outlooks and want to have their own business, not work for someone else or live on welfare.

9 years ago

Very well said, Paul E. I want to share this to our RWC facebook page with your Paul E. I hope this us okay, unless you want more detailed accreditation.

9 years ago
Reply to  TheRev1953

Fine by me. If it helps people understand the problem we face, I’m all for it.

9 years ago

What the GOP needs to do is stop putting up liberal or “moderate” (really liberal Republicans pretending to be something they’re not) candidates that are pretending to be conservative simply to win primaries, but then switch to their true “centrist” (in Republican leadership speak this is code for liberal or “moderate”) views. They also need to find articulate candidates that can speak off the cuff and not rely on a speechwriter to prepare a response every time a reporter or member of the public asks a question. Delivering a set of canned talking points, prepared by a speechwriter in advance, that really don’t address the question asked, does more to destroy the credibility of the candidate than almost anything an opponent could say. Reagan succeeded because what you saw was what he was. No pretense. No “putting on a good face or act” when he articulated his views.

9 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Gee, all that you say, shouldn’t be done was done…by Obama. I fully agree with you with what we need but really, it did work for Obama…unfortunately.

9 years ago
Reply to  getitright112

In 2008 and 2012, the GOP put up two “moderates” pretending to be conservatives, who couldn’t articulate a positive vision for this country based on fiscally conservative principles. With the mainstream media firmly behind Obama both times and everything he said and did being carefully prepackaged to present Obama in the bast possible light, to a largely gullible and uninformed public (shame on the public education system), coupled with a growing entitlement class sensing more “freebie” would be on the way, It wasn’t hard to see how Obama would win by late August in both cases. The local dog catcher could potentially win on the Democrat side, if all we keep putting up on the GOP side is this level of opposition.

McCain spent his time in 2008 calling Obama “my friend” a lot and pretty much was out of his depth on most issues. When he suspended his race to run back to Washington, he contributed nothing to the meeting held in the White House by Bush. That made him look like a fool. Part of why McCain failed was his fault (don’t pretend to be something you’re not…a conservative), but his campaign staff also did a lousy job of prepping him on nearly everything.

Romney thought all he had to be was “not Obama” and wouldn’t fight back against the Obama smear machines for months into the campaign. He attacked his opposition for the nomination harder than he ever attacked Obama. When he finally did start fighting back, it was only half-hearted and with a muddled message. His best weapon against what a first term of Obama had done to our country and what a second term of more of the same policies would do, Paul Ryan, was largely muzzled after the first week and forced to repeat inane campaign rhetoric dreamed by the same “winners” that gave us McCain four years earlier.

If the GOP decides that the “only possible candidate to defeat Hilary in 2016” is another Republican liberal or moderate, then we’ll all be watching her and Bill moving back into the White House in January 2017.

Michael Bloemer
9 years ago

THe GOP needs to understand this. If the Dems win a House majority in 2014. THere will be NO Presidential election in 2016. Obama becomes Ayatollah for Life. And yes America becomes another Muslim run country.

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